AMA Theme : All About Paxful

Event Date: Sept 21th, 2020 Organized By ID Crypto Official
Speaker : Mr. Lucas Velazquez (Bussines Development Consultant – SEA )

3 Session for the AMA
1) project Introduction.
2) Forward Best Question
3) Free Asking

Total Prize $100


IDCRYPTO : Hello sir .. @lucaspaxful
Welcome in our Community

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Hey guys. Awesome. Thanks for having me here

IDCRYPTO : Before I move on to the first session, can you tell us a little about your background?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
So, I’ve been living in Indonesia since December last year (2019) . But I had the opportunity to visit Indonesia several times before moving permanently. And even spent 6 months living in Surabaya studying about Indonesian culture back in 2010.

And, now here I’m with Paxful. I can’t wait to share Paxful with all of you guys.

Okay, I will start the first session In this first session.
I will give some questions about paxful.

1. What is Paxful?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Paxful is a leading peer-to-peer finance platform for trading bitcoin. In 2014, Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback founded EasyBitz which was then renamed to Paxful. They had one goal in mind when they created it: to make bitcoin easier for everyone from businesses to merchants.

Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected for business. Having over 300 payment methods available on Paxful makes it incredibly easy to find suitable offers.
We give the users complete control over their money. Along with our escrow system and our dedicated 24/7 customer support, Paxful is also extremely secure if you know how to minimize the risk and know how to secure your account.

2. What’s the difference between Paxful and other exchanges/platforms?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Good question
Think of Paxful as Tokopedia or Lazada in Indonesia, not for goods and services, but for bitcoins. Users can buy and sell bitcoin with other forms of currency and Paxful acts as a medium to connect the sellers and buyers.

On Paxful, customers can find a suitable offer, with a suitable price and payment method for them.
If one customer is interested in one offer from a vendor, they can initiate the trade. When the trade begins, the bitcoin being traded will be kept in escrow service. Both parties then can communicate and finish the transaction in escrow.
Once the payment is confirmed, the bitcoin will be released to the buyer’s wallet.

So, we can buy bitcoins using other currencies on paxful?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Absolutely, with 300 payment methods to be exact.

IDCRYPTO : 3. What is escrow service?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
An escrow system works safely by keeping the funds in a safety deposit account to protect both the buyer and the seller.
This means that the money is then placed in the control of an independent third party. This secures the transactions by keeping the payment safe until all the terms have been met.
Using a 3rd party escrow service to handle a Bitcoin payment is a good idea when transacting with an untrusted party. Escrow protects sellers from fraudulent buyers by requiring the bitcoin to be deposited up front.
Escrow also protects buyers from the sellers who refuse to send them coins after they submitted payment.

IDCRYPTO : 4. Does Paxful have programs for users to get involved and get more profit?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Yes, we have a Paxful Peer Program.
Paxful Peer Program is an international entrepreneurship program where aspiring crypto professionals dedicate themselves to support Paxful and other crypto enthusiasts through ground support, marketing efforts and social events — while getting rewarded by Paxful.:moneybag:
Another program is Paxful Affiliate Program.

It is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their Paxful affiliate links with their friends and followers. Every Paxful user has an affiliate link that can be found on the dashboards. When new users sign up using your affiliate link, you earn commissions.

IDRYPTO : 5. What are the benefits of joining Paxful?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Paxful is a well-known peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform that aids the connectivity between buyer and seller. There are lots of benefits in the paxful platform. The most profit making part of Paxful is that it provides more than 300 payment options for the users.

Other benefits you can get:
Trade with escrow service – bitcoin will be kept in escrow until the transaction is complete*
Become a vendor – everyone gets the same opportunity to become a vendor
Get extra income – affiliate program is available for users to get extra income
Build your reputation – feedback system allows users to choose trading partners easily
No fee charged for buying bitcoin


IDCRYPTO : Q1 : from @KartikaDifaa

How long do you think the development of your project will take to be used all over the world, is it difficult to make such an adaptation this year? Does the PAXFUL team have a strategy for that?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Very good question.
Well, our platform is already used by many countries as a solution for unbanked and underbanked people to get access to global financial services. Right now we continue to add support to more and more languages, currencies and payment methods. This year has been a tremendous opportunity for us since more people are turning towards P2P and Cryptocurrency.

