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Speaker : Moon Maker Protocol Team
Date : Saturday,May 1th, 2021



Hello Sarun and moonmakerprotocol marketing welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Hello, Nice to meet you all.

moonmakerprotocol marketing:

Ready sir? moonmakerprotocol marketing and Sarun


moonmakerprotocol marketing:

Thank you, Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?

We are Crypto Iover group who are stay in this market more 5 years with 8 people. At the beginning, we saw many scams token which can attract so much people by themselves. Most of people saw only bad view of them.
However, our team saw the great opportunity which there is no one do it before. That’s why we group together and decide to start this business.

Great, Can you explain what is Moonmaker Protocol and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Moon Maker Protocol is Airdropping and IMO (ICO) Platform which Holders can get many other benefit such as auto dividend from every transactions while holding our tokens.
We are just 5 days old. So it is very early for you all to be parts of us.

Can you share with the community what Moonmaker protocol has been doing from the roadmap ?

Let’s my marketing head answer.

we are ready to see your explanation.

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
Let me start from what we have done previously
Following the roadmap
We launch our token with justic
It s a fair launch, this is the begining
Your guys can check our transparency
What else we have done at the early state is that we create a social community for ur guys
You can contact us via fb tweeter event telegram
We do also to make our token world wide
Now we are contacting the agency for publish our content on reddit
We believe that this way going to make our token known from the community. What’s else
We have done so many at the early state
We have just launch MMP warrant airdrop, This is finish smooth and sound. There is no price dump, oppositely
People believe in our plan and the price surge!
This is one thing we hope your guys who believe in us will happy
This is all what we have done at the current state
Now, let’s talk about what we are intend to do And what is going on
Now we are on the coingecko and coin marketcap waiting list
After we talk to their team, they said that the coin listing process with be approximately 2 week Or less.
Some of you may do concern about our audit process. We would say that we have some reason that we need to wait. Actually, this is a secret, But because this is a very special session. So we will tell you something, We are going to launch a new financial product.
That is.. MMP Lotto!!!!
After we release the lotto, We will let the Certik team to audit all everything.
That is the reason why we need to wait, Because we want to do an audit for all. We do believe in the transparency, Next thing After an audit process. We will create the defi launch pad as we promised. I m just thinking what else that i should say N, ow i got it.
If you just wait for a week. We are working on the development of crypto price chart. Believe me, It will be better than what u ever use on poocoin Our platform for example. Can watch your balance on your wallet. You can even withdraw your LP directly from our site
If you experience with the scam site, This is a future product.

a pretty good strategy for a new project, can attract people’s interest and trust, it’s very interesting, I hope the community can understand your explanation.

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
This is roughly idea what we have done and going to be done following the roadmap. Maybe it s too much now, So i should say.

hahaha, it’s okay sir.


Question 1
I saw on the roadmap, you haven’t done an audit, why don’t you do an audit first ?? won’t an audit make users more trust in your project ?? What do you think ?
from @safepalLover

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
As we mentioned previously, the reason that we still wait is that.

I thought you were clear about this.

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
Because we are planing to add a lotto system at the begining
We aim to proceed an audit for lotto system together with all everything, That’s why we still waiting.
However, to get everything done smooth and quick, We have contact the certik team already To standby. After we launch lotto, The auditing will proceed immedietely.
Please be patient, This probably takes about two weeks.

Thank you for the answer, Next Question 2
I see that users can earn up 6% in wallet from trading fees, what does this mean? Do users only need to hold tokens in the wallet without doing anything? is there a minimum maximum number?
from @Surya12Mas

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
Technically The holder just hold MMP token, That’s it. Once anyone proceed any transaction. Your guys will immedietely earn 6 percent, From what transaction their proceed.
There is no minimum or maximum, This is what we design for our MMP fan. who looking for us who waiting for us And who truely love in us, So please enjoy.

That’s very interesting, passive income for MMP holders.
Okay, Next Question 3
in Q2 you will do an airdrop platform, how and where will the airdrop run? how many tokens will be issued for the airdrop? and how do you solve the dump price after the airdrop distribution?
from @Julud68138928

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
The airdrop will run on our site By just holding an MMP token, But now as we talk to our dev team, We will reduce the holding amount for participating our program As we seen a price due to the trust from community And we want you all for hold and join our program. So next time will be less token holding, We make an MMP for everyone.
Everyone can be a part of us, So the new airdrop will be very soon For the technical price dump, Please allow me to let my boss answer this question.


