Speaker : Runner (Lead Dev) and Hitman (Marketing & Community)
Date : Saturday, March 20th, 2021


Hello Runner and Hitman
Welcome to our community.

Thanks for the invite! A pleasure to be here!

Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with BSCRunner
Today we have an honored guest.
who will explain and answer your question guys.

This is actually the first AMA we have done for the project, I hope you are as excited as we are.

I hope you are excited to introduce your project to our community here.
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introductory, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction.
And how about Runner ?? Are you here ??

Hi, happy to be with you today.

So let me introduce us both!

Sure, let’s start to the first INTRODUCTION.

  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?

Runner is the lead developer and founder of the project. Runner has been working with crypto for a number of years and after seeing so many clones and rugs over the years, he decided to make something a bit different that will hold value. Being a keen runner himself, the idea for BSC Runner was born. I am Hitman and I am the Community Manager for the project and I have worked on a number of projects.

Sounds good and impressive, you two are quite unique project makers. I hope BSCRunner will continue to grow.

Thanks, we have big plans in store for BSC Runner.

Cool..let me know more about BSCRunner in second question.

Let me explain what BSC Runner is then for everyone that is looking at the project for the first time.


  1. Please explain what is BSCRunner !?

BSC Runner is a unique yield farm on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a fork of GooseDefi. It is not just any old fork though, Goose was used as a base (there is no point reinventing the wheel, right?) and then the BSC Runner unique features were built on top.
BSC Runner currently consists of two tokens and NFTs. The main tradeable token is ENERGY, and this can be traded on BSCRunner, Pancakeswap or more recently HotBit. ENERGY can be swapped for RUNNER features a unique RUNNER token that can be swapped for ENERGY at a pirce of 1 ENERGY = 10 RUNNER. RUNNER can be used to stack in farms to boost your farming rewards up to +200% or to open Lootboxes.
Lootboxes can be opened for 10 RUNNER and contain ENERGY, RUNNER or unique NFTs. RUNNER can also be used to enter Marathon races that will provide a BUSD cash prize pool to the winners.
The NFTS found in lootboxes can be used to boost farming rewards up to +30%, or used in Marathons to boost winnings.
That is a short overview of the project, but if you want the full details you can check out our medium post that explains everything so far.

Like racing, according to its name, Runner.

Thats it.
When you stake runners in a farm you are “Racing” others to get the best APR!

NFT is currently very popular with the community, do you have a different NFT ??
Interesting guys.. NFT is one of unique product.

So we currently have two types of NFT, one type boosts farming rewards up to +30%, and the second type boosts Marathon winnings.

Good sir.. it’s really cool.

Runner NFTs to boost farming rewards are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legendary and boost farm rewards 5%, 10%, 20% or 30%.
You can view the full list of NFT available in Lootboxes on BSCRunner here

Thanks for sharing that.. i have last question for this session.

  1. Can you share with the community what BSCRunner has been doing since its launch?
    Is it only the token, NFT and the program ??? or much more?

Sure, so we have been super busy.

It seems that there will be a lot of good news in the future,

So at the moment it is Token, NFT, Lootboxes, Marathon race launches today, but we plan to release much more – more on that later!
Launch was on the 16/03/2021 and we have been working hard since then. Features we have launched so far:
RUNNER farm reward boosting
NFTs farm reward boosting
Marathon NFTs
Marathon winnings boost with NFT
HotBit listing.
We are also now working on introducing Marathon races with the first race going live today.
NFT Marketplace is coming soon so the NFTs found in lootboxes can be bought and sold freely on the market.
Additional features are coming further down the line including Player vs Player races (PvP) so you can challenge and race your friends, additional NFTs, and more.
We have also burned $394,600 worth of ENERGY since launch.
We also had the project audited by TechRate that we paid for before launch.
You can view the audit results on our website or on the techrate website too.

thank you for sharing and introducing your project.
you look very excited.

We are to be honest, especially for todays Marathon!



  1. What is the structure of BSCrunner , is it decentralised or a open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?
    from @NguyenQ32225128

BSCRunner is fully decentralised and runs on BSC. The project is effectively run by Smart Contracts, with the MasterChef contract having a 30h timelock on it.
Governance at the moment is handled via community vote and there is n governance function on the ENERGY token at the moment, but this may be added in the future.
Overall we are very active with our community, they are really great! Come join us on Telegram you will get a warm welcome!