About an strategy to keep increasing our reach… Yes, we work hard to reach new communities. For example, we are introducing our platform into the gaming and E-sports community this month and their response has been amazing! We are here to serve even the ones that don’t know they need us yet

IDCRYPTO : Q2 : From: @Ridho1673
Is your attention only on Peer To Peer (P2P) transactions, is there nothing else Paxful wants to develop? And is the Paxful platform suitable for beginner crypto users or advanced crypto users?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Currently, yes. But we’re always open to ideas and innovations. We want to make sure Paxful is the best platform to buy and sell and easy to use.

Absolutely, Paxful is easy to use, and is designed for people with zero background of crypto. And we also have many tutorials that could help newcomers to trade on Paxful.

IDCRYPTO : Q3 : From: @Guiineveere
Many users of futures trading are still inexperienced and do not know the risks. What would you suggest for users with low experience to trade on Paxful P2P? How good is it to start this trade?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
In Paxful, we can see the reputation of the vendors.

And don’t hesitate to ask the vendors if you have questions or something. That’s why choosing the right vendors is important in your first trade.Most trusted vendors will help you out, and can be really helpful for your journey on Paxful.

IDCRYPTO : Q4 : From @tokekanisa
What makes you believe that Paxful will develop and live long?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Because the market needs us. We’re the answer to the difficulty of sending money all over the world. We make sending money easier. Having over 300 payment methods available makes it even easier to send your money out. That’s why we believe as we get more attention we’ll be growing over time.

IDCRYPTO : Q5 : From @crypto2x1

What do you think about Indonesia as crypto market? Do you have future plan to improve your ecosystem, especially for Indonesian people, who participate and help your project more bigger?

Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Indonesia is a very young country and extremely eager to learn and adopt new technologies.

Everything here… from the demography to the geography makes Indonesia a perfect place for blockchain technologies and creative solutions for every day challenges. That’s what crypto is about! The future for this technology in Indonesia is very big.

Do we have plan for Indonesia? Absolutely, we’ve been connecting a lot more with the Indonesian community lately. I believe there is a bright future for Indonesia through local projects, there is so much talent here!


Q1 from @Alika061 Can you buy BTC with E-Wallet at #Paxful? what we know now is that many have used digital wallets.

Absolutely yes. E-wallet like Gopay, Dana, LinkAja, Shopee, you name it, you can use it to buy bitcoin. We have many vendors that receive e-wallet payment method. So, if you guys wanna buy bitcoin using e-wallet, try Paxful.

Q2 from @Loversss10 : What is your strategy to attract users and Non-Crypto to Paxful in the long term? What are the measures to increase awareness of your project in non-crypto space?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Well, recently we’re approaching gaming community. I believe, many of them never heard of blockchain, crypto, or related stuff. We don’t have special strategy or something, what we do is keep building relationship with the community through influencers, brands, that related to the gaming community. We understand it’ll take time and effort. But yeah, hopefully, we can bring non-crypto people into the blockchain and crypto awareness.

Q3 from @putu45 : How has the recent COVID-19 has affected your project? How will you survive, let’s say if this COVID-19 lasts a year longer?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Thanks for asking this. Yes, this pandemic has affected the way we work. But we’ll get used to it. The interesting part is, where many markets are going down, we do the opposite. We keep growing in this pandemic. Many people encountered us through this pandemic situation. So, we could say, if in the downturn we’re growing, then nothing can stop us.

Q4 from @Pohng : My questions : What is the mean of #Paxful Stablecoin service ? And how its working ?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
I need to clarify this. So, Paxful is not PAX. So far, we don’t have our own coin or token. We are Paxful, a peer to peer exchange. We are a place to trade bitcoin with 300 payment methods between user and user.

Q5 from @Syakillanggraina : Now there are many platforms that can buy and sell bitcoin on the market, does Paxful have a characteristic so that people are more familiar with Paxful?

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Mr. Lucas Velazquez
Alright. The last one, from all the question, I think I need to tell you guys a little, why Paxful is different with other exchanges or place you normally buy Bitcoin.
We have an escrow system. Or, I found Indonesian call it Rekening Bersama or Rekber. So we’re more like Tokopedia, Lazada, or other marketplaces. But using bitcoin as the main currency.

And, this escrow system is very useful, safe, and convenient. Where you can trade with someone all over the world, and not worry about being scammed.

And don’t forget, we have 300 payment methods that you can chose. So, that’s amazing right!:sunglasses

IDCRYPTO : Well, I declare that AMA’s Series ID Crypto with Paxful is done.
Thank you to Mr. Lucas @lucaspaxful taking the time to attend today’s event, thank you for sharing your knowledge about paxful with us, I hope this knowledge makes us understand more about paxful.

you have to complete all the tasks given and only Indonesian users can claim the prize.

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