Speaker: Jude Newcomb (Social Media Manager)
Date : Wednesday, January 20th, 2021


Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Metrixcoin
Today we have an honored guest, Jacob newcomb (Social Media Manager) , who will explain and answer your question guys

jude newcomb:
Good morning/afternoon/evening

Thanks you… Good morning/afternoon/evening too
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introductory, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction. jude

jude newcomb:
I’m ready and looking forward to the questions, thanks.

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community.

jude newcomb:
My name is Jude Newcomb and I’m the Social Media Manager with Metrix Coin. I have been associated with the project for the past year in an official role, but have been around the project as a community member for over 3 years now. I am part of the new team at Metrix that has helped transform the project over the past 12 months, along with our new CEO Trent Richards and many other dedicated community members that have stepped up to carry the project forward into the giant it is becoming.

Happy know about you…
And please explain what is Metrixcoin ?
Can you share with the community what Metrixcoin has been doing since its launch?

jude newcomb:
Metrix Coin is for everyone and for everything. That is our motto and the focus we have for all we do revolves around this statement. We are a Proof-of-Stake project with a 10% staking ROI based off the QTUM chain. Our focus is on developing products and partnerships that will help to assist the mass adoption of cryptocurrency so that all people in the real-world can use crypto in meaningful ways that helps society transact in a multitude of ways in a crisp and easy fashion. From business transactions to gaming and everything in between. We are a community run coin where the team takes most of its decisions from suggestions and proposals. We also have governor nodes that is our voting platform on-chain that gives the community the capability of proposing budgets for the project, and then vote on them as a collective.
And for the second part of that question…

yes please

jude newcomb:
Well, this could be a very long answer as Metrix has already been through a few distinct eras in its existence. Let’s just quickly say however that the project was started by an owner in 2017 who left the project to a team in 2018, but that team left the project over a year ago. The new team has been in place for this time period and have been building the foundation for a bright future with a high degree of dedication and focus. We have expanded our social media presence to be one of the strongest of any small-cap project on the planet. We are happy to announce that we have just a few minutes ago finished winning a tournament of altcoins that was voted on Twitter. We ran through several rounds, winning each one as favorite altcoin project. In the final round, we just beat Tron, Binance Coin, and Ethereum with a final percentage of the vote of 60%. We are very humbled by this win and show it as the excitement that has been built around this project. We have developed multiple partnerships over this past year, been added to 5 crypto exchanges, and we are not done there as we have many upcoming partnerships that are truly going to take Metrix to the next level. We are looking to release our roadmap and whitepaper very, very soon that will explain the trajectory that we intend to take in the future. As a team, we understood the opportunity here to be a part of a groundbreaking industry that is going to revolutionize the way that human beings interact with one another, and we are doing all we can to help that transformation be a smooth one that anyone can interact with.

It’s so cool, rising from a lonely year, and making an amazing feat ..

jude newcomb:
There’s the final results from the contest I referenced. We are so happy about this win!
Yes, we are extremely happy with this progress, but there is a long way to go. We are looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead!


1. I see that metrixcoin has switched from old chain to new chain, of course swap is needed to get the new chain token, what happened to the old chain? and what happens to people who don’t swap to the new chain? whether to burn or automatic to swap?
From @kangcomlay

jude newcomb:
The original Metrix Coin chain was one that revolved around masternodes and the original owner decided to implement a coin with a high ROI of 99% for those that were staking and running masternodes. This was during the craze of 2017, and the project gained momentary traction as a project to watch. However, the old team that took over saw the flaws in such an inflationary number, they lowered the ROI in a fork to 50%. Still, this was highly inflationary and was looking to cap the supply very soon. We decided to change this once and for all when we took over, lowering the ROI to a deflationary model, starting at 10% and cutting in half every couple years. Over time, this will reduce the rewards and allow for a more manageable supply that lasts for at least 20 years. The swap to the new chain happened last year after about 6 months of announcements. We helped everyone that needed it. It was seen as one of the easiest processes for a swap that anyone has seen. We are pleased to be passed this point in our development and look to grow moving forward on this new path.