Yes i see, your community verry active.

Yes! We believe a successful project is built on 4 pillars. One of those being an active, happy and strong community.


  1. double question
  2. Are you planning to enter any other major exchange and how soon?
  3. How safe is your project from outside distractions?
    from @CalebKure


  1. We have just listed on HotBit (19/03/2021), we do plan to release on further exchanges, but at the moment we are focused on getting new features on the roadmap finished so we are unable to give an ETA on this, but it will be coming.
  2. BSC Runner is Runner’s primary focus and as you can see from the speed at which we are introducing new features and promoting the project, we are 100% focussed on making BSC Runner a complete success!

yes, i see.
we can buy here

That’s it!


  1. Can you please tell me your roadmap, because I don’t see any plans for the future that you are preparing, and explain the utility of ENERGY tokens, what benefits will it get for holders?
    from @gilbran331

OK great question. We have released our Roadmap on Medium.
Give me a moment, and I will grab the key details for you.

yes, please.

Q1 2021
Launch of project — achieved 16/03/2021
Runner token farm reward boosting — achieved 16/03/2021
Lootboxes — achieved 16/03/2021
NFT farm reward boosting — achieved 16/03/2021
Burn — achieved 19/03/2021, USD 394,600 of ENERGY burned so far in 2 x burnings
New NFTs for Marathon Race to improve chances of winning Marathon – achieved 19/03/2021
Marathon Race — start 20/03/2021
NFT Marketplace — provisional start 21/03/2021
Major exchange listing — HotBit 19/09/2021
Adjustment of farming rewards to reward ENERGY holders — TBA
Q2 2021
New NFTs to get further unique bonuses
Player vs Player races (PvP) — race your friends in unique competitions.
Q3 2021
Reverse pool — exchange ENERGY for Runner
UI Revamp.
Q4 2021
Additional NFTs
Additional lootboxes
NFT Levelling system
Team builder
Team competitions.
So the second part of that question on Utility:
ENERGY token is the primary token of the BSC Runner ecosystem. It can be staked in vaults or farms to earn additional ENERGY, or it can be swapped for RUNNER token. RUNNER token is the token that can be used to open lootboxes, enter Marathons and races. ENERGY will be the primary transaction currency on the Marketplace once that launches.
I guess we are doing a buy-one-get-one-free on twitter questions today?!

Ah thanks you for sharing that, really interesting.

Our roadmap has changed slightly since the Medium article as we have achieved some bits already ahead of schedule, so we will update that shortly after the AMA.

Better accomplishment I think better.

  1. you have an NFT Runner with various types and different benefits, how do you get the NFT? and can the NFT Runner be sold on the NFT market in the future?
    from @MasTyburlara

Great question! Our Lootboxes have been a real hit up to now.
The NFTs can be found in lootboxes and once we launch the Marketplace they will be able to be bought and sold for ENERGY.

Thanks for answer, i hope our community understand about your explain, let me send last question for this session.

  1. Why do you have two different tokens ??? whether it can make the maximum work ?? in my opinion one token with maximum work is better, what is your opinion ??
    from @rodolisurya234

Ah so this is one of the questions we considered when designing the project.

okay sure you have an extraordinary answer.

Now I spoke earlier about foundations of a successful project being built on 4 pillars. We believe another of those pillars is Security and this is the reason why we have two tokens.
we wanted to keep ENERGY separate from RUNNER. This is primarily to separate out the functionality which helped with rapid development. ENERGY can be used for farming, buying and selling on the marketplace when it launches and trading for RUNNER. It would make sense for an end user to just have ENERGY, but from a development point of view this is a lot more complex and if something goes wrong with for example Lootboxes or a Marathon, this only effects RUNNER and not ENERGY and helps with problem solving and overall makes the ecosystem and project more secure, which is absolutely key for us. We take security very seriously and the most secure solution was the obvious choice for us.

An interesting explanation, very detailed.
It’s like a real life implementation.
Good job team.. i’m really apreciate for this.

