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Cara Menambang Verus Coin Gratis di Smartphone


Ponsel modern (Octa-Core) lebih kuat daripada komputer berusia lebih dari sebelas tahun (Pentium 4) ketika munculnya bitcoin mengguncang dunia.

Satu-satunya perangkat keras yang diperlukan, pada awalnya, adalah komputer sederhana… Banyak hal telah berubah dalam waktu kurang dari 11 tahun.

Jadi mari kita mulai mempersiapkan Smartphone kita untuk menambang VerusCoin, kita perlu melakukan beberapa langkah sebelumnya.

pilih salah satu dari beberapa Dompet VerusCoin Untuk membuat alamat Penambangan Anda

Anda memerlukan alamat VerusCoin, yang dapat Anda buat menggunakan salah satu dari beberapa dompet yang terdaftar di Situs Web VerusCoin . Verus Desktop direkomendasikan untuk Windows/MacOS/Linux, atau gunakan dompet seluler iOS/Android , Dompet kertas atau dompet alternatif lainnya.

Instal termux

Instal Termux dari: GooglePlayStore atau F-Droid

>Termux adalah emulator terminal Android dan aplikasi lingkungan Linux yang bekerja secara langsung tanpa perlu rooting atau penyiapan. Termux menyediakan ekosistem paket yang mirip dengan yang ada di distribusi Linux. Namun Anda harus menyadari bahwa Termux hanyalah aplikasi biasa yang berjalan di OS Android. meringkas Termux ke terminal sangat reduktif.

Kami hanya akan menggunakan Termux untuk sisa tutorial ini.

  • Periksa cpu Anda Untuk instruksi AES dan juga Arsitektur Kami membutuhkan versi ARMV8

jalankan ” lscpu ” dan cari aes, pmull, dan armv8/aarch64

Instal Proot pkg : ‘ pkg install proot ‘

>Tujuan utama dari PROot adalah untuk menjalankan distribusi Linux di dalam Termux tanpa harus me-root perangkat.

Menginstal distribusi Linux

Termux menyediakan paket ` pRoot-distro ` yang memungkinkan kita untuk menginstal Linux pada lingkungan chroot.

proot-distro menangani manajemen distribusi Linux di dalam Termux , Instal utilitas ini dengan mengeksekusi:

`pkg instal proot-distro`

Jika terhenti seperti ini maka ketik Y lalu enter

Catatan: Untuk saat ini mendukung distribusi ini:(Alpine Linux, Arch Linux, Kali Nethunter, Ubuntu 20.04 ) untuk contoh ini kami menggunakan ubuntu-20.04

Instal Ubuntu dengan perintah:proot-distro install ubuntu-20.04″

Untuk login :  proot-distro login ubuntu-20.04 `

Ubuntu logIn

Gambar menunjukkan bahwa kita login di ubuntu-20.04

Perbarui paket sistem: “ apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y ”

> semua instruksi berikut dapat ditemukan di repositori penambang.

Instal paket dan dependensi tambahan: ” apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev libjansson-dev automake autotools-dev build-essential git nano “

> Install git dengan perintah “pkg install git

Clone ccminer miner repositori: “ git clone – -single-branch -b ARM ”

Ambil dua garis pada single-branch seperti pada gambar jika Anda melihat atau menyalin melewatinya Salah. 
Terima kasih  keda666 dari verus discord

Kemudian cd ke folder “ ccminer/ ” dan buat file ‘‘ , ‘‘ dan ‘‘ dapat dieksekusi menggunakan perintah ini dalam satu baris: “ chmod +x && chmod +x && chmod +x “

kemudian kita dapat menjalankan skrip “ ./ ” di tempat yang sama dan menunggu untuk mengkompilasi penambang

Jika sudah selesai berhasil edit file “ run ” yang terletak di folder ccminer

” nano run ” (HIT Enter)

Ubah Pool_url , Alamat penambangan dan Nomor utas CPU , untuk menyimpan CTRL+x , tanggapi dengan Y dan tekan Enter

./ccminer -a verus -o stratum+tcp://Pool_URL:PORT -u MINING_Address.WORKER_NAME -p x -t THREADS NUMBERS

Seharusnya terlihat seperti ini:

edit file “run” di bawah folder ccminer sesuai kebutuhan anda

<Mencegah lebih baik daripada mengobati>

Disarankan untuk tidak menggunakan semua utas cpu karena penambangan adalah pekerjaan intensif untuk cpu dan akan menyebabkan panas yang dapat merusak perangkat Anda. Anda dapat menemukan jumlah thread yang dimiliki CPU Anda pada baris “CPU(s):” dari lscpu sebelumnya. Pilih jumlah utas yang lebih sedikit dan pantau perangkat Anda dengan cermat.

(PERINGATAN! mungkin berdampak pada baterai)

Untuk Mulai menambang cukup ketik perintah ` ./run `

ccminer mulai Verushashing ke


Tautan yang berguna Verus :
Veruscoin Foundation * Veruscoin Explorer*- GitHub repo
– Official twitter *- Community twitter *- Community YouTube
*- Community facebook *- Community website



Date : Monday, February 1st, 2021



Hello Victor Wong
welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Victor Wong:
Thank you!

Can you please introduce yourself and your background to us first?

Victor Wong:
I have been an inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist since a child. I have founded a number of successful companies that have fundamentally changed the world. The first company was one of a handful that was authorized by Apple to make Mac OS compatible computer systems. We produced the most powerful Mac OS computer ever back in 1997 and was the first company to offer a “bare-bones” configuration whereby the end-user can add their own RAM, hard drives, and other components. On the software side, I also founded a company that used Web Objects from Apple to create one of the first web-enabled business management software applications. This software powered online commerce for companies like Lucent Technologies and even the LBJ Presidential Library and was marketed by Apple to its enterprise customers. After this I founded Open Labs, which was the first company to create a complete all-in-one music production station powered by a computer and Windows, which was integrated into a musical keyboard. Our products included the NeKo, MiKo, and DBeat and was used by many artists and producers to compose and perform music including: Prince, Madonna, Faith Hill, KoRn, Maroon 5, Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Lil Jon, Michal Jackson, Linkin Park, Teddy Riley, and many others. One use example is all the keyboards on stage for the Super Bowl performance by Prince were from my company. We were instrumental in introducing the world to music production and performance using computers, which is now the norm.
Currently I run several technology-based companies including Music Computing, a maker of large format touch screens that are used by companies including Capital One and National Instruments, and government agencies like DARPA, and in boardrooms and trade shows worldwide. We were the first to produce multi-touch capabilities for Windows based computer systems as well as the first to produce any touch capable screens for Mac OS. Another company I currently run is Victor Racing, which makes Smart Active Aero products for cars. Our latest line of products won a Best New Product Award at the SEMA show in 2019 and is currently being used exclusively by the U.S. Touring Car Championship racing series.
In 2016, I also founded SparkleCOIN, a blockchain and cryptocurrency technology company, Our goal was to help make cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies be used in daily transactions along with traditional financial platforms.

Interesting background, thanks for the answer
Next, can you introduce about SparkleCoin to the IDCrypto community?

Victor Wong:
When we started SparkleCOIN in 2016, we realized someday the value of cryptocurrencies were going to be based on real-world transactions and not just hype or speculation, so we have constantly created more and more technologies that will allow us to create turnkey solutions and ecospheres of uses that will allow $SPRK to be used in real transactions so when that day comes, we will be ahead of the game and our valuation be verifiable and standup to the true measurement of cryptocurrency worth.
To do this we had to create a sustainable blockchain. SparkleCOIN $SPRK is a hybrid token with both POW and POS. We designed it this way so it can be sustainable. With POW only cryptocurrencies, the increase in cost to mine the tokens may eventually make mining unprofitable and thereby dissuade miners from providing the needed processing power and security for the blockchain. With a combination of Mining and Minting, the SPRK blockchain can be assured of the processing power it needs. Furthermore, since we designed the SPRK blockchain to conduct high volumes of transactions, we set the network fees very low so that won’t become an impediment to people and businesses using the SPRK token to conduct their business transactions. Finally, it was important that we created a MainNet blockchain and not an ERC20-based one. Virtually every company we have spoken to about our new SPRK Awards Platform insisted that we had control over our own blockchain so that if something needed to be changed or added, we could do it ourselves and not be at the mercy of another company.

Next, Can you share with the community what SparkleCoin has been doing since its launch?

Victor Wong:
When we launched our ICO in 2017, which was live-streamed from Techcrunch’s Disrupt event in San Francisco, our blockchain was already operational and the $SPRK tokens created. We ended our ICO with $SPRK at $35. We created a three-company ecosphere to support our $SPRK which included the SPRK Blockchain and token, a cryptocurrency exchange that we coded from the ground up, and an online shopping mall that offered products from and Walmart that people could use cryptocurrencies to purchase products. After our ICO ended, we launched the exchange and trading for $SPRK reached $68 per token. Unfortunately, the entire global cryptocurrency market collapsed in 2018, led by Bitcoin so by the time we launched our online mall in mid-2018, people were not interested in purchasing product using their cryptocurrencies. Shortly after that, due to changing regulations in the United States, we decided to shut the exchange down. However, from these launched and operational services, we amassed a tremendous amount of technology, which along with other resources we had, we set aside and waited for the market to return. Last year when it started to come back, we rebooted the company and created the new SPRK Awards Platform that we feel is the right product at this time to increase the uses of $SPRK and demand for the token.
SparkleCOIN is unique because we are not just a technology play like many others. SPRK, the token, is only part of the solution that we have created. Around SPRK, we have developed sophisticated transactional software and platforms that are designed to seamlessly move values from the virtual world to the real world and back. The SPRK Awards Platform is a turnkey end-to-end solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SPRK token. The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, and direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The SPRK Awards Platform can be utilized by any company that has a virtual economy such as gaming, company loyalty rewards, and even brick-and-mortar businesses. Our first client partner in this is a music download company with normal revenues in excess of $140M annually. They will be using SPRK in their transactions and will directly drive demand for SPRK on the third-party cryptocurrency exchanges, which is part of the ecosphere around the SparkleCOIN (SPRK) token.


Question 1
With so many new project survive we can easily to make benefit. But not all improve their secure system. How about SparkleCoin ? Is there will be update secure on some time in near future ? Or you trust your security system now ?
From @gojo_sa_to_ru

Victor Wong:
The SPRK blockchain is very secured as well as the wallets that we provide. The private keys are never displayed or sent and as long as the token holder practices good security for their computer systems and encryption password phrases for their wallet, there should not be any security issues.

Question 2
As Head of Community, can you tell us what’s the role that community plays in Sparkle, and how do you plan on developing it?
From @New_Crypto20

Victor Wong:
We operate under the mantra that we know a lot but not everything so our community is very important to us. They provide us with important feedback and also help us to get the word out about the things we have created and offer. We recently hire SK Chain, one of the best marketing and community building consultants for the cryptocurrency market out there. In just the last week, we have had hundreds of new people join our telegram group and engage the company actively. We are very excited at this and will be expanding this program to grow our community even more.

Question 3
What business models can be integrated with SparkleCoin? Are there certain conditions or can every business startup join SparkleCoin?
From @Randigul

Victor Wong:
Our new SPRK Awards Platform can be used by any company or community with a virtual economy that wants to transact with real-world financial platforms. There are no size requirements to sign up to use the platform.

Question 4
I read that SparkleCoin uses a high-performance Trade Execution Engine that supports pluggable matching algorithms. What are the advantages of this engine within the platform? What algorithms does it support and how is this reflected in the trades within Sparkle?
From @y1sus_afp

Victor Wong:
The advantage in having this engine means the cryptocurrency exchange can be extremely flexible and quickly adapt to changing market conditions, in real-time. Some of the algorithms it can support are FIFO and Pro-Rata, but there are others.

Question 5
How is sparkle Coin a hybrid Cryptocurrency with Pow and Pos What are it main features and usecases?
From @OkanBoysan29

Victor Wong:
SparkleCOIN (SPRK) is a hybrid token with both POW and POS. We designed it this way so it can be sustainable. With POW only cryptocurrencies, the increase in cost to mine the tokens may eventually make mining unprofitable and thereby dissuade miners from providing the needed processing power and security for the blockchain. With a combination of Mining and Minting, the SPRK blockchain can be assured of the processing power it needs. Furthermore, since we designed the SPRK blockchain to conduct high volumes of transactions, we set the network fees very low so that won’t become an impediment to people and businesses using the SPRK token to conduct their business transactions. Finally, it was important that we created a MainNet blockchain and not an ERC20-based one. Virtually every company we have spoken to about our new SPRK Awards Platform insisted that we had control over our own blockchain so that if something needed to be changed or added, we could do it ourselves and not be at the mercy of another company.


Raphaelle Heidenreich:
I see your project have some partners but who are the main partners of SparkleCoin ?What are the benefits of cooperation with the SparkleCoin ecosystem?

Victor Wong:
There will be more announcements coming very soon!

Gina Renner:
Regulation is very important. Projects are closed in many countries for failing to use proper regulations and permits. To be worldwide; how do you handle this problem?

Victor Wong:
We have many lawyers worldwide that help us stay in compliance

Alikaa Azzahra:
Features What unique features are there in the #SPRK rewards platform to offer enterprise level combinations and solutions – what kind of multi-ledger system does #Sparklecoin do, can you explain a little?

Victor Wong:
Please download our white paper

Yvonne Hamill:
Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project? BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE features/improvements you are planning to add to your products in the near future and the Ecosystem?

Victor Wong:
The virtual world and the real world in combining together. With things like Oculas, that is becoming closer everyday. There needs to be a bridge between the virtual economies and the real world ones. That’s what we are trying to acheive.

Rosemary Bianco:
In the “Cryptographic Payment System”, how is it possible for users to accept cryptocurrencies through an online point of sale? Isn’t it something similar to what happens in real life with points of sale? How has Sparkle Blockchain accomplished this?

Victor Wong:
Please download our white paper

Carmen Bartoletti:
where is SparkleCoin listed on the $SPRK token exchange market and where can I buy $SPRK tokens?

Victor Wong:
We are currently listed on but will be listed on some of the biggest exchanges in the world within the next few weeks.

Abbie Bernhard:
What is the structure of SparkleCoin , is it decentralised or a open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

Victor Wong:
The SPRK Blockchain is open source. You can find it on Github

Out Of Range :
project development, the top priority is to have sufficient funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have sufficient funds for its development. Can you tell us how your project is turning a profit? @TheVictorWong

Victor Wong:
Yes, we are well funded. The just invested over $500K into the project in the last 30 days to reboot the company and to rollout the SPRK Awards Platform and also pay for exchange listing fees. We will probably put in another $500K in the next 90 days to keep pushing things upward.

Bailee Wintheiser:
Investors seem to only care about the price of the token instead of the real value of the project, how does your team attract newcomers and keep members long-term with the project? What is the real value of $ SPRK ? Many #DeFi smart contracts have bugs and prone to security breaches. How secured is yours in SparkleCoin ? Did you ever audit your smart contracts code?

Victor Wong:
The SPRK Awards Platform does not use smart contracts.

atm flash:
What do yоu to fоr increasing SPRK VаIue & ReaI dеmand of thе SPRK Tоken?

Victor Wong:
The first company using the SPRK Awards Platform had annual revenues of $140M pre-COVID. $36M during COVID. They offer a sweepstakes that pays out 2/3rd of their revenues. The payouts will be conducted through the use of $SPRK, that mean they will be placing buy orders in the exchanges to create direct demand for $SPRK.

Ken Ken:
Are you thinking about DeFi’s current view that SparkleCoin future? Do you think it is viabIe and do you have any pIans on tapping the digitaI market?

Victor Wong:
We think DeFi is interesting and we want to be the bridge between that want traditional financial platforms.

Sjje Jj:
Is this the same $SPRK that was supposed to do an Airdrop with $XRP last year? What are your thoughts on the current rumors and stories that NFT is the future of DeFi? Do you think it’s verifyable and do you have plans for tapping into the digital art marketplace?

Victor Wong:
No – We are not that. We have nothing to do with Ripple.

With Sparkle coin, can you develop the best gaming platforms with rewards? Or will it just be Sparkle that will allow users to change the winnings obtained in these games to tradable currencies?

Victor Wong:
We can do anything like that if the solution requires it.

Eveline Abbott:
What are you major goals to achieve in the next 3-4 years ? And What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption ?

Victor Wong:
Our goal is to keep adding more and more companies into the use of the SPRK Awards Platform. They will place buy orders in the exchanges for $SPRK and we get to onboard all their existing customers and users. It is the fastest way to grow.

Kelli Beahan:
If you were to explain SparkleCoin to a layman who has virtually no experience about crypto what would you say?

Victor Wong:
We want to make $SPRK the transactional token for moving value from any virtual economy to real-world economies. By doing so, we drive uses, demand, and trading volume.

Athamk Rjei:
What is the reason behind choosing Proof of Stake ( PoS) consensus aIgorithm over Proof of Work (PoW) ?

Victor Wong:
We are a hybrid. We have not POW and POS. This is a way for us to create a sustainable blockchain.

atm flash:
What is Most SpeciaI in SparkleCoin and give me a unique feature or key that is in SparkleCoin itseIf that is different from the others?

Victor Wong:
SparkleCOIN is unique because we are not just a technology play like many others. SPRK, the token, is only part of the solution that we have created. Around SPRK, we have developed sophisticated transactional software and platforms that are designed to seamlessly move values from the virtual world to the real world and back. The SPRK Awards Platform is a turnkey end-to-end solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SPRK token. The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, and direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The SPRK Awards Platform can be utilized by any company that has a virtual economy such as gaming, company loyalty rewards, and even brick-and-mortar businesses.

Annabel Dickens:
There are many very successful blockchain projects with the same ideas as SparkleCoin , so can you tell us the difference between SparkleCoin and those projects? Do you feel confident that Finnexus will have some outstanding features compared to those projects to attract users?

Victor Wong:
The biggest difference is we complete our projects and launch them for public use. Most others are just trying to use a white paper to get money from people and my never actually create anything. Secondly, as just as important…SparkleCOIN is unique because we are not just a technology play like many others. SPRK, the token, is only part of the solution that we have created. Around SPRK, we have developed sophisticated transactional software and platforms that are designed to seamlessly move values from the virtual world to the real world and back. The SPRK Awards Platform is a turnkey end-to-end solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SPRK token. The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, and direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The SPRK Awards Platform can be utilized by any company that has a virtual economy such as gaming, company loyalty rewards, and even brick-and-mortar businesses.

Phieua zz:
Is your project fuIIy decentraIized? There i see many projects cIaiming to be fuIIy decentraIized but they done their work in centraIized cIub. How can we sure that you are fuIIy decentraIized?

Victor Wong:
We don’t want to be full decentralize. In fact, we can’t. We are decentralized in regards to the blockchain, but when we integrate with existing traditional platforms that are proprietary, we have to do that same on that side. Otherwise we can’t be the bridge that connect the DeFi and the traditional world.

atm flash:
Most DeFi projects especiaIIy those ones offering yieId farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project yieId farming ?

Victor Wong:
We don’t rely on hypr or speculation. We rely on real-world transactions. This is why we created the SPRK Awards Platform.

Raise MONEY:
You recentIy Iaunched the Votera System on your pIatform. Can you expIain more about it incIuding how the community can participate with it and how it works in the SparkleCoin network?

Victor Wong:
We did not make this purchase.

atm flash:
About partnerships, couId you teII us which ones are active and what are the advantages going to be from those and Any big Partnership?

Victor Wong:
We will be making announcements about partnerships soon. After we get listed on the bigger exchanges.

Athamk Rjei:
The projects can be successfuIIy evaIuated by an experienced deveIopment team. So, what experience does your deveIopment team have in cryptocurrency deveIopment?

Victor Wong:
We have a lot of experience and have developed a lot of technologies. They are listed on our website

sory zam:
I read your articIe in SparkleCoin ‘s vision and roIe in the DEFI space. My question is: Do you have a focus on the DEFI project that SparkleCoin is supporting through the Congress Network and Commons Budget?

Victor Wong:
We did not write this article.

Raise MONEY:
If anybody thinks your project reaIIy Iikes a scam project, and they can’t trust this project. How do SparkleCoin make them beIieve in your project?

Victor Wong:
They can see how much technologies we have created. In addition we put our own money into the project to keep it alive when the global crash happened in 2018. Over 95% of the ICO companies went out of business. Now we just put in over $500K into the project in the last 30 days, also from only us. We will probably put another $500K into the project in the next 90 days to keep pushing things. These are not the actions of a SCAM. We are not asking for anyone’s money. We are not conducting a token sale. We are using our own money to make $SPRK have more uses and demand.
I want to thank everyone for participating in my AMA. I really appreciate it. Please visit our website where it will have many of the answers to the questions you are asking in addition to the SPRK Awards Platform white paper. You can learn more about me and you can contact us directly – THANK YOU!





Tanggal: Kamis, 28 Januari 2021



Halo semuanya, kami kembali untuk AMA ID Crypto dengan Dao Maker Indonesia
Hari ini kami memiliki tamu kehormatan, Septiyan Maulana sebagai Duta Dao Maker di Indonesia yang akan menjelaskan dan menjawab pertanyaan Anda.
Okay sudah bisa kita mulai yah pak dengan sessi pertama..
Sessi pertama Perkenalan
Silakan perkenalkan diri Anda dan beri tahu bagaimana Anda memulai bisnis crypto ke komunitas idcrypto!?

Septian Maulana:
Saya mengawali perjalanan di Space ini, sebagai murid di grup @petauangblockchain kemudian memfokuskan diri sebagai seorang Social Miner bersama platform Social Mining dari DAO Maker.
Saya telah bergabung sejak Desember 2019 dengan proyek pertama saya adalah Ferrum Network berlanjut ke Avalanche, NEM, dan beberapa proyek lainnya hingga sekarang menjadi Duta DAO Maker Indonesia @daomaker_id.
Kebetulan saya juga menjalankan grup telegram, twitter dan blog DAO Maker Indonesia bersama-sama dengan tim yang juga Social Miner dari Indonesia.

Saya harap bisa menjadi motivasi, bahwa dalam space crypto bukan saja soal trader atau investor, tp kita juga bisa mengembangkan pengetahuan dan bisa bergabung dengan beberapa project

Septian Maulana:
Yup benar

Tolong jelaskan apa itu Dao Maker !?
& Dapatkah Anda berbagi dengan komunitas apa yang telah dilakukan Dao Maker sejak diluncurkan?

