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Speaker : Chung Ying Lai ( CSO Of Tokocrypto)
Theme : TKO & Mobileapps Tokocrypto
Date : Tuesday, Nov, 3rd 2020



Hello everyone, welcome to AMA ID Crypto with Tokocrypto
Tonight we have a distinguished guest, Chung Ying Lai @Chungying (CSO Of Tokocrypto)
who will explain the AMA theme and answer some of your questions.

hello @Chungying
welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Chung Ying Lai:
Selamat malam semua!!
Saya Ying! nice to be here with all of you guys

nice to meet you sir
We have 3 sessions of the AMA, where each of your sessions will have questions to answer, and when you are done explaining, please say “done”
In accordance with our theme tonight I will give a question about “TKO and Mobileapps Tokocrypto.
Are you ready sir ?

Chung Ying Lai:


Okay let’s start our first session which is the introduction.
Could you please introduce yourself and your background to us ?

Chung Ying Lai:
My name is Chung Ying Lai, commonly addressed as Ying, graduated from National University Of Singapore Faculty of Engineering with First Class Honors in 2015, currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Tokocrypto!
I have been an active investor in the crypto industry ever since 2016. In 2018, I joined Tokocrypto as the Business Development Director to lead new business expansion initiatives of the company.
Subsequently, due to my innovative ideas and detail strategization, which played a big part in contributing to the current success of Tokocrypto, I was then named the CSO of Tokocrypto in mid 2020

Very happy to know you sir, I hope this can be a motivation for us.
are you done ?

Chung Ying Lai:
yep done!

okay perfect ?
let’s move on to the second session, in this session there are 10 pre-selected questions from twitter, and please say “done” if you think that’s enough to answer.

Chung Ying Lai:
ok siapp

lets go


first question for this session

  1. From @Naruto1673
    as education and a place for learning with the community to understand tokocrypto,
    Does the tokocrypto team have plans for the Academy Program?

Chung Ying Lai:
Tokocrypto definitely understands the needs from our community to start and learn about crypto asset investment and blockchain technology. Me, too, had similar issues a few years ago when I just began my crypto journey and was desperate to find materials to learn about crypto assets and blockchain technology.
Tokocrypto has similar initiatives as an Academy Program which we focus on educating our community both online and offline.

We have our “Toko Outreach” program where Tokocrypto reach out to our Indonesia community to introduce, teach and equip them with the knowledge of crypto asset and blockchain technology. We do a mixture of events such as webinars (trading of crypto assets), blockchain conference (INBLOCKS), community meetups & Indonesia Blockchain Week with each of these events aiming at different audiences.

we will be having Kriptoversity which is an upcoming educational mobile application created by Tokocrypto for beginners looking to learn about blockchain & crypto assets. Each lesson is broken down into just 5mins so that users can study anywhere and anytime through their cell phones even when just queuing for food or sitting in the toilet hahaha. Another interesting thing is that users can also earn TKO as a reward for completing each lesson depending on the score obtained. What is more fun and exciting that you are earning rewards while learning?! Stay tuned to Tokocrypto telegram channel for more announcements about Kriptoversity!!


  1. From @lingli23096124
    Whether in cryptocurrency trading or in traditional financial markets, liquidity is the key to success. The popularity of DeFI this year also reflects the important role that liquidity plays in the market. How does Tokocrypto solve the problem of platform

Chung Ying Lai:
I think everyone here knows that currently tokocrypto is recently migrated to binance cloud

One of the reason why Tokocrypto migrated to Binance cloud is to actually solve the problem of liquidity, by migrating to binance cloud and partnering with Binance, we are able to gain access to vast liquidity, allowing Tokocrypto to be one of the most liquid crypto exchange in Indonesia.
currently has been working very well for liquidity of Tokocrypto


  1. @fak_s_shochan
    many see tokocrypto just to take part in the events of their referrals.
    can you explain the differences and advantages of tokocrypto in comparison other? and is there a system future there? and how is the performance?

Chung Ying Lai:
ok,This is a good question, let me break down the answer based on our current and future advantages as compared to other Indonesia exchanges.
For current wise, i would say Tokocrypto has 3 mains advantages,
for first, Tokocrypto is one of the cheapest exchange for trading in Indonesia. Who doesn’t like things cheap & good? One of the advantages of Tokocrypto is that despite being one of the most stable and technological advance exchanges in Indonesia, our trading fee is the cheapest compared to other exchanges in Indonesia, with only 0.1%. Furthermore, with our VIP program, this will only become cheaper and cheaper when you increase your VIP level by trading more on Tokocrypto.

