Speaker : Greg Mat (Chief Of Stragist)
Date : Sunday, May 2th, 2021



Hello Greg mat welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Greg Mat:
The pleasure is mine.

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Greg Mat:
Am Greg and I have been in the crypt space since 2015. Been a long term and early investor in bitcoin, ethereum and Litecoin. I have also done massive research in the crypto space and have watched it grow exponentially over the years. I have always been marvelled about the power of the crypto community And its decentralized nature.
This has been one of my passion and driving force. Fast forward to 2020 4th quarter,With the introduction of NFTs. I saw a massive gap And an opportunity to make the centralized world more involved in the decentralized world. I saw an ecosystem that can very much make life better for Musicians, Artists, Writers, Developers, Gamers And more. which brought up the idea of DEXNIFTY. Which simple meant giving back to the community and let’s artists, musicians, developers , writers and more. Benefit from crypto, Have their works monetized And so much more.

Good experience in the crypto world, impressive.

Greg Mat:
At the same time with a very powerful token, That’s holders would be able to earn from the profits made by the platform. Which is something that was started by uniswap 3 years ago And it has been an amazing journey coming up with this platform.

Can you explain what is Dexnifty and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Greg Mat:
Dexnifty means decentralized NFT and DEFI. That’s how we got the name, We have been on the project for atleast 2 months. We had to first carefully draft out token features and utility, After which we had to analyze the issues in the market and find a way to fix that. By fusing defi and NFT. Also looking at mutlichain, To address the issues currently on the ethereum blockchain.
We had to incorporate binance smart chain. We launched our presale barely 4 days ago. Giving investors opportunity to buy in early And we thought it great to make sure It is a fully community owned project. Because that is the foundation of the idea and the foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Can you share with the community what Dexnifty has been doing from the roadmap ?

Greg Mat:
So far so good,DEXNIFTY team has been working on our platform. At 1st we want to launch the presale on Ethereum but we chose to switch to Binance smart chain last minute, This was to avoid gas wars and high fees. Putting the community 1st and there interest. Right now we have began bringing the peices to form the Full DEXNIFTY platform up. The smart contracts are been worked on, Thus we have been very busy, We are also building a bridge between binance smart chain and ethereum To enable cross chain moving of assets.

Impressive, you chose the best path for the project dexnifty.

Greg Mat:
For those that love ethereum so much, In the feature we would extend support to polka dot and we might also look into solana ecosystem But for now we are focused on binance smart chain and ethereum.

That’s a good combination sir.

Greg Mat:
We ain’t actively pushing out publicity for presale because we know those that find out about the presale are in luck. As they are in for massive profit.

Thank you for your answers and sharing about the good info on this AMA.


first question from @mawariyat
How does your NFT market work? Can anyone sell or buy NFTs in your market?

Greg Mat:
Yes that’s the whole idea, Anyone can buy and sell NFTs on the platform.

Thank you, I hope those who ask see your answer.

Greg Mat:
The NFT market is actually dope. Why? This is because from all NFT sales done in the platform. The platform takes a little commission of the buy/sell price And this commission is been splitted to those that commit DNFT tokens to sections And a part of it is used to buy back DNFT tokens and burn them. Causing scarcity And making those that commit to sections earn too.
Note: the earning are in the currency used to buy that NFT. Can be bnb/usdt/usdc/eth, Thus you earn by committing to sections passively.

I am an investor and I really like the staking feature, how much APY will give if I follow your staking?
from @oppoh8

Greg Mat:
As an investor you can earn from multiple areas. It is majorly about if you have enough DNFT tokens. If u go through out white paper you can see the actual break down of some of the fees So let’s use a little illustration, Say you own 30,000 DNFT tokens
you would be able to sign the creation of new sections. Am sure we know what sections are And every NFT deals on the platform must be in a section or another. Thus if you commit 30,000 DNFT tokens to a section, You get massive ROI, Because every section must have a minimum of 100,000 DNFT tokens.
The more tokens you have committed to a section.
The more you earn And over 30% of sales commission goes to the section and is distributed among those that commit.
NOTE: it is not DNFT you earn here, But rather you earn the token used to buy that NFT. Which is great, We also have earning via staking Here you earn, DNFT tokens. The APY for this is yet to be released. But it certainly would be very juicy. Remember our goal is to make the token DNFT extremely valuable and scarce.

Okay, let’s move on to question, 3. How do you think about attracting the Asian market ?? What is your strategy to increase their trust?
from @Rojy35467198

Greg Mat:
Good question, We would get crypto influencers to cover the Asian market There job would be to expose the people to dexnifty. While our job would be to provide massive services and token utility, Making sure there is zero downtime And optimum performance. Once you have a dope product. All that is need is to make sure people know about it And the influencers would do that for us.