Septian Maulana:
DAO Maker merupakan konsultan teknologi perintis dalam implementasi teknologi blockchain, dan pemimpin dalam konsultasi strategi dalam hal branding, pengembangan bisnis, dan pertumbuhan produk yang ditokenisasikan.
Kami sangat unik dari kebanyakan platform yang ada di Space ini. Kami fokus membantu proyek-proyek calon unicorn berikutnya dalam pembuatan komunitas, fundraising, serta memberdayakan para investor ritel ke akses yang belum pernah didapat sebelumnya dalam hal fundraising di proyek blockchain dengan risiko yang minimal.
Saat ini kami fokus pada 3 segmen produk yaitu:

  1. Fundraising platform dimana kami memiliki konsep terbaru yang menggantikan proses ICO/IEO/STO sebelumnya ke penjualan token yang lebih transparan, akuntabel dan dengan risiko yang minimal dalam melindungi investor namun memberikan peluang tanpa batas bagi proyek untuk berkembang. Produk kami di segmen ini adalah rSHO, DYCO ini telah berjalan, Venture Bonds, Lending Market, Venture Bond Exchange sedang tahap pengembangan.
  2. Akselerator Terdesentralisasi yang siap pakai, berupa
    • Platform Social Mining yang akan dikembangkan menjadi 2 versi yaitu: –
      1. versi express yang bisa digunakan proyek dengan kapitalisasi pasar yang kecil dan diluncurkan secara permissionless.
      2. versi atlas merupakan fitur penuh yang diluncurkan dalam bentuk berlangganan.
    • dTeams, merupakan vektor baru di teknologi ini, akan tersedia untuk proyek tahap awal yang didanai ekuitas dan akan diluncurkan dengan model berbasis langganan secara permissioned.
    • YieldShield, merupakan sangat erat hubungannya dengan DeFi terkait Liquidity Mining.
  3. Layanan Perusahaan berupa Compliance; Chain Analysis; Node Launch; Marketing; Inkubasi Komunitas; dan Riset Pasar.

Cerita sedikit tentang yang telah dilakukan DAO Maker ya

Sejak berdiri di tahun 2018 kami berhasil mengembangkan operasional kami dari hanya pendanaan secara pribadi menjadi perusahaan dengan revenue yang bernilai hingga 1.7 juta USD saat ini Kami juga berhasil mengembangkan tim kami dari hanya 3 orang menjadi yang lebih besar dan memiliki jaringan global yang tersebar diseluruh dunia salah satunya Indonesia, kamu bisa lihat detailnya.
Kurang jelas bisa di akses secara lengkap disini

Perkembangan nya pesat juga.. dalam waktu kurang lebih 3 tahun sudah menjadi salah satu platform terbesar untuk platform fundraising..

Septian Maulana:
Sebagai awalan itu dulu

Cukup jelas pak, terima kasih sudah memperkenalkan Dao Maker kepada kami..
Seprti nya potensial juga
Dan sekarang menjadi lebih besar dengan berbagai produk..



  1. Bisakah kamu menjelaskan tentang penambangan sosial? bagaimana cara kerjanya? Apakah Anda memerlukan alat atau perangkat keras tertentu? dan manfaat apa yang akan Anda dapatkan dari penambangan sosial?
    Dari @duddles16

Septian Maulana:
Wah pertanyaan yang bagus. Untuk diketahui Sejak berdiri tahun 2018 Social Mining merupakan platform pertama yang dirilis ke publik dan menjadi back bone bagi DAO Maker, bukan itu saja tapi platform ini juga telah menjadi elemen paling penting dalam pembuatan komunitas dari beberapa peluncuran proyek dan tokennya yang paling sukses di Ruang ini. Contoh paling sukses adalah LTO Network sebagai klien pertama kami, kemudian dilanjutkan Elrond, 2key, Ferrum Network, Harmony One, Avalanche, NEM, Open Predict Protocol, Injective Protocol, Orion Protocol dan yang baru live Cartesi.
Saat ini, kamu bisa lihat semua klien Social Mining kami
Cara kerjanya cukup mudah kamu bisa pilih salah satu platform social mining dari proyek tersebut dan daftar disana kemudian mengerjakan tugas yang tersedia
Jika bingung kamu bisa bertanya di daomaker_id
Jangan lupa beberapa proyek punya persyaratan HODL token belajar jadi Hodler
Jadi tidak butuh hardware atau apapun hanya browser dan media sosial serta belajarlah berpartisipasi menjadi suporter proyek
Sebagai pengantar bisa cek artikel.


  1. Bisakah Anda menjelaskan ekosistem DAO Maker? dan tokenomics dari DYCO, saya melihat pemegang DYCO adalah institusi besar, keuntungan apa yang didapat pemegang? dan apakah manfaatnya hanya untuk lembaga, atau untuk semua pemegang?
    Dari @pertamw

Septian Maulana:

ekosistem Dao Maker

Berikut ekosistem kami saat ini, Perlu ditekankan diawal kami bukan seperti kebanyakan proyek yang ada kami mengakselerasi proyek-proyek yang ada untuk mencapai potensi maksimalnya melalui 3 layanan yang utama yang saya jelaskan diawal tadi.
DYCO merupakan pintu bagi investor ritel untuk masuk ke modal awal ventura Institusi hanya diberikan alokasi dengan target KPI, malah token $DAO putaran pertamanya merupakan alokasi bagi Core Community dan semua putaran penjualan harganya sama sehingga tidak ada kepentingan untuk exit secara duluan oleh peserta DYCO
Pelajari DYCO selengkapnya disini.
Dan sebagai tambahan pengetahuan perbedaan ICO IEO dan DYCO.
Jadi manfaat terbesarnya adalah untuk Komunitas,
Teman-teman bisa lihat DYCO pertama yaitu Orion Protocol dilihat dari Harga DYCO 0.1 saat penjualan pertama tidak pernah menyentuh dibawah 10x dan tim proyek selalu mendelivery produk sesuai timelinenya
Karena jika tidak para peserta DYCO bisa melakukan refund dan token proyknya di-burning.
O iya untuk tokenomic token DAO ada disini


  1. Anda mengatakan bahwa pengembalian dana DYCO adalah USDC? bagaimana cara penghitungan dana yang akan dikembalikan? bagaimana pengembalian dana disimpan dan diamankan?
    Dari @BertoltSari

Septian Maulana:
Pertanyaan yang bagus
Penggalangan dana akan dilakukan dalam USDC dan Pengembalian Dana juga akan dikeluarkan dalam USDC.
Setelah mempertimbangkan berbagai pilihan, DAO Maker memilih Gemini Custody karena asuransi dengan akun $200 juta-nya jauh lebih tinggi daripada layanan kustodi lainnya.
Tentunya ini aman dan menggunakan smart contract yang telah diaudit. Nantinya proses refund akan tersedia di platform DAO Maker.
O iya perhitungan pengembalian dana DYCO itu refund diangka 80% yang waktunya telah ditentukan diawal sesuai kebutuhan proyek
Jadi saat dana terkumpul hanya 20% yang diberikan ke proyek
Sisanya disimpan di Gemini Cu



  1. Pada hari ini pasar sedang bullrun. Untuk jangka pendek saya pikir itu berita bagus. Namun untuk jangka panjang akan membuat proyek baru akan jadi dump jika pasar membuat kekacauan. Apa rencana Anda agar investor tetap bertahan jika itu terjadi?
    dari @badluck_sobad

Septian Maulana:
Wah pertanyaannya umum sekali, saya akan jawab versi saya sendiri ya
Pertama kali kita harus DYOR based on fundamental proyek, saya pribadi lebih mencari proyek-proyek yang diback-up oleh real proyek jadi akan aman dalam jangka panjang
Jika balik ke DAO Maker maka dengan jaminan refund dalam periode 12 bulan kedepan saya kira akan aman
Jangan lupa klien-klien kami mayoritas di top 100 dan kami juga memiliki use case token yang paling valuable melalui Pool Reward Token DAO


  1. Anda mengatakan bahwa Dao Maker mengurangi risiko bagi investor? bagaimana Anda benar-benar melindungi dan menjamin risiko tak terduga bagi investor? apakah investor harus melakukan sesuatu seperti KYC / AML dan sebagainya?
    Dari @robertsan22

Septian Maulana:
Seperti yang telah dijelaskan sebelumnya kami telah mendesain DYCO se-fair mungkin.

  1. Seluruh putaran penjualan di harga 0.1 USD jadi tidak ada peluang arbitrase saat token listing di Exchange
  2. Jaminan refund dengan custodi yang terpercaya
  3. Setiap peserta DYCO wajib melakukan proses KYC dan AML sesuai regulasi Uni Eropa kebetulan Headquarter kami ada di Praha, Republik Ceko.
  4. DYCO v2 dilengkapi fitur Toll Bridge
    Secara keseluruhan risiko mengikuti DYCO terbatas dikisaran 20% – 35% loss (catatan ini jika proyek totally gagal delivery produk)
    Info tambahan DYCO dan produk layanan lainnya di picking melalui due diligence yang ketat oleh tim DAO Maker


Mars Crypto Community:
Di Whitepaper Daomaker, Anda Berbicara tentang “Akses Premium”. Apa yang perlu dilakukan pengguna untuk menjadi pengguna Premium di platform Daomaker, apakah ada persyaratan investasi tertentu?
Untuk investor yang tidak mengerti banyak tentang masalah teknis dan tidak menyukai detail teknis, fungsi utama DAO Maker dalam sistem Blockchain, Mengapa Anda menginginkan deposit ke sistem Anda?
Bisakah Anda meringkasnya dalam kalimat pendek?

Septian Maulana:
Ya bagi investor untuk mendapatkan layanan premium harus hold token $DAO, keuntungannya adalah

  1. Nantinya akan sistem cashback sesuai jumlah staking DAO
  2. Alokasi bagi next startup yang menggunakan layanan DYCO dan rSHO kedepannya
    Satu lagi DAO Pool Reward akan memberikan penghasilan setiap hari sebesar 0.5% kepada para HODLER DAO melalui mekanisme Staking
    Saat ini ada 2 token yang nantinya tersedia sejak hari pertama DAO TGE yaitu ENVY dan YOP

Jin_ Drugs:
di website DAOMAKER saya membaca VENTURE BOND INVESTMENT memiliki resiko kecil, dan akan memberikan bunga pada platform CEFI dan DEFI yang diasuransikan, dapatkah anda jelaskan bagaimana kami berinvestasi pada obligasi ventura dan berapa minimal investasi agar kami mendapatkan bunga?

Septian Maulana:
Good question
Venture bond ini mengadopsi sistem keuangan tradisional yaitu Obligasi. Jadi nantinya melalui DAO Maker proyek-proyek dapat menerbitkan obligasi yang bergaransi sesuai ketentuan DAO Maker.
Detail penjelasan dapat dilihat disini
Venture bond merupakan jembatan baru bagi Proyek-Proyek startup ke pemodal dari kalangan investor ritel

kuluk and uhuk:
Dao maker baru saja menjalin partnerships dengan Revolution finance ! Benefit apa yang didapat keduanya dari kemitraan ini dan Apakah kemitraan ini akan meningkatkan pertumbuhan dan kesuksesan? Apa alasan utama dibalik kolaborasi ini?

Septian Maulana:
Good picking
Seperti yang kita ketahui Evolution Finance akan menjadi arus baru dalam pendanaan DeFi yang membungkus 50 top aset berdasarkan market cap yang ada di space ini.
DAO Maker telah menjadi mitra strategis bagi Evolution Finance dan akan menjadi Liquidity Provider serta menjadi bagian dalam proses pengembangan komunitas, staking, menjalin kemitraan dan pemasaran.
Dengan penghasilan token ENVY mengalir ke Pool Reward Token DAO dan didistribusikan sejak hari pertama dengan besaran 0.5% per harinya. (selengkapnya)

abang piscok:
Bagaimana tim $ DAOMAKER bekerja agar dikenal di antara industri keuangan yang berbeda dan menunjukkan kapasitas besar yang dimiliki teknologi ini dan apa yang dapat dicapai dalam kombinasi dengan proyek lain? Bisakah Anda juga memberi tahu kami tentang aspirasi yang mereka miliki di masa depan?

Septian Maulana:
Ini juga sangat bagus
DAO Maker berdiri pertama kali di Akhir 2018 dimana pasar bearish terbesar di ruang ini. Namun dengan platform kami Social Mining kami sukses mengantarkan LTO Network menjadi proyek yang survive dan memiliki komunitas kuat hingga sekarang
Pencapaian kami secara lengkap bisa di cek pada roadmap kami di sesi sebelumnya dan kedepan kami akan fokus kepada Social Mining 2.0, pembuatan platform fundraising dan Venture Bond hingga Venture Bond Exchange serta integrasi ke FIAT on Ramps segera platform kami akan menyediakan akses ke EURO, USD dan mata uang lainnya

Bagaimana pemegang token $ DAOMAKER mendapat manfaat dalam ekosistem? kekuatan apa dalam model tata kelola yang dimiliki individu? mengapa sangat menarik dan apa persyaratan dasar untuk berpartisipasi?

Septian Maulana:
Wow ini pertanyaan bagus terkait use cases
Saat ini Token DAO didesain dengan 4 use cases utama yaitu:

  • Pembayaran kepada Para Staker
  • Insentif bagi Pemilik Token
  • Sebagai Sponsor Pemberian Pinjaman
  • Aktivitas yang memberikan Dukungan kepada Token DAO
    Kedepan pemilik token DAO bisa memilih bentuk reward dalam Pool Reward Token DAO melalui mekanisme Voting, kemudian memilih untuk berinvestasi di proyek blockchain mana yang bagus dan banyak lainnya yang akan datang
    Selengkapnya baca disini

Cara kerjanya secara garis besar adalah sebagai berikut

Info lebih lanjut tentang Dao Maker



Speaker: Jude Newcomb (Social Media Manager)
Date : Wednesday, January 20th, 2021


Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Metrixcoin
Today we have an honored guest, Jacob newcomb (Social Media Manager) , who will explain and answer your question guys

jude newcomb:
Good morning/afternoon/evening

Thanks you… Good morning/afternoon/evening too
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introductory, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction. jude

jude newcomb:
I’m ready and looking forward to the questions, thanks.

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community.

jude newcomb:
My name is Jude Newcomb and I’m the Social Media Manager with Metrix Coin. I have been associated with the project for the past year in an official role, but have been around the project as a community member for over 3 years now. I am part of the new team at Metrix that has helped transform the project over the past 12 months, along with our new CEO Trent Richards and many other dedicated community members that have stepped up to carry the project forward into the giant it is becoming.

Happy know about you…
And please explain what is Metrixcoin ?
Can you share with the community what Metrixcoin has been doing since its launch?

jude newcomb:
Metrix Coin is for everyone and for everything. That is our motto and the focus we have for all we do revolves around this statement. We are a Proof-of-Stake project with a 10% staking ROI based off the QTUM chain. Our focus is on developing products and partnerships that will help to assist the mass adoption of cryptocurrency so that all people in the real-world can use crypto in meaningful ways that helps society transact in a multitude of ways in a crisp and easy fashion. From business transactions to gaming and everything in between. We are a community run coin where the team takes most of its decisions from suggestions and proposals. We also have governor nodes that is our voting platform on-chain that gives the community the capability of proposing budgets for the project, and then vote on them as a collective.
And for the second part of that question…

yes please

jude newcomb:
Well, this could be a very long answer as Metrix has already been through a few distinct eras in its existence. Let’s just quickly say however that the project was started by an owner in 2017 who left the project to a team in 2018, but that team left the project over a year ago. The new team has been in place for this time period and have been building the foundation for a bright future with a high degree of dedication and focus. We have expanded our social media presence to be one of the strongest of any small-cap project on the planet. We are happy to announce that we have just a few minutes ago finished winning a tournament of altcoins that was voted on Twitter. We ran through several rounds, winning each one as favorite altcoin project. In the final round, we just beat Tron, Binance Coin, and Ethereum with a final percentage of the vote of 60%. We are very humbled by this win and show it as the excitement that has been built around this project. We have developed multiple partnerships over this past year, been added to 5 crypto exchanges, and we are not done there as we have many upcoming partnerships that are truly going to take Metrix to the next level. We are looking to release our roadmap and whitepaper very, very soon that will explain the trajectory that we intend to take in the future. As a team, we understood the opportunity here to be a part of a groundbreaking industry that is going to revolutionize the way that human beings interact with one another, and we are doing all we can to help that transformation be a smooth one that anyone can interact with.

It’s so cool, rising from a lonely year, and making an amazing feat ..

jude newcomb:
There’s the final results from the contest I referenced. We are so happy about this win!
Yes, we are extremely happy with this progress, but there is a long way to go. We are looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead!


1. I see that metrixcoin has switched from old chain to new chain, of course swap is needed to get the new chain token, what happened to the old chain? and what happens to people who don’t swap to the new chain? whether to burn or automatic to swap?
From @kangcomlay

jude newcomb:
The original Metrix Coin chain was one that revolved around masternodes and the original owner decided to implement a coin with a high ROI of 99% for those that were staking and running masternodes. This was during the craze of 2017, and the project gained momentary traction as a project to watch. However, the old team that took over saw the flaws in such an inflationary number, they lowered the ROI in a fork to 50%. Still, this was highly inflationary and was looking to cap the supply very soon. We decided to change this once and for all when we took over, lowering the ROI to a deflationary model, starting at 10% and cutting in half every couple years. Over time, this will reduce the rewards and allow for a more manageable supply that lasts for at least 20 years. The swap to the new chain happened last year after about 6 months of announcements. We helped everyone that needed it. It was seen as one of the easiest processes for a swap that anyone has seen. We are pleased to be passed this point in our development and look to grow moving forward on this new path.

2. often investors are disappointed with new projects, my question, how do you guarantee investors and convince investors ?
From @Rebecca10q

jude newcomb:
With thousands of projects to choose from, it can be hard to convince someone that your project is the project that they should support. We understand this, but we also can’t guarantee anything to investors from a financial standpoint. That is not our business. Our business is to guarantee that we are working each day to build our community and our use cases. We are doing that. We can guarantee that we are going to do everything we can to have Metrix Coin reach the top-100 of all projects this year. That is a goal that we feel will happen naturally through the implementation of our use cases that look to secure MRX in all sorts of industries. We guarantee that we work as a community and a team harder than any other project out there. The results are happening. We look to become integrated with point-of-sale systems across the globe in 2021, and our upcoming partnerships will draw large amounts of excitement across the cryptocurrency industry. Stay tuned.

3. you give me reason so I can pay attention in Metrixcoin. I mean it was a lot project born. What are your planning to achieve with your project? And how long it will be ?
From @inuarasahi

jude newcomb:
Our plans to become a name associated with the very best names in cryptocurrency began a year ago with the implementation of our new team. One of the first goals was to grow our community. We established our platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and here on Telegram. We have grown them all steadily over the year to where we now have tens of thousands of followers. We know that community is the foundation. Without it we are nothing. Moving forward we are focused on our use cases that look to cover a broad swath of industries. We are looking to integrate a minimum of 5 use cases that include our point-of-sale systems work, our Grudge Match Gaming platform for e-sports, and many other areas that we look to release soon in updates. We are going to have our 2021 roadmap released in the next week or two, as well as our updated whitepaper…the first whitepaper supplied by us as a team. This should also be released soon like the roadmap. Our goal is simple: to be used by everyday people, even if they don’t understand how crypto works because it is that easy to do. We look forward to this challenge.

4. I see that the volume and demand of MRX coins is not too high, how will you increase the volume and demand of MRX? do you have a plan like defi and others?
From @NasgorRijal

jude newcomb:
As I said, our first order of business was to grow the foundation of our community, and we are well on our way to developing this. The next thing that we did was integrate Metrix into new exchange listings like Digifinex, WhiteBit, P2PB2B, Crex, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade. However, volume isn’t merely created because you are listed. That is where our use cases come in. We are looking at generating passive volume through our use cases where the mass adoptive features of our use cases delivers volume at the point-of-sale. We think this is going to revolutionize our project and not rely on just speculation of the market to drive our demand. We also have the ability on our new chain for loads of applications and projects to be developed off of it, including Defi Applications. We are hoping that many developers take advantage of our chain to create more innovative projects that revolve around this portion of the crytpo revolution, as well as any other.

5. what the vision and mission of metrixcoin have not been achieved. can you explain ?
From @CarrieH1981

jude newcomb:
Our goal is to be used by everyone. We have not completed this task and we will not stop working until this task is achieved. We are currently ranked about 700 on the coin rankings. Our next goal is to reach the top-100.Our main goal is for all people to use cryptocurrency in their everyday lives that helps to improve the way that human beings interact with one another in a multitude of ways. We are here to assist this process.


Shabbir Husain:
Metrix Coin launched 2 different tokens on its platform: MRX and MSW, Can you explain to us what is the relation between these 2 tokens? What’s the functions and what role will these tokens play in the Metrix Coin Ecosystem?

jude newcomb:
This is not accurate, and I’d like to set the record straight so that there is no confusion at all! MRX is Metrix Coin and is the crytpocurrency itself. MSW is MyStakingWallet which is the web-based application that allows people to store and stake their coins online without needing to have their computer on 24/7. MSW is still held with only you holding your private keys, so it is as safe and secure as where you hold your keys. MSW was the first mobile client wallet that allowed staking and the running of masternodes of any kind. It is currently available for Android and more information can be found at

Where can your tokens be bought and what plans do you have about listing on major exchanges?

jude newcomb:
Currently, we are available on Digifinex, Crex24, WhiteBit, P2PB2B, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade. Of course, our plans involve being listed on every exchange that we can. This is easier said than done as there are many considerations associated with exchange listings, including price of listing and volume. Many top-tier exchanges require enormous fees to be listed, and as a community-driven coin, we must allocate our budget appropriately. Exchange listings do not guarantee anything. We are pleased with the listings we have made over the past year, and these are a good foundation to build from. We look forward to more listings if the right opportunity comes along.

Zong Bolt:
What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

jude newcomb:
We have been working very hard at building a strong community. Without our community we are nothing. Our plan for growth has been to speak plainly with our community and anyone interested in joining us. Telling people who you are, what you want to accomplish, and asking for help goes a long way. We are all in this together! We also feel that giving people quality support is sorely lacking in the cryptocurrency industry, and we have some of the best technical support experts in the business. Our support team is always available, and they work hard as volunteers for the community. This gives people positive experiences time and again when they confront any issues that arise. We are friendly and always ready to welcome the next person into our community. Join us!

Acacia Adonis:
What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does #Metrix focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

jude newcomb:
As I said, our goal is to be used by everyone for everything. We mean that. We are focused on integrating Metrix in point-of-sale systems across a variety of industries. We are working on being available as a payment option in supermarkets, transportation services, casinos, banks, etc. When a person goes to pay for their items, we are looking to be a payment option that can be used in an incentivization program that the business offers. We want to integrate MRX into the e-sports community and allow people to wager MRX on the games being played and allow people watching to wager as well if they would like. We have many other use cases in the works and these will all come out over the course of the year, beginning with our whitepaper and roadmap in the coming week or two.

Cool Hello:
Are there any new partnerships and interesting upcoming use-cases?

jude newcomb:
Yes. We are very excited about what is to come. We cannot say anything specific just yet, but we are preparing to give the greatest partnership and use case this project has ever seen soon. We are looking to finalize this agreement before doing so, but it will take Metrix to the next level. That’s all I can say there.
We are one of the most undervalued projects in all of crypto. We are confident that we will change this in 2021.

David Prince:
In general, We all talk about Positive points/Pros/Good Points & Features of any Project, no one Project tell about there Cons. So can you tell us Honestly the Cons & Lacks of Your tokens?

jude newcomb:
Sure, our coin has some difficulties associated with it. Ours is the issues that arise from a funding perspective. Being a community driven coin, we are self-sufficient, so our growth has come on a minimal budget. This is why listing fees and project expansion has to be done with the upmost care. We are managing this as carefully as possible and are always looking for creative ways to bring in revenue to deal with the expenses associated with scaling our business model. Our new CEO Trent Richards has done a masterful job to this point with developing our business, and we look to grow further this year.

Nick Deon:
Is Metrixcoin a high-priced token to buy or is it still affordable for new crypto users?

jude newcomb:
Our coin is currently available on Digifinex, WhiteBit, Crex24, P2PB2B, and soon to be listed on Barter Trade for around 1 satoshi.