Well as you all probably know these days, BSC, crypto, telegram there are all plagued with rugs and scammers so we wanted to ensure our project is secure and we make a point of making that known.
We actually reported a scammer to Binance earlier today.

yes it is a problem that sometimes real projects get influenced by it.

It has an effect on the Crypto community. Makes everybody anxious and worried. BSC Runner we hope helps to alleviate that with our audit, Timelock and implementation.

Yes, if the community that has entered is worried, the result will look like a scam project, even though it is not like that.

I was referring to the whole crypto community in general, not our community. Our community is 100% supportive and know we are safe

But I hope that in the future and because it has been audited, the community will better understand that this is a real project.

Yes. We are also considering when to do another line-by-line audit from another audit company as well! We will put it to community vote in the future.

Perfect, your team is good.


What is BSCRunner strategy to increase the ENERGY prices? Are you considering several mechanisms such as burning or buybacks to boost ENERGY prices? or do you have your own mechanism for that?

So this is a great question and we get asked this a lot.
The Tokenomics of BSC Runner atually help to be deflationary itself as changing ENERGY to RUNNER burns ENERGY. You need RUNNER to open Lootboxes to get rare NFTs, and also to boost farming rewards and enter events, so this is deflationary in itself. We do periodic burning of tokens and we have burned nearly 400k USD so far and plan to do more in the future. In addition, we will be adjusting farming rewards to support ENERGY price and reward ENERGY holders more. When the Marketplace is launched, a % of sale price will also be burned too, but we are still finalising the exact details of this.

Femi Oyinloye:
Do you have any new unique features that makes your project unique and stands out among its competitors, any competitive advantage?

So our main one at the moment is Lootboxes. I think we are the first BSC Yield farm to have Lootboxes so far and they have been such a hit! So many have been opened a lot more than we first expected. The stats of this we will add to the website. A few things that also set us apart from competitors are the fact we had an audit before launch, but also the ability to boost your farming rewards with the RUNNER token and utility for the NFTs in boosting farming rewards and Marathon winnings. We also have Marathons and planned PVP races too, which are unique.
So to summarise, we have quite a few USPs that set us apart from the competition!

If anybody think that your project really likes a scam project, and they can’t trust your project. How do you make them believe in your project?

So POKLI the first thing with this is check the TechRate audit. But there are more things you can check. You can check and see we have delivered everything we have promised to do so far and come visit our community and see for yourself that it is very open and transparent. Finally, you can also check the Smart Contracts yourself on bscsscan. You will also see here that the migrator function is removed and there is a 30h timelock inplace.

Good Boy:
Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with BSCRunner what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here?

BSC Runner is global, and we enjoy having some community members from Southeast Asia but we would like to grow that some more! Hence, we are on ID Crypto today doing an AMA with you guys. We are considering setting up some additional language channels too that will assist in growing our community and project in additional geographies. For example, we have quite a large amount of Spanish members that have requested a Spanish telegram, so we are looking to do this soon.

asep suryana:
How to improve farming in the BSc runner?

So one of our USPs is actually that you can boost your farming rewards, to allow smaller wallets to compete with Whales. You can do this by stacking RUNNER and NFTs in each farm to give you additional APR!
In the future we do plan to add additional ENERGY pairs to the Stadium too.

K e l l y :
I see many types of NFT like NFT Runner Super, NFT Runner Gold, NFT Runner Silver, NFT Runner Bronze. I want to ask you how are they different ?? Benefits of each?

So the different NFTs give you the following Bonuses:
NFT Runner Super +30% farming APY
NFT Runner Gold +20% farming APY
NFT Runner Silver +10% farming APY
NFT Runner Bronze +5% farming APY
We have also just released some additional NFTs yesterday for the Marathon, these are actually trainers you can equip for each marathon, and get worn out (burned) after so can only be used once:
NFT Marathon Super +30% marathon winnings
NFT Marathon Gold +15% marathon winnings
NFT Marathon Silver +10% marathon winnings
NFT Marathon Bronze +5% marathon winnings
You can equip up to 2 marathon NFTs for any marathon, and if you have 2 of the same shoe, you gain an additional +25% NFT bonus.


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