Moreover, on top of trading fees, our withdrawal fees is also one of the lowest. Together with the low trading fees, Tokocrypto becomes one of the cheapest & best trading platforms to use.
for 2nd advantage wise, i would say we have a very good product line up.
we have our ETF Tokens, which is a combination feature of leverage + short trading for our BTCDOWN pairing. Users can still profit from trades even when the market goes down!
Further more, we also have our BIDR which is IDR on the blockchain! You can send IDR to your fellow traders friends without even the need to withdraw out your crypto as IDR
Withdrawal fees of BIDR is only 400 BIDR!

lastly, we also has big advantage for our mobile application
We recently just launched our android mobile app, on playstore, which I personally believe is the best mobile app so far in the indonesia crypto market. Our rating on playstore is currently around 4.6 stars, which rating is the highest or top few among the Indonesia exchanges mobile app.

You can do limit buy/sell, market buy/sell, stop limit, ETF trading (similar to short selling) in just your palm!
Furthermore, the app works fast and smoothly too! There are definitely some low-medium spec phones which have some issues, but no worries, our tech team is working very hard on a new version of the app so that we can cover all users of different ranges!

feel free to try using our application and give us valuable feedback =)
for future wise our main advantage would be the decentralized Finance Ecosystem whcih we aim to build with TKO. As we mentioned in our whitepaper, Tokocrypto, through TKO plans to build a DeFi ecosystem in Indonesia using crypto assets. Currently Tokocrypto is the only one in Indonesia with this grant plan. We are planning to launch Crypto Staking, Lending, Savings & Swap in near future and are currently in discussion with the regulators in pushing out these initiatives!!
More information count be found in our Whitepaper or our official channel too =)

You can also read more about TKO

verry detailed ? thanks and let’s continue for next question

  1. From @alluzold
    How do you value the Tokocrypto community? How often Tokocrypto
    to organize a community event? Can you list some events community that has been or will be hosted on Tokocrypto?

Chung Ying Lai:
wow i like this question! Tokocrypto really values our community!
we have a solid record of community engagement and events. We value ourselves not only as a platform for buying and selling crypto assets, Tokocrypto aims to be the one who also facilitates people who want to understand blockchain technology and crypto assets.
We have our Toko Outreach program, where Tokocrypto regularly holds activities in collaboration with campuses and other organizations in order to provide material and understanding and practice directly related to blockchain technology and crypto assets on the Tokocrypto platform.
we have AMA to understand new projects and features in Tokocrypto. Webinars that discuss topics around crypto asset investment and blockchain technology.
Crypto Class which provides a special mini class to learn how to perform both fundamental, technical, and other analysis.
Activities as a form of appreciation containing airdrops to be given to the Tokocrypto community.
Another main event which shows how much we value our community will be the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 (IBW) which we organized around 2 months ago. IBW is organized by Tokocrypto to allow our community to learn about crypto assets and blockchain from the greatest blockchain minds in the world. We invited renown individuals like CZ from Binance, Justin from Tron, to share their insights and knowledge with our community. Unlike other online conferences who still charge ticketing fees for online conferences in such difficult times, knowing that Covid situation is making it difficult for our community, Tokocrypto decided to bear all costs and provide our community an opportunity to learn for free, this shows how much Tokocrypto values our community.
hope everyone here realizes how much tokocrypto values commnity support ??

okay next

  1. From @zunizha404
    Congratulations Tokocrypto has just launched its mobile app, is there a any
    campaign in the mobile apps for this achievement?

Chung Ying Lai:
in order to celebrate the Tokocrypto MobileApp that is already available on Playstore, for those of you who download the Tokocrypto MobileApp on the Playstore you can get an airdrop of 20 TKO.

You just need to download Tokocrypto MobileApp and login to it with a verified KYC level 1 account.
then you will be able to see you 20 TKO balance in our website ??
more mobile app campaigns will be announced soon too! stay tune to our channel =)


  1. From @R7Clover
    First, I want to ask, what is the biggest potential of TKO right now ?
    What are the toughest challenges faced by TKO so far ? and, what are the
    prospects for TKO in the coming years ?

Chung Ying Lai:
ok, a few parts to this question iya

firstly, Toko Token is aimed to be the solution to helping unblanks in Indonesia with financial inclusion, Indonesians who do not have financial access (such as those who do not have a bank account in Indonesia) can now participate in the financial industry through crypto assets and DeFi without the need to have a bank account with ease using a mobile phone. To allow more usages of TKO, Tokocrypto has broken down development of TKO into different phases:

The first stage of TKO, which is now, will begin as an exchange platform token. Subsequently, we will be releasing our Centralized Crypto Finance utilities for TKO soon which includes TKO Deposit, TKO Savings & TKO Cashback.
Follow on, according to our roadmap, we will then aim to build TKO as the center of Tokocrypto DeFi ecosystem with DeFi utilities such as TKO Savings, TKO Lending & TKO SWAP.
And finally the last stage, which I foresee to be the most difficult, will be to drive adoption and usage of these utilities within the Indonesia community.