Kuhakoo Fake:
Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on?

jude newcomb:
We joke in the community that we want all grandmothers in the world to be a part of mass adoption. It’s funny, but there is a large amount of truth there. We hope that we can make crytpo so easy to use, that people without technical expertise don’t even know that they are using it and that it shouldn’t even matter how it is being used. We don’t know exactly how a light bulb works or a cell phone (well, most people don’t)…it just does. That is what we want for Metrix Coin and the cryptocurrency space. We want people to be a part of a financial revolution, but not have to worry about being a part of a financial revolution if they don’t want to be. It will just exist for them.

Mis Ra:
Who are currently the partners that support the Metrixcoin Project? Also, who is the CEO of the project? Is the team anonymous?
Is there a $MRX limit that I can buy from Exchange? Also, what are the benefits that I obtain as a stakeholder to make an investment of this token? How much is the total supply of the project? Thank you!

jude newcomb:
Recently, we signed partnerships with Afro Foundation who is looking to bring easier telecom solutions to Pan-African countries, we have our very own Grudge Match Gaming for e-sports wagering, we have signed agreements with BA Group to implement Metrix at point-of-sale systems, and we just signed a partnership with WG Whale Trading to have MRX as a payment choice for their trading educational program. We are a team of community members. We do not get paid. We work on Metrix because we believe in Metrix. Trent Richards is our CEO and he is leading the community to the top-100. Join us! We need more people to help us on our journey.

FAHRI One Sevent:
Where is MATRIXCOIN roadmap now? Are all targets in accordance with the current roadmap? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

jude newcomb:
Metrix Coin’s roadmap will be release in the coming weeks and will outline what we have planned for 2021. Join us on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord to be updated when it is released. We also have CEO video updates on YouTube at OfficialMetrixCoinNews. We recently had a roadmap during the last quarter of 2020, and we hit all major points of that document, so looking ahead to what is on this roadmap means that Metrix will be incredible by the end of 2021!





Pembicara: Saro (Founder Of Alien World)
Date: Rabu, 20 Januari 2021



Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Alien World
Today we have an honored guest, Founder Of Alien World, Saro , who will explain and answer your question guys

Hi guys
Great to be here – we’ve heard a lot about this community
You have a great profile

Thank you for appreciating that, I hope we can help supporting the alien world community ..
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introduction, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction.

Great happy to introduce us
I am one of the 3 co-founders and I come from a corporate finance background before realising I wanted to be build dencentralised systems that would empower more people. I handle strategy and finance within the project
Previously we as a team did the 2018 viral eosDAC airdrop which is remains one of the world’s largest DAOs and is a block producer on multiple chains. We’re using much of what we learned in that project within Alien Worlds
Our senior developer, Michael, has have been involved in the blockchain space since 2017. First with ethereum and then later on the EOS blockchain where we built eosDAC after airdropping our token onto the Ethereum chain. He is very interested in decentralised governance and cross chain dapps

Indeed, decentralized applications are able to attract a lot of attention from the community

Yes and grow faster because the community is incentivised to add to the project

That’s right, maybe every day the project always adds to the offering of the features and advantages of each …
and now let’s introduce your project to the community …
What is the Alien world?

Alien Worlds is a defi DAO-based metaverse that uses NFTs as part of gameplay. We have put 6 Planet DAOs into space, and they compete for control of Trilium, the ERC-20 fungible token of the metaverse. Landowners try to make their land most attractive to miners who mine Trilium and NFTs. Gamers develop different mining and staking strategies depending on the NFTs they own and collect. We’ve grown to be the 3rd biggest blockchain game in just a month (whilst still being in beta and barely publicising the game link itself) because we’ve thought about the game dynamics, incentives and depth of game play very carefully and designed a pretty compelling system.
One way to view Alien Worlds is that it is a simulation of a new future where Humans have had to leave Earth (raging pandemics , climate change etc,..) and set up on newly found Alien worlds. In this new reality we have competing planets and everything its tokenised, in NFT form, from the tools people use to the minions their add to their crew to the land they mine. The first thing people are mine for the provable rare Trilium which forms the basis of the economy.
They can also mine NFTs and then there are battles and quests coming.

Such a unique and interesting concept will make our world move into the metaverse

Yes! it is a metaverse and as we mentioned a simulation of how daos can work in the real world alongside new economics. It is a great place to experiment with these sort of things, but still very easy for people to get involved in. unlike other games, we focus on money and power being the goal which is very similar to real life


First question from second session.
1. For many users, the NFT market is not very attractive, because they have not been fully developed, being money for the future, with AlienWorlds can you achieve real profits? or tokens used in the long term?
From @semogaberkahXD

Yes – we have about 5k daily active users all mining real Trilium and NFTs. Go to You need a WAX account which you can get. We give you everything you need to start playing like a basic avatar, and mining tools. You can mine on other peoples’ land – you will just forfeit some of the mining rewards as commission to the landowner. Over time, as your Trilium position grows, you can stake to Planets and participate in governance and control over the Planet’s daily allocation of Trilium – but to start, just grab your basic free items and start mining TLM!
Also, NFTs are a newer development but they are very important addition to blockchain space – they are a natural use case for blockchain.
Our NFTs have game play characteristics built in to their attributes. So some land and tools (which are both NFTs) yields more Trilium when you mine it, some produces more NFTs, some can be mined more frequently. In earlier generations of NFTs, they mainly had collectible value – think CryptoPunks which is really cool if are a collector – but now NFTs have attributes recognised by the gaming smart contracts

Got it, can it be accessed via Moblie phone ?

so far supported for desktop on Chrome browser; people are using on Android but iPhone more difficult. It’s a priority to get a fully mobile version
This is our tech support channel so any questions or problems with using the game, we are always here to help

2. Security is very important for a trading platform or exchange, where users can easily and comfortably trade, pay for and store assets. What about the security system of the Alien Worlds platform?What type of security technology system does Alien Worlds use to protect user assets? From @Rhada25

We are working with one of the best minds in the blockchain space and our contracts are regularly checked by the veterans from this space as they are continuously contributing to our development. Additionally many of our core smart contracts are on a multisig meaning there is not a single point of failure. Our lead developer and cofounder, Michael, is extremely well known and well respected initially within Ethereum, then EOS and now WAX-Ethereum

3. What are the opportunities and challenges for you when stepping from traditional game industry into blockchain game creation? What are your vision about this industry?
From @lavietantan

Good question: blockchain allows for transparency and for many more people to get involved. So already there are already multiple distinct ‘factions’ forming – one called the Cabal and one called the NFT Army and they are coalescing around 2 different planets. Additionally a third planet is attracting smaller stakers and a fourth apparently is becoming a Russian hub. These are all communities adding their own functionality and technology on top of what we have developed.
Here is one community member’s take on the possible trajectory
I think this is very different from centralised games where mainly the core team drives the project forward – here we are a decentralised metaverse where lots of people are innovating commercially and for fun on top of our tech

4. Can other games be built using your infrastructure and do you allow it? If you lead in this field in the future, what will be your response to those who want to establish a partnership with you in this field?
From @saikokr91

So far, for example some people have started giving out their own NFTs to people mining on their land. We have a group that has created a reporting system.
We have partnered with a Decentraland district, we have spent time in the $Whale community to build bridges, we have airdropped our NFTs for claiming by large holders within Axie, Sandbox, Rarible and other older NFT communities; we are in conversations about IP deals to bring some cool well loved storylines and characters kan waktu di komunitas $ Whale untuk membangun jembatan, kami telah mengirimkan NFT kami untuk diklaim oleh pemegang besar dalam Axie, Sandbox, Rarible, dan komunitas NFT lama lainnya; kami sedang berbincang tentang penawaran IP untuk membawa beberapa alur cerita dan karakter keren yang sangat disukai ke The WAX Cloud Wallet is the easiest way to create, use, and manage an account on the WAX blockchain.the metaverse. We are well networked within the WAX ecosystem and have done some tie-ups and plan to extend out our partnerships through the Galactic Hubs grant fund – for example offering grants for people to mod into Ark and Minecraft servers WAX Cloud Wallet We are also excited to be bringing a significant Chinese partnership on stream shortly – which we will be announcing soon
We also have a Galactic Hubs fund which provides grants out to developers and the community to grow their initiatives. And because of the Trilium incentives built into the game, our users are already forming groups and alliances to build out their own websites, offers and strategies – all happening organically.
kami umumkan. Kami juga memiliki dana Galactic Hubs yang memberikan hibah kepada pengembang dan komunitas untuk mengembangkan inisiatif mereka. Dan karena insentif Trilium yang ada di dalam game, pengguna kami telah membentuk grup dan aliansi untuk membangun situs web, penawaran, dan strategi mereka sendiri – semuanya terjadi secara organik.

5. Alien Worlds is #3 in Games on DappRadar. an extraordinary achievement. what made you who you are today? what sets you apart from other projects
From @Lopyou54804819

I think the low barriers to entry are key:
onboarding new users has been very streamlined=
– easy signup without buying any crypto, via WAX cloud wallet
– sophisticated smart contract language
– fast and feeless – FREE – transactions
– NFT attributes can be read and updated by a smart contract easily so that we can use them within the game. Our smart contracts also can issue new ones and detect when they are transferred or minted
Because we have designed with an Ethereum layer 1 and WAX layer 2, we can locate much of the gaming activity on chain, unlike many other blockchain games which have to put much functionality off chain


The vast majority of protocols don’t take into account the loyalty of their users, not like Alien Worlds , right? How will you do this project to benefit your most “LOYAL” users? will you have more benefits for each year?

We’ve alluded to the depth of game play – because we have built an extensible metaverse rather than a stand alone product, this metaverse contains the fundamental ingredients for gamers to keep developing their strategy – and power within the metaverse – for a long time. If you see our tech blueprint you can see that the mechanics have been very carefully thought through and designed and we believe they will prove to be compelling for the long term

Shabbir Husain:
Q: How does the shining in Alien Worlds work? I read that XDimension is a gloss level that was available in the sale of rare packages, can this level also be created through gloss? How do these aspects of the game help to get the NFTs that Alien Worlds has created? Can you tell us more about this?

Shining works where you combine 4 NFTs plus a TLM fee to create a new higher powered NFT

Etsy Justice:
If Alien Worlds is being built in stages. Is there a plan to give this project a story? Are you going to create an initial narrative or are you going to hire some writers to create a base for the story to start?

We do have a founding story which you can find under preamble in our tech spec we are also making this into a video trailer. But the narrative will keep developing out!

Le Hai:
During the game, TLM and NFT are mined.On the Ethereum blockchain, all this would be stored in a wallet from which we have private keys and connect using Metamask.Which wallet is better to use in the WAX blockchain?How can I securely save my TLM and NFT?

NFTs can only be stored on WAX, the WAX cloud wallet is good to store them. TLM can be stored on either Ethereum or WAX

Tu Xuan Hanh:
Adoption & Awareness about Platform is very important for any Creator as well as Users! So, What are your plans to attract More users as well as Creators with Non-crypto users too ?

So far we’ve been really happy with adoption – I think people are really enjoying playing. All of the items on our Star Route here show the roadmap all of which are designed to create more use cases for TLM and more users





Date : Tuesday, January 19th, 2021



Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with Mooner Coin
Today we have an honored guest, CEO Of Mooner Coin, who will explain and answer your question guys
hi @MoonerCoin
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introduction, the second session was forward best questions from twitter and the third session was free questions from the present participants.
Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction.

Mooner Coin:
HI how are you all today?

We are fine mate.. thanks you.
And i hope you and mooner team were always fine
Okay for the first session INTRODUCTION
Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community.

Mooner Coin:
My Name is Chrishen and I’m the sole proprietor of a small Pest Control Company In Singapore called Maximum Pest Management.
We realized that instead of preventing our guys from moonlighting for extra cash.
We felt it was the right thing to enable them instead.
We also realized that if the pest control industry had the demand so would every other industry.
We put our ideas together and came up with the Mooner mobile Application, to do just that!

Thank you for introducing yourself to us, nice to know you …
And next, let’s introduce Mooner coin to us ..
please explain what is Mooner Coin ?
Can you share with the community what Mooner Coin has been doing since its launch?

Mooner Coin:
MOONER COIN, Which is a BEP 20 Token, was conceived as a technical specification for Binance Smart Chain.
MNR Token is the crypto currency that powers the ever expanding Mooner Ecosystem.
1.The Latest in Smart chain and Token Technology made Bep 20 the right Choice.
2. Scalability, Trust & High Throughputs are reasons for Mooner LLP to mint BEP20 tokens.
3. Wherever you are in the world; you can get paid fast and frictionless


1. Regulation is very important. Many projects were closed in many countries due to failure to use the correct regulations and permits. In order to go global how does Mooner team deal with these issues? @MoonerCoin
From: @nguyenthuthuy90

Mooner Coin:
we agree as such we decided to go with the bep 20 token pon bsc
Yes, regulation is something that we cannot neglect. Conducting business in Singapore, we are well versed in compliance and regulations. As such, it is ingrained In our business practices to conform to them.
This is the reason that we are launching firstly in Singapore. Singapore is known as a stable FinTech Hub and an upcoming crypto hub. After Which, we will expand within the region and globally thereafter.
Ultimately our goal is to get listed, to allow liquidity for token holders. Exchanges are regulated and will comply with national standards.

2. What were the major difficulties that you faced while starting this project? And what was your motivation to continue?
From: @thuydiemnn

Mooner Coin:
We have always been steadfast and had perserverance in everything that we do. No matter wht the circumstnaces, we always endevour to march forth and see something through.

3. What is the vision and mission of (Mooner)? Can you share more about the flagship products focusing on DeFi?
From: @thanhhoai91

Mooner Coin:
We have a grand vision. Where everyone is empowered and noone goes hungry.
Enabling and empowering people has been at the crux of everything we do.
To achieve this we have brain stormed for many months.
Our flagship product is the Mooner Application. We decided to go with a BEP 20 token on the BSC Because of the flexibility afforded by the Binance Smart Chain, assets from a number of different chains can be used in the growing DeFi space.
The term Decentralized Finance may refer to a movement that aims to create an open-source, permissionless and tredited ansparent financial service ecosystem that is available to everyone and operates without any central authority.
Users will maintain full control over their assets and interact with this ecosystem through peer-to-peer (P2P), decentralized applications (dapps) such as MOONER.
The core benefit of DeFi is easy access to financial services, especially for those who are isolated from the current financial system. Another potential advantage of DeFi is the modular framework it is built upon – interoperable DeFi applications on public blockchains will potentially create entirely new financial markets, products, and services.

Nice.. Thanks you for answer with detail.
Next question
4. It’s easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your startegy to make your token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token price and supply?
From: @PhamHuo01951923

Mooner Coin:
As mentioned earlier, all unallocated tokens will be burnt at the end of the token allocation period in june 2021. This will in turn drive up the scarcity of the MNR token
As all transactions on the Mooner app will be transacted using the MNR Token, the value of the token will inevitably rise with the usage.
When we are listed on an exchange, the value of the MNR token will be decided by the exchange and a listing price will be decided.
Seeing the history and number of transactions that will ensue during our beta launch and final launch of the Mooner app, we anticipate the listing value of the token to be beneficial.

Thanks you for your answer, i hope our community understand with your explain.
Last question for this session.
5. How will you make sure that a high volume will exist with MNR pairs?
From: @YenTatooLeYen

Mooner Coin:
that is a great question
As we are planning to launch on BSC.
BNB will be the preferred way to transact MNR Tokens. We will be pairing with many other stable coins (BTC, ETH) ETC depending on the exchanges we are listed on. The more the merrier as it allows for easy liquidation. We have a 100 million tokens in total, 40 million tokens for the initial Token allocation, all unallocated tokens will be burnt at the end of the period.


Ling Burton:
Could you expand further on the importance of Mooner Ecosystem and what you are up to in improving it?

Mooner Coin:
Allowing other platforms to connect to the Mooner ecosystem is key to scale the business. To attain this, Mooner LLP will create a seamless connection for other DApps to integrate into our ecosystem with a well-documented API.
The Mooner Application will be the emphasis and empower the growth and stability of the company’s vision. Service providers and users benefiting from our MLN network will be a proof of concept of the core reward model.
Mooner Wallet will incorporate a decentralized open sourced wallet directly into the Mooner application. All applications within the Mooner ecosystem will share the same fundamental incentive rewards

Lane Duncan :
Give us an elevator pitch on what Mooner is? What is the product of Mooner ? What problem is it fixing?

Mooner Cioin:
Mooner Concept
Is to eliminate unemployment and empower our users to be self- employed. To achieve this goal, we issued an original token that we will use to reward participation and use of our location-based service booking application, Mooner.
Regardless of it being
a supplementary or primary income, Mooner will be made available to users to utilize at their discretion. We will not set rates for jobs nor dictate the use of the application. It will be purely a “moonlighting” application, allowing the user to determine their “work” schedule and earnings.
Mooner’s programing architecture is primarily to comply with global employment regulations and standards; it allows users to be self-employed. A fair reward model (ref 3.3), will also be implemented to motivate and retain service provider participation.edited centive marketing model will enable effective acquisition of users and service providers. A well thought out legacy attribute, ensures longevity of the company and our
business model

Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Mooner Coin:
MNR Protocol launched its mainnet on December 1st, 2020 with 100 Million MNR tokens created at genesis.
Early Participants & Invitation (40% + 20%)
MNR token allocation event will be available from the last quarter of 2020 to the 1st Quarter of 2021.
Tokens allocated for early invited participants: 40 Million MNR tokens (20 Million Tokens are provisioned for bonuses). At the maturity of our token allocation period, unsold tokens not required for bonuses or made alive through the application utility will be destroyed by the burn function and announced on our public channels.
Company Reserves (10%)
Retained tokens will be used in additional offerings and future developments. Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 2% (Three Hundred Thousand MNR Tokens)
Team & Advisors (15%)
Mooner’s team has been working on the concept, design, user interface and core functions for the past 3 years. Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 3% (Four Hundred And Fifty Thousand MNR Tokens)
Development & Growth (15%)
These tokens will be used to incentivize and reward developers to build projects, partnerships and grow the Mooner Ecosystem. Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 3% (Four Hundred And Fifty Thousand MNR

Master Trader CM Ambassador:
Could you give me 3 best features to convince me and other investors should invest in MOONER?

Mooner Coin:
Yes of course Mooner has many great features but if we have to list 3
we would name our Mooner Level Network (MNL) being our fundamental incentive program.
it leads to our second point which is Mooner App. A location based service platform powered on blockchain tech & dApps, which will empower individuals to be self employed.
Thirdly, the coin is tied to the transactions on the app. It’s simple math, as the utilization of the token increases with the amount of transactions , so will the value of the token rise.
These are our unique Selling points and enables us to onboard a significant amount of the population to MOONER.

I would like to be a part of your project team
Are there any ambassadorial deals or job a crypto enthusiast like me can be part of and what are your requirement?

Mooner Coin:
Great question send us a detailed resume and post a video of you online of why you should be a part of the Mooner project and tag @moonerapp online. We look forward to hearing from y’all



AMA IDCrypto X MCDex


We are pleased to announce our next AMA on Sept 7th 2020 at 20:00 PM GMT+7 AMA ID crypto x MCDex

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Part 2: 25$/5users – Open chat for 90 seconds. You can post Max 2 questions. MCDex Team will select 5 questions and answer them.

Part 3: 25$ – A quiz about MCDex

Research the project and prepare good questions!
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AMA ID Crypto X Apy Finance


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Part 3: 25$ – A quiz about Degen.VC

Research the project and prepare good questions!
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Bitocto AMA Recap


AMA Theme : All About Bitocto

Event Date: August 22, 2020 Organized By ID Crypto Official

Speaker : Vania Jasmine – Business Development of Bitocto

Session 1: Project introduction

ID Crypto : Sebelum melanjutkan ke sesi yang pertama. saya akan bertanya sedikit tentang latar belakang Bu Vania.
Bisa ceritakan sedikit Bu untuk latar belakang nya, bagaimana ibu bisa bergabung di industri blockchain sekaligus menjadi bagian di Bitocto Exchange?

Vania Jasmine

Sebelumnya saya memang sudah memiliki background di industri investasi dan menjadikan perkerjaan saya ini sebagai salah satu visi hidup saya pribadi, untuk bisa membantu masyarakat Indonesia lebih melek akan investasi ?

Karena tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa investasi merupakan salah satu hal penting dalam mengatur keuangan kita, sedangkan belum banyak orang yang aware akan ini.

Saya mulai melirik cryptocurrency dan industri blockchain setelah mengetahui segala keunggulan dan manfaat-manfaat yang ditawarkan aset ini dibandingkan instrumen investasi lainnya.

Apalagi seperti kita semua tau ya, cryptocurrency itu bersifat desentralisasi, jadi tidak ada kepentingan pihak manapun yang bisa mengendalikan aset ini. Sehingga bisa dikatakan cryptocurrency ini merupakan aset yang adil dan sangat OK untuk dipilih menjadi salah satu investasi yang bisa kita lakukan.

Saya pribadi juga menjadi investor cryptocurrency sekarang ? sekian kurang lebih dari saya.

ID Crypto : Bisa jelaskan kepada kami apa itu Bitocto?

Vania Jasmine

Baik, terima kasih atas pertanyaan nya.. ?

Bitocto merupakan platform pertukaran aset digital yang menghubungkan dan memberikan kemudahan dalam membeli atau menjual cryptocurrency serta aman antar pelanggan, serta memberikan lebih banyak likuiditas dan akses ke kelas aset baru ini.

Kami menyediakan platform yang sederhana dan interaktif, mudah dipahami bagi pemula, serta dilengkapi dengan enkripsi dan proteksi terhadap DDOS.

ID Crypto : Fitur apa saja saat ini yang tersedia di exchange bitocto? Dan keunggulan apa yang sangat membuat bitocto berbeda dari exchange Indonesia lainnya?

Vania Jasmine

Platform Bitocto mencakup beberapa fitur berikut :

  • Spot trading
  • Real-time Order Book
  • Tradingview chart dengan indikator yang simple didesain khusus pemula
  • Wallet yang bisa menerima dan mengirim aset crypto dari dan ke wallet lainnya

Beberapa keunggulan Bitocto :

  • Cold storage terenkripsi untuk keamanan penyimpanan aset nasabah
  • Customer support yang siap membantu dan cepat tanggap SETIAP HARI
  • Dukungan edukasi bagi nasabah pemula GRATIS
  • Biaya transaksi yang terjangkau dan bisa disesuaikan dengan volume trading
  • Menerima transaksi OTC (Over The Counter) untuk jumlah besar atau bantuan pengiriman aset crypto
  • Bonus referral bagi semua nasabah Bitocto

ID Crypto : Token dan koin apa saja saat ini yang telah tersedia di bitocto? Dan apakah nanti nya bitocto akan terus menambahkan jenis token dan koin lainnya?

Vania Jasmine

Sejauh ini kami sudah me-listing berbagai koin top :

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Binance Coin
  • EOS
  • DigiByte
  • DOGE Coin
  • TRON
  • Litecoin

Dan tentunya kami akan terus meng-update token-token top kedepannya secara bertahap untuk mendukung investasi nasabah-nasabah kami ?

ID Crypto : Untuk keamanan adalah hal penting bagi sebuah exchange atau pun penyimpanan, keamanan apa yang di miliki oleh bitocto? Apakah terjamin keamanannya? Dan apabila suatu waktu bitocto mengalami kasus ” Hack ” apakah bitocto memiliki jaminan untuk para pengguna?

