Speaker : Co-founder of Neuro
Date : Saturday,May 1th, 2021




  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Tim Apple:
This project was started between myself, our marketing manager Nick and Yoshi, who runs a Crypto group on Discord.
We wanted to make a project that would actually make a difference in the world, instead of another meme coin. And that was the beginnings of NEURO.

Cool, it looks like this project is interesting to learn more.

  1. Can you explain what is Neuro Charity and how long your project launch? Please explain in simple sentences.

Tim Apple:
$NEURO is a charity focused token that donates 1% of every transaction to Pediatric Brain Cancer research. In other words, NEURO wants to help children with brain cancer get better medicine.
We only launched 7 days ago, so we’re still new. But we’ve already donated $10,000.00 to brain cancer research yesterday. And we have an amazing community.

awesome, very good way you work, they can be helped by having a project like yours.

  1. Do you have native tokens ?? can you share about your token, what is the use case and how is your tokenomic?

Tim Apple:
So, as i mentioned above, the primary use case here is donating directly to brain cancer research and new treatment technologies.
For children with brain cancer, there aren’t a lot of great treatments. The ones that exist can often result in permanent, lifelong side effects. We want to change that.
There are only 5000 $NEURO available for purchase. So that means that owning just 1 $NEURO is very valuable. Because there are so few $NEURO, the price can rise VERY fast.
Our all time high was $830 for one $NEURO. So even owning a small amount of $NEURO can benefit holders!

Impressive, I am very happy that tokens have a small supply, in the future when there is a lot of demand, the price of craze will go up.
Thanks you for sharing that.


With which institutions do you work together to distribute 1% of each transaction for charity?
from @HarisS07047838

Tim Apple:
Our primary one right now is the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
They’re really excited about $NEURO and we’ll be chatting with them to establish a partnership this week.

Since your project is a well aged one with a lot of experience, can you tell us what is:
1. your best advantage?
2. your strongest motivation?
3. your biggest challenge? Thankss…
from @burnbabyburn08

Tim Apple:
Well, we’re only 7 days old, so I’m not sure if we’re well aged yet. haha.
But, this is still a great question!

  1. Our biggest advantage right now is that we’ve already made a donation. A lot of charity tokens talk about making donations, but never actually do it. We’ve already donated $10,000 and will be donating again this Friday.
    The other big advantage we have is our community! A lot of $NEURO holders truly believe in our mission and want to make a difference in the world.
  2. Our strongest motivation is to deliver for our community and to actually make a difference in the brain cancer research. Brain cancer treatments have not changed in 25 years. If cancer treatment changed as quickly as phone technology has changed in that time, we would be closer to a cure.
  3. Our biggest challenge right now is just growing our community. A lot of people in crypto are out to make a quick buck. But good projects take time. If you’re looking to join a project that will give you a great return on your investment and really make a change in the world, you should invest in $NEURO today.

The answer is very clear and detailed, cool .
Thank you for answering clearly in detail.
Next question

  1. What have been neuro’s achievements during its launch until now?
    from @Sriombuh

Tim Apple:
We’ve done a lot!
We launched on 04/23/21 and since then:

  • We have listed on CoinGecko
  • We have donated $10,000 to charity
  • At our highest price, our charity wallet was the highest valued charity wallet in crypto
  • We grew to 1500 holders in four days
  • We have been covered by tiktok influencers
  • We have two big youtubers covering us this week


  1. In recent weeks you have just launched and made a donation to the foundation. Does the neuro project have a collaboration with the tumor foundation? What makes you care about that?
    from @Yuupicandy1

Tim Apple:
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is aware of us and is really excited about $NEURO. On Monday, we’ll be working out details and they’ll be adding a webpage to their main website just for $NEURO.
From there, we hope to establish a partnership.
That would make us one of the very, very few cryptocurrencies that has a direct partnership with a real charity.
This is important because it allows holders to trust that $NEURO is making sure that the charity is involved with the project and helps us grow.
After, that we intend to create partnerships with laboratories that are researching brain cancer!

Impressive .. I agree with you, by having a partnership with a real body, it can increase user trust.
I hope that in the future your plans will go well.

Tim Apple:
Thanks! Things are looking good!

Okay last question for this session.

  1. what about the liquidity of neuro? is it locked and safe? Does neuro also open a liquidity provider so that users can also increase the liquidity of neuro?
    from @DFarizax

Tim Apple:
$NEURO is completely safe.
We have already passed a security audit and Our liquidity is locked.
And we strive for lots of transparency. So the charity wallet is also public and we encourage all holders to follow it.
As for contributions to liquidity, that may be something we do in the future, but at this stage, we’re solely focused on marketing, a website redesign and establishing partnerships.

The thing that makes you more confident to believe in your project, cool.
thanks for sharing this.


Rime Resj:
Is your charity transparent so that we can all see the charity process running and being delivered?

Tim Apple:
Yes. We actually livestreamed our first donation yesterday on Twitch! And as mentioned above, you can follow the charity wallet Straight away

Georgh Riva:
Does your project have official permission from your country? please explain about this.

Tim Apple:
We are based in the United States.
Currently, our first donation was made from my bank account directly as an anonymous donor. So I’ll have to handle the taxes personally.
For our next donation, we want the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to take control of the charity wallet themselves in order to pull the funds directly!

Alikaa Azzahra:
Where can I buy $NEURO tokens. Can you provide the place or address of the $NEURO token #NeuroCharity smart contract?

Tim Apple:
You can buy $NEURO on pancake swap.
Here’s the contract: 0xd047bd94f90a95b38df6e1ea67796f571f46536b
We’re currently on a BIG dip, so it’s a great investment right now.

What plans does Neuro have regarding token burning and buyback for value increase de Neuro?

Tim Apple:
We have some big plans for a burn happening this week! Follow our telegram for more information!

Agum Gm:
Does ur project want to makw nft too in the future? So the incone from nft it can be extra for charity, thanks.

Tim Apple:
Yes! We have an very special NFT planned for Q3. An internationally famous musician will be collaborating with us to make an exclusive $NEURO nft and all of the money from that NFT will go directly to charity.


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