RECAP AMA ID Crypto X DefHold

Date : 6 November 2020
Speaker : Mr. Artega (CEO Of DefHold)

There is 3 session from AMA

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Question From Twitter
  3. Live Question

Hello everyone, welcome to AMA ID Crypto with DefHold
Tonight we have a distinguished guest, Mr. Artega (CEO Of DefHold)
who will explain the AMA theme and answer some of your questions.

hello Mr. Artega @cryptoartega
welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Good day everyone! Excited to go ahead with this AMA

are you ready sir for this AMA @cryptoartega

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Yes ready to discover all your interesting questions and help your community learn about our project!

But before we start the first session, can you please introduce yourself and your background to us first?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Pisa, acting as COO and myself acting as CEO of the project know each other since more than 15 years now and have been working together in some well-known asset management firms.

Since 2016, we’ve been involved in the Crypto space especially by bringing many of our investors into crypto projects. Further to the DeFi hype of the past months, it appeared to us that there was still quite a lack in terms of products variety, especially as a lot of the products out there are generating their revenues through inflationary mechanisms. This is exactly what has brought us to the launch of the DefHold project!

Very happy to know you sir, I hope this can be a motivation for us. ??

We have 3 sessions of the AMA, where each of your sessions will have questions to answer, and when you are done explaining, please say “done”
Are you ready sir ? @cryptoartega

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Yes, am ready. Let’s move on with the 1st session.


let’s goo
Could you please briefly introduce DefHold to ID Crypto Community ?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
As a product, DEFO will offer 2 features to its holders.

The first one is the DEFO product itself which aims to incentivize people holding their tokens over long periods thanks the EWF mechanism.
The second one relates to the transfer fee which will be applied on every transaction and redistributed to stakers and farmers.

As an ecosystem DefHold aims to be a one stop shop platform for innovative DeFi products. Indeed, the second product is expected to be launched by the 2020 year-end at latest and we’ll continuously seek for implementation of new innovative and non-inflationary investments’ products.

I think staking and farming are currently being liked by many people.

so I thought it would be interesting to try your product ??

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Hope you’ll enjoy its features once launched ?

of course we can’t wait for further ?

I think the first session is enough to introduce DefHold to its features, let’s move to the second session

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Yeah let’s answer the questions of your community ?

thank you for introducing us to DefHold, let’s move on to the second session which is the question that has been selected from twitter.


for first question

  1. From @maharanigis
    25% of DEFO’s total supply is destined for Airdrops, this amount seems too big for me. Do you have any concern if the price drops when all airdrop distributed and they sell it with the cheap prices? What are DefHold plan to anticipate it? @cryptoartega

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Can understand your concern. However, the airdrop fund will be released at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months.

Each monthly release will be distributed to investors who are holding DEFO for more than 1 month. For example, presale investors who are still holding DEFO 1 month after presale will receive the first one. This fund was created precisely to avoid, or at least reduce, any listing’s and further dumps!

Great strategy, so airdrops like that don’t affect the price

  1. From @Emidm28
    Can the community through a governance process propose additional token pools to be added to the Defhold platform?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Yes, this will be one of the features of the future governance platform. Indeed, holders will be able to vote for launching new pools (new tokens and/or different lock-up periods).

Moreover, to continuously increase the buying pressure on DEFO, any new pools will need to stake a corresponding amount to the EWF in DEFO tokens to get operational.


  1. From @shihazemr
    What is the transfer fee that will be applied on every DEFO tokens’ transfers which will be redistributed to stakers and farmers?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
The transfer fee will amount to 2% of the transaction value. These funds are collected and redistributed as follows: 40% to stakers, 55% to farmers and 5% to the dev fund.

Shortly following the launch of the platform, a fully decentralized governance system will be introduced. Users will have the ability to make proposals related to future developments and vote on important upgrades to the network. These upgrades will especially include a vote to change the rate or allocation of the transfer fee.

sounds good, i hope our community understand with your explain.