Next question. Why did your team choose to remain anonymous ?? Can being known by the community make you more trusted?
from @wallstr43491546

Greg Mat:
To make a project fully community owned. One must isolate his or her self from the project,Else it remains centralized.
We have seen in the crypto space how so many claim a project is decentralized and community owned but in the real sense it isnt. This is why we refused to accept private funds from investors. This is why we refused doing seed funding. This is why we refused using launch pads. This is why after launch we are doing a vote by the community and selecting member to be part of the DAO and via governance from the community control what happens and decision making. Also most projects in the market today are 90% owned by the coporate bodies that own a huge portion of it. They control the market. They are been sold 90% of the tokens as seed fund and private fund And in the future dump on the masses But we are here to change that.
99% of NFT projects out there ain’t owned by the community but rather by private entities. IDO opportunity is giving to a selected few, We are letting the community take charge And be the driving force. While making sure our personalities dont interfere with the project in any way. Also the famous pancake sway remains anonymous. I am certain that remains one of the reasons the community is pushing it. Zero interference from the creators, Just pure organic and purpose driven growth.

Okay this is the last question in the second session, I hope you are still excited to answer it.
5. A Project keeps Progressing and Developing if It is Able to Survive in the Competition & Generate Fund to maintain itself. So, From what sources is DexNifty generating revenue?
from @lehien2667

Greg Mat:
Ofcourse I am, Dexnifty will only generate revenue from the community to start. Once started dexnifty would self fund its self. Which based on the laid down and explained strategies in our road map. It would work very well, Strategies like the commission charged from all buy/sell of NFTS on the platform This would be massive and the DAO would have total control of that. We see a future where DEXNIFTY would have a launchpad to help fund more decentralized and community owned projects. All would be controlled by the DAO And the community would vote the DAO members.

Impressive I hope those who ask understand this.


Rime Resj:
you say the NFT marketplace owned by community? whether the community will make the NFT? please explain the meaning of this?

Greg Mat:
What this meanings is the community would vote for changes and updates, The community would vote for those to head the DAO. The community would benefit from all NFT transactions on ,So by owning DNFT tokens you a part of the community. The team would build the Dexnifty platform, These would enable pure organic growth and would be a catalyst to grow us even fast.
Reason: you can beat majority and the community would always win at the end of the day.

Anh BAO :
What is the current Dexnifty record? As a fan of Dexnifty, I expect my favorite project to be listed on major exchanges. Do you have any plans for this?

Greg Mat:
Definitely, We would list on exchanges. But 1st we would list on pancake swap Which wouldn’t be an issues at all. But that would be atleast over 5x presale price, Possibly even 16x Afterwards other exchanges would follow.

Mughal Mirza:
DNFT to the moon.
I wanna invest 100000$ In DNFT for 2 years how it can be beneficial for me?

Greg Mat:
Long term means you stand to gain massively.
Reason: imagine how massive the community would be in 18 months time.Also imagine the volume of trades that would be going on in the platform On our chart we predict over $5,000,000 worth of NFT deals to be going on almost monthly after 15 months, This means you stand to be earning commissions from committing your tokens And also image how much tokens would have been burnt by then.This also means the circulation would have dropped and the price if 1 DNFT token would be over $18 or much more. So your gains would be really massive, Either you chose to just hodl or to commit to sections Or even to lend out to users.

I read that they will be giving 10 unique NFTs to DNFT token holders, so I wonder if the minimum to qualify is 1000 DNFT tokens, the more tokens I have, the more chance I have of winning any NFT?

Greg Mat:
Exactly, For every 1,000 DNFT token you hold you get 1 lottery ticket which means for every 1,000 DNFT tokens you own/hodl you stand a better chance of winning our rare NFT drops.
Also getting 1,000 DNFT tokens would seems expensive after presale thus those that are able to now and are also able to hodl stand the best chance to participate and be on the front seat.

Bao anh:
What is your plan for Dexnifty GLOBAL EXPANSION? Do you need more communities for the project ??? How can I participate in Administration ??

Greg Mat:
Currently we have different community groups in different countries, We started this 3 days ago To further decentralize the communities and make sure the community is as strong as possible.
Also anyone is welcome to create an active dexnifty community, Also the community heads with large members and engagements stand a chance to be part of the DAO.
Reason is the DAO would be based on voting and naturally the community you groom would most likely vote you.

thuy Hien:
What use cases and challenges do you need to address ?? What is the future direction of Dexnifty?

Greg Mat:
The future of dexnifty is to be that open platform with zero restrictions only those set and voted by the community
Where anyone can go and buy or sell and NFT without any issues of ban or been worried about the buy and sell of such NFTs not been allowed, It brings true freedom to the NFT world.


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