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Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Alien World
Today we have an honored guest, Founder Of Alien World, Saro , who will explain and answer your question guys

Hi guys
Great to be here – we’ve heard a lot about this community
You have a great profile

Thank you for appreciating that, I hope we can help supporting the alien world community ..
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introduction, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction.

Great happy to introduce us
I am one of the 3 co-founders and I come from a corporate finance background before realising I wanted to be build dencentralised systems that would empower more people. I handle strategy and finance within the project
Previously we as a team did the 2018 viral eosDAC airdrop which is remains one of the world’s largest DAOs and is a block producer on multiple chains. We’re using much of what we learned in that project within Alien Worlds
Our senior developer, Michael, has have been involved in the blockchain space since 2017. First with ethereum and then later on the EOS blockchain where we built eosDAC after airdropping our token onto the Ethereum chain. He is very interested in decentralised governance and cross chain dapps

Indeed, decentralized applications are able to attract a lot of attention from the community

Yes and grow faster because the community is incentivised to add to the project

That’s right, maybe every day the project always adds to the offering of the features and advantages of each …
and now let’s introduce your project to the community …
What is the Alien world?

Alien Worlds is a defi DAO-based metaverse that uses NFTs as part of gameplay. We have put 6 Planet DAOs into space, and they compete for control of Trilium, the ERC-20 fungible token of the metaverse. Landowners try to make their land most attractive to miners who mine Trilium and NFTs. Gamers develop different mining and staking strategies depending on the NFTs they own and collect. We’ve grown to be the 3rd biggest blockchain game in just a month (whilst still being in beta and barely publicising the game link itself) because we’ve thought about the game dynamics, incentives and depth of game play very carefully and designed a pretty compelling system.
One way to view Alien Worlds is that it is a simulation of a new future where Humans have had to leave Earth (raging pandemics , climate change etc,..) and set up on newly found Alien worlds. In this new reality we have competing planets and everything its tokenised, in NFT form, from the tools people use to the minions their add to their crew to the land they mine. The first thing people are mine for the provable rare Trilium which forms the basis of the economy.
They can also mine NFTs and then there are battles and quests coming.

Such a unique and interesting concept will make our world move into the metaverse

Yes! it is a metaverse and as we mentioned a simulation of how daos can work in the real world alongside new economics. It is a great place to experiment with these sort of things, but still very easy for people to get involved in. unlike other games, we focus on money and power being the goal which is very similar to real life


First question from second session.
1. For many users, the NFT market is not very attractive, because they have not been fully developed, being money for the future, with AlienWorlds can you achieve real profits? or tokens used in the long term?
From @semogaberkahXD

Yes – we have about 5k daily active users all mining real Trilium and NFTs. Go to You need a WAX account which you can get. We give you everything you need to start playing like a basic avatar, and mining tools. You can mine on other peoples’ land – you will just forfeit some of the mining rewards as commission to the landowner. Over time, as your Trilium position grows, you can stake to Planets and participate in governance and control over the Planet’s daily allocation of Trilium – but to start, just grab your basic free items and start mining TLM!
Also, NFTs are a newer development but they are very important addition to blockchain space – they are a natural use case for blockchain.
Our NFTs have game play characteristics built in to their attributes. So some land and tools (which are both NFTs) yields more Trilium when you mine it, some produces more NFTs, some can be mined more frequently. In earlier generations of NFTs, they mainly had collectible value – think CryptoPunks which is really cool if are a collector – but now NFTs have attributes recognised by the gaming smart contracts

Got it, can it be accessed via Moblie phone ?

so far supported for desktop on Chrome browser; people are using on Android but iPhone more difficult. It’s a priority to get a fully mobile version
This is our tech support channel so any questions or problems with using the game, we are always here to help

2. Security is very important for a trading platform or exchange, where users can easily and comfortably trade, pay for and store assets. What about the security system of the Alien Worlds platform?What type of security technology system does Alien Worlds use to protect user assets? From @Rhada25

We are working with one of the best minds in the blockchain space and our contracts are regularly checked by the veterans from this space as they are continuously contributing to our development. Additionally many of our core smart contracts are on a multisig meaning there is not a single point of failure. Our lead developer and cofounder, Michael, is extremely well known and well respected initially within Ethereum, then EOS and now WAX-Ethereum

3. What are the opportunities and challenges for you when stepping from traditional game industry into blockchain game creation? What are your vision about this industry?
From @lavietantan

