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Speaker : Paul Botterill ( Founder of Wish Finance)
Date : Sunday, October 3th 2021



Hello @PaulBotts Welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

Paul Botterill:
Thanks its great to be here.

Q1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Paul Botterill:
Im 54 years old. I am a professional trader who runs a Forex Trading business based in Singapore (although I’m back in New Zealand due to Covid.) Previously I was head coach of NZ Indoor Cricket for many years, and I still have strong connections into the international Cricket community. I love(d) Travelling and sharing my knowledge with people around the world and coming home to spend time with my family.
My son was the first Baby ever to have an auto immune disease and I lived in hospital for over a month with him. When he turned 4, I decided it was time to find a way to give back to the kind of organizations’ that had helped us. So I reached out to several friends and put our heads together and founded the WISH Charity coin. You can find out more about us here.

Wow, it’s a good impression for us to know you here.. thank you for introducing yourself to us sir.

Paul Botterill:
Thank you.

Okey second question for this session.
Q2. Can you explain what is Wish Finance and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Paul Botterill:
Wish Finance is a Defi protocol operating as a charity coin. We have been running for about 2 months now and give 6000 WISH Tokens a fortnight to good causes or charities from around the world. To apply for support from us the causes post to our Facebook group.
The most “liked” application, and one of the second and third most liked applicants go through every fortnight. Then our Loyalty Members vote on these two applicants, and they split the coins depending on the vote.
So far we have helped causes in South East Asia to feed starving people, supplied Villages with fresh running water, rebuilt a home for a man whose life savings were stolen, fed and help abused dogs and a assisted a National sports side prepare for an event. We WISH to continue to help a wide range of causes.

Cool, your project seