Super excited to Have AMA with : 
– Mr.- Fraser Brown
 ( Founder Of Degen.VC )
– Mr.- Paul Scott
( Founder Of Degen.VC )

⏰ 3 September || 19.00  ( WIB )
? Venue : @idcrypto_official

✨3 sessions for the AMA:
1) introduction Project 
2) Forward The best Question 
3) Free Asking

Total prize $100 DGVC

IDCRYPTO : OK, before we go to the first session, can both of you tell us your respective backgrounds, how did you get started in the blockchain industry and how did you get this Degen.VC?

Working in many banks around the worls, and then found disruptive technology in 2013.
After working on GreenTech & FinTech projects, I discovered the ICO market in 2016, and have not looked back from Blockchain since!

I’m an Engineer with an MBA. Also an Irish Olympian (Athens 2004 sailing).
After that I started my first business and have been an entrepreneur for 20 years. Everything from diamonds to blockchain. Ethereum dev ops for the past 5 years.


Well, we will start the first session of today’s program, in this first session, I will ask some questions about Degen.VC, 
we hope you will pay attention and listen well. 
Okay this is the first question

IDCRYPTO : Q1. Could you Explain to Us, What is Degen.VC?

The start-up investment world today is dominated by a small group of venture capital companies who get the best opportunities to invest in the best ideas that they see
They can also deny excellent ideas the opportunity to grow and rise up because they have a better way of doing it or another team working on something similar that will earn them higher returns. This is how they “kill” deals.
We say that this model is very, very wrong, and we are here to change it.
Why should every single investor in the world not have the same opportunity to access these deals?
Why should only a very small number of people benefit from the best deals in new technologies?
Imagine a world where everyone has this kind of access to deals. This is why exists and who and what we are.

IDCRYPTO : Let’s to move the second Question.
 Q2. what is the name of the token Degen.VC? how much supply is available and where will the tokens be allocated?

The token is called DGVC. We have 1,000,000 tokens in total, of which 750,000 were airdropped to people known as degens (degenerate traders) – we looked for the finest 100-degens in the market and we airdropped them each 7,500 tokens. 
The good news is that now 873 wallets hold our tokens and our goal is to have thousands very soon. 
The other 250,000 tokens is broken down into 150,000 for the team, to be locked in Unicrypt, and 100,000 for marketing, business development and promotion.
We are very proud of our #degenhorde – this is what we call our token holders. They are very passionate about our project and how we will succeed!

Q3. What are the advantages of DGVC over other De-Fi projects? what benefits can be obtained by buying or holding DGVC?

We believe that our business model is unique in the DeFi market as we are developing a platform that will allow ideas to grow, develop and be launched very quickly to the market. 
We operate on the basis of a liquidity pool, which is a form of staking but without some of the issues that come with staking. 
By asking investors to pool their liquidity on Uniswap, we are offering them the opportunity to receive the airdrops of the numerous projects in our pipeline. 
This means that every time a project lists through our platform, our #degenhorde will receive the portion of free tokens that are given away by that project, as long as they contribute to our liquidity pool.  
The benefits are huge – we will list and airdrop many project tokens and each time the liquidity pool holders will receive a portion of the airdrop. 
In our later phases, token holders will earn a portion of listing fees when we launch our curation market platform, which is designed to decentralize project onboarding – if our #degenhorde don’t like a project enough, we won’t list it!

Q4. Can DGVC be traded now? and which exchanges will DGVC target?

We are actively trading on the Uniswap market, where we launched our tokens, here : UNISWAP 
You will know it is us as our logo appears next to our name ? 
We are also trading here:
Bamboo Relay Dex:  bamborley
We are in active discussion with exchanges around the world, and our #degenhorde are making some amazing suggestions.
Our main focus now is on our first project launch, which is a short 7-days away! If you don’t want to miss it, please participate by buying DGVC tokens, and pooling them on Uniswap. 
There are a number of information sources on our Telegram Group page: and Announcements Channel: to help you through the process.

Q5. can you share the DGVC road map with us? and to what extent has the process been accomplished? What things will DGVC realize in the near future and what goals will be realized in the future?

We have been working on our curation market platform and it has been substancially upgraded twice in the last 18 months.
A major milestone was the integration of the Uniswap market so that when projects finish their initial fundraise on the curation market, their contract is autonomously pushed to Uniswap to create a trading pair.
Our own Uniswap launch has been a real, recent achievement for us – and meeting our #degenholde and building relationships with them has been very rewarding!
Earlier this week we launched our Airdropper contract. As a test case, and bonus to our loyal #degenhorde liquidity pool providers, we airdropped 10,000,000 $HOT tokens that went very smoothly.
Later this week we will announce our first project, and then launch it. When the developers of this project approached us, we were left speechless. The scope of what they want to achieve will have massive implications globally – I personally have never been more excited!!
Once we get a few projects launched, it will be time to bring our full curation market platform to the market. 
The road ahead is so bright for the #degenhorde!


