Speaker : Tyler (Head of Global Marketing)
Date: Jan, 4th 2021

There is 3 session for AMA
1. Introduction
2. Forward best question twitter
3. Free asking

Okay, let’s start for the first session, please introduce yourself, maybe some of the participants here don’t know you, even though many are already familiar, it’s not wrong to introduce yourself again.

Tyler | Bingbon:
Sure, I am Tyler, Head of Global Marketing at Bingbon. Bingbon is a global contract trading and copy trading platform, and recently we have started to expand into Indonesia as well as other regions worldwide.

We have previously held an AMA here, so we would like to ask you about your progress from last month to the present, what are these developments?
is it going well?

Tyler | Bingbon:
Sure. We recently had some updates on the app and website, and held a global team trading competition which had over 9000 users worldwide that joined. We look forward to having more competitions soon.
Bingbon is now available in Indonesia language as well.

The first quarter of 2021 will see many more updates, such as more BTC-margin trading pairs, BTC copy trading and more. Will be a busy few months for us.

1. How secure is Bingbon wallet to save my funds long term? Would I use it as my cold store wallet? from Ontortk

Tyler | Bingbon:
Bingbon has a complex wallet security system to protect users funds. It involves hot and cold wallets, multi-sig, and a number of other key features. No user has ever had their money stolen on Bingbon.

Bingbon is safe to use as a wallet, but I would recommend users only keep their trading funds on Bingbon. There are better wallets out there for long term storage, like Trust Wallet or other app-based wallets.

2. BingBon has two licenses that support its operations ( one from U.S and other from Estonia) but BingBon is available to be used in part of the globe? Also there is needed pass a KYC ? from ZamoraJoana

Tyler | Bingbon:
Yes, Bingbon is always looking to receive more licenses around the world so that we can operate compliantly.

Users don’t *need* to complete KYC, but for large traders or users that want to join our special events, I recommend that they complete KYC. It allows for faster and easier withdrawals.

3. I want to ask, Which one the most important for you in developing the community and increasing the value of the project? Which one that Will you do first? from Mary47229678

Tyler | Bingbon:
They develop together. By building a strong community, we increase the value of the Bingbon trading platform.

To build our community, we work with a number of influencers and traders in Indonesia to help users become familiar with our platform. Also we have a telegram group to help users if they have any issues or questions.

4. I don’t have much knowledge about blockchain. I am a newbie trader and just want to learn before I start investing, do you offer any educational courses that I can learn from? from Eliasbb_Pro

Tyler | Bingbon:
There are a lot of free resources available online, such as YouTube, to teach you the basics about blockchain.

Bingbon is not really a blockchain project. We are focused on trading. If you’d like to learn about trading, we work with a lot of great traders in Indonesia to teach people.

5. what are your plans for the future with a very fast crypto development, Is Bingbon going to issue bingbon tokens in the future? from segera_list

Tyler | Bingbon:
Bingbon will never issue a token. We don’t believe in platform tokens like BNB, OKB and others. We think they are not healthy for the exchange.

As for our future plans, we still have a lot of improvements to make on the app and website. Such as:
Trailing Stops
More BTC Margin Pairs
Trading API
BTC-Margined Copy Trading

As well as user interface updates. These should all launch very soon

i thingking about me:
Copy trading is currently one of the most powerful features of junior traders, can you please give a little insight into Bingbon copy trading features to all of us? to find out the basics of copy trading on the Bingbon Exchange.

Tyler | Bingbon:
Bingbon was the first crypto exchange to have copy trading. Many others recently have tried to copy us.
In Bingbon Copy Trading, you can search for traders and copy them with USDT. Every time they open a trade, you will copy that trade.

You can also set automatic stop losses and other settings in Bingbon Copy Trading,.

I just create an account and I get noticed that I have 100.000 VST, but doesn’t have any market value, so can you explain what is the usage this “Fictitious funds “?

Tyler | Bingbon:
VST is used for demo trading. It can help you learn to trade on Bingbon, but it has no monetary value, only educational value.

How is trading easier in BigBong than in any other exchange,  what special features does BigBong have to offer to a beginner?

Tyler | Bingbon:
I think Bingbon is really easy to use. Set the margin and leverage for a trade, set Stop Loss and Take Profit before or after opening a trade, and you’re ready to go. Very fast and easy.

Also if you’re not so good at trading, you can learn to trade with VST first, or copy some traders.

Jani Na:
Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here?

Tyler | Bingbon:
Yes, we have a strong and growing community in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and we are looking at some other regions too! Very excited about the progress we’ve made in these regions, but we’re just getting started

Alikaa Azzahra:
What are the competitive advantages of trading swaps on #BingBonExchange over other platforms ?

Tyler | Bingbon:
Low Fees – Market orders have a fee of 0.045%
Easy to use – Bingbon is much easier to learn for new traders, compared to other platforms.
Copy trading – Don’t know how to trade, or too busy? Copy a professional trader.

Tyler | Bingbon:
Make sure to join our Telegram and register for Bingbon! We have an updated new user bonus system too, and you can get up to $100 USDT in trading bonuses!

Let’s end this AMA.
Thanks for spending time and answer more question from us, i hope bingbon will be more succesfull in the future

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