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RECAP AMA Swirgepay X ID Crypto

Theme : All about swirgepay organized by ID Crypto 
Date : Oct, 8th 2020
Speaker : Keith Mali (CO-Founder and COO of Swirge Network)

There is 3 segment
 1. Project Introduction
2. Forward Best Question 
3. Free Asking

IDCRYPTO :Hello everyone
Welcome in our Community sir @Bitcoinkeith

Keith Mali :
Thank you so much for having me

IDCRYPTO : Are you ready sir? @Bitcoinkeith

Keith Mali :
I am

IDCRYPTO : Well ..
Before I move on to the first session, can you tell us a little about your background, how did you get started in the blockchain industry?

Keith Mali :
I am Keith Mali, the CO-Founder and COO of Swirge Network, I am an entrepreneur, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts

IDCRYPTO : I will start the first session. In this session I will give some questions about Swirge Network. 
If you feel, that you have given enough answers, please say “done”.

Keith Mali :


IDCRYPTO : 1. What is Swirge Network?

Keith Mali :
Swirge is an ecosystem that embodies a decentralized social media, a decentralized financial system, and a marketplace built on the blockchain technology. Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform that is built with users in mind. First, to protect the user’s data and information and give them total control over their data. secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances. Our solutions offer a user-friendly social platform, and we are so proud to share it with the entire world.

IDCRYPTO : 2. What is the name of the token that Swirge Network owns? How many supplies are available? Where will the tokens be allocated?

Keith Mali :
Token name is Swirge Token ($SWG)Total supply is 80,000,000 $SWGToken DistributionLocked Development Token: 10%Locked Marketing Token: 8.5%Liquidity BNB – SWG SwapLiquidity Pair: 25%Liquidity ETH – SWG Uniswap Pair: 40%Locked Team Token: 5%Token Sale: 11.5%Please join our telegram for more info, @swirgepay

IDCRYPTO : 3. What ecosystem and infrastructure does Swirge Network use, so that it makes Swirge Network have an advantage over other projects?

Keith Mali :
Unlike traditional existing platforms, Swirge is built to give users complete control over their data, privacy, and finances.We’ve seamlessly integrated a decentralized marketplace to enable secure and fast peer-to-peer buying and selling on the platform. Together with a decentralized payment platform to enable fast, cheap and secure transactions all within the platform. This solves issues with remittances, payments, and B2B, B2C type of transactions.This makes Swirge Stand out.

IDCRYPTO : 4. What benefits does Swirge Network offer to users? Where we can buy and trade SWG Token?

Keith Mali :
Freedom of Expression:Content creators all over the world are being silenced on social media platforms because of censorships and account restrictions that are detrimental to the freedom of speech and art of expression. Swirge is purposefully to give all the users the right to the freedom they deserve.
Distribution of Wealth:Swerve (posts) creation, likes, or comments on Swerves, stay active on the platform and are rewarded with points, which hold real-monetary value. How does Swirge get the money? Advertisers and other revenue sources are channeled straight into token support, creating a scalable ecosystem. 
Equity of Opportunity:On other social platforms, it is very uncommon for new users to get visibility. On Swirge, quality is highlighted over everything else. This approach greatly increases new member retention, this value gives new members with great content equal opportunity.
We will be running a presale on the 9th of October 2020, 12 pm UTC.and more details in regards to the Presale prices and how to participate can be found when you joinour telegram if you have more details @swirgepay

IDCRYPTO : Last question
5. What stage is the Swirge Network road map at? What achievements have you made? What are Swirge Network targets to be realized in the future?

Keith Mali :
In September 2019 we launched Swirge Public beta.and in November 2019 we Launched and Integrated Swirge Marketplace.In December 2019 we Launched Swirge Developer API.In February 2020 we Passed 1,000 Monthly Active users and Passed 10,000 Monthly page views.We launched our beta mobile app in June 2020 and the app left beta in August 2020.We currently have over 30,000 registered users on Swirge.We will be fully integrating our decentralized payment platform on Swirge by November 2020. and we plan to surpass 100,000 registered users by November 2020.Our mission is to empower users to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

IDCRYPTO : Let’s move on to the second session. 
In this second session, I will continue the questions that have been sent and we have selected via Twitter.

keith Mali :


IDCRYPTO : Q1 : FROM @Emidm28
How do you guarantee the protection of user data within the Swirge mobile application?

