Speaker : Isabella Yu (CO-Founder Yu)
Date: Jan, 6th 2021

There is 3 session for AMA
1. Introduction
2. Forward best question twitter
3. Free asking

Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Moda
Tonight we have a distinguished guest, Isabella Yu (CO-Founder Moeda)
who will explain the AMA theme and answer some of your questions.

Isabella Yu:
Hello every, I am Isabella, co-founder and Director of Crypto Market at Moeda Seeds Bank
I am from Math background and I came into blockchain and crypto world in 2014. I have been worked in and founded several blockchain tech related companies before Moeda.

For Moeda, there are 3 founders in total, 2 from blockchain world, 1 from impact investing.
We met at a UN hackathon in 2017 and we teamed up to provide blockchain solution for financial inclusion . We won the hackathon and afterwards, we decide to bring the idea to truth and started Moeda project.

There are lots people in underdeveloped areas and emerging markets are left out of the
financial system, we want to help them get financial services, like getting a loan, getting
an identity to use financial services, getting access to digital payments and etc.
After we started Moeda in Feb 2017, we raised $20MM funds through ICO in August 2017.

Currently we already run out major projects including the micro-lending platform,
MoedaPay the digital payment app, marketplace, the e-commerce platform, and get
access to all Brazilian merchants through partnership with Cielo and Matercard.

In the following 5 years we will be focusing on expanding the features, getting banking license in
Brazil (in the process to receive it), and promotion to get users on board.

Right now the token MDA is available on Binance, Okex, to trade, we will move to add it on more first class exchanges

1. From @andinver
In the Moeda Seed Program, there are supporters and entrepreneurs, can you explain the functions and benefits of each? and what are the conditions that must be met to join?

Isabella Yu:
In Moeda Seeds, entrepeneurs are the ones behind the seeds project. They are typically farmers cooperatives in Moeda seed cases. Supporters can be anyone in the world who want to invest in the cooperatives and get returns after the cooperatives produce products and sell them.
For seed projects, on Moeda platform, they could get faster loan at lower interest rate compared to get funds through traditional financial entities. For investors, they could get a higher pay back by investing in emerging markets like Brazil compared to their origin country like the US, UK.
For profit sharing, entrepreneurs pay up to 18% for loan, investors normally get 0% – 10% in 4 – 12 months, Moeda Platform get up to 8% for platform service.

Moeda team partner with UNICAFES, one of the largest cooperative unions in Brazil, to select egilible seed projects and monitor their progress to ensure they succeed. For investors, we follow the Brazilian regulation and do KYC before they can invest in seed projects with MDA.

2. From @NasgorRijal
What kind of business projects are supported by Moeda? is it specifically for a crypto project, or a specific project?

Isabella Yu:
Actually I do not fully understand this question. I aasume it is asking about what type of seed projects we support? They are not crypto projects, instead they are farming and hand craft projects. Normally they are run by cooperatives to 3 – 50 people in rural areas in emerging markets.

3. From @RahulJayaraj9
At the moment , where you are focusing right now ? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it

Isabella Yu:
Right now we are focusing on promoting MoedaPay app, which is a digital payment app in Brazilian market. We have about 30K registered, looking to get 200,000 in 2021, and 5% of Brazilian market (that’s a $100 Billion transaction market) in 2025.

Also we are looking to get banking license in 2021, after that we can perform service as a bank.

4. From @FFaganasta
Can you tell me what are the main benefits of your project? And what are your plans to raise awareness about #MOEDA in the non-crypto space? and which areas are on your mind?

Isabella Yu:
At Moeda, we offer investors globally to invest in social impact projects and get great returns. We work with large organizations to come up with solutions, like MasterCard and Moeda co-branded pre-paid debit card, to enable non-crypto people use our services at ease. We also built e-commerce platform to do grocery delivery and track info and payment through blockchain for non-crypto people.
I have to say that we have always been building products for all instead of just crypto people.

5. From @Megan1y
Users often care less about technology, but about token value. How has Moeda managed to strike a balance between developing technology and increasing the value of the token?

Isabella Yu:
#MDA token is curretly trading on largest exchanges and this ensures the liquidity and exposure of the token. From October till today, #MDA has doubled in USDT price and we believe as the bull market goes #MDA will gain value in price.
Also need to mention, #MDA is fully distributed and the team does not reserve tokens. So as Moeda products develope and we get more users to use #MDA on our platfrom, the demand will drive the price.
no problem. Also need to mention that we have a bounty program going on. Each winner will be rewarded 20MDA ($12). For details, please check:

Elias | BDcrypto:
Can you explain to us how can we get 10% returns by investing on MDA? What are the minimum amount do I need to buy?

Isabella Yu:
minimum investment amount is $5 of MDA, that less tham 10MDA at the moment. In order to invest, you need to register account and KYC on

Doctor Crypto mangunkusumo:
How does Moeda deal with regulation so far? is Moeda licensed in Brazil to support fiat transactions? because you also mentioned having a partnership with the master card

Isabella Yu:
we have great connections with the government and regulators. We issued fiat-pegged token MDA-BRL to enable digital payments in Brazil.

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Isabella Yu:
We do not burn tokens. The demands of MDA shall drive the price as total amount is certain and all are distributed. Team reserve the right to buy back tokens.

I have seen that you have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Isabella Yu:
We are hosting AMAs to promote Moeda projects to people coming into crypto world after Moeda ICO in order to get more exposure and get new followers join our community and help us grow. We do value community power.

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