Vania Jasmine

Saat ini Bitocto telah terdaftar di BAPPEBTI & KOMINFO, tidaklah mudah untuk mendapatkan sertifikat dari kedua belah pihak karena tentunya kami harus melalui banyak proses dan banyak kriteria yang harus dipenuhi terutama di sisi keamanan, sehingga bisa dikatakan untuk keamanan cukup terjamin.

Kami menggunakan sistem penyimpanan cold wallet untuk memastikan dana tidak langsung terhubung dengan jaringan online untuk maximum security. Bitocto juga memiliki insurance fund untuk meng-cover jika terjadinya kasus hack, namun tentunya kami melakukan audit dan improvement secara berkala untuk memastikan keamanan kami berada di posisi paling optimal.

ID Crypto : Target apa saja yang akan Bitocto realisasikan dalam waktu dekat ini dan di masa yang akan datang?

Vania Jasmine

Untuk saat ini Bitocto sedang berfokus untuk terus mengedukasi masyarakat Indonesia akan pentingnya investasi, dan bahwa investasi crypto merupakan salah satu safe-haven yang bisa dipilih untuk berinvestasi di masa pandemi ini. Untuk memulai pun tidak memerlukan modal terlalu besar, namun sangat bermanfaat untuk melindungi nilai.

Kami juga dengan gencar terus mengedukasi masyarakat Indonesia bahwa cryptocurrency saat ini sudah termasuk aset investasi yang bisa dikatakan cukup aman dan terpercaya dengan mendaftarkan diri kami di lembaga pemerintahan seperti BAPPEBTI & KOMINFO, dan juga aktif menjadi member Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia.

Kedepannya kami berencana untuk menjadi salah satu exchange yang terpilih masyarakat Indonesia dengan memberikan layanan terbaik serta edukasi bagi masyarakat Indonesia akan pentingnya investasi aset crypto sebagai lindung nilai. Bitocto juga menyediakan platform yang ramah digunakan bagi pemula, serta kami akan terus mengembangkan fitur-fitur lainnya dan juga pilihan token yang lebih banyak untuk lebih mendukung investasi para nasabah kami.

Session 2: Questions From Website & Twitter

Q1: from @Buraysalah1763

What are the Criteria for Listing / delisting any coin on the BITOCTO exchange?

Apa Kriteria untuk Mendaftar / menghapus koin apa pun di bursa BITOCTO?

Vania Jasmine

Saat ini hanya manajemen Bitocto yang melakukan listing aset di BITOCTO. Proses listing kami mengikuti visi misi kami yaitu memberikan akses untuk investasi aset Crypto dengan aman dan nyaman. Dengan demikian, kami saat ini hanya berfokus kepada top 50 Crypto by market cap.

Currently only Bitocto management is listing assets on BITOCTO. Our listing process follows our vision and mission, which is to provide access to investment in Crypto assets safely and comfortably. As such, we are currently only focusing on the top 50 Crypto by market cap.

Q2 : from @balestikk

dengan banyaknya exchange yg tersebar , Kalau boleh tahu ,adakah strategi yg disiapkan bitocto untuk bersaing dengan exchange dalam dan luar negri ??

Vania Jasmine

Bitocto memiliki user interface yang cukup mudah untuk digunakan untuk pemula maupun professional. Aset Crypto yang tersedia di Bitocto(dot)com juga termasuk golongan top 50 market cap, dengan demikian, memulai investasi aset Kripto di Bitocto juga lebih aman. Perlu diketahui juga bahwa Bitocto sudah terdaftar oleh BAPPEBTI & KOMINFO. Dengan kepatuhan terhadap regulasi, Bitocto tentu sudah diatas kompetitor lainnya yang tidak terdaftar oleh regulator.

Dengan memberikan akses yang terbaik untuk siapapun yang ingin mulai investasi Crypto, minimal deposit dan transaksi di Bitocto hanya Rp 50.000. Saat ini juga, siapapun bisa mendapatkan komisi hingga 40% dari program referal Bitocto.

Bitocto juga menyediakan layanan nasabah dan layanan edukasi langsung atau online GRATIS. Dengan tim Customer Support dan trainer kami (non-bot).

Bitocto has a user interface that is easy enough to use for both beginners and professionals. Crypto assets available on Bitocto(dot)com are also included in the top 50 market cap, thus, starting Crypto asset investment on Bitocto is also safer. Please also note that Bitocto has been registered by BAPPEBTI & KOMINFO. With compliance with regulations, Bitocto is certainly above other competitors not registered by regulators.

By providing the best access for anyone who wants to start Crypto investing, the minimum deposit and transaction on Bitocto is only IDR 50,000. Right now, anyone can get up to 40% commission from the Bitocto referral program.

Bitocto also provides FREE customer service and direct or online education services. With our Customer Support team and trainers (non-bot).

Q3 : from @memenci6

Building a exchange and gaining a trust must be a really difficult. what difficulties and challanges did you face in the developing side?

Membangun pertukaran dan mendapatkan kepercayaan pasti sangat sulit. kesulitan dan tantangan apa yang Anda hadapi dalam sisi pengembangan ?

Vania Jasmine

Bitocto adalah bagian dari salah satu perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang IT untuk perbankan dan telkom. Dengan demikian, aspek development tidak terlalu bermasalah karena sudah terbiasa dengan sistem dan infrastruktur pembayaran, keamanan dan perbankan.

Bitocto is part of a company engaged in IT for banking and telkom. Thus, the development aspect is not too problematic because it is familiar with payment, security and banking systems and infrastructure.

Q4 : from @cengizhantekin

I have already been benefiting from some other exchanges, why should I switch to BITOCTO? Can you tell some of your competitive advantages please?

Saya telah mendapatkan keuntungan dari beberapa bursa lain, mengapa saya harus beralih ke BITOCTO? Bisakah Anda menjelaskan beberapa keunggulan kompetitif Anda?

Vania Jasmine

Kami memiliki sistem tiering untuk para trader setia, dimana biaya transaksi menurun dari 0.2% hingga 0.14%. Dan juga biaya penarikan di Bitocto sangat rendah, hanya Rp 25.000 untuk dibawah 5 Juta Rupiah dan hanya Rp 50.000 untuk di atas 5 Juta Rupiah. (Misalnya ingin menarik 100 juta Rupiah, biaya hanya Rp 50.000 saja). Jangan lupa, kami memiliki sistem referal hingga 40%! sangat tinggin untuk penghasilan tambahan!

We have a tiering system for loyal traders, where transaction fees decrease from 0.2% to 0.14%. And also the withdrawal fees at Bitocto are very low, only IDR 25,000 for under 5 million IDR and only IDR 50,000 for over 5 million IDR. (For example, if you want to withdraw 100 million Rupiah, the fee is only IDR 50,000). Don’t forget, we have a referral system of up to 40%! very high for extra income!

Q5 : from @KathDM3

Is it a requirement to submit KYC in Bitocto? Do you accept users from all countries or are there some restricted countries?

Apakah persyaratan untuk mengirimkan KYC di Bitocto? Apakah Anda menerima pengguna dari semua negara atau adakah beberapa negara yang dibatasi?

Vania Jasmine

Kami menerima semua user dari seluruh dunia, namun KYC adalah hal wajib karena Bitocto sudah terdaftar dengan regulator di Indonesia. Untuk KYC tidak sulit, hanya memerlukan kartu identitas dan foto selfie dengan kartu identitas tsb.

We accept all users from all over the world, but KYC is mandatory because Bitocto is registered with regulators in Indonesia. KYC is not difficult, only requires an identity card and selfie photo with the identity card.

Q6 : from @Isekaitomodachi

Apakah nanti nya bitocto akan mensupport trading future, margin, atau lainnya? Dan apakah bitocto sudah mempunyai dalam versi aplikasi?

Vania Jasmine

Bitocto saat ini sudah ada aplikasi Android ( ) dan juga bisa diakses menggunakan web/mobile browser. Untuk versi IOS masih dalam tahap development. Untuk trading futures atau margin masih tidak diperbolehkan dari sisi regulator di Indonesia. Tapi kita lihat saja kedepannya.

Bitocto currently has an Android application ( and can also be accessed using a web / mobile browser. The IOS version is still in the development stage. Trading futures or margin is still not allowed from the regulatory side in Indonesia. But we’ll see in the future.

Q7 : from @siska1244

What are the characteristics of the Bitocto Exchange, is there any significant? which makes the Bitocto more attractive to users.

Apa saja karakteristik dari Bitocto Exchange, apakah ada yang signifikan? yang membuat Bitocto lebih menarik bagi pengguna.

Vania Jasmine

Seperti yang sudah dijawab sebelumnya, Bitocto sangat mudah untuk digunakan untuk pemula maupun yang sudah profesional. Dengan biaya transaksi dan penarikan yang sangat rendah serta referal komisi hingga 40%! Sudah legal dan terdaftar secara resmi dengan regulator di Indonesia juga! ?

Bitocto juga menyediakan layanan nasabah dan layanan edukasi langsung atau online GRATIS. Dengan tim Customer Support dan trainer kami (non-bot).

As previously answered, Bitocto is very easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. With very low transaction and withdrawal fees and up to 40% referral commission! It’s legal and officially registered with regulators in Indonesia too! ?

Bitocto also provides FREE customer service and direct or online education services. With our Customer Support team and trainers (non-bot).

Q8 : from @Toha95175177
The problem in the world today is that corona (Covid-19) is very influential on world finances, then how can Bitocto Exchange solve that problem?

Masalah yang ada di dunia saat ini adalah bahwa corona (Covid-19) sangat berpengaruh pada keuangan dunia, lalu bagaimana Bitocto Exchange dapat mengatasi masalah tersebut?

Vania Jasmine

Kami merasa bahwa dengan Covid-19, orang lebih terbuka matanya untuk berinvestasi dan mendapatkan income tambahan untuk di masa-masa yang tidak menjanjikan. Lagipula Bitcoin juga menunjukan kegigihannya untuk menjadi pelindung nilai di tengah pandemi! Bitocto hadir di sini sebagai platform yang mudah di akses untuk siapapun memulai investasi Bitcoin dan aset Crypto lainnya!

We feel that with Covid-19, people are more open to investing and earning additional income during times that are not promising. After all Bitcoin has also shown its tenacity to become a hedge in the midst of a pandemic! Bitocto is here as an easily accessible platform for anyone to start investing in Bitcoin and other Crypto assets!

Q9 : from @batisenpai

Why can you give the name Bitocto and what is the purpose of giving that name?

Mengapa Anda memberi nama Bitocto dan apa tujuan pemberian nama itu?

Vania Jasmine

‘BIT’ diambil dari Bitcoin, dan ‘OCTO’ di ambil dari Octopus dimana memiliki IQ yang cukup tinggi, dan bisa berkamuflase dan mudah untuk beradaptasi dimanapun. Namun diharapkan trader dan investor Bitocto bisa seperti itu, tentunya dengan platform yang mudah digunakan dan layanan edukasi yang kami berikan! ?

‘BIT’ is taken from Bitcoin, and ‘OCTO’ is taken from Octopus which has a fairly high IQ, and can be camouflaged and easy to adapt anywhere. But it is hoped that Bitocto traders and investors can be like that, of course, with an easy-to-use platform and educational services that we provide! ?

Q10 : from @Kvindvr

Few exchange platform provide a method for direct deposit/withdrawal from/to Bank account. I like this feature since we know the withdrawal fee being one of trader problem. Are Bitocto have any plan to provide this feature?

Beberapa platform pertukaran menyediakan metode untuk setoran / penarikan langsung dari / ke rekening Bank. Saya suka fitur ini karena kami tahu biaya penarikan menjadi salah satu masalah trader. Apakah Bitocto punya rencana untuk menyediakan fitur ini?

Vania Jasmine

Bitocto menerima deposit via Bank transfer, OVO, DANA & penarikan via bank transfer. Dengan biaya yang murah tentunya seperti yang sudah dibahas di pertanyaan sebelumnya ?

Bitocto accepts deposits via bank transfer, OVO, DANA & withdrawals via bank transfer. With a low cost, of course, as discussed in the previous question ?

Session 3: Questions From Community

Q1 : from @cucukhobir

Saat ini exchange crypto sudah sangat banyak sekali pilihannya dan juga banyak exchange seperti coinone dan Gopax Indonesia menutup cabang nya di indonesia. Bagaimana cara Bitocto exchange bersaing dengan exchange yang lebih populer dan bagaimana cara Bitocto untuk bertahan di industri crypto ini?

Vania Jasmine

Pertama-tama kami mendaftarkan diri kami ke lembaga pemerintahan seperti BAPPEBTI & KOMINFO untuk memastikan kepercayaan masyarakat terhadap brand Bitocto sebagai exchange, dari kepercayaan tersebut, masyarakat Indonesia akan lebih terbuka untuk menerima Bitocto. Kami juga memenuhi berbagai kriteria yang tentunya tidak mudah, sehingga bisa dipastikan, kami ada disini untuk jangka panjang ?

Dan pastinya referral fee kami yaitu 40% untuk semua nasabah Bitocto, sistem tiering pada fee transaksi, dan biaya yang terjangkau. Last but not least, layanan Customer Support kami yang siap membantu dan edukasi semua nasabah dan calon nasabah Bitocto, pastinya bukan bot.

Q2 : from @mahfuzabegum

Bagaimana model bisnis $ Bitocto bekerja – apakah itu pembayaran bulanan atau langganan?

Vania Jasmine

Anda hanya perlu melakukan deposit awal mulai dari Rp 50.000 pak, dan Anda bisa me-manage aset Anda sendiri. Semua aset Anda 100% milik Anda dan berada pada kendali Anda. Kami hanya mengenakan trading fee dan withdrawal fee saja serta membantu panduan untuk nasabah yang baru memulai. Tidak ada biaya langganan ?

Q3 : from @ayamuntas

Mengapa Bitocto begitu optimis membangun Komunitas Crypto-Currency dengan membidik “masyarakat awam” (karena tampilannya yang simple & friendly)? Apa tujuan Bitocto kedepannya?

Vania Jasmine

Tujuan kami adalah diterimanya aset crypto di masyarakat Indonesia, dan dijadikannya aset crypto sebagai pilihan utama investasi. Kami membidik masyarakat awam karena kami memiliki produk investasi yang bagus dan mampu menjelaskan dirinya sendiri (dalam artian sudah bisa membuktikan nilainya dan performanya seperti Bitcoin), mudah diperdagangkan, risiko minimum (bisa dikendalikan), dan karena kami mampu dan bersedia berkomitmen untuk memberikan edukasi dan layanan terbaik bagi semua nasabah kami ?

Q4 : from @xwidex

Mengapa Bitocto memerlukan KYC dan
Bagaimana anda menjaga keamanan data KYC kami agar tidak disalahgunakan seperti kasus pencucian uang misalnya?

Vania Jasmine

Karena segala sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan keuangan dan aset memerlukan data pemilik yang lengkap untuk keamanan akunnya dan juga sesuai ketentuan pemerintah Indonesia. Data KYC Anda kami simpan dengan aman di sistem kami yang tentunya diamankan secara berkala dan tidak bisa diakses sembarang pihak. Keamanan sistem KYC kami sama halnya dengan keamanan platform kami, bisa dijaminkan ?

Q5 : from @gansoll

Apakah bitocto mempunyai kantor yang beroperasi Indonesia ? bagaimana anda mematuhi regulasi atau peraturan di Indonesia untuk mejalankan Bitocto tanpa ada masalah di masa depan dengan aturan tertentu ?

Vania Jasmine

Kami memiliki kantor terletak di Menara Kadin Lt 12 di Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Jakarta Selatan, dimana kami menerima nasabah-nasabah yang datang untuk edukasi langsung (bagi yang daerah Jabodetabek, untuk luar Jabodetabek kami layani edukasi online) dan juga yang berencana untuk melakukan transaksi jumlah besar (Over The Counter).

Tentunya untuk menghindari masalah dengan regulator kami akan dengan maksimal mematuhi semua peraturan yang ada dan menerapkannya di perusahaan kami untuk keamanan nasabah kami juga ?

Session 4: Quiz about Bitocto

  1. Token dan koin apa saja yang telah tersedia di bitocto Exchange?
  2. Jika Joni melakukan withdraw di bitocto sebanyak 500 RB, Berapa biaya fee yang akan di kenakan oleh Bitocto?
  3. Apa arti Nama dari Bitocto?
  4. Berapa persen komisi referal saat ini di Bitocto?
  5. Melalui apa saja kita bisa melakukan penarikan atau pun deposit ke bitocto?

correct and fastest answer

  1. @HeRmAwAnTrAdEr
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Binance Coin
  • EOS
  • DigiByte
  • DOGE Coin
  • TRON
  • Litecoin

2. @ryadrian95 : 25000

3. @drzy16

‘BIT’ diambil dari Bitcoin, dan ‘OCTO’ di ambil dari Octopus dimana memiliki IQ yang cukup tinggi, dan bisa berkamuflase dan mudah untuk beradaptasi dimanapun. Namun diharapkan trader dan investor Bitocto bisa seperti itu, tentunya dengan platform yang mudah digunakan dan layanan edukasi yang kami berikan! ?

‘BIT’ is taken from Bitcoin, and ‘OCTO’ is taken from Octopus which has a fairly high IQ, and can be camouflaged and easy to adapt anywhere. But it is hoped that Bitocto traders and investors can be like that, of course, with an easy-to-use platform and educational services that we provide! ?

4. @fahira100 Jawaban : 40

5. @Saipuls : OVO , Dana dan bank transfer

Follow Bitocto Social Media

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LeverJ AMA Recap


AMA Theme : All About LeverJ

Event Date: August 22, 2020 Organized By ID Crypto Official

Speaker : Bharath – CEO Founder & Swapman – Core Member

Session 1: Project introduction

ID crypto : Before we go to the first session, I will ask a little about yourself.

Bharath – CEO & Founder

My name is Bharath Rao. My background is in Wall Street and technology. After working for 10 yrs on wall street, the 2008 collapse had shaken my faith in the financial system and I moved to San Francisco from New York and ended working for Motorola Labs (later Google labs).

Then I discovered bitcoin in 2011 and saw this as the solution to the issues of the traditional financial system.

The first thing I realized was that Bitcoin was perfect for derivatives trading and tried to build a trading system on it. At that moment the tech state was such that we could only do semi-noncustodial system, which we launched in 2016.

We were the first project to use crypto addresses as keys, first to use signatures as verification, first to store all user funds verifiable on chain, first to use zero knowledge auth instead of passwords … The product was cool but ahead of its time and bitcoin fees made it uneconomical.

We then realized with ethereum we can make the product completely non-custodial…. so we rebuilt everything with leverj

ID crypto : a very impressive experience, I hope this experience will be useful for all of us.

ID crypto : next we want to know about your background, can you tell us a little about your background @swapman ?

Swapman – Core Member

yes sure! so I got into bitcoin about 2012 while I was still working in the traditional financial system. I had worked in different jobs with investment banks and consulting firms after i received my graduate degree in econometrics. Mostly I was focused on making trading systems, risk models, and analysing huge datasets from different markets. I first saw bitcoin and crypto just as a hobby…buthen around 2015 I was focused less and less on work at my real job, and more and more in my freetime trading in crypto and getting involved with different projects in crypto, so I went full-time into crypto.

as I got into crypto full-time i became more and more irritated with the banking system, as they would regularly close my accounts for engaging in crypto transfers. this motivated me though even more to help build stronger systems in crypto, and mosre specifically to get involved with decentralised exchanges (DEXes) that could not censor in the way that banks do. so, I created different communities online to organise traders so that we could hold exchanges accountable and argue for what traders want in different products and services. at the time, it was common for exchanges to be hacked or do “exit scams” and so it was important for traders to be able to talk to the exchange operators and build trust. very similar to your community here at ID Crypto, which is why i think it’s great what you guys are doing here.

I got most interested in crypto-based derivatives like futures and options, because this was a way that crypto traders can manage risk vs USD without actually having to hold USD in bank and such. So since 2015 I have worked with a number of different exchanges to develop out risk systems for futures and building out products that were powerful and user-friendly, and that’s how I met Bharath who was at the time making a bitcoin-based decentralised exchange Coinpit.

however due to congestion and fees on Bitcoin, the project moved on to LeverJ which runs on Ethereum which has the scripting capabilities to facilitate spot and derivatives trading in Plasma sidechain to maintain trustlessness while having speed similar to centralised exchange.

ID crypto : Could you Explain to Us, What is LeverJ?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Leverj is also the first product on the Gluon network. The gluon network is a high speed L2 network on ethereum that enables you to transact without ethereum gas costs. We envision other L2 products on Gluon such as uniswap-like AMMs.

Swapman – Core Member

LeverJ is the world’s first plasma sidechain based spot and futures exchange on Ethereum. It allows users to permissionlessly access markets on Ethereum and perform numerous trades between assets without paying high gas fees each time like on many other DEXes.

Plasma is a “Layer 2” technology which is one of the most promising solutions for scaling on Ethereum, touted by thought leaders like Vitalik and Gavin Wood and others.

Working with ConsenSys, LeverJ’s plasma model combines the speed that you can get from centralised exchanges with the trustlessness you get on pure DEXes. As of now, a trader interacting with markets on Leverj trade products on a real orderbook and all of the trades and transfers that occur on LeverJ are visible on the Gluon plasma explorer which you can see on our website

Product-wise, LeverJ offers spot trading of Ethereum assets, and will soon be launching Futures products with up to 100x leverage. This will allow users who are fed up with high Ethereum transaction fees to engage in trading on Plasma and be able to significantly reduce their trading costs. And we are currently partnered with Maker to help facilitate liquidity and additional product innovation on the platform.

So put simply, LeverJ solves the problem of expensive, slow DEX like Uniswap, and the issue of needing to trust and provide documents to a centralised exchange: a fast, trustless hybrid DEX.

ID crypto : Currently, what features are available at LeverJ?

Swapman – Core Member

Leverj has spot and futures trading with market,limit,stop market,stop limit orders. Leverage can be adjusted per position, 1 click buy allows you to quickly get in and out of the market.

You can play with it on our live mainnet and testnet (risk-free) — it will remind you mostly of a centralised exchange with some DEX qualitites (for example you need to use MetaMask to move funds onto Plasma layer2 sidechain to trade from the layer 2)

ID crypto : I see that LeverJ has its own token, could you please explain about the token? what benefits can we get when we hold the token? and can it be traded?

Swapman – Core Member

LeverJ has a token LEV which is used as the governance token for the LeverJ exchange system.

You can stake LEV on-chain through our platform and vote on proposals with LEV and earn a stream of income that the exchange generates from spot and trading activity.

At the moment, LeverJ has 0% fees on the live platfrom https// , so there are no benefits from staking. But as we launch the Futures products and add fees for spot and futures trading there will be a stream of income that LEV token stakers can access.

Bharath – CEO & Founder

As part of governance, users can vote on what apps to run on gluon network, whether to allow specific upgrades, validate transactions and secure the network. The fees collected from trading are disbursed proportionately to stakers.

ID crypto : For now many exchanges have many interesting features or interesting programs, such as affiliate programs in groups or a community. does LeverJ have such a program?