Keith Mali :
We don’t have any control over user data. We can’t delete, edit or ban data on Swirge. The community is in control.Swirge Social media is built on the blockchain and soon Swirge social media will exist on Binance Smart Chain to make the platform much faster.With Swirge social media, the users are the ones in control over their account data and privacy.

IDCRYPTO:Q2 : FROM @andrasusin
Swirge Network is basically a combination of social media and Blockchain, So can you explain why do you need a tokens to run this platform?What’s the real-world uses of $SWG and $SWGB token in the Swirge Ecosystem?

Keith Mali :
Swirge Token SWG will be used on the entire Swirge Platform to enable users to send payments from one user to another with a near to zero transaction fee, make fast, secure, and reliable transactions.Users of Swirge decentralized social media will be rewarded in SWG tokens.Marketing ads and fees on the Swirge Platform will be paid in SWG Tokens.

IDCRYPTO : Q3 : FROM @akuncarireceh
Swirge Network launched 2 different tokens on its platform: $SWG and $SWGB,Can you explain to us what is the relation between these 2 tokens?What’s the functions and what role will these tokens play in the Swirge Network Ecosystem?

Keith Mali :
SWG exists on the Ethereum Blockchain While SWGB exists on the Binance Smart Chain. With the Justliquidity token bridge, SWG and SWGB are one and the same in a 1:1 ratio. For more info please join our telegram: @swirgepay Thank you.

IDCRYPTO:Q4 : FROM @ridho1673
it is stated in the article that swirge provides a platform for total decentralization that even your administrators don’t have an access to user`s data and privacy. but how about hackers? how sure swirge is when it comes to securing the data of users?

Keith Mali :
To hack Swirge you need to hack the blockchain that it is built on.And swirge is built on the Blockchain, and soon we will be migrating the decentralized social media platform over to Binance Smart Chain.And as we all know, the blockchain currently is very secure.

IDCRYPTO:This is the last question from this Session
Q5 : FROM @isekaitomodachi
The more developed the blockchain system is today, the more projects are launching different products. currently BSC is becoming the latest trend, why do you prefer to develop your product through social media? Aren’t some projects that have similar concepts like this, not very developed and in demand?

Keith Mali :
Binance Smart is faster and cheaper than Ethereum Blockchain. And this is why we choose to build on Binance Smart Chain.
Swirge is more than a social media. It encompasses a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized payment platform. With this Swirge has a huge potential. Join our telegram for more: @swirgepay. Thank you.


Q1 from @MsKiwi206 : Do you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local project in each country to make the use of SwirgeNetwork more global?

Keith Mali :
Swirge project is a community-centered project. Our products are needed use-cases.After the hack with Twitter, we see that the need for a completely decentralized platform is necessary.And a need always pushes for innovation and Investors do put their money into technologies of the future.We would like to also let you know that after we spoke with Hobit and after their personal background check on Swirge development and the team, they have decided to list us on their centralized exchange even before the presale. This shows the confidence of exchanges on Swirge. and We will also offer you an option to trade on decentralized exchanges as well as centralized ones too.

Q2 from @PhamLuong02 :Q: Investors are afraid of scam, exchange is afraid of scam, partners are afraid of scam, so what does SwirgeNetwork guarantee not to scam investors?

Keith Mali :
our partnership with Justliquidity will ensure total transparency on our product development and also protect the project and the community. and We would like to also let you know that after we spoke with Hobit and after their personal background check on Swirge development and the team, they have decided to list us on their centralized exchange even before the presale. This shows the confidence of exchanges on Swirge. and We will also offer you an option to trade on decentralized exchanges as well as centralized ones too.

Q3 from @dandu11 :From a startup project to a mainstream project, being a pioneer in the industry, does the team anticipate that many new startups will show up and compete?

Keith Mali :
Definitely, they will, and this leads to innovation. But Swirge is currently at the forefront and we will maintain our space; Please join our telegram for updates: @Swirgepay thank you.

Q4 from @giausangsoon :- How you calculate the stability fee? a high fee could disappoint investors ,so how you manage that?

Keith Mali :
Swirge is built on the Blockchain so, It is highly secure.Using Binance Smart Chain will ensure very fast transactions and very secure transaction and negligible transactions fee.

IDCRYPTO : Alright .. I declare the AMA’s Series ID Crypto with Swirge Network has ended.
Thanks to Mr. Keith for taking the time to attend this event, thank you for this knowledge, I hope we understand about swirge networks. 
Thank you for your enthusiasm, the winners will be announced very soon.


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