Good question: blockchain allows for transparency and for many more people to get involved. So already there are already multiple distinct ‘factions’ forming – one called the Cabal and one called the NFT Army and they are coalescing around 2 different planets. Additionally a third planet is attracting smaller stakers and a fourth apparently is becoming a Russian hub. These are all communities adding their own functionality and technology on top of what we have developed.
Here is one community member’s take on the possible trajectory
I think this is very different from centralised games where mainly the core team drives the project forward – here we are a decentralised metaverse where lots of people are innovating commercially and for fun on top of our tech

4. Can other games be built using your infrastructure and do you allow it? If you lead in this field in the future, what will be your response to those who want to establish a partnership with you in this field?
From @saikokr91

So far, for example some people have started giving out their own NFTs to people mining on their land. We have a group that has created a reporting system.
We have partnered with a Decentraland district, we have spent time in the $Whale community to build bridges, we have airdropped our NFTs for claiming by large holders within Axie, Sandbox, Rarible and other older NFT communities; we are in conversations about IP deals to bring some cool well loved storylines and characters kan waktu di komunitas $ Whale untuk membangun jembatan, kami telah mengirimkan NFT kami untuk diklaim oleh pemegang besar dalam Axie, Sandbox, Rarible, dan komunitas NFT lama lainnya; kami sedang berbincang tentang penawaran IP untuk membawa beberapa alur cerita dan karakter keren yang sangat disukai ke The WAX Cloud Wallet is the easiest way to create, use, and manage an account on the WAX blockchain.the metaverse. We are well networked within the WAX ecosystem and have done some tie-ups and plan to extend out our partnerships through the Galactic Hubs grant fund – for example offering grants for people to mod into Ark and Minecraft servers WAX Cloud Wallet We are also excited to be bringing a significant Chinese partnership on stream shortly – which we will be announcing soon
We also have a Galactic Hubs fund which provides grants out to developers and the community to grow their initiatives. And because of the Trilium incentives built into the game, our users are already forming groups and alliances to build out their own websites, offers and strategies – all happening organically.
kami umumkan. Kami juga memiliki dana Galactic Hubs yang memberikan hibah kepada pengembang dan komunitas untuk mengembangkan inisiatif mereka. Dan karena insentif Trilium yang ada di dalam game, pengguna kami telah membentuk grup dan aliansi untuk membangun situs web, penawaran, dan strategi mereka sendiri – semuanya terjadi secara organik.

5. Alien Worlds is #3 in Games on DappRadar. an extraordinary achievement. what made you who you are today? what sets you apart from other projects
From @Lopyou54804819

I think the low barriers to entry are key:
onboarding new users has been very streamlined=
– easy signup without buying any crypto, via WAX cloud wallet
– sophisticated smart contract language
– fast and feeless – FREE – transactions
– NFT attributes can be read and updated by a smart contract easily so that we can use them within the game. Our smart contracts also can issue new ones and detect when they are transferred or minted
Because we have designed with an Ethereum layer 1 and WAX layer 2, we can locate much of the gaming activity on chain, unlike many other blockchain games which have to put much functionality off chain


The vast majority of protocols don’t take into account the loyalty of their users, not like Alien Worlds , right? How will you do this project to benefit your most “LOYAL” users? will you have more benefits for each year?

We’ve alluded to the depth of game play – because we have built an extensible metaverse rather than a stand alone product, this metaverse contains the fundamental ingredients for gamers to keep developing their strategy – and power within the metaverse – for a long time. If you see our tech blueprint you can see that the mechanics have been very carefully thought through and designed and we believe they will prove to be compelling for the long term

Shabbir Husain:
Q: How does the shining in Alien Worlds work? I read that XDimension is a gloss level that was available in the sale of rare packages, can this level also be created through gloss? How do these aspects of the game help to get the NFTs that Alien Worlds has created? Can you tell us more about this?

Shining works where you combine 4 NFTs plus a TLM fee to create a new higher powered NFT

Etsy Justice:
If Alien Worlds is being built in stages. Is there a plan to give this project a story? Are you going to create an initial narrative or are you going to hire some writers to create a base for the story to start?

We do have a founding story which you can find under preamble in our tech spec we are also making this into a video trailer. But the narrative will keep developing out!

Le Hai:
During the game, TLM and NFT are mined.On the Ethereum blockchain, all this would be stored in a wallet from which we have private keys and connect using Metamask.Which wallet is better to use in the WAX blockchain?How can I securely save my TLM and NFT?

NFTs can only be stored on WAX, the WAX cloud wallet is good to store them. TLM can be stored on either Ethereum or WAX

Tu Xuan Hanh:
Adoption & Awareness about Platform is very important for any Creator as well as Users! So, What are your plans to attract More users as well as Creators with Non-crypto users too ?

So far we’ve been really happy with adoption – I think people are really enjoying playing. All of the items on our Star Route here show the roadmap all of which are designed to create more use cases for TLM and more users



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