  1. From @Lopyou54804819
    where can we buy TKO tokens other than in the Tokocrypto exchange? and are there any plans to register TKO in other big markets?

Chung Ying Lai:
For now, you can earn and hold TKO only on Tokocrypto. There are definitely great plans for TKO but for now it is still under preparation and will be announced when it is ready to be published!
Take note of our telegram channel for more TKO announcements!


  1. From @semogaberkahXD
    When talking about DeFi space, people think about specific terms such as lending, derivative, stablecoin, user’s credit score and smart contract-based asset management right away. Which specific DeFi product is $TKO offering or are you offering all of them

Chung Ying Lai:
Yes! We are offering them all of them actually ?
but definitely it will be progressively rolled out
Currently according to our roadmap, these DeFi utilities can be expected to be out for our Tokonauts by Q2 2021
to be specific, we will be releacing below features =)
Borrowing and Lending

SWAP/ Liquidity Pool


  1. From @Alex52791
    Most of the investors just focus on the price of the TOKEN in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the $TkO token for long term?

Chung Ying Lai:
hmm I personally feel that the ultimate motivation and benefits for TKO holders to choose to hold on TKO will revolve on the utilities of TKO.
Naturally, if there are good and useful utilities surrounding the token itself, holders would not want to sell the tokens away but will in fact continue to hold the tokens and use them to participate in the utilities.
this is why you can see in our whitepaper of TKO that Tokocrypto is aggressively building and expanding utilities of TKO
so that it is actually useful for users to hold TKO
Currently, the advantage that Tokonauts can feel by holding as much as $ TKO in the long term is that you can experience the benefits of 4 TKO Utilities (CeFi), which include:

  1. TKO Deposit Rebate (releasing soon): You get a rebate of up to 2% in TKO if you deposit assets into a Tokocrypto wallet.
  2. TKO Savings (releasing soon): You have the opportunity to get TKO Token passive income worth 1-1.5% every month according to the amount of crypto assets held by users.
  3. TKO Cashback (releasing soon): You get a special cashback offer of up to 0.1% of the trading volume made by users on Tokocrypto
  4. TKO Booster-X: Chance to get Airdrop from Tokocrypto only by holding a predetermined number of TKOs

Subsequently, we will further expand utilities to also including DeFi initiatives and exchange platform utilities. This is how Tokocrypto feel that is required to motivate users to hold onto TKO.

great, last question from this session..
ASK Currently TokoToken can only be obtained through the Tokocrypto referral program, Can Tokocrypto explain about this referral program? Until when will this program ended, and can in the future TokoToken be traded after the referral program is complete?

Chung Ying Lai:
yep! TKO referral program is currently still ongoing, this program can be participated by all tokocrypto users.

  1. You can share your referrals with your colleagues / relatives so that they can register and KYC tokocrypto accounts using your referral code.
  2. Referral users are required to buy/sell a minimum of $100 USD worth of crypto asset in Tokocrypto in order
  3. Both referral owners and users can get 75 TKO rewards each!!
    This program will continue until official announcement of the end of the program =)
    fast join before it ends!! ???

very interesting explanation.

You were very excited in the second session, sir, thank you for answering the questions in detail.
I hope the community can understand your explanation.

Chung Ying Lai:
hehe hope the answers are good enough

Okay let’s move on to the third session, in this session I will open the chat and all participants are free to ask, but you only need to answer the 10 best questions in your opinion.
are you ready sir? @Chungying

Chung Ying Lai:
yep sure!


Диего | Diego | ディエゴ | Satoshi Club | BCCore:
How does your exchange run the KYC verification system? Is KYC mandatory?

Chung Ying Lai:
Yes! kyc is mandatory, we are a regulated exchange and we take compliance very seriously! we have our govt database check, global name list check and also liveness check!

Security, scalability, and data privacy are three aspects that are very important at This days, especially some exchange just got hacked last few month how Tokocrypto handle these issues?

Chung Ying Lai:
Yes this is a very seriously issue, as you can see, tokocrypto is actually ISO certified and this ensures our security is up to industry standard, we are currently in progress on achieving a few more ISO certifications
furthermore, we also have our own internal security team to frequently check our system and any new integration to ensure everything is secure and safe ??