Swapman – Core Member

As we are a hybrid DEX which does not require e-mail address to register, just MetaMask, there is no affiliate program. However we are in the process of developing solutions to incentivise people to refer other traders to the platform. At the moment we are more focused to drive more traders to the platform where LEV stakers can then benefit from fees from revenue.

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Affiliate program is still in development as of this time.

ID crypto : This is last Question, What will LeverJ target to realize at this time, and also what things will LeverJ realize in the future, for the Exchange itself or the token later?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Leverj is the team that delivers:

Sep 2018 1st Exit game free L2 chain
Feb 2019 1st L2 spot exchange
Oct 2019 1st Multi-chain L2
Aug 2020 1st L2 futures exchange

The leverj gluon network is the cheapest L2 network and compatible with ethereum. So any and all projects on ethereum can work on gluon to save gas and congestion.

Swapman – Core Member

In the future we plan on innovating on a series of derivatives products:

  • Index futures
  • Options contracts
  • More potential for users to contribute liquidity easily to markets
  • More benefits for LEV holders as the governance mechanism of the Exchange to realise.

Session 2: Questions From Website & Twitter

Q1 : From @JakariahAngga

LEVERJ is the first exchange built on Plasma technology .. What are the highlights and advantages of this plasma technology?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

As you know, layer 1 has scaling problems that have been noted since 2015. There have been many attempts to solve it. One of the earliest proposal was sidechains and on ethereum, a paper called plasma was published by Buterin and Poon. We had been researching this same problem and have implemented this. An L2 network has fixed interactions with the parent network — basically deposits and withdrawals and occasional commitments of state. This way inside the L2 plasma network can have theoretically billions of transactions and you would not have gas cost on main chain. The main chain wouldnt even notice these transactions. The important feature is that users would still be in control of the coins using their private keys. This enables creation of products with centralized feel and speed without the gas cost of ethereum.

Swapman – Core Member

I would add that anyone who is using Uniswap or other on-chain exchanges on Ethereum notice how expensive it is to move ETH or ERC20 tokens around.

It costs $2-5 for normal transaction, up to $50 for smart-contract transaction — it’s important that solutions on layer 2 like Plasma on Leverj are here to make it cheaper for traders!

Q2 : from @jonass

What are the major milestone or achievements that LeverJ already achieved from the time it started? Maybe how many users or clients you already had in your platfom?

Bharath – CEO & Founder


Sep 2018 1st Exit game free L2 chain
Feb 2019 1st L2 spot exchange
Oct 2019 1st Multi-chain L2
Aug 2020 1st L2 futures exchange

We are pre-launch and therefore we only have a few hundred users at present.

Swapman – Core Member

Yea it’s currently early in the product cycle, we started simple with spot (no fees atm) and the big point of LeverJ (which is said “Leverage”) is futures and other derivatives, which we are very soon to launch.

Q3 : from @Wimuza

How important is the community to the LeverJ Project? and how can we collaborate or help LeverJ for the development of the project?

Swapman – Core Member

great question!

the community is everything in LeverJ, without the community LeverJ is nothing

the team has developed the tech but it is governed by the LEV token holders eventually so this is what matters most. the people who invest their time, money, effort into believing in the project will get the benefits and power in the technology.

many community members already have spent time testing the product, making suggestions to improve it, and helped spread the word to their friends. you can always join our telegram group to get involved and help however you can.

Bharath – CEO & Founder

The value of a network is simply the value of its community.

Q4 : from @sailormoon

Currently futures or margin trading is in high demand. Does the Exchange leverj also have it?

and I see that Leverje has its own token, namely LEV, what is the advantage of LEV holders, can it be for exchange fees, etc.?

and are you interested in making LEV a defi token because currently the defi project is in great demand?

Swapman – Core Member

thanks for the good question(s)

  • we are very close to launching futures trading (ETH/DAI, BTC/DAI pairs, using DAI collateral) — you can already play with it in our testnet client (join our telegram to get involved) and see how it works
  • the LEV token will give an advantage to holders by allowing them to stake and receive the fee revenue which the exchange generates. this will be totally owned by the community in proper governance token fashion
  • i would argue that LEV already is DeFi token in many ways — there are certainly improvements we can make but the plan is to make this fully community-driven very soon with some changes that are being made to token contract technicals and the token distribution

stay tuned as there will be many exciting developments in this area after the futures product is launched.

Bharath – CEO & Founder

LEV is defi because: There is gamified yield farming by staking LEV.

In addition, future products such as AMM will enable defi projects on top of gluon network.

Q5 : from @jhonsmith

Is the security system used by Leverj Exchange safe? Is there insurance in case of theft or hacking of user assets?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Leverj is one of the most secure sites in industry.

  1. We use a very strict content security policy and our securityheaders rating is A (many defi sites have F)
  2. We have a secure firewall and the servers do not even have a shell, eliminating many shellcode exploits
  3. The smart contracts have been audited by Blockchain labs and bounty is open for any bugs
  4. At this moment we do not have insurance on smart contract exploits, its something we can explore as the project gains traction.

Session 3: Questions From Community

Q1 : from @Pemyla

Hello, How does your exchange run the KYC verification system? Is KYC mandatory?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Since Leverj is non-custodial, there is no KYC at the moment.

Q2 : from @QuyTND

What is your business model? Compared with similar projects like YFV.Finance, what difference does APY.Finance have to attract investors and users?

No project can survive on its own. Can you tell us some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with, in the nearest future?

Swapman – Core Member

This is the most important question I think!

LEV is a token for the community which stakers can then access the fees generated by the LeverJ platform.

It’s a pretty standard governance token approach where community retains control and helps push development forward. As the exchange succeeds, the community succeeds through LEV token involvement and staking.

We will continue to develop out this aspect of the system.

we have worked with many key firms worldwide since the beginning.

ConsenSys was instrumental in working with us in the beginning on contract mechanics and such

One of the largest crypto firms in japan, SmartContract has been instrumental in helping source liquidity early on.

Now adays MakerDAO is providing much of the liquidity on our platform and we are a big supporter of using DAI tokens in our spot and futures markets

And we are about to close on a big marketing partner soon which we will announce in the coming weeks!

Q3 : from @Tranah01

We all talk about Positive points/Pros/Good Points & Features of any Project, no one Project tell about there Cons. So can you tell us Honestly the Cons & Lacks of LeverJ?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

At this moment, leverj can only work on ethereum network. This means assets such as bitcoin need to be wrapped on ethereum (WBTC) before use on leverj. This is something we plan to address using validator network that uses MPC to enable most blockchains.

Swapman – Core Member

These are some really good questions from you guys…the energy and knowledge of this community is very impressive!!

Q4 : from @MaulanaRizal7397

What is your long-term vision of the industry where the Leverj works? Are you afraid that one day there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace Leverj ?

Bharath – CEO & Founder

Yes. But we will have already innovated further than them. Note that we have been ahead of every project since we started in 2016

We hope so. We are not afraid of competition. We learn from them and they learn from us.

Q5 : from @Alika061

I usually consider 3 things on blockchains: flexibility, cost and security. How can you guarantee me that these 3 things are available on LEVERJ?

Swapman – Core Member

This is basically what we try to maximise in the plasma experience on Leverj:

  • flexibility so you can use many different assets to trade on the platform
  • lower cost because once you’re on layer 2 plasma then you can easily trade around without more on-chain fees
  • security because the contracts have been heavily audited and tested now for years.
Bharath – CEO & Founder

Great question guys. Although we cannot answer all of them right now, we will make an effort to answer them in a medium blog post.

Session 4: Quiz about LeverJ

  1. Why is leverj faster than other DEX?
  2. What is the benefit of staking LEV tokens?
  3. Whats the name of the sidechain tech that leverj uses?
  4. What types of trading products are on leverj?
  5. What are the trading fees on leverj spot?

correct and fastest answer

  1. The gluon network is a high speed L2 network on ethereum that enables you to transact without ethereum gas costs. We envision other L2 products on Gluon such as uniswap-like AMMs @drzy16
  2. Stake LEV To get share of trading fees @DdMHNDra
  3. Gluon @prandeepkmr
  4. Spot and future @landikakurniawan
  5. 0% @MsKiwi206

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Youtube Channel AMA Recap


AMA Theme : All About

Event Date: August 15, 2020 Organized By ID Crypto Official

Speaker : Mr.Joey Bertschler – CMO & Mr.Henry – UniWorld Team

Session 1: Project introduction

ID Crypto : Before we start the first session. I want to ask your background. Please share your experience in the blockchain industry, and how did you join Uniworld?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

I work with various blockchain and AI companies such as since 2017. A lot of my work revolves around automisation and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Forbes put it this way:

Joey Bertschler is a multi-corporate tech executive and contributor to various outlets such as Forbes and Hacker Noon. CEO of Cool Japan Holdings — the environmental enterprise aiming to make Japan Co2 neutral by 2030 — and the VP of the Security Token Alliance, the industry’s largest think tank with over 100 partners. He is also a public speaker and a member of the European AI Alliance, Harvard Business Review, YEC and MIT Technology Review.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager by managing a media outlet and an internet provider company before specializing in Content Marketing and Blockchain. He visited over 20 countries building a truly cosmopolitan mindset.

ID Crypto : Okay let’s to talk with Mr. Henry

Mr.Henry :

My background is all about technology. I was working in AI for many years before started switching to Blockchain in the year of 2013.
I’ve build many blockchain platforms and solutions including project for Singapore government.

  1. Can you explain to us, what is Uniworld
Mr.Joey Bertschler

UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

In other words

We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform (here is a link {hyperlink “link” to a list of all Uni services}). You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team! We don’t waste your time with whitepapers and empty emails – we go straight for a prototype/MVP, because we want you to judge and value us based on our performance and quality.

While other BC projects are normally focused on one specific application (which they don’t really serve either), Uni takes a truly cosmopolitan approach. We have offices and employees all over the world all of which work remotely and are constantly tested for their skills – no slackers allowed!

We have the experience and capability to launch many products simoultaneously also thanks to our valuable long-term partnerships with software and design veterans. From blockchain to UX, Solidity to C+: we got you covered.

The world is big, but true innovation requires a bold approach.
Fun fact: it took over 3800 years for anyone to build something larger than the pyramids and electric cars have been around since the 1800s! No more stagnation, it’s time to embrace technology!

That is the way of Uni. {hyperlink Uni with the list mentioned above}

  1. what is the name of the token from Uniworld? how much profit can we get when we become holders of these tokens?

Mr Henry :

UniWorld has many products, UniChain is of of theme. UniChain has native token called UNW. Beside that, everyone can create their own token on UniChain network, just like ERC-20 token on ETH but wit very simple steps.
Everyone join network, hold the token or become witness nodes can earn profit.

This is article explain benefit when become a witness node

  1. where can I buy Uniworld tokens? and is it ready to be traded?
Mr.Joey Bertschler

With BNB here:
UNW will list on this September (Korean exchange) and many more soon

Mr.Henry :

We only have a small private sale at the moments. If you are interested, please send us a message. We are also working with some exchanges for the IEO, please follow our Telegram channel for the update.

  1. What things is Uniworld trying to solve to make it easier for Crypto users?
Mr.Joey Bertschler

UniChain is what you can call a multi-chain. It can get quite technical quite quickly from here on out, so if anyone wants to look under the hook, please contact us anywhere and we will happily go through the codes, bits and bytes with you ?

In simpler terms: The Chain combines DPoS and HotStuff to reach a low trade-off high scalable performance with the virtually lowest transaction fees possible.

Here is a little overview on the chains stats:

Cryptography algorithms: SHA256, SHA512, Keccak256, Keccak512, Elliptic Curve Digital Signature (EDCA).

Private keys on UniChain: 256 bit long (64 hex characters) and start with the letter U

Consensus algorithms: DPoS-Hotstuff

Active witness nodes: 33, alternative witness nodes: 22 (55 in total)

Total UNW supply (fixed): (In words: one billion)

Block time: 1 – 3 seconds

Smart contract language: Solidity (compatible with Ethereum)

Inflation rate < 1% per year (may be zero or go negative, depending on transactions in the network).

Here are some good links explaining the individual parts. We put our graphics, code, algorithms and so forth into our White papers for anyone interested in the details.

What is DPoS – Binance Academy (3min)

HotStuff – Cornell University (Paper)

Blockchain Investor Guide – Investopedia

More Uni Contacts:

Uni Links:
Account Website
Project overview
Technical whitepaper
Telegram group
Telegram channel

To elaborate a bit more

One of the major issues e.g. CryptoKitties had was scalability. This is quite a beaten horse as a topic by now, but it remains a core issue. Many chains solve scalability only at the expense of sacrificing a certain degree of decentralization or security. Uni can realistically perform to the degree necessary for sophisticated dApps + developers that have been working on Ethereum and ran into a barrier can work with UniChain. They can continue on in Solidity too. Same with other Blockchaind evelopers. This is why Unichain focuses so much on interoperability and high scalability. A million transactions per seconds is no easy feat.

Uni is in a nutshell a very scalable Blockchains. 1M TPS means it can actually meet the demands of sophisticated dApps and many BC use cases prior only possible in theory. Uni often mentions “For Block of society” which is in a way code and stands for our Society 5.0 initiative. Here is a Link on what that is:

Ethereum was simply not fast enough for anything Uni wanted to make possible, so the R&D team of Uni built one from scratch.

A good example is the still in use ERC20 protocol. It’s simply not complex enough to support compliant transactions so it’s unsuitable for complying with the SEC’s regulations yet many projects issue tokens based on this protocoll in hopes a simple KYC process will sufficient.

The canadian project Kik for example, despite owning several licenses and running different tech, was fined for $100 million by the SEC.

ERC1440 works in terms of complexity (though with some minor compromises), but runs into quite a handful of other issues even though the smart contract would be able to be compliant with every law it needs to be, it wouldn’t work in practice for performance reasons.

Uni solves these issues with it’s DPoS + HotStuff approach.

Mr.Henry :

UniWorld create many tools to solve the technical complexity problem so that any normal user can use it. For example, the grandmother can uses UniTool to create a token on UniChain network 🙂

This is last Question from this Session

  1. Could you please tell us how far the road map is currently developing? and what things will be realized this year and in the years to come?
Mr.Joey Bertschler

For this quarter, Uni will list on exchanges, and release major updates for all of it’s services (see links above in 4.).
For Q4-Q3 21 Uni plans to start interoperability operations on a grand scale.

UniChain.World will become a major development platform where both dAPP enthusiasts and no-coders can build amazing applications. Crypto will be sendable anywhere for virtually no fees and to top it off we still give away free 0,5 UNW to each new wallet so people can test the amazing speed and reliability.

We are also releasing our most-secure-messenger-app-worldwide UniMe for iOS soon (Android already available), UniTools – a way to easily create chatbots as no-coder too and much more this quarter

You can find more details on our last AMA here:

Or as mentioned check out the links in 4.

Session 2: Questions From Website & Twitter

Q1 : From @RoZerius

Can you explain about 4th Generation Blockchain For Smart Society 5.0? What makes this generation is better than previous generation?

What kind of blockchain is UniChain? And, how will UniChain solve major blockchain problems such as lack of scalability and security, lack of standardization: limited interoperability and Integration with legacy systems?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

Smart Society 1.0 (2.0,3.0…) refers to the stages of society. 1.0 was hunter gatherer

UniChain is a DPoS + HotStuff baised platform. It’s like a mix of Ethereum and BCH but way faster It solves the scalability/security issues with it’s hybrid solution (DPoS +HotStuff as mentioned thrice before)

Standardization happens through interoperability. Instead of forcing one standards, virtually every protocol works Like an adaptor

Q2. From @Adella33

Can you talk about the biggest achievement so far and the great things you are building now?

Mr.Henry :

  • We have released the UniChain mainnet with most of the feature in the whitepaper done.
  • We have build the ecosystem with many products to prove our vision and ability
  • We are working with exchanges and our coin will be listed in the next quarter

this quarter

another thing is that our solution of Defi is ready in real life

  • UniMe, a secured chat app with AI and blockchain integration is also available

Q3. From @Dermawanpilot

How does UniWorld think about the importance of the user community?
In the near future, does UniWorld have any special ideas/plans to attract & expand the community?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

Very important, but we also know to first focus on the right demogrpahics. Attracting ‘no coiners’ is currently not our primary objective, but as was seen with e.g. CryptoKitties, it takes but one app to make waves and Uni offers the scalability for them to actually run. Most applications mainstream success will highly depend on how easy they are to use. Users might not even notice they are running a dApp or that they are paying with crypto if it’s simple enough. Think in-game currency, point cards and buying gift cards from stores all of which are not based on FIAT either (tho those are minor every day examples not comparable with the enterprise solutions we aim for).

Our main goal is to build a community that enjoy’s Uni products simply because they solve problems. Because they are useful. For example 2 of our core products, namely UniMe and UniBot. UniMe is a highly sophisticated messenger with additional functions. (You can create your own chat bots, integrate your crypto wallets and the live deletion of your background data enables privacy unseen in virtually any other apps). UniBot is our Chat bot solution. Similar to GPT-3 we use huge amounts of data to train the modules they run on, but the data we select, though its a lot, is edited and filtered beforehand to create custom solutions for our enterprise partners.

There are also simpler bots for users to use for fun or as individual. They can be upgraded, changed, embedded and so forth depending on what the user wants.

This project won’t make a huge and sudden impact like the iphone did back in the day. Our approach is more that of a 7-eleven. We want to increase utility, offer more products and services and refine those and suddenly Uni is everywhere before you realize it.

We derive our value from our products and not an expectation of a high-value exit. It’s the same philosophy Roger Ver applies in his quest to improve BCH (as opposed to BTC maximalism).I was hoping the users that ask these questions could join the chat for a conversation. If anyone has any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Be it on the Bitcoin forum, via one of our emails, on LinkedIn or elsewhere. We will always get back to you.

The same applies to expansion politics – we will slowly but steadily grow through usability rather than pure promotion.

For example, picking up scalability issues again: any BC community can’t truly grow if there are such major roadblocks. It’s just too cryptic and not useful enough for true growth. One of the major issues e.g. CryptoKitties had was scalability too. This is quite a beaten horse as a topic by now, but it remains a core issue. Many chains solve scalability only at the expense of sacrificing a certain degree of decentralization or security. Uni can realistically perform to the degree necessary for sophisticated dApps + developers that have been working on Ethereum and ran into a barrier can work with UniChain. They can continue on in Solidity too. Same with other Blockchaind evelopers. This is why Unichain focuses so much on interoperability and high scalability. A million transactions per seconds is no easy feat.

I’m sure @henry_ngv would love to fill you in on all the technicalities of our technologies, they are quite exciting! Feel free to ask away both here and by reaching out to us on any of our outlets 🙂 We always respond fast!

I’ll give the word to my collgues with a remark

If you are interested, please consider making an account on: (It’s free + you get 0,5 UNW for free!)

Account Website
Project overview
Technical whitepaper
Telegram group
Telegram channel

Q4. From @pra669

Are there any other use cases where UniChain technology can be used,
apart from AI chat bots, Digital Indentify, Real Estate, P2P Lending, Insurance, Supply Chain? can be explained along with examples and handling using UniChain technology.

Mr.Henry :

It will be a long explanation to each use case. But in general, UniChain is blockchain platform which has ability to process a huge of transactions. Users can write smart contract with from any type of applications.
We also have smart contract template of Defi solution, Real estate, supply chain … and also building a Dapp store so that developers can upload their dapp/smart contract and others can buy It.

Mr.Joey Bertschler

(You just described almost every industry aside from the medical industry, where Uni could be applied as well)

Q5. from @Otoy90

i’m from Indonesia Is Indonesia one of the UniWorld development and marketing target countries? What will you do to get the support of many parties in Indonesia or other countries, including blockchain actors and investors?

Most investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to $UNW long term?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

Uni operates literally globally safe for jurisdictions that currently ban or restrict crypto in which Uni operates to the degree its allowed to only.

Regarding industries/the current situation I would like to describe that in 4 pillars

First off, the industry is fragmented and uncertain, causing projects to under-raise, projects to be non-compliant, and regulatory confusion.

There are no agreed upon frameworks, few true security tokens, and virtually no liquidity. The industry doesn’t have a playbook. This is changing faster and faster now. Regulators are catching up.

Unifying A Fragmented Industry

Uni brings together diverse organizations working in the Blockchain industry, creating an ecosystem to bring tokenized securities to mass adoption faster and with higher quality than could be done by entities acting in relative isolation.

Member Selection

We welcome the participation of those projects that are sincere in their aim and goal to democratize finance. Projects are selected on various criteria, including team, progress, brand image, community size (if applicable), funding, and so on.

Global Organization

Uni is based in Tokyo, but has an even distribution of members around the world, with over a dozen members each in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as members in Canada, Africa, and Oceania.

Realizing A $10T Industry

Blockchain, even with the hype gone, is still a potentially a $10 trillion industry. We are still in the nascence of this movement, due to a lack of clarity among stakeholders, including lawyers, compliance officers, advisors, and even developers. We need collaboration and integration to move forward.

We convince investors in quite the simple way: Here are our bots (we show them an example) here are our numbers (we openly show those, very transparent approach) and then they invest if they want to invest in the tech space.

We had quite a few offers over the years, but we didn’t want to give up any equity and also finish our products first. At least to a degree where, even if it’s a bit rough, everything runs.

Our initiative right now is really more of a stress test phase.

This project won’t make a huge and sudden impact like the iphone did back in the day. Our approach is more that of a 7-eleven. We want to increase utility, offer more products and services and refine those and suddenly Uni is everywhere before you realize it.

We derive our value from our products and not an expectation of a high-value exit. It’s the same philosophy Roger Ver applies in his quest to improve BCH (as opposed to BTC maximalism).I was hoping the users that ask these questions could join the chat for a conversation. If anyone has any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Be it on the Bitcoin forum, via one of our emails, on LinkedIn or elsewhere. We will always get back to you.

As investor, you may want to buy in early as an early adopter, use UNW for one of your businesses (UniBots) or even just keep an eye on the project if you are unsure at the moment – it won’t take long for more and more applications to pop up now that we are going live and you can judge based on how well everything performes.

Q6. From @SonerRobertson

One of the biggest problems with DApps is the inactive and useless state. People only create DApps but it has no use case or contribution to the blockchain ecosystem. To prevent and solve this problem that can occur on the UniWorld platform, what will your team do?

I’m aware that the presale of UniCash (UNW) which is the native currency of the ecosystem is around the corner. Can you explain more about it? What will the total supply, hardcap, average price and method of payment be?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

 I somewhat answered this question above unintentionally. You can put any price tag on a token and it’s essentially meaningless. Either all of the tokens are immediately sold or there is no liquidity and the tokens stay in place in the case of broken projects – this is probably what this question refers to.

UNW can be used
as a secure, low-fee transaction method (dust-level)
to run bots
to build on UniChain
to stake

but also further down the line to e.g. buy physical products, play in online casinos, tip people, to hedge with other cryptos and much more. The main reasons for this are:

The interoperability of our chain and bots means they can both be easily utilized by other projects and we can easily work with other projects ourselves.

Also for the reasons stated in 1. we chose Solidity as coding language. Ethereum has a vast community of dAPP devs and devs in general that will find it attractive to use their skills on more platforms. In more general terms there are use cases across supply chains, health care, real estate and so forth – all of which Uni is working on.

