Speaker : Arnel Sumowan (Founder) and
BSC Pleb (Co Founder)
Date : Sunday, March 7th, 2021



Hello Arnel Sumowan (Founder) and
BSC Pleb (Co Founder).

Arnel sumowan:
Hello ID Group we are happy to be here.

We are also glad you came to AMA. thank you for being here.

BSC Pleb:
Hello All excited to be here.

Okay are you ready ?? if ready, let’s start the first session.

BSC Pleb:
Lets goo.

Let’s start guys.

Arnel sumowan:
Yes ready.


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?

BSC Pleb:
Hey guys!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Extremely happy to be here.
My name is BscPleb and I am one of the cofounders of Billionapiness NFT Market place. I have been in the space since 2014. Been through everything, bull and bear!
First of all, I would like to thank AMA Lover club admins for arranging this AMA. This is the very first AMA we attend.
And Second, when we were pondering and formulating our marketing strategy. One of your admins reached out to us and asked for a possible collaboration (we get a lot of AMA requests everyday BTW) . We went through a few recently concluded AMAs and were really impressed by the way you guys handle the AMAs and give projects a good exposure to the crypto community. Hence, we decided to kick start our AMA series with ya all wonderful people.

Arnel sumowan:
Thank you for having us today on your well-reputed group
Hello I am Arnel, Im the Founder of Billion Happiness, partly university-educated and mostly self-taught. I started my journey with cryptocurrencies since 2014. It was a roller-coaster ride then yet very exciting. Fast forward to now.
BillionHappiness is one of the pioneers on Binance Smart Chain Network where its token was created last September 2020. We are are a group of well-dedicated team members. There are 3 Founding members working together for BillionHappiness Finance Project with 2 Lead Developers, 3 Community Managers and very active community members. Our dedication to build BillionHappiness Projects was driven by our very interactive community since the beginning.

Thank you for introducing yourself, we are very happy to know all of you.
I hope it can be our motivation for us.

BSC Pleb:
we need to give credits to you sir.

Sounds good, what is that sir.

BSC Pleb:
To the education your community about good projects.

Earlier you explained about BillionHappiness, now let you know, the second question for this session.

  1. Can you share with the community what BHC has been doing since its launch?

Arnel sumowan:
Pioneering BSC Network, we’ve been through ups and down. Yet, still thriving until now.
Last February 20, We just hit $7M Marketcap, had been listed on different exchanges such as Julswap, Streetswap, BSCEX and Pancakeswap.
Currently, we our happy and proud to be partners with Julswap, Jetfuel, Crowfinance and Crudeoil and would be more than happy to have more partnerships in the future. Furthermore, we have been working on a new project in Billion Happiness which is an NFT Marketplace with $HPS token. It is set to launch at the end of March.

That’s great, a project that has been running for quite a long time and is still going on, I also see that you always try to make us believe in your products.
Very interesting and extraordinary.

Arnel sumowan:
Thank you.

My pleasure.


First question

  1. With today BSC hyipe is so make all people excited. What your plan for make new solution for keep the investor look at $BHC ? And if there will be new solution/idea on other project are $BHC will add that idea on your system too ?
    from @himo_umaru

BSC Pleb:
Billion Happiness is a certified project, as our name reflects, we aspire to be a source of happiness for billions of people through our quality goods and services.
We stay anchored in our core values of providing the best possible opportunities while fostering a harmonious and welcoming environment within our community.
Right now, we are looking forward to our smart contract be audited by Certik. We will keep on innovating for the happiness our community.

Arnel sumowan:

Perfect, an audit will make us more confident that your project is real.
Thanks for sharing that.

BSC Pleb:
obviously and the important part is who is auditing is also important.

Sure, that’s an important part too.

  1. I see there are HPS and BHC on Billion Happiness, what’s the difference between the two tokens? and explain the function of each token.
    from @oreza21

Arnel sumowan:
HPS and BHC are two main tokens of Billion Happiness. Think of them as siblings, brothers and sisters. These tokens are created for different purposes. It is important to know how they are different from each other.
BHC was created for Billion Happiness Community which serves as cashback for e-commerce store — first BH project. It has fixed supply and is considered a store of value. Further development leads to BHC being traded, staked, farmed on DeFi world. Hence, HPS will be the BH Project Booster token, minting fee for BH NFT Marketplace, and is deflationary. And yes, soon you will be able to trade, stake and farm HPS on different exchanges, following its older brother’s footsteps.

Thanks for answer guys.
Next question.

  1. if we want to stake and farm BHC, how will the profit be calculated? and will BHC cooperate with DEX AMMs from other projects such as Pancakeswap?
    from @romeojulie3

BSC Pleb:
Its a straight forward answer – You can calculate your profit using our calculator.
We already collaborate with DEX AMM like Julswap and you can also trade BHC on Pancakeswap use this official smart contract.

Great, pretty self-explanatory answer, I hope they can use it.
Next question.

  1. opensea is an NFT marketplace that is still in demand by many people, are billion happines inspired by opensea? and what superior features will you highlight when your marketplace is launched? and how do you attract people to want to use your marketplace?
    from @masceng121

Arnel sumowan:
That’s an interesting question, honestly we are inspired by Rari. Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace on BSC network will have HPS token as it’s minting fee. Also, users shall be categorized as verified and non-verified. In addition, we are allowing artists to pay listing fees in HPS or BNB.
If users pay fees in HPS:
–50% of fees will be burned
–50% of fees will be allocated to BillionHappiness.
Lastly, Billion Happiness is aiming for HPS to be staked, farmed and traded on exchanges where BHC has already been present.

okay next with the last question for this session.

  1. Can you give us an overview of Billion Happiness token economics? Is the token designed to rise and fall with the success of the platform, and does it include any scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn.
    from @nobita404

BSC Pleb:
BHC tokenomics 10% is from Cash back and 90% is for farming and staking with 50k fixed supply Our supply will fully circulate after 143 days you can visit us.
Farming BHC = done
Staking = 143 days running
to learn more visit our Meduim post.

Thank you for your answers, we are very happy to know more about this project.
I hope our community understand about this.

Arnel sumowan:


K e l l y :
The name: “BillionHappiness” I find it very special. Is this the message you want to convey to your project?

Arnel sumowan:
Did you know that BHC logo is Bitcoin Inspired,combination of B & H using the Binance Smart Chain?
B = Billions of People
H = Happiness
“Our goal is making billion people happy.”
BHC use case:
-NFT Marketplace
-E-commerce Store
-DEFI (Staking to earn other tokens).
We welcome Happy Creative People who willing are to spread happiness across the world.

Noldan East:
Good evening sir.
I am new user for SafePal wallet.
Can I buy or trade $ BHC using my SafePal wallet?
How is the mechanism?
Please elaborate.

Arnel sumowan:
Yes, you can trade and buy BHC using safepal wallet. We created a guide for beginners like you.

how does Billion Happiness increase the pools? Will Billions Happiness attract investors outside the project to work together and support the Billions Happiness project development?

Arnel sumowan:
We planned to add new pools monthly and Yes we are open for any collaboration to build Billion Happiness project.

Can you share the roadmap with us ??
I see that BHC is undergoing an audit, does that audit cover the HPS token too ??

BSC Pleb:
Yes Audit will cover BHC / HPS both.

خینه وت :
All project’s coins have their main Utilities & real-life use! So, Can you tell us what the main role of your coin is in your ecosystem? Explain its Utilities & Real-Life use cases? and Why should i invest in your coin for the long term?

BSC Pleb:
Yes both have use case sir. BHC is a cash back token and HPS is the native token for our NFT MP.


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