IDCRYPTO: Q1. From @siska1244,

Most investors simply focus on the price of the TOKEN in the short term, and not on the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and advantages of token investors in the long term?

We aim to completely disrupt the venture capital industry and we will do this by bringing to our #degenhorde the types of projects that are usually only seen in the venture capital space. 
We will carefully select them and help them design and develop the best tokenomics that fit our model in combination with their own go-to-market strategy.

IDCRYPTO : Q2. From @Fermando675

what are the ways that Degen_vc generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

In phase 1 – Uniswap listings – we are charging listing fees to bring these great projects to our #degenhorde. By ensuring a steady flow of airdrops, we create massive value for investors. 
Later on, our revenue model is to charge listing fees from both clients and service providers who use the curation market platform. 
We have a number of other revenue streams that will add value long-term and cannot go into huge detail without giving some secrets away for now.

IDCRYPTO : Q3. From @keephodl

Which incentives for holders Degen VC for their long term investment and how to encourage them to buy and hold? Liquidity is really important points for a cryptocurrency coin, what will you do to improve ability for people to both enter into and exit from positions in Degen VC?

If you are in our liquidity pool, you will get a portion of every single airdrop that we bring to the community. In this way, we do a couple of things:
1. Incentivise people to continue providing liquidity to the market for DGVC tokens…for the huge reward of a free airdrop every time we launch a new project. 
2. Provide a dedicated #degenhorde of community users that do their best to ensure that new projects launching have a great chance of success in creating their own markets.

IDCRYPTO : Q4. From @Ale_Urich

One of the strongest features of Degen is the Curation Market. Can you explain to us what exactly this is? What are the advantages of using this function in the new tokens?

A curation market is a place where projects can come to get pre-sale investments. The first hurdle they face is our #degenhorde of assessment professionals – degens who know how to assess projects for their positive criteria, such as idea, use case, development roadmap, team etc. 
Once a project passes curation and enters the market, they will be exposed to an investor base who will decide if they want to invest. A lot of this decision is made based on the assessments, and this is one of the ways the #degenhorde can earn additional fees – the most positively received assessors by the investors will receive more likes – meaning they can earn more. 
 A project will also see service providers that they can select to add value to their project. 
Once their presale target is reached, their contract is autonomously created on Uniswap.

IDCRYPTO: Q5. From @rezzabriano

There are many cryptocurrency startups were established by talent teams, but they got problem in raising capital via token sales due to many factors as bear market, bankrupt. This leaded their potential startups fail. So how will you break these barriers and attract more funds?

We are not following that somewhat traditional model. By airdropping 75% of our tokens to degens (giving them away for free), we created a market for people to trade and interact with our token and our project.
We will earn our fees through listings and have used this method of airdrop to prove to people that really good projects can succeed with this method.


Q1 from @drzy16 :
? Why did DegenVC choose Uniswap as the first decentralized exchange instead of a centralized exchange?
? Most investors only focus on the price of the tokens in the short-term instead of the real value of the project. So, Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the $DGVC tokens in the long-term?

Look at how we launched Degen VC. No ICO. No token sale.
We airdropped tokens, kept some for team, and the Uniswap market discovered the value of our tokens thereby giving us project finance
You cannot do that with an IEO
(Initial Exchange Offering)

Q2 from @Maguda1 :
What is the uniqueness of your project that cannot be found in other project. that’s been released so far? And how the demand of the token will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to 
increase the demand?

Competitors to traditional financing such as Venture Capital have been very rare. But we are one such competitor. A new way to launch and raise finance. This is HUGE news from parts of the world without developed venture finance ecosystems.

Q3 from @asaskun : 
Currently, there are many projects under development, so why should we choose your project and not others? What are the advantages of your project over other projects?

We are a gateway and a filtering mechanism to give investors comfort that the projects we bring to the market are not rug-pulls. They are real projects solving real world problems and they don’t want to give 50% of their equity to VC’s. We exist to help them get to an investor market.

Q4 from @Lebumia : 
Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to #your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

We don’t have specific plans to increase awareness but we can say this: we are determined to provide awesome projects to people who have never had access to these projects and would never have had access because the market is dominated by large players. 
We believe that we will bring a trustlessness to crypto as an investment class that will be compelling for non-crypto people today – they will be drawn to the market because of our efforts. We also believe that everything will end up being tokenised extensively, and we should be at the front of this development!

Q5 from @captinbro :
For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project?  Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

This is very important to us. One of the reasons we took our time to find the right way to enter the wider market is in order to build up funds to be able to do this. We have both worked very hard to make sure that we can make this project succeed.
This will be proven when we announce our first project this week, and then launch it in 7-days time. The quality, uniqueness and huge scale and idea of this project gives us validation that we have done things the right way in order to drive long term bvalue and success!

all right, that’s the third session, we declare that today’s AMA event has ended. 
thanks to sir @fraserbrown_org and @PaulScott5 
who spent his time on this event, all this knowledge was amazing and also made us understand more about Degen.VC. 
thank you to all the participants who have joined. 
All winners will be announced shortly!


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