Could you please list some of your most advanced features which we have not seen on the market before? What additional input does Tokocrypto have to already existing solutions?

Chung Ying Lai:
I would say for us, a unique feature that we have is our ETF token, this allow users to be able to trade in a way that is a hybrid of leverage trading and short trading.
i believe we are the only one in indonesia which offers this product.
this allow our users to be able to profit in their trade during both bull and bear market.

Can you share to us a little bit how do you get their cooperation?
How did Tokocrypto survive in during long bear market? what your team strategy to gain more adoption? Can you share us on recent achievement your team are most of?

Chung Ying Lai:
I would say one main thing that we did during the long bear market is actually to keep improving our products and initiatives, this is very important as we will be able to gain more trust from our community. For product, we released our Tokocrypto 2.0, mobile app, ETF tokens, API trading in the last 5 months. For community, we have our AMA, webinars, podcasts and IBW. For regulations side, we have also been working hard with PPATK, BAPPEBTI and BI in improving the crypto asset compliance.
all these initiatives during the bear market brings Tokocrypto to our current positioning now.

Rhoda Senger:
Please give us some details about your roadmap going forward, how do you plan to onboard users and gain more adoption?

Chung Ying Lai:
you can actually find very indepth details of Tokocrypto road map in our TKO whitepaper =)

Is Tokocrypto fully decentralized? How do you avoid being centralized futher?

Chung Ying Lai:
Tokocrypto is a centralized exchange for now, but as mentioned earlier, there will be decentralized aspect of Tokocrypto that will be coming up soon especially for the DeFi utilities of TKO ??

Why did TKO choose to use Binance SmartChain, what were the considerations for Tokocrypto to build their native token on the Binance Smart Chain?

Chung Ying Lai:
This is a good question, actually we view Binance Smartchain as one of the most potential public chain available in the industry. One main reason is that there are alot of DAPPs who are already migrated over to binance chain which helps in the ease of future integration of TKO with other DAPPs.

Further more, Binance smart chain team is providing lots of technical support for projects building onto them and Binance itself is a very trusted brand in the industry. After considering the various benefits, tokocrypto thus decided to build TKO on Binance smart chain.

Sydnie Lesch:
Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project?

Chung Ying Lai:
For Tokocrypto wise, we are always keeping ourselves updated on the latest trend in the industry. When we noticed the emergence of DeFi in the globe, we did some indepth analysis about the potential of DeFi in Indonesia and if it is a good solution to solve the financial difficulties of indonesia.

This is then we notice that DeFi is actually a very suitable solution to solve the problem of unbanks in Indonesia, especially with the fact that mobile payment & p2p lending is already a very familiar industry in Indonesia.

these various charactistics of Indonesia thus gives inspiration to Tokocrypto to launch the TKO project

Kelli Beahan:
What would you consider as the main challenges currently for financial institutions that are attempting to enter the decentralized finance (DeFi) space? What would you consider to be the main advantages of DeFi over traditional finance?

Chung Ying Lai:
I would say the main challange would be that many traditional finance investors are not familiar with crypto assets and that there is a knowledge gap. This is why in our Whitepaper, Tokocrypto has plans to push out DeFi in stages so that there will be enough time for users from the traditional finance to be familiar and start using DeFi.
one main benefit of DeFi over traditional finance is definitely the removal of middleman. Imagine there is no middle man / agents now to take commission from your investment gains, the investors will then be able to earn more returns from their investment.

What is the most interesting feature of Tokocrypto due to which many/more new users will be attracted towards it?

Chung Ying Lai:
for the last question! lets choose something about our product again!
I would say for new users, our mobile app is definitely one of the best way to begin your trading journey. Our TKO utilities are also there to incentivies our users for using Tokocrypto platform =)
if you are more risk taker! definitely go ahead and try our ETF tokens! but make sure you understands what it is before beginning
i guess thats the end for 10 questions =)

perfect sir.. ???

Thank you for your answers, we are happy to hear all of your answers.
Is there anything that you want to convey to us, sir, before we end the AMA officially

Chung Ying Lai:
i would say thank you for hosting me! its my first external ama
im am very excited!!!
hope i have explained myself clear and easy to understand ??

Okay cool. thanks for joining here with us.. ?
okay let’s ended this AMA officially
We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with Tokocrypto is Done.
Thanks to @Chungying who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about TKO & Mobileapps Tokocrypto
Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.
the winners will be announced soon

Chung Ying Lai:
oki! selamat malam dan sampai jumpa!

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