Note: Since Uni is far more scalable, anything build on top of this platform actually operates accordingly. It’s in a broader sense a tech stack – very useful for developing anything that can actually be used + it’s easy

Mr.Henry :

Our platform follows the decentralized and transparent principle. Everyone can create Dapp and deploy on UniChain network. It’s opened, We can not block any user or Dapp. However, to prevent the Dapp abandon, We encourage people by creating a great ecosystem so that everyone may use that application oftenly. We may also consider the Dapp fee to restrict the spammer or useless Dapp.

Q7. From @Airdropvinh

How many Fintech companies are there in the crypto market that can rival UniWorld? Are there any projects you see as competitors in the market? And how will u beat them in future? What is the unique things that only your project have?
There we see many projects that claims they are fully Decentralized. But they done their work in a Centralized way. How can we sure that UniWorld is fully Decentralized? Can you please tell us what’s UniWorld working method?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

On paper, many. Ethereum 2.0, BCH, minor projects, all of them. The difference lies in them just being mostly concept rather than actually running ware, often not even buggy MVPs.

Uni’s scalability (1 million transactions per second) is unseen. If any competitor can reach this speed, we would honestly be surprised. What holds Uni back is simply the complete lack of marketing experience, not the technology itself.

UniWorld has a fully autonomous voting system. Even the CEO is voted for by the nodes and changes all the time, much like a presidency.

All of this is explained in detail in our whitepaper. Perhaps you want to explain the voting and decentralization methods here @henry_ngv

Mr.Henry :

The UniChain consensus algorithm is DPOS-Hotstuff. The witness nodes in the network will be the one who validate transaction and create the blocks. Witness node will be voted by community by their voting power which is correspond to the UNW coin they have.

So the community is the actual owner of the UniChain network

Q8. From @endtimeprophet

Explain more about Unichain Blockchain, how does it solve the problem of scalability, security and interoperability? Why do you need your own blockchain instead of building on existing chains?

Using DPOS and HotStuff Consensus, what exactly advantage does this add to the Unichain Blockchain, how friendly for developers ?

Mr.Henry :

UniChain solves the scalability problem by using DPOS-Hotstuff consensus algorithm and Multi-chain architecture.
The DPOS-Hotstuff makes the network faster than any previous consensus algorithm (PoW, DPOS …) It reduces the communication complexity and also makes block/transaction finalized every block. Multi-Chain offloads the main chain processing, Transactions can be processed in individual side chains, only state and proof of transaction store on the mainchain. The core blockchain is quite complicated but We have make It easy for developers by creating the library/SDK (for example unichain-js) and many project examples. The development portal will be available in the end of this month too.

Last Question from this Session

Q9 : from @jacksonmartixc

I am a person who likes to generate money through my mobile phone and in the comfort of my home. How many with a mobile tool to generate income? Do you have any financial application for users like me?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

As said in our last AMA here:

“Staking could be an option. You could technically build and sell chat bots made on the UniBot platform with your mobile phone, but this would be vastly more tedious than simply using a computer.Similar to how you could write articles on Medium on your phone, but typing this way would take a long time.”

Session 3: Questions From Community

Q1 : from @Ketz23

DeFi is one of the hottest topic in the blockchain space right now. Can $UNW share your opinions on DeFi with us?
Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system?

Mr.Henry :

We have describe some use cases and how It work here:

Q2 : from @dermawanfariz

I was reading about some of the functions of your UniME app and I realized that it is very similar to Telegram .

chats, bot, audio, video what are some of the additional functions of this app compared to Telegram ?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

It’s like Telegram 2.0

More secure, + more advanced chat bots + sleak crypto wallet + and most crucially: data isn’t ever stored but remains in-between. It’s a bit complicated (please ask @henry_ngv for the technicalities) but in terms of privacy it’s a new level

Q3 : from @LeHai04

I’m a white hat hacker in internet, do you think your system is secure enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that rewards individual vulnerability detection of the system?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

Yes and one of the reasons we are now raising funds. With money on the platform instead of secure bank accounts (self funded project up until now) we are indirectly inviting hackers and scammers to try us too.

It’s a stress test and trial so to speak. That being said, we secure everything thrive and have many measures in place to counteract any possible damage

Q4 : from @yusuf113

What is your long-term vision about the industry which #uni world working on? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace #Uni world? Because we can see many crypto projects related with this concept recently.

Mr.Joey Bertschler

There is not a single one that can reach this speed (1 million tps) in actuality. Only on paper. If a rival manages to do that it would likely start a bidding war and should we lose this, we would focus on our other services like our AI chat bots

Q5 : from @ayamuntas

Mr.Henry :

We have developer teams come from all over the world (Canada, Japan, Singapore, US, Vietnam), Some of them have many experience in building scalable blockchain platforms. Please follow us on Github to see the projects We are working on.

Q6 : from @BBQBangBang

Is making Tokens on UNICHAIN ​​free? What are the advantages of making tokens on UNICHAIN ​​compared to other platforms such as ETH, BNB, TRON, Etc?

Mr.Joey Bertschler

No. It’s never free, nowhere. You always pay with electricity, screentime, time in general, your personal information.
Few projects are truly free. Even Wikipedia barely passes the definition.

The advantage lies in the real world adoption. You can buy stuff with UNW. You can trade it. There is software around it and the technological capabilities are more modern and advanced.

Uni’s only big weakness is the lack of native English speakers 😉

That being said, the cap of UNW is fixed. No new UNW will be minted, it stays the same

Session 4: Quiz about

  1. Which crypto/Blockchain/dAPP (name of the service/for what) are you currently using (if any) or have used in the past?
  2. Can you name the UniWorld products?
  3. What is the most problem of PoW consensus algorithm (in BTC, ETH …) that UniChain want to solve?
  4. Why UniChain is very suitable for Defi application?
  5. Ok, the last one What is the name of the smallest unit of UNW 🙂 ?

correct and fastest answer

  1. Uniswap to buy some Defi token, binance exchange to trade and margin ^^, trust wallet to hold token @MsKiwi206
  2. Uni Platforms Services, UniChain Platform, UniBot Platform, Uni Applications Services, UniMe Hub, UniBot Offline, Hybrid Marketing Solutions, MIA Communities, Aiomo (comming soon) @Pannicota
  3. which consumes huge amounts of electric energy to secure a ledger @uamos
  4. The capacity of processing up to million transactions per second by leveraging the side chain architectures and the flexible smart contract system, UniChain is suitable for any Defi solutions from payment platform to peer-to-peer lending network! @zeinnawawyalatrush
  5. Ginza @bigbos14

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PlatON memungkinkan blockchain berfungsi lebih efisien dan berkelanjutan. Prosesnya dapat dengan mudah dikonfirmasi berkat program PlatOn dan prosesnya selesai dengan cepat. PlatOn, yang memproduksi platform Vitu untuk investor institusional pada umumnya, menawarkan solusi yang dibutuhkan perusahaan.

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PlatON menyertakan beberapa fitur yang mudah digunakan seperti migrasi data kontrak sekali klik dan contract naming (CNS) service. Kerangka sumber terbuka dapat disesuaikan dengan berbagai kasus penggunaan dan situasi aplikasi, bersama dengan rantai alat dan modul yang mudah digunakan, serta model izin pengguna yang disesuaikan.PlatON memanfaatkan sejumlah algoritma kriptografi dan komputasi yang menjaga kerahasiaan untuk memastikan bahwa jaringan mematuhi persyaratan keamanan data lokal. PlatONE menawarkan platform yang matang untuk aplikasi dan pengembangan blockchain, memungkinkan pengembang untuk dengan cepat pindah ke ekosistem konsorsium yang lebih luas dan membangun tumpukan perangkat lunak.

Implementasi dasar dari jaringan PlatON adalah topologi terstruktur yang terdesentralisasi sepenuhnya berdasarkan protokol berbasis RELOAD (Resource LOcation AndDiscovery) dan protokol Kademlia [Kademlia]. Tampak pada Gambar adalah lapisan-lapisan dari struktur jaringan PlatON secara keseluruhan

Kesimpulan tentang PlatON Network

Jaringan PlatON adalah perangkat yang tidak terlalu kuat di awal masa pertumbuhan. Gambaran umum tentang PlatON yang bekerja sebagai generasi berikutnya dari arsitektur komputer adalah seperti yang dilakukannya sekarang.Mengingat tantangan teknis utama dari jaringan PlatON yang kompleks, perlu dicatat bahwa masih ada beberapa masalah dengan arsitektur terdistribusi, algoritma kriptografi, desain sistem teori permainan , implementasi perangkat keras dan konstruksi jaringan. Beberapa di antaranya adalah tantangan intelektual umum bagi semua umat manusia, menunggu terobosan lebih lanjut di bidang akademis serta eksplorasi teknik progresif. Kami akan menangani masalah ini satu per satu dengan kekuatan komunitas global dan berkembang selangkah demi selangkah. Oleh karena itu, perbaikan dan iterasi pada roadmap kami ke depan akan terus diupdate

PlatON Network Team

Ikuti Sosial Media PlatON Network

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Bityard Pertukaran kontrak cryptocurrency terkemuka di dunia


Trading kontrak atau contract trading seringkali memiliki mekanisme yang rumit, apalagi  kontrak trading aset digital. Sehingga dalam melakukan trading kontrak aset digital dibutuhkan platform yang sederhana dan mudah digunakan untuk mengurangi kerumitan dalam trading.

Bityard bisa dijadikan pilihan untuk trading kontrak aset digital karena mempunyai layanan transaksi digital yang aman, sederhana, dan cepat

Apa itu Bityard ?

Bityard  adalah platform trading kontrak aset digital yang sederhana dan ramah pengguna. Platform ini didirikan pada November 2019 dan berkantor pusat di Singapura.

memiliki tim manajemen profesional dan sistem perdagangan yang kuat, dan pengguna bityard juga berasal dari lebih dari 150 negara dan wilayah termasuk Amerika Utara, Eropa, Asia Pasifik, dan Asia Tenggara.

Apa saja Keunggulan dari Bityard ?

  1. Legalitas terjamin

Bityard adalah platform perdagangan kontrak mata uang digital, yang diatur oleh Bisnis Layanan Uang Amerika, Akuntansi Singapura dan Otoritas Pengatur Korporat (ACRA), dan MTR Estonia untuk Uni Eropa. Sehingga legalitas dan keamanan platform Bityard sudah terjamin.

  1. Sederhana dan User Friendly

Tidak seperti Platform lainnya yang memiliki fitur kompleks yang hanya cocok untuk trader aset digital di level advanced, Bityard memiliki tampilan serta fitur yang lebih sederhana sehingga mudah untuk penggunaan bahkan untuk pemula yang baru memulai trading.

menyediakan layanan perdagangan derivatif aset digital yang aman, sederhana, dan cepat untuk pengguna. Bityard menganut konsep produk “Kontrak Kompleks Perdagangan Sederhana”, yang bertujuan untuk memberikan pengalaman pengguna yang luar biasa kepada pengguna.

Mengapa harus menggunakan Bityard ?

Selain fungsi lengkap dan keamanan tinggi, desain antarmuka pengguna yang disederhanakan dengan baik adalah salah satu keunggulan Bityard, Untuk membantu pengguna baru dengan cepat masuk ke dunia crypto.

Berikut beberapa fitur dari platform Bityard

1. Melakukan penyetoran mudah:

Bityard saat ini mendukung penyetoran 10 mata uang kripto utama dengan Yuan Cina (CNY), Rupiah Indonesia (IDR), Dong Vietnam (VND), dan lebih banyak layanan fiat on-ramp sedang dalam proses. Transfer dana antara atasan dan bawahan yang difasilitasi oleh agen diperbolehkan di Bityard. Saat ini Bityard juga sudah mendungkung deposit dengan Cryptocurrency seperti BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BT, TRX, LINK.

2. Membuat akun mudah :

alamat email atau nomor ponsel adalah satu-satunya hal yang diperlukan, dan seluruh pendaftaran hanya akan memakan waktu 30 detik.

3. Berdagang dengan mudah:

Fungsi antarmuka perdagangan yang kompleks disederhanakan, dan pengguna dapat berdagang mulai dari 5 USDT. Bityard juga menyediakan setiap pengguna akun perdagangan yang disimulasikan sehingga pengguna juga dapat belajar melakukan pemesanan sebelum melakukan perdagangan dan untuk leverage Bityard mempuyai 5 – 100 X.

Program Menarik

Jika Anda merupakan influencer atau memiliki komunitas yang cukup besar, Anda bisa mengikuti program KOL Bityard dengan beragam keuntungan

Bonus bagi pengguna baru Aktif

Dapatkan BONUS sampai 258USDT dan FREE mining setiap hari nya untuk pengguna batu aktif.

Daftar dan bergabung dengan Bityard sekarang!

Untuk mengetahui lebih tentang Bityard

Silahkan mengikuti Sosial Media Bityard Resmi

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ECOC – Bukan hanya Cryptocurrency lainnya


Sejak ECOC berhasil untuk pra-peluncuran Mainnet pada tahun 2019, baru-baru ini, ECOC telah bergabung dengan bursa Global Bitterx dengan memperdagangkan USTD / ECOC dan BTC / ECOC.

Dengan tim pengembangan profesional kami, berbulan-bulan sibuk merancang, membangun, dan menguji platform menjadi kenyataan. Kami tidak pernah berhenti untuk meningkatkan platform kami. Selain itu, kami senang menyambut Anda untuk bergabung dengan komunitas kami yang sedang berkembang.

Temukan lebih lanjut tentang ECOC:

Webiste :

ECOC dapat diperjual belikan di :

ECOC membangun komunitas yang kuat yang akan menjadi bagian penting dari ECOChain. Komunitas yang akan didengar dan didukung dengan baik. Kami siap mendengarkan ide untuk perbaikan dan saran untuk peningkatan di masa depan dan kami ingin memberi penghargaan kepada mereka yang memimpin jalan juga. Untuk memberi kami peluang terbaik untuk sukses dan menjadi cryptocurrency terkemuka, kami terus mengembangkan kampanye kami dan terus memeriksa dan meningkatkan keamanan platform kami. Pengembang kami yang luar biasa telah bekerja tanpa henti untuk mengirimkan proyek ke tangan komunitas dan kami terus mendorong mereka untuk melangkah lebih jauh!

Bergabunglah dengan telegram ECOC:

Global :

Indonesia :

Ayo mulai pestanya! ECOChain telah membuat kampanye menarik yang disebut ECOC Proof-Of-Support (POSp) dengan hadiah besar-besaran, bounty yang luar biasa, dan beberapa kompetisi yang sangat hebat. Ini akan menjadi kesempatan Anda untuk bergabung dengan kami dan mendapatkan hadiahnya.

Tentang POSp:

Proof-Of-Support (POSp) ECOC Berasal dari distribusi koin berjumlah 2 miliar ECOC, dan pra-penambangan pertama adalah 200 juta koin, Saat ini volume peredarannya adalah 3,74 juta di pasar perdagangan cryptocurrency. (POSp) dibuat oleh tim pendiri ECOC. Tujuannya adalah agar setiap orang dapat menggunakan bukti kepemilikan. Mempertaruhkan dan berpartisipasi dalam (POSp) memberi setiap anggota komunitas kami peluang lebih tinggi untuk menerima hadiah.

Namun, jika digabungkan dengan konsep desentralisasi, bagian kepemilikan resmi ECOC terlalu jauh melebihi 50%. Karena kepemilikan resmi yang berlebihan, sifat desentralisasi ECOC melemah. Oleh karena itu, keputusan resmi untuk membuat (POSP) untuk mendukung pejabat yang memegang bagian dari ECOC memberikan hadiah kepemilikan resmi kepada komunitas dan mitra komunitas yang telah berkontribusi pada ECOC. Dengan demikian, Tujuannya adalah untuk lebih efektif menjaga keamanan jaringan ECOChain, membangun loyalitas. Node juga diharapkan akan mengambil perilaku penambangan janji sebagai jaminan kepercayaan dari konsensus, sehingga secara efektif mendorong pengguna untuk berpartisipasi dalam pembangunan konsensus.

Di masa mendatang, ECOChain akan memberikan (POSp) lebih banyak “kesejahteraan” untuk mendukung pasar juga optimis bahwa harga mata uang ECOC telah mempertahankan momentum kenaikan yang stabil. ECOChain sangat mengikat dirinya, node, dan harga mata uang, menyerahkan kepentingan kepada mitra, dan menjadi komunitas yang berkepentingan dengan proyek. Bersama-sama, setiap orang akan membuat komunitas lebih besar daripada hanya menaruh uang di kantong mereka sendiri. Ini juga memungkinkan pengguna dan orang lain untuk secara spontan menjadi pembuat platform, mengangkut lebih banyak pengguna komunitas ke rantai publik ECOC.

Bergabunglah dengan ECOC POSp:

Sumber Artikel :

Giveaway 20 Juta Rupiah dari Tokenomy X


ID Crypto X Tokenomy Giveaway

Dapatkan Bonus Pendaftaran 100.000 IDR dan 10% Bonus Deposit untuk Pengguna Baru TokenomyX menggunakan Link ID Crypto.

  1. Daftar TokenomyX
    ? Klik disini untuk Daftar TokenomyX
    Note : Setelah buka Link diatas langsung Klik Registrasi dan isi data lengkap sampai selesai.
    Klik garis 3 sebelah kiri atas untuk melihat menu register ( Lihat gambar dibawah )

Syarat & Ketentuan Bonus Registrasi Rp 100.000,-

  1. Bonus Rp 100,000 untuk member baru yang mendaftar di TokenomyX menggunakan Link ID Crypto
  2. Bonus akan diberikan ke Funds dalam waktu 1-3 hari setelah verifikasi akun.
  3. Bonus dapat digunakan untuk melakukan trading.
  4. Ketersediaan bonus terbatas, hanya untuk 100 member pertama setiap
  5. Event ini tidak memiliki periode waktu, dan dapat berakhir kapan saja.
  6. Tokenomy akan memberikan pengumuman resmi 3 hari sebelum berakhirnya
    periode promosi.

Syarat dan ketentuan Bonus 10% Deposit

  1. Bonus 10% untuk deposit pertama Anda setiap bulannya dengan minimum
    deposit Rp 500.000,00.
  2. Maksimum bonus yang diberikan adalah sebesar Rp 20.000.000,00 (selama
    ketersediaan bonus masih ada).
  3. Bonus akan diberikan ke Funds dalam waktu 1-3 hari setelah deposit.
  4. Bonus dapat digunakan untuk melakukan trading.
  5. Event ini tidak memiliki periode waktu, dan dapat berakhir kapan saja.
  6. Tokenomy akan memberikan pengumuman resmi 3 hari sebelum berakhirnya
    periode promosi.

Syarat Mengikuti Event :

  • Daftar menggunakan Link ID Crypto
  • Wajib Melakukan KYC
  • Bonus Pendaftarn Rp.100.000 dan 10% Bonus Deposit akan masuk 1 – 3 hari setelah KYC

Langkah – Langkah KYC

Setelah mendaftar menggunakan Link ID Crypto anda juga akan diundang bergabung ke Group VIP Tokenomy X Trading Chat

Fasilitas gratis untuk member VIP

✅ Sinyal Premium Gratis
✅ Analisa Market
✅ Sharing Bareng

Setelah Daftar menggunakan Link ID Crypto silahkan PM Antony melalui Telegram untuk di invite ke Group VIP

Ikuti Media Sosial ID Crypto

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vBasic: Verus DeFi


Verus adalah cryptocurrency berbasis UTXO dengan DeFi dalam protokol konsensusnya. Dalam seri vBasics pertama ini, kami menjelaskan apa itu kumpulan likuiditas, pembuat pasar otomatis, dan mata uang pecahan, dan bagaimana fungsinya di ekosistem Verus.

Verus adalah blockchain dasar yang membangun kunci primitif pada tingkat konsensus protokol . DeFi adalah salah satu kunci primitif itu, dan cukup sulit untuk dipikirkan. Terutama karena kata-kata yang kita gunakan bisa membingungkan. Ini adalah teknologi baru jadi kami membuatnya sesuai kebutuhan. Sistem DeFi yang kita kenal menggunakan kata-kata seperti ‘pembuat pasar otomatis’ dan ‘kolam likuiditas’. Verus menambahkan ‘mata uang pecahan’ ke terminologi.

Dalam sistem DeFi tidak ada orang yang Anda beli atau jual mata uang Anda. Anda hanya berinteraksi dengan kumpulan likuiditas. Di dalam kumpulan likuiditas ini bisa ada banyak mata uang yang berbeda, dalam jumlah kecil atau besar. Kumpulan likuiditas dilampirkan ke mata uang. Mata uang yang dilampirkan ke kolam likuiditas memiliki nilai yang ditentukan oleh apa yang ada di kolam likuiditas (gambar 1).

Catatan penting: di ekosistem Verus, semua mata uang dengan kumpulan likuiditas memiliki persediaan adaptif.

Gambar 1: Di Verus DeFi, mata uang dapat memiliki kumpulan likuiditas yang melekat padanya

Mari kita mulai dengan menjelaskan mata uang yang didukung oleh 100% (lihat gambar 2). Dalam contoh kami, kami memiliki NewCurrency. Mata uang ini didukung oleh 100% dan memiliki VRSC dan ETH di kumpulan likuiditasnya (A).

Dalam mata uang yang didukung 100%, nilainya selalu dibagi rata dengan jumlah mata uang dalam kumpulan likuiditas. NewCurrency memiliki 1000 VRSC dan 2 ETH di kumpulan likuiditasnya. Dan meskipun nilainya berbeda, dan memiliki nilai berbeda di luar ekosistem Verus, mereka tetap mewakili 50/50% dari nilai (B).

Katakanlah mata uang dalam kumpulan likuiditas NewCurrency memiliki nilai keduanya $500. Akibatnya, nilai 1 NewCurrency adalah $1000 (C).

Gambar 2: Bagaimana nilai mata uang Verus DeFi disusun

Jadi, tergantung pada apa yang ada di kolam likuiditas NewCurrency, harga mata uang berfluktuasi. Di sinilah istilah  pembuat pasar otomatis ‘ dimainkan. Tidak ada orang yang menetapkan harga mata uang, itu sepenuhnya otomatis. Siapapun setiap saat dapat berinteraksi dengan mata uang ini karena selalu ada nilai, dan selalu likuiditas. Yang berarti ini adalah pembuat pasar yang selalu ‘on’. Pembuat pasar yang sepenuhnya otomatis.

Anda mungkin bertanya pada diri sendiri: mengapa selalu ada likuiditas? Ini karena kumpulan likuiditas tidak pernah benar-benar kosong. Seseorang selalu dapat menambahkan atau mengeluarkan VRSC dan ETH. Ketika keseimbangan tip terlalu banyak ke satu sisi, ada kesempatan untuk arbitrase dan menghasilkan uang. Selalu ada sesuatu untuk diperdagangkan.

Sekarang mengapa seseorang ingin mengonversi VRSC atau ETH mereka ke NewCurrency? Ini adalah pilihan manajemen portofolio. NewCurrency bertindak sebagai strategi campuran konstan . Anda dihadapkan pada dua mata uang yang berbeda, sementara hanya memegang satu. Dengan memegang NewCurrency, Anda juga mendapatkan biaya dari orang yang mengonversi, lebih lanjut tentang ini nanti.

Mata uang Verus DeFi yang didukung oleh 100% dapat memiliki lebih banyak mata uang daripada hanya dua di kumpulan likuiditasnya. Semua jenis kombinasi dimungkinkan (gambar 3).

Gambar 3: Mata uang yang didukung oleh 100% dapat memiliki banyak mata uang yang berbeda dalam kumpulan likuiditasnya

Dalam ekosistem Verus kami menyebut mata uang yang memiliki kumpulan likuiditas yang melekat padanya sebagai ‘mata uang pecahan’. Mata uang yang berada di pool likuiditas yang kita sebut ‘cadangan mata uang’, lihat gambar 4.

Gambar 4: Terminologi Verus DeFi

Untuk membuatnya sedikit lebih rumit, mari kita jelaskan mengapa kita menyebut mata uang ini ‘ mata uang pecahan ‘. Dalam contoh kami sebelumnya (gambar 2), kami menunjukkan mata uang pecahan yang memperoleh nilainya 100% dari mata uang cadangan: didukung 100%. Dalam ekosistem Verus, kita dapat memiliki mata uang pecahan yang sebagian, sebagian , didukung oleh angka antara 5 dan 95%, lihat gambar 5.

Gambar 5: Dua contoh mata uang pecahan yang sebagian didukung oleh cadangannya

Bagaimana seseorang membuat mata uang pecahan yang didukung 100% atau didukung sebagian berbeda. Seorang pengguna dapat membuat mata uang dan menentukan bahwa mata uang tersebut didukung 100%. Seorang pengguna tidak dapat menentukan pecahan antara 5 dan 95%. Jumlah dukungan oleh mata uang pecahan tergantung pada kekuatan pasar sebelum mata uang diluncurkan.

Seseorang dapat bertanya, apa konsekuensi bahwa mata uang didukung oleh 10, 50, 80 atau 100%? Perbedaannya adalah kurva harga vs penawaran. Dan ingat, mata uang pecahan memiliki persediaan adaptif. Lihat gambar 6 untuk ilustrasi sederhana.

Gambar 6: Persentase dukungan yang berbeda berarti harga yang berbeda vs kurva penawaran

Mengonversi Dari Cadangan ke Cadangan

Kami telah menjelaskan bagaimana seseorang selalu dapat mengkonversi ke mata uang dengan mata uang cadangannya. Atau kembali ke mata uang cadangan dengan mata uang. Di ekosistem Verus ada cara lain untuk mengonversi mata uang.

Kami menyebutnya konversi melalui mata uang pecahan. Seseorang tidak memperoleh mata uang pecahan, tetapi mengkonversi melalui mata uang pecahan ke mata uang cadangan. Untuk menyederhanakan: seseorang mengubah satu mata uang cadangan ke mata uang cadangan lainnya. Lihat gambar 7 untuk kemungkinan konversi yang berbeda dalam contoh NewCurrency kami. Ingatlah bahwa semua mata uang (fraksional & cadangan) memiliki nilai relatif satu sama lain.

Gambar 7: Kemungkinan untuk mengkonversi ke segala arah

Misalnya, jika seseorang memiliki VRSC, mereka dapat mengubahnya menjadi ETH melalui NewCurrency. Dalam ekosistem Verus DeFi, jika seseorang ingin mengonversi VRSC ke ETH, protokol mencari melalui semua mata uang pecahan dengan cadangan VRSC dan ETH, memberikan Anda harga terbaik untuk konversi (gambar 8).

Gambar 8: Protokol mencari melalui semua mata uang pecahan untuk menyajikan harga konversi terbaik

Selalu ada nilai, dan selalu likuiditas yang melekat pada pecahan dan mata uang cadangan. Akan selalu mungkin untuk mendapatkan mata uang pecahan, atau mengonversi ke mata uang cadangan dengan salah satu dari banyak mata uang pecahan DAN cadangan yang akan tersedia di ekosistem Verus.

Catatan penting: semua mata uang pecahan di blockchain Verus harus memiliki VRSC sebagai salah satu cadangannya.

Penghasilan Biaya

Seperti yang telah kita bahas sebelumnya, memegang mata uang pecahan selain strategi portofolio/investasi, merupakan peluang untuk mendapatkan biaya.

Katakanlah seseorang memegang NewCurrency dari gambar 2. Setiap kali pengguna mengonversi VRSC ke ETH, atau ETH ke VRSC, 0,025% dari transaksi di VRSC tetap berada di cadangan NewCurrency. Ini berarti bahwa nilai total NewCurrency naik yang bermanfaat bagi pemegangnya.

Dengan Revolusi

Apa yang membuat Verus unik dibandingkan dengan pesaingnya Ethereum, adalah bahwa di Verus semua blok diselesaikan secara bersamaan. Front-running tidak akan mungkin. Baca informasi lebih mendalam tentang perbedaan antara Verus dan Ethereum DeFi.

Sistem likuiditas raksasa akan muncul, dengan nilai mengalir ke segala arah. Sering kali nilai mata uang di ekosistem Verus tidak akan disejajarkan dengan mata uang yang sama di luar ekosistem. Banyak peluang arbitrase akan muncul yang berarti lebih banyak nilai mengalir ke dalam sistem.

Source: Verus medium post


Bergabunglah dengan Komunitas Verus

Apakah Verus Siap Menantang Ethereum?


Setelah penyelaman awal yang mendalam ke dalam teknologi Proyek Verus, Anda mungkin setuju bahwa arsitektur blockchain Verus, dan penggunaan transaksi cerdas melalui kontrak cerdas, siap untuk memposisikannya sebagai kekuatan baru terkuat dalam fungsionalitas blockchain yang muncul seperti DeFi dan identitas terdesentralisasi.

Pada 21 Mei 2018, seorang penambang beruntung di dunia menambang VerusCoin pertama yang pernah ada. Sejak itu semakin banyak orang yang menemukan Proyek Verus. Mereka membentuk komunitas yang hidup dan berkembang yang telah berpartisipasi dalam jaringan melalui penambangan dan mempertaruhkan koin, dan juga berkontribusi pada pertumbuhannya.

Verus telah menempuh perjalanan jauh sejak lebih dari dua tahun lalu. Kami bangga berbagi prestasi kami dengan Anda. Dalam artikel ini, Anda akan mendapatkan pemahaman yang lebih baik tentang beberapa teknologi yang telah dibuat dan apa yang membuat Verus unik dan, menurut kami, lebih unggul:

  • Peluncuran Adil : Tidak ada biaya ICO, pra-tambang atau pendiri dan pengembang.
  • VerusHash 2.2 : Algoritme hashing yang dikembangkan untuk menurunkan hambatan penambangan bagi semua orang dan menciptakan jaringan terdesentralisasi secara alami.
  • Verus Proof of Power (VerusPoP) : 50% PoS, 50% PoW, solusi hybrid yang dapat dibuktikan untuk 51% serangan hash.
  • VerusID : Bisa dibilang identitas terdesentralisasi berdaulat sendiri yang paling maju; mereka adalah identitas yang dapat dibatalkan dan dipulihkan di blockchain, dikemas dengan fitur dan kemampuan untuk digunakan semua orang.
  • Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS) : Luncurkan blockchain Anda sendiri dengan spesifikasi yang dapat disesuaikan, sambil menggunakan infrastruktur Verus untuk keamanan dan kontinuitas. PBaaS menyediakan peta jalan untuk skalabilitas yang praktis tidak terbatas.
  • Mata Uang Multi-Cadangan : Hanya satu bagian dari fungsi token/mata uang Verus, mata uang multi-cadangan adalah dasar untuk DeFi yang berpusat pada pengguna.
  • Nilai untuk Penambang & Penambang : Arsitektur Verus memberikan penghargaan kepada penambang dan pemangku kepentingan, seluruh ekonomi yang mengarah ke infrastruktur yang kuat, kuat, dan permanen.

Peluncuran Adil: Tanpa Biaya ICO, Pra-Tambang atau Pengembang dan Pendiri

Pengumuman dibuat 15 menit sebelum peluncuran blockchain [ lihat pengumuman BitcoinTalk ]. Sejak awal pertama dari blockchain VerusCoin, siapa pun memiliki kesempatan yang adil untuk mulai menambang dan kemudian mempertaruhkan koin. Verus adalah proyek berbasis komunitas dalam semangat Bitcoin yang sebenarnya — tanpa ICO, tanpa pra-penambangan, tanpa biaya pendiri atau pengembang.

Yayasan Verus Coin mendorong pengembangan lebih jauh untuk mencapai visinya di masa depan [ lihat Makalah Visi Verus ]. Siapa pun yang ingin berkontribusi pada proyek, dalam kapasitas apa pun, dipersilakan. Bergabunglah dengan komunitas kami yang terus berkembang di Discord untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang Proyek Verus.

VerusHash 2.2 : Menurunkan Hambatan Penambangan untuk Semua Orang

VerusHash 2.2 adalah algoritma penambangan untuk VerusCoin. Algoritme dikembangkan untuk secara eksplisit menyamakan FPGA dan CPU modern, dan untuk menciptakan ekosistem penambang yang terdesentralisasi secara alami.

Tidak diperlukan peralatan penambangan khusus untuk menambang VerusCoin, dan bahkan dapat ditambang sendiri langsung dari dompet Verus Desktop hanya dengan beberapa klik, tanpa persyaratan perangkat lunak tambahan. Pemula dapat menemukan lapangan bermain yang rata untuk mulai mendapatkan VRSC.

Mulai menambang sekarang, dapatkan perangkat lunak penambangan VRSC Anda di sini , atau mulai menambang solo dari dalam Verus Desktop .

Verus Proof of Power (VerusPoP): Solusi Hybrid Terbukti untuk 51% Serangan Hash

VerusCoin memiliki mekanisme konsensus yang unik: ini adalah 50% Proof of Work dan 50% Proof of Stake. Artinya, separuh dari blok yang baru dihasilkan berasal dari penambangan (PoW), dan separuh lainnya berasal dari staking (PoS). Algoritme pertaruhan Verus memecahkan dua masalah teoretis utama yang merusak sistem PoS lainnya , “tidak ada yang dipertaruhkan” dan “subjektivitas yang lemah” dengan memanfaatkan kemampuan transaksi cerdasnya untuk menghilangkan insentif apa pun untuk mencoba menipu, menjadikannya proposisi yang kalah.

Mekanisme ini disebut Proof of Power atau VerusPoP dan memberikan efek desentralisasi lebih lanjut pada jaringan, memberi insentif kepada pemegang untuk menjaga node tetap online untuk mendukung jaringan. Bahkan jika terjadi perubahan hashrate jaringan, rasio PoW/PoS tetap sama: 50/50%.

Agar berhasil menyerang blockchain VerusCoin, diperlukan lebih dari 50% kekuatan validasi, yang disebut Chain Power. Selain itu, VerusCoin memanfaatkan Proof of Work Komodo yang tertunda. Ini berarti rantai tersebut terus-menerus diaktakan ke dalam blockchain Bitcoin di setiap blok bitcoin, memanfaatkan hashrate Bitcoin untuk membantu mempertahankan jaringan Verus.

Selama lebih dari dua tahun mainnet, VerusCoin tidak pernah mengalami serangan hash 51% yang berhasil. Pelajari lebih lanjut di whitepaper teknis VerusPoP .

VerusID: Identitas yang Berdaulat Sendiri, Terdesentralisasi, Dapat Dicabut, dan Dapat Dipulihkan di Blockchain

“Transaksi pintar” juga memberikan dasar untuk menciptakan identitas terdesentralisasi dengan kemampuan pencabutan dan pemulihan yang belum pernah kita lihat dengan proyek blockchain apa pun, bahkan pada peta jalan mereka. Siapa pun dapat membuat VerusID dengan dompet multi-mata uang kami yang mudah digunakan, Verus Desktop, atau melalui Command Line (CLI) [ temukan keduanya di sini ]. Pembuat VerusID membayar biaya 100 VRSC, atau 80 VRSC saat menggunakan referensi. Biaya ini masuk 100% ke penambang dan pemangku kepentingan. Berikut adalah daftar fitur terpenting dari VerusID:

  • Berdaulat sendiri : Anda memiliki kepemilikan dan kendali penuh atas VerusID Anda melalui penggunaan kunci pribadi. Tidak seorang pun selain Anda yang memiliki kendali atas VerusID Anda kecuali Anda memilihnya. Ini adalah sistem tanpa izin, jadi siapa pun di dunia dapat membuat VerusID.
  • Dapat dibatalkan dan dipulihkan : saat membuat VerusID, Anda dapat menentukan ID pencabutan dan ID pemulihan. Verus percaya bahwa fungsi ini sangat penting untuk sistem identitas berdaulat apa pun; pengguna memerlukan jalur untuk memulihkan identitas mereka jika kunci pribadi mereka hilang atau dicuri, jika tidak, ada terlalu banyak risiko dalam sistem berdaulat sendiri di mana identitas dapat menjadi tidak dapat diakses dengan satu kesalahan. Sekarang mungkin untuk pertama kalinya Anda dapat pulih dari kehilangan atau pencurian kunci pribadi dengan cara yang sepenuhnya terdesentralisasi dan berdaulat sendiri.
  • Nama ramah : VerusID adalah alamat blockchain yang juga dapat menyimpan dana, dan mempertaruhkan VRSC-nya. Ini adalah sistem yang ditingkatkan untuk menyimpan dan menerima dana, karena pengguna sekarang memiliki nama yang mudah dibaca manusia, misalnya Verus Coin Foundation@ , untuk menerima, mengirim, dan mengamankan semua mata uang kripto mereka. Ini juga berarti bahwa dana yang disimpan di alamat VerusID dapat dipulihkan jika kunci pribadi hilang.
  • Multisig : setiap VerusID dapat berfungsi sebagai alamat multisig, sehingga memungkinkan untuk dikendalikan oleh banyak orang. Dengan cara ini, metode baru disediakan untuk organisasi atau kelompok orang untuk bekerja sama.

Ada lagi: dengan VerusID Anda juga memiliki z-address (Sapling) untuk transaksi dan pesan pribadi, dan Anda dapat membuat tanda tangan yang tidak dapat dipalsukan untuk pesan dan untuk menandatangani file. Selanjutnya Anda dapat mentransfer VerusID ke alamat lain, termasuk semua UTXO-nya!

Hasilkan VRSC dengan Referensi

VerusID memiliki sistem rujukan di mana siapa pun dapat memperoleh VRSC. Referensi kembali ke 3 level sebagai bagian dari aturan blockchain. VerusID yang tidak dirujuk berharga 100 VRSC, yang semuanya diberikan kepada penambang atau pemegang saham dari blok yang berisi pendaftaran VerusID tersebut.

Jika seseorang memiliki rujukan, VerusID mereka berharga 80 VRSC, dan 20 VRSC masuk ke perujuk. Jika perujuk memiliki perujuk, mereka juga mendapatkan 20 VRSC. Hingga 3 perujuk mendapatkan masing-masing 20 VRSC dan 20–60 VRSC sisanya diberikan kepada penambang atau pemegang blok.

Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS): Meluncurkan Blockchain Sendiri

Verus melihat masa depan di mana setiap orang dapat membuat blockchain mereka sendiri dengan cara yang mudah. Setiap blockchain dalam ekosistem bersifat independen dan dapat disesuaikan. Untuk membuat rantai, seseorang harus memiliki nama rantai VerusID.

Rantai dapat disarangkan ke level mana pun, sehingga rantai, katakanlah “NewChain”, yang diluncurkan dengan VerusID di blockchain Verus utama, dapat digunakan untuk menelurkan rantai baru dalam jumlah tak terbatas, masing-masing menggunakan identitas di NewChain, yang dapat diperoleh dengan biaya berapa pun seperti yang dipilih oleh pencipta NewChain.

Rantai baru mewarisi mekanisme konsensus 50/50% PoW/PoS. Persentase ini mungkin dapat disesuaikan di masa mendatang.

Rantai yang baru dibuat dapat ditambang oleh penambang VerusCoin. Seorang penambang di ekosistem VerusCoin dapat menambang hingga 22 rantai PBaaS yang berbeda tanpa kehilangan kekuatan hash aslinya. Ini disebut Merge-Mining dan berarti pembuat rantai tidak perlu khawatir untuk membuat infrastruktur penambangan mereka sendiri.

Rantai PBaaS akan menjadi dasar untuk skalabilitas sistem Verus yang praktis tidak terbatas. Mata uang dan token populer dapat eksis dan dapat dipertukarkan di banyak blockchain Verus, sehingga tidak akan dibatasi atau dibatasi oleh kapasitas satu blockchain.

Rantai dapat memiliki karakteristik tertentu seperti peluncuran dengan minimum seperti Kickstarter untuk diaktifkan atau, jika tidak terpenuhi, pengembalian dana secara otomatis. Pilihan lain termasuk harga peluncuran koin dinamis berdasarkan partisipasi, diskon harga partisipasi pra-peluncuran, pemotongan mata uang cadangan pra-konversi, dan pra-alokasi peluncuran dengan harga netral. Selain itu pencipta dapat menentukan pasokan koin, emisi koin hingga tiga era dan menentukan harga untuk identitas. Semua ditentukan dalam perintah dan parameter yang mudah dipahami, tidak perlu pemrograman.

Mata Uang Multi-Cadangan : DeFi Reimagined

Verus saat ini dalam testnet dengan sistem mata uang dan tokennya yang secara opsional dapat didukung oleh cadangan. Ada banyak opsi lain untuk pembuatan mata uang/token yang akan kami bahas di artikel mendatang.

Di sini, kami akan fokus pada mata uang multi-cadangan, yang kami yakini menawarkan paradigma baru yang dirancang ulang untuk dunia keuangan terdesentralisasi. Secara khusus, mata uang multi-cadangan ini memungkinkan pembuatan kumpulan likuiditas (seperti Uniswap, Bancor atau Balancer) dengan struktur biaya dan risiko yang lebih baik untuk penyedia daripada yang terlihat dalam sistem berbasis Ethereum (di mana penyedia harus berurusan dengan biaya gas yang tinggi dan risiko kontrak pintar yang salah).

Penyedia likuiditas juga dapat mengambil manfaat dari volatilitas dalam kumpulan karena sistem Verus secara dinamis memerlukan biaya tambahan dari konversi ketika rasio konversi berubah-ubah (untuk mengimbangi kerugian yang tidak permanen). Penyedia likuiditas dapat memperoleh biaya yang baik di kumpulan yang sibuk di mana rasio konversi secara konsisten berubah-ubah, terutama jika rasio konversi pada akhirnya kembali ke rasio yang berlaku pada saat penyedia masuk.

Pengguna juga diuntungkan, karena sistem Verus menghilangkan front-running, perang latency dan perang harga bahan bakar. Verus adalah blockchain berbasis UTXO, dengan kemampuan transaksi cerdas, memungkinkan pemrosesan/penyelesaian paralel semua transaksi DeFi yang dikirimkan dalam satu blok. Ini menawarkan keuntungan yang signifikan untuk Ethereum VM, yang dirancang dengan sempurna untuk mengabadikan balapan dan permainan zero-sum, di mana pemain paling cerdas yang dibiayai dengan baik mendapatkan semua keuntungan melawan pengguna sehari-hari.

Verus tidak memiliki kelemahan Ethereum bagi pengguna, seperti biaya gas yang tinggi dan berjalan di depan. Semua pengguna berinteraksi dengan sistem mengetahui bahwa mereka akan mendapatkan harga yang wajar untuk transaksi mereka: harga yang sama persis untuk semua pembelian dan penjualan yang diajukan oleh semua pengguna dalam blok itu.

Mata uang multicadangan 100% didukung oleh mata uang yang dikandungnya dalam kumpulan likuiditasnya. Jika mengandung dua mata uang, nilainya didistribusikan 50/50%. Jika tiga mata uang, 33/33/33%, dan seterusnya. Terlepas dari pergerakan harga mereka, persentase ini selalu tetap sama.

Kasus penggunaan utama untuk mata uang multi-cadangan adalah konversi dari satu mata uang ke mata uang lainnya, tanpa memerlukan pihak lawan. Karena selalu ada likuiditas di dalam mata uang multicadangan, siapa pun dapat mengonversi kapan saja. Misalnya: seseorang memiliki ETH dan ingin mengonversi ke VRSC. Dia mengkonversi pertama ke mata uang multi-cadangan ETH*VRSC dengan ETH (satu transaksi), sekarang dia dapat mengkonversi ETH*VRSC ke VRSC (transaksi lain). Tentu saja, agar ini dapat beroperasi, ETH perlu diwakili di blockchain Verus. Ini akan ditangani oleh kemampuan menjembatani terdesentralisasi Verus, dan akan dibahas dalam artikel mendatang.

Ada biaya dasar untuk konversi 0,025%, 100% di antaranya masuk ke penambang dan pemegang saham. Ada juga biaya volatilitas tersirat tambahan, yang akan dibebankan secara bervariasi pada blok transaksi yang tidak seimbang, membuat blok yang mengubah harga mata uang secara signifikan membayar lebih dari biaya volatilitas tersirat, dan memastikan bahwa keranjang mata uang yang relatif fluktuatif mengimbangi potensi kerugian yang tidak permanen. untuk risiko penyedia likuiditas dengan pendapatan dari biaya volatilitas tersirat.

Pada saat yang sama, keranjang mata uang yang kurang stabil relatif terhadap mata uang konstituen biasanya akan memiliki biaya volatilitas tersirat yang lebih rendah dan pendapatan yang lebih rendah bagi penyedia likuiditas untuk mengimbangi risiko kerugian tidak permanen yang lebih rendah.

Nilai untuk Penambang & Pemangku Kepentingan : Ekonomi Protokol Verus

Karena Verus adalah proyek blockchain yang terbuka, tanpa batas, dan terdesentralisasi, penting untuk menciptakan nilai bagi orang-orang yang memelihara jaringan; para penambang dan pemangku kepentingan. Tidak ada nilai apa pun yang masuk ke Verus Coin Foundation, baik melalui biaya pendiri atau biaya pengembang. Semua biaya 100% didaur ulang melalui penambangan dan pertaruhan untuk menciptakan dasar bagi ekonomi yang berkembang.

Menambang dan Mempertaruhkan VRSC

Jika penambang atau pemegang saham di blockchain Verus memenangkan kompetisi untuk menghasilkan blok baru, ini yang termasuk:

  • Hadiah blok 24 VRSC ( Halving to 12 VRSC terjadi di blok #1.278.000 [ lihat hitungan mundur separuh ], dengan separuh lagi setiap 1.051.920 blok)
  • VerusID: 20, 40, 60, 80, atau 100 VRSC (Apa yang dibayarkan kepada penambang atau pemegang saham tergantung pada referensi saat membuat VerusID)
  • Biaya konversi 0,025% (Ini adalah biaya konversi ke dan dari mata uang cadangan, dibayar dalam mata uang konversi)
  • Biaya transaksi 0,0001 VRSC (Untuk setiap transaksi yang terjadi di rantai)


Penambang dari blockchain Verus dapat memilih untuk menambang hingga 22 rantai lain, secara bersamaan, dibuat di ekosistem PBaaS, tanpa kehilangan kekuatan hashing jika Anda hanya menambang Verus. Ini praktis melipatgandakan daya CPU atau GPU Anda sebesar 22! Proses ini disebut Merge-Mining dan tersedia untuk semua orang. Saat Merge-Mining dan staking, Anda bisa mendapatkan yang berikut:

  • Blokir hadiah dari 22 rantai lainnya
  • Biaya notaris di VRSC (Untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda menambang rantai, pembuat dapat memilih untuk menambahkan VRSC ke hadiah blok)

Selain itu, Anda dapat mempertaruhkan koin sebanyak yang Anda inginkan di ekosistem PBaaS.