Thank for your excellent word, That’s why he is our marketing head.
Our team knew after airdrop end. It would be price dumping problem.
Thus, we prepare the plan not only anti price drop, but also raise up our price instead.
So we launch the very new product to crypto world,
We launch MMP warrant token system to raise our price.
With our excellent calculation and planning, the price raise very high.
As you all can see, we bring another level of floor price many times a day.
Right now, after we finish airdrop just for 2 days, our price is more than 400% of old all time high price before airdrop.
So, you guy all can have faith with us with our team with our community. We will bring great success to every of our holders.

That’s very interesting.

And there are many ways our team have in our pocket to anti price drop by making holders upset to sell us off.

So guys, don’t forget to join the MMP airdrop later, Great,
Next Question 4
What kinds of industries are you trying to penetrate, what kinds of companies and partnerships are you aiming for?
from @lequthu

We mainly focus on crypto investors which love to take more risk and gain higher reward in return. That’s why our team aiming for partner up with unicorn start up which have a lot of potential but have low opportunity to seek the best place to tap the investors.
However, in long run we need more reputation to engage with higher level of investors, so that we aiming for very big exchange like Binance as well. Thus, let’s hold and wait for success together.

And last question on this segment,
It’s quite unfortunate that many projects have infiltrated the market with just white papers without having any genuine use cases. What are the main utilities of $MMP ?
from @mcgiangtien

Our main utilities are airdrop system and IMO system.
Why we call IMO instead of ICO. Initial Moon Offering – Come from we will seek the hidden gems for our holders not just standard tokens. In first 3 days, we can show the world that we can do airdrop already.
Moreover, we introduce the warrant tokens system to push the price of tokens higher.
To make most of investors faith and support our platform further.
All we have done reflect in our price, Let our performance show you all that we are the real gem.


Mughal Mirza:
is moon maker a hidden gem?why.

Right now, yes we are hidden gems.
However, in near future, our marketing team will have a very big, launcher for marketing campaign.
So We will never be hidden gems any more LOL and Why?
Because we are different, No one like us.
our system is all new, just a day we launch, there are others try to copy our concept. Sure they fail And We have another 99.5% features that have not launch yet.
Moreover, our market cap right now is around 49 Millions. There is a lot room to go And we are not list in coinmarketcap and coingecko yet.
Once, all of these done. The world will value us more.

Q. At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:

  1. Investors
  2. Community
  3. Market/Exchange
    and why?

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
We have truly believe in the community, So we would select 2 And we won’t give up with whatever coming. I believe that if the community still with us. The future are with us. Us means not just us, But for your guys all!
The Mmp fans.

Tiyo Dogle:
What about new investors who are new to crypto if you want to join your project? Is there any special guidance?

You guy all can going to our website.
There will have all instruction for you guy all. Moreover, you all are welcome to join our community.
Right now we have International one, Thai, Philippines, Spain, and Japan incoming. For Indonesia , we are selecting.
So, if there are someone who would like to build the community with us please do not hesitate to dm me or our team.
As of new in crypto or defi.
You can get a lot of knowledge there in community.

Trader No Pro:
What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

moonmakerprotocol marketing:
For now after we have launch any financial product we will provide you an informative paper detail, Explain all mechanisms.
If you think this is a little bit too informative, Now we have contact the youtuber. We will gave this content to them, Let them create simply content for all. Now we have contact about 17 famous youtuber in the world.
We drafting the proposal to them, This will takes about 3 day.
So your guys will see who is our partner, I mean all 17 of them.
We hope this will help freshy in crypto world, Improve their knowledge and awareness,Thanks.

thuy Hien:
Are you planning to collaborate with projects in the Binance ecosystem? Is Moonmaker data security technology safe?

Binance ecosystem is very high trendy today.
Fortunately, MMP – Moon Maker Protocol is in BSC – Binance Smart Chain.
That’s mean we are in Binance ecosystem already.
For safety, our project is very transparency.
And we will do audit with Certik.
I promise. You can trust in the process not just us.
And all of this things we are preparing for the bigger step
Like listing in Binance Exchange.

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