  1. From @bimasuryaatmaj1
    Liquidity has always been a major concern when it comes to trading, especially since DEX emerged. how does #DEFHOLD keep liquidity levels stable?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Fully agree on that! Indeed, ensure sufficient liquidity to investors for smooth trading and protect them against potential rug pull, especially since being anon, was one of our major concerns. To offer this to our investors, we decided to proceed as follows:

  • Presale will be held by Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID). 75% of the raised ETH will be allocated to Uniswap liquidity and definitively locked by their smart contracts. This process will enable us to protect our investors against any exit scam concern they might have.
  • EWF and transfer fee revenues are distributed more importantly to farmers to increase their revenues and incentivize them providing liquidity to the DefHold ecosystem.


  1. From @pr1ncesscrypto
    $DEFO, will allow holders to put into play or grow their assets in pools with different predefined lock-in periods, can I have 2 or more different amounts with different lock-in periods, simultaneously?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
That’s a good one. Yes that’s definitely possible as you can decide which share of your DEFO you want to stake/farm in a specific pool thus enabling you to just hold your remaining DEFO or stake/farm them into another pool

Moreover, each time a pool reaches the lock-up period of a faster pool, the DEFO funds will automatically be transferred into the faster pool thus changing the EWF and the reward to match those of the new pool.

Very cool you answered in such detail .. I think many will be interested in DefHold


Reading you Tokenomics I found something that attract my attention, Why exists 2 types of “Marketing” funds? What are the differences between marketing 1 funds and marketing 2 funds?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
Correct, there’ll be 2 funds. 5% will be allocated to Marketing 1 and 9.7% to marketing 2 fund. The main difference between them is that the Marketing 1 fund will be available immediately after Uniswap listing, unlike the marketing 2 fund which will be will be time-locked and released at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months by LID smart contracts

Shabbir Husain:
Most investors simply focus on the price of the token in the short term, and not on the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and advantages of token investors in the long term?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
That’s a good question especially as it was one of our main concern during the inception of the project! To increase the number of long-term holders, we’ve implemented two mechanisms.
The first one is the DEFO product itself which aims to incentivize people holding their tokens over long periods thanks the EWF mechanism.
The second one relates to our airdrop fund which will be released at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months. Each monthly release will be distributed to investors who are holding DEFO more than 1 month. For example, presale investors who are still holding DEFO 1 month after presale will receive the first one. This will significantly reduce any listing’s and further dumps!

HannaH ? Nvr DM u 1st:
What is DefHold tokenomics design like, Do you have Burns and Buyback plans ?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
There is no burn process planned yet. What we really focus on to attract new investors are the non-inflationary revenues mechanisms and the increase of buying pressure by encouraging holders to keep DEFO for the long run.

Tukang Short:
If we decide to stake our DEFO tokens, will they remain locked up for days? In that case, if we decide to unstake our DEFO whenever we want, will we have to pay a fee?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
That’s correct. If you stake your tokens they will be locked for a certain period depending of the pool you have chosen. By withdrawing them before the end of the lock-up period, the corresponding EWF will be deducted of your withdrawal.

Many projects related to farming offer a massive % of APY, and at the end mint a lot of tokens to try to reach that promise, decreasing value, or, even being scam. That’s why I ask you, what APY is offered with DEFO?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
By staking/farming DEFO, revenues won’t be constant. Moreover, they are unknown yet.

Indeed, the revenues will emanate from the EWF and from the transfer fees. Therefore, in the first case return percentages will vary according to the number of people withdrawing their funds before the end of the lock-up period. In the second case, they’ll vary according to the daily DEFO volume as a 2% transfer fee will be applied on it.

Yeah think we’re done now ? So many good questions, happy to see your interest in our project!

I think so too, I hope your project will be successful for the future sir

thanks you for spending time here, we are happy meeting you and hear your answer

Can we end this AMA sir, Or you still tell us someone @cryptoartega

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD:
I think that’s all for now ? thank you everyone

let’s end this great AMA ????

We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with DefHold is Done. ????

Thanks to @cryptoartega
who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about DefHold

Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.
the winners will be announced soon???


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