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan awal: Apakah Verus siap untuk menantang Ethereum? Jika Anda mempertimbangkan semua kemajuan teknologi yang dibuat Verus, seperti penggunaan transaksi cerdas untuk DeFi yang kuat, skalabilitas melalui pembuatan rantai PBaaS, sistem identitas terdesentralisasi yang mengikat semuanya dan ekonomi yang berkembang untuk penambang dan pemangku kepentingan, maka, ya, Verus dapat menantang Ethereum.

Unduh dompet sekarang untuk mencoba mata uang cadangan pecahan di testnet . Lihat sendiri perkembangannya! Jika Anda memerlukan bantuan atau memiliki pertanyaan, jangan ragu untuk bertanya di Discord .

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AMA ID Crypto X Civic Power


We are pleased to announce our next AMA with Civic Power on Saturday, July 24th, 2021 at 2 PM UTC |21:00 GMT+7

Speaker: Christophe Camborde (Cloud Voting blockchain)

Reward: $50 BUSD

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We are pleased to announce our next AMA with MoneyDefiSwap on Saturday, July 24st, 2021 at 10 AM UTC |17:00 GMT+7

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We are pleased to announce our next AMA with MELD on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 at 1 PM UTC |20:00 GMT+7

We are pleased to announce our next AMA with MELD on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 at 1 PM UTC |20:00 GMT+7


  1. Ken Olling (Co-Founder & Chairman)
  2. Stuart Hollinger (Operations Manager)

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Speaker : Team Of Spacey2025
Date : Wednesday, July 14th, 2021



Hi welcome to our community.

Adriana Guerrero:
helloo glad to be here!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Adriana Guerrero:
My Name Is Adriana and I’ve quite more than a year reading an researching into the crypto world, making investments and learning, but since 3 month ago I was given the chance to cooperate and be Part of the Community Management team of SpaceY2025 for the English spoken users, since then we have been working preparing the public to the take off to mars!

Sounds good, Thanks you for your Introduction.
2. Can you explain what is Spacey and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Adriana Guerrero:
SpaceY is a NFT-related tower defense game that has a background story based on Elon Musk’s Mars Mission. He wants to spread human cultural genes by making humanity multiplanetary. We want to do the same thing, but we are doing it by using NFT technologies. To make a game like SpaceY is our first step.
In the other hand the launch of the beta version is going to be announce very very soon this month!.
this is our pre-launch video. Enjoy!.
Don’t forget to like and RT.
Also You can check our medium articles to further information.

Awesome, Great idea for some project.
This is an unique and exciting project launch, Next question.
3. Can you share with the community, what Spacey has been doing from the roadmap?

Adriana Guerrero:
Sure!, for the moment we are working on releasing our lands on mars and buildings players can place on their lands. And also towers with different attributes and rarities. We are also working on market place on our official SpaceY website. After we release the first version of the game on July and we will also airdrop some SPAY tokens to our user(we’re selecting the winners). After completing more development progresses of our games, we will release the full version of our game on November.
This is the whole plan for this 2021 and there are also some details. For example, we will release collection packs for players to open. They can get our NFTs (buildings, towers, ores) from it. Just like the NBA top shot. Players can play around the collection mechanics, purchase our packs and open it, sell or buy NFTs they get from the packs on our market website.

– So beta version one on July.
– Converting our project to other blockchains (done).
– Airdropping some tokens on July (we’re selecting the winners).
– Keep developing our game. (In the road)
– Release the full version on November.

Also we’ve a KOL recruitment, thinking in the expansion of the community, if your’re intersted please don’t hesitate to read this.

Cool, looks like a lot has already been done on your project, can’t wait for future updates. It seems good if you expand it with the Indonesian community.

Adriana Guerrero:
that’s correct! and is also the intension.

Guys, If you are interested and competent for this. read this article, Next question.
4. What do you think is interesting about the video games you are create?

Adriana Guerrero:
SpaceY 2025 is the first blockchain tower defense game that is themed around Mars immigration. The setting was inspired by Elon Musk’s mission to Mars to spread human cultural genes by establishing human settlements on other planets.
I think the most interesting thing is that a huge NFT Metaverse is built in a universe that interconnects the virtual world, Game, social networking, and encryption economy are merged here.
Let me share sneak pick for you!

Yes please, Cool it will bring a very impressive gaming experience.

Adriana Guerrero:
ohhh yes!

These pictures look real, it’s interesting to try playing this game.

Adriana Guerrero:
stay tuned to the announcements in our telegram channel!

Of course, Can’t wait for this.
5. How is token spay used in your project? Is it just a means of payment in the game? Please explain this.

Adriana Guerrero:
The SPAY token is our in-game currencies. It’s for buying official sales on our website and trading with other players on our marketplace. Other NFTs are assets players will need during the gameplay.

Cool, can’t wait to see how the Game launched. It makes spay tokens have utilities and use cases applied.
I hope the game will attract many communities and be played by many people.

Adriana Guerrero:
we hope so too.


1. Do you have any ongoing PRESALE or IDO event ? If yes, when is it going and how can I participate ? Is there any plan for listed on CEX or DEX in the near future?

Alejandro Urich:
That’s very Good question!, for the moment pre-sale is close, we’ll have to wait to the Listing Price wich will be disclosure in the upcoming days with IDO and exchange listings. So if you want to buy you need to:
1. Buy from your community
2. IDO in the upcoming days
3. Wait for exchanges listings.
In the other hand team is working really hard to make the listing in several exchanges, we’ll be announcing it when it’s done. So Stay super tuned!

Wow, there is still a chance to have tokens in IDO.
It’s a good opportunity, Second question for this session.
2. What are the ways that #Spacey2025 generates profits/revenue to maintain #Spacey2025 project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and #Spacey2025?

Alejandro Urich:
Excellent question, you see the 80% of all user revenue per season is used for player prize pools, 10% for development team incentives, and 10% for mining pools to increase liquidity.
You can see the economic model here.

Good answer, Thanks you for that explanation. I hope our community understand with your explanation.


What are SPACE’s methods for combating ETH’s increasing gas fees, given that your project is based on ETH? Have you considered creating $SPAY in another blockchain?

Alejandro Urich:
When we started the development of Space Y, the Ethereum gas was not as high as a few months ago, that is why, listening to the community, we also decided to have our $SPAY token in BSC. Currently the gas is not as high as a few months ago, but fortunately all our users can enjoy $SPAY both in the ETH network and in BSC.

Hukae_AbC :
Before the project was formed, there must have been a separate story before. Why did you take the name SPACEY2025? and what will happen in 2025? Is SPACEY coming to the moon in 2025 or sooner?

Alejandro Urich:
It comes from Elon Musk’s Space X. He wants to make human multiplanetary. He wants to do something for mankind, and so do we. The appear of NFTs inspired us. We believe the NFT has so much potentials. It brings new possibilities for the development of human civilization in the future. And we would love explore more of the NFT potentials.
The reason why we choose this name is that the Colonizing Mars is a big deal in recent years. Elon Musk wants to spread human cultural genes through this Mats mission, and we want to do it through NFTs. We have something in common. Compared with the current number of Internet users, the number of NFT users is quite small.
SpaceX is a very attractive project, and we hope to attract more Internet users’ attention to the NFT market by using the Mars Mission as the background story for our game.
One of the biggest feature of a NFT related game, is decentralizing. What I mean by decentralizing is that the more players playing the faster the NFT related games will develop. So the first step is to let more people join the NFT market.




Speaker : Team Of ButterSwap
Date : Friday, July 16th, 2021



hello @butterswap_admin
welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

ButterSwap Admin:
Hello everyone, I’m glad to be here.

Nice, thanks you for your attend here, We are glad to be with you here.

ButterSwap Admin:
Yes, let’s get started.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

ButterSwap Admin:
Sure. I’m the development lead for ButterSwap. I got PhD in computer science and worked in silicon valley California for several years. We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and we collaborate across multiple counties working on this fantastic DeFi idea. I bought my first bitcoin in 2014, and since then I’ve been very interested in different crypto ideas.

Awesome experience, looks like you’ve been in the crypto space for a long time.

ButterSwap Admin:
But I didn’t keep my first bitcoin for long enough.

Hahaha,, I think very few people still hold bitcoins since 2014 or before.

ButterSwap Admin:
That’s true.

it’s because kindness is far from everyone’s expectations.
Okay good experience. I hope we can get some learn about diamond hands, Let me send second question.
2. Can you explain what is Butterswap and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

ButterSwap Admin:
ButterSwap was launched on June 16, and today is ButterSwap’s first month day!
The basis of ButterSwap can be viewed as Uniswap’s AMM + Pancake’s yield farming system. We have some innovative board system, that requires holders staking 0.1% of total BUTTER supply to join board, and in board there are many benefits coming out, such as that each day, one lucky board members can receive 1% of a day’s total production. We also will have some fantastic new ideas, such as NFT blind boxes/BUTTER cards for our users to play with.

Sounds interesting, it will make token holders benefit more profit. NFT will also come to your platform, awesome.

ButterSwap Admin:
Yes, benefits are coming out gradually. We will do blindbox airdrops for our early supporters later.
ERC721 is a great invention. There are many innovations to be done in this space. In later questions, I can share our new ideas more.

can’t wait to hear the latest update about that NFT blindbox, Okay let me send next question.
3. Can you share with the community, what Butterswap has been doing from the roadmap?

ButterSwap Admin:
In order to build a good eco-system, liquidity is key. Our roadmap is all focusing on providing liquidity and adding more value to BUTTER. Since the beginning, we have built a good swap that has good user experiences (very smooth to use) and a good yield farming platform, that there are close to 10K diligent farmers harvesting everyday tirelessly. We have also built a good DAO system (BUTTER board) that community board members can vote on important project decisions and discuss how to prosper the community growth. Our next big goal is to finish our NFT system. I believe there are some future questions about it, so I will leave the details for later.

Great answer, it’s very good to implement.. thanks for your great answer. the more benefits of token butter, it will bring increased demand.

ButterSwap Admin:
Well said.


1. We all know that the “COOPERATION” in the blockchain industry is critical to long-term survival and dominance. Which partners has #Butter been cooperating with? What are the benefits of this partnership?
From @WehnerVivian

ButterSwap Admin:
We have partnered with CoinMarketCap to do a fantastic airdrop. 224K users put BUTTER into their watchlists and 168K participants applied for our airdrop. CMC team is very helpful and insightful. They have provided us much help in this airdrop campaign. BTW, we will announce the winner list next week. We are also partnering with several other crypto projects that the official collaboration will be announced later soon, such as etc. In the long run, we are open to cooperation, for farming, token listing, promotion, NFT, and more.

very good strategy, indeed CMC has a lot of reach, you are really right to choose a partner, Next question.
2. What are the use cases of Butter tokens? Is it used in real life apps such as mobile games, entertainment apps, streaming services, etc.? If yes, how is it used and what benefits does it provide for the community?
From @TraThoa

ButterSwap Admin:
BUTTER can be used to add LP to liquidity to do LP farming. It can also be staked in manual or auto BUTTER pool to earn various tokens. It can further be used to join our board system and once you become a board member, there are many benefits that will come out along the way. In the near future, BUTTER will also be used to buy blind boxes (in which BUTTER cards are contained). Butter cards, in return, can help you earn more BUTTER, depending on its quality.

Good answer sir, I hope our community understand with your explanation, Next question.
3. Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project yield farming ?
From @TinMaMa17

ButterSwap Admin:
If DeFi only relies on yield farming without diminishing bubbles, then it will enter a negative feedback loop. That’s why we are creating some innovative ideas to make ButterSwap a sustainable business. Fundamentally, what type of company are we? I often ask myself this question. My answer to this question, for now, is that we are actually a game company and finance company. We produce a good game for users to play, and the game is about finance. So a short answer for the question, how does BUTTER support its value? The answer is blind box sales revenue. And how do we guarantee blind box sales? Just wait for our creative designs.

Your answer is very good, we are more confident in the innovation that you bring, we also want to know how creative your design is.
4. Why you choosed HECO chain? There are lot of DEX in defferent blockchain. In every chain there one DEX have been exemplary like $PANCAKE on BSC, $UNISWAP on Ethereum. will #BUTTERSWAP be no.1 dex in HECO chain?
From @sobincrypto

ButterSwap Admin:
Heco is brand new chain and Huobi is one of the most prestigious Exchanges, we start from Heco because of its fast speed and low gas fee. ETH is too crowded with high gas fee. Heco gas fee is only <$0.001 for some operations. So we feel it is a good place to start from. Will #BUTTERSWAP be NO. 1 DEX in HECO chain? I don’t really know, this is our goal of course, but if you ask a kid will he become a billionare in the future, his answer doesn’t mean anything. We need time to grow.

I agree with you, the heco chain will make the cost lower, it’s quite interesting because it can be more efficient.
I hope ButterSwap will become Dex NO 1 in heco chain because it has very good innovation, Last questions for this session.
5. Many DEFI platforms on the market don’t provide enough transparency to their users & investors. In particular, it is not known how the funds were evaluated. Could you tell us about your approach to TRANSPARENCY ?
From @Meziprayoga1

ButterSwap Admin:
The top 1 advantage for blockchain is transparency. So from the first day of our lauch, we decide to do everything following the blockchain spirit.
We open sourced our source code here and our deployed smart contracts here. If you understand blockchain, you can actually know how many users we have and what’s our total value locked and total valume traded, with no possibility for us to fake any data.

Yes, that’s right, we can see everything for ourselves without allowing it to be faked, that’s the greatness of blockchain. Even token holders can see how many addresses have Butter tokens token.
Thanks for your explanation sir, it’s good answer.

ButterSwap Admin:
Yes. Thanks for the awesome organization.


Nick Deon:
does ButterSwap have its own nft or will it make one and is ButterSwap interested in the trend of NFT games?

ButterSwap Admin:
Let me introduce ButterSwap’s plan towards NFT in details here: first, we will produce blind boxes that users can buy using BUTTER. Blind boxes will also be airdroped, or given as prize for our board members too. Second, once you open blind boxes, you will get one BUTTER card. Each BUTTER card has different quality. These BUTTER cards will be placed in your TABLE containing 5 PLATES. BUTTER cards placed in the PLATES will produce BUTTER earnings and high quality cards produce more BUTTER. There are also some legendary BUTTER cards, such as boosting all farms and staking earnings by x%. These cards can be sent to your friends via HRC721 token transfers. It can also be sold in NFT market or auction market. During all these activities, some percentage of BUTTER will be burnt.

Dr Tooba :
Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?Why should investors trust #ButterSwap to invest in it, Kindly answer.

ButterSwap Admin:
Our smart contract source code has been audited independently by the prestigious security company CertiK and KNOWNSEC. Before our launch, they have helped us tested and improved the security mechanisms. We just finished our second round of audit with CertiK this week. Refer to the Audit page for more details.

Harry Stock:
Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners?
Or does it only appeal to professional users?

ButterSwap Admin:
Definitely suitable for crypto beginners. All you need to do is simple. Step 1 buy BUTTER, Step 2 stake it in farms or pools, Step 3 harvest and earn. If you join our community. I believe many of our community members would love to answer your HOW-TO questions.

Sir How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange??

ButterSwap Admin:
We are exchange (decentralized exchange, or DEX), so visit and buy BUTTER.

How can the COMMUNITY supports and help in the success of your project?

ButterSwap Admin:
We will have a referral campeign starting next week. You can generate your own invitation link and invite your friends to use ButterSwap, and 0.5% of all their farming and staking earnings will be rewarded to you. Notice that your friends would not earn less because of your invitation. The reward for you is extra.


El Salvador Dapat Menerbitkan Stablecoinnya Sendiri


Saudara-saudara Presiden El Salvador Nayib Bukele dilaporkan mempresentasikan rencana tersebut kepada investor asing.

Pemerintah El Salvador memiliki rencana untuk peluncuran cryptocurrency asli yang dapat digunakan konsumen untuk layanan, surat digital Amerika Latin El Faro melaporkan Jumat malam.

Ibrajim dan Yusef Bukele, saudara presiden negara itu, Nayib Bukele, mengatakan kepada calon investor bahwa cryptocurrency, yang saat ini dirujuk sebagai dolar Colon, akan diperkenalkan pada akhir tahun 2021, menurut laporan itu, yang mengutip rekaman video dari saudara-saudara mendiskusikan proposal dengan para investor ini.

Saudara-saudara mengatakan bahwa mereka mewakili presiden, menurut laporan itu, yang juga didasarkan pada dokumen yang diperoleh El Faro. Berita itu muncul beberapa minggu setelah pemerintah negara Amerika Tengah sangat menyetujui undang-undang bitcoin presiden , yang akan memperlakukan cryptocurrency asli sebagai alat pembayaran yang sah dan mengharuskan semua bisnis untuk menerimanya sebagai pembayaran untuk barang dan jasa pada bulan September.

Seorang juru bicara pemerintah El Salvador mengatakan kepada El Faro bahwa rencana itu “dibuang” tetapi surat kabar itu, mengutip sumber yang tidak disebutkan namanya, mengatakan bahwa rencana tersebut saat ini berada di jalur yang benar.

Saudara-saudara presiden dilaporkan bertemu dengan perwakilan dari Cardano, WhizGrid dan Algorand pada waktu yang berbeda, menurut surat kabar itu.


Konten di situs ini tidak boleh dianggap sebagai saran investasi. Investasi itu spekulatif. Saat menginvestasikan modal Anda berisiko. Situs ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk digunakan di yurisdiksi di mana perdagangan atau investasi yang dijelaskan dilarang dan hanya boleh digunakan oleh orang-orang tersebut dan dengan cara yang diizinkan secara hukum. Investasi Anda mungkin tidak memenuhi syarat untuk perlindungan investor di negara atau negara tempat tinggal Anda, jadi harap lakukan uji tuntas Anda sendiri. Situs web ini gratis untuk Anda gunakan tetapi kami mungkin menerima komisi dari perusahaan yang kami tampilkan di situs ini.

China menerbitkan whitepaper e-CNY pertama, yang dengan mengklaim kemampuan program kontrak pintar


People’s Bank of China (PBoC) telah menerbitkan buku putih untuk mata uang digital bank sentral negara itu untuk pertama kalinya, setelah langkah lain menuju peluncuran resminya.

PBoC mengeluarkan whitepaper pada hari Jumat untuk proyek yuan digitalnya, juga dijuluki e-CNY, yang secara khusus menegaskan bahwa mata uang fiat digital dirancang untuk dapat diprogram dengan fitur kontrak pintar. PBoC mengatakan selama uji coba baru-baru ini, kontrak pintar sudah “digunakan untuk membuat e-CNY dapat diprogram, lebih dapat diperluas, dan lebih terintegrasi ke dalam berbagai skenario.”

Tetapi bank sentral belum menetapkan peta jalan atau garis waktu konkret untuk peluncuran resmi.

Whitepaper pada tingkat tinggi menjelaskan latar belakang, fitur dan kemajuan inisiatif e-CNY yang dimulai pada tahun 2014. Menurut makalah tersebut, bagian dari konteks yang lebih besar yang mendorong China ke dalam penelitian dan pengembangan e-CNY adalah munculnya cryptocurrency dan risiko serta tantangan yang mereka bawa ke sistem keuangan yang ada.

“Mengadopsi teknologi blockchain dan enkripsi, cryptocurrency seperti Bitcoin diklaim terdesentralisasi dan sepenuhnya anonim. Namun, mengingat kurangnya nilai intrinsik, fluktuasi harga yang akut, efisiensi perdagangan yang rendah, dan konsumsi energi yang besar, mereka hampir tidak dapat berfungsi sebagai mata uang yang digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. kegiatan ekonomi. Selain itu, cryptocurrency sebagian besar merupakan instrumen spekulatif, dan karenanya menimbulkan risiko potensial terhadap keamanan finansial dan stabilitas sosial, “tulis PBoC.

“Untuk mengatasi kekhawatiran fluktuasi harga cryptocurrency yang relatif besar, beberapa lembaga komersial meluncurkan apa yang disebut ‘stablecoin’, dan mencoba menstabilkan nilainya dengan mengelompokkannya ke mata uang berdaulat atau aset terkait,” lanjut bank sentral. “Beberapa lembaga komersial bahkan berencana untuk meluncurkan stablecoin global, yang akan membawa risiko dan tantangan bagi sistem moneter internasional, sistem pembayaran dan kliring, kebijakan moneter, manajemen aliran modal lintas batas, dan lain-lain.”

Mendukung kontrak pintar
Di bawah bagian tentang karakteristik desain e-CNY, PBoC menegaskan bahwa salah satu dari tujuh fitur utamanya adalah kemampuan program. Ini juga pertama kalinya bank sentral China secara resmi mengklarifikasi akan ada programabilitas yang dibangun ke dalam e-CNY.

“E-CNY memperoleh programabilitas dari penerapan kontrak pintar yang tidak mengganggu fungsi moneternya. Di bawah premis keamanan dan kepatuhan, fitur ini memungkinkan pembayaran yang dijalankan sendiri sesuai dengan kondisi atau persyaratan yang telah ditentukan sebelumnya yang disepakati antara kedua belah pihak, untuk memfasilitasi bisnis inovasi model.” tulis PBoC di whitepaper.

Deskripsi sampai batas tertentu bertentangan dengan apa yang dikatakan pejabat PBoC dalam sambutannya pada tahun 2018 dan 2019.

Mu Changchun, kepala lab penelitian mata uang digital PBoC dan Fan Yifei, wakil gubernur PBoC, menyatakan pendapat yang bertentangan tentang “programmabilitas” depan e-CNY. Mereka mengatakan e-CNY dapat menambahkan kontrak pintar yang akan membantunya menjalankan perannya dengan lebih baik sebagai mata uang. Tetapi untuk kontrak pintar di luar peran sebagai mata uang, mereka bisa “melemahkan Renminbi dengan menambahkan fungsi sosial atau administratif tambahan,” kata mereka.

Faktanya, tes e-CNY terbaru di kota Chengdu, China, telah menguji penggunaan e-CNY secara terbatas untuk tujuan tertentu saja. Dalam pengujian ini, e-CNY diprogramkan hanya digunakan untuk tiket kereta bawah tanah dan bus, serta layanan sepeda bersama.

Puluhan paten yang telah disahkan oleh PBoC juga menunjukkan kemampuan teknologi e-CNY untuk melacak transaksi guna memastikan dana dibelanjakan untuk tujuan yang diinginkan.

PBoC juga menambahkan dalam whitepaper bahwa pada 30 Juni, berbagai tes e-CNY di beberapa kota di China telah melihat 70 juta transaksi dengan total 34,5 miliar yuan, atau $5,3 miliar, melalui 20 juta dompet e-CNY ritel dan 3,5 juta dompet e-CNY bisnis.


Konten di situs ini tidak boleh dianggap sebagai saran investasi. Investasi itu spekulatif. Saat menginvestasikan modal Anda berisiko. Situs ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk digunakan di yurisdiksi di mana perdagangan atau investasi yang dijelaskan dilarang dan hanya boleh digunakan oleh orang-orang tersebut dan dengan cara yang diizinkan secara hukum. Investasi Anda mungkin tidak memenuhi syarat untuk perlindungan investor di negara atau negara tempat tinggal Anda, jadi harap lakukan uji tuntas Anda sendiri. Situs web ini gratis untuk Anda gunakan tetapi kami mungkin menerima komisi dari perusahaan yang kami tampilkan di situs ini.