2. often investors are disappointed with new projects, my question, how do you guarantee investors and convince investors ?
From @Rebecca10q

jude newcomb:
With thousands of projects to choose from, it can be hard to convince someone that your project is the project that they should support. We understand this, but we also can’t guarantee anything to investors from a financial standpoint. That is not our business. Our business is to guarantee that we are working each day to build our community and our use cases. We are doing that. We can guarantee that we are going to do everything we can to have Metrix Coin reach the top-100 of all projects this year. That is a goal that we feel will happen naturally through the implementation of our use cases that look to secure MRX in all sorts of industries. We guarantee that we work as a community and a team harder than any other project out there. The results are happening. We look to become integrated with point-of-sale systems across the globe in 2021, and our upcoming partnerships will draw large amounts of excitement across the cryptocurrency industry. Stay tuned.

3. you give me reason so I can pay attention in Metrixcoin. I mean it was a lot project born. What are your planning to achieve with your project? And how long it will be ?
From @inuarasahi

jude newcomb:
Our plans to become a name associated with the very best names in cryptocurrency began a year ago with the implementation of our new team. One of the first goals was to grow our community. We established our platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and here on Telegram. We have grown them all steadily over the year to where we now have tens of thousands of followers. We know that community is the foundation. Without it we are nothing. Moving forward we are focused on our use cases that look to cover a broad swath of industries. We are looking to integrate a minimum of 5 use cases that include our point-of-sale systems work, our Grudge Match Gaming platform for e-sports, and many other areas that we look to release soon in updates. We are going to have our 2021 roadmap released in the next week or two, as well as our updated whitepaper…the first whitepaper supplied by us as a team. This should also be released soon like the roadmap. Our goal is simple: to be used by everyday people, even if they don’t understand how crypto works because it is that easy to do. We look forward to this challenge.

4. I see that the volume and demand of MRX coins is not too high, how will you increase the volume and demand of MRX? do you have a plan like defi and others?
From @NasgorRijal

jude newcomb:
As I said, our first order of business was to grow the foundation of our community, and we are well on our way to developing this. The next thing that we did was integrate Metrix into new exchange listings like Digifinex, WhiteBit, P2PB2B, Crex, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade. However, volume isn’t merely created because you are listed. That is where our use cases come in. We are looking at generating passive volume through our use cases where the mass adoptive features of our use cases delivers volume at the point-of-sale. We think this is going to revolutionize our project and not rely on just speculation of the market to drive our demand. We also have the ability on our new chain for loads of applications and projects to be developed off of it, including Defi Applications. We are hoping that many developers take advantage of our chain to create more innovative projects that revolve around this portion of the crytpo revolution, as well as any other.

5. what the vision and mission of metrixcoin have not been achieved. can you explain ?
From @CarrieH1981

jude newcomb:
Our goal is to be used by everyone. We have not completed this task and we will not stop working until this task is achieved. We are currently ranked about 700 on the coin rankings. Our next goal is to reach the top-100.Our main goal is for all people to use cryptocurrency in their everyday lives that helps to improve the way that human beings interact with one another in a multitude of ways. We are here to assist this process.


Shabbir Husain:
Metrix Coin launched 2 different tokens on its platform: MRX and MSW, Can you explain to us what is the relation between these 2 tokens? What’s the functions and what role will these tokens play in the Metrix Coin Ecosystem?

jude newcomb:
This is not accurate, and I’d like to set the record straight so that there is no confusion at all! MRX is Metrix Coin and is the crytpocurrency itself. MSW is MyStakingWallet which is the web-based application that allows people to store and stake their coins online without needing to have their computer on 24/7. MSW is still held with only you holding your private keys, so it is as safe and secure as where you hold your keys. MSW was the first mobile client wallet that allowed staking and the running of masternodes of any kind. It is currently available for Android and more information can be found at

Where can your tokens be bought and what plans do you have about listing on major exchanges?

jude newcomb:
Currently, we are available on Digifinex, Crex24, WhiteBit, P2PB2B, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade. Of course, our plans involve being listed on every exchange that we can. This is easier said than done as there are many considerations associated with exchange listings, including price of listing and volume. Many top-tier exchanges require enormous fees to be listed, and as a community-driven coin, we must allocate our budget appropriately. Exchange listings do not guarantee anything. We are pleased with the listings we have made over the past year, and these are a good foundation to build from. We look forward to more listings if the right opportunity comes along.

Zong Bolt:
What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

jude newcomb:
We have been working very hard at building a strong community. Without our community we are nothing. Our plan for growth has been to speak plainly with our community and anyone interested in joining us. Telling people who you are, what you want to accomplish, and asking for help goes a long way. We are all in this together! We also feel that giving people quality support is sorely lacking in the cryptocurrency industry, and we have some of the best technical support experts in the business. Our support team is always available, and they work hard as volunteers for the community. This gives people positive experiences time and again when they confront any issues that arise. We are friendly and always ready to welcome the next person into our community. Join us!

Acacia Adonis:
What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does #Metrix focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

jude newcomb:
As I said, our goal is to be used by everyone for everything. We mean that. We are focused on integrating Metrix in point-of-sale systems across a variety of industries. We are working on being available as a payment option in supermarkets, transportation services, casinos, banks, etc. When a person goes to pay for their items, we are looking to be a payment option that can be used in an incentivization program that the business offers. We want to integrate MRX into the e-sports community and allow people to wager MRX on the games being played and allow people watching to wager as well if they would like. We have many other use cases in the works and these will all come out over the course of the year, beginning with our whitepaper and roadmap in the coming week or two.

Cool Hello:
Are there any new partnerships and interesting upcoming use-cases?

jude newcomb:
Yes. We are very excited about what is to come. We cannot say anything specific just yet, but we are preparing to give the greatest partnership and use case this project has ever seen soon. We are looking to finalize this agreement before doing so, but it will take Metrix to the next level. That’s all I can say there.
We are one of the most undervalued projects in all of crypto. We are confident that we will change this in 2021.

David Prince:
In general, We all talk about Positive points/Pros/Good Points & Features of any Project, no one Project tell about there Cons. So can you tell us Honestly the Cons & Lacks of Your tokens?

jude newcomb:
Sure, our coin has some difficulties associated with it. Ours is the issues that arise from a funding perspective. Being a community driven coin, we are self-sufficient, so our growth has come on a minimal budget. This is why listing fees and project expansion has to be done with the upmost care. We are managing this as carefully as possible and are always looking for creative ways to bring in revenue to deal with the expenses associated with scaling our business model. Our new CEO Trent Richards has done a masterful job to this point with developing our business, and we look to grow further this year.

Nick Deon:
Is Metrixcoin a high-priced token to buy or is it still affordable for new crypto users?

jude newcomb:
Our coin is currently available on Digifinex, WhiteBit, Crex24, P2PB2B, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade for around 1 satoshi.

Kuhakoo Fake:
Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on?

jude newcomb:
We joke in the community that we want all grandmothers in the world to be a part of mass adoption. It’s funny, but there is a large amount of truth there. We hope that we can make crytpo so easy to use, that people without technical expertise don’t even know that they are using it and that it shouldn’t even matter how it is being used. We don’t know exactly how a light bulb works or a cell phone (well, most people don’t)…it just does. That is what we want for Metrix Coin and the cryptocurrency space. We want people to be a part of a financial revolution, but not have to worry about being a part of a financial revolution if they don’t want to be. It will just exist for them.

Mis Ra:
Who are currently the partners that support the Metrixcoin Project? Also, who is the CEO of the project? Is the team anonymous?
Is there a $MRX limit that I can buy from Exchange? Also, what are the benefits that I obtain as a stakeholder to make an investment of this token? How much is the total supply of the project? Thank you!

jude newcomb:
Recently, we signed partnerships with Afro Foundation who is looking to bring easier telecom solutions to Pan-African countries, we have our very own Grudge Match Gaming for e-sports wagering, we have signed agreements with BA Group to implement Metrix at point-of-sale systems, and we just signed a partnership with WG Whale Trading to have MRX as a payment choice for their trading educational program. We are a team of community members. We do not get paid. We work on Metrix because we believe in Metrix. Trent Richards is our CEO and he is leading the community to the top-100. Join us! We need more people to help us on our journey.

FAHRI One Sevent:
Where is MATRIXCOIN roadmap now? Are all targets in accordance with the current roadmap? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

jude newcomb:
Metrix Coin’s roadmap will be release in the coming weeks and will outline what we have planned for 2021. Join us on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord to be updated when it is released. We also have CEO video updates on YouTube at OfficialMetrixCoinNews. We recently had a roadmap during the last quarter of 2020, and we hit all major points of that document, so looking ahead to what is on this roadmap means that Metrix will be incredible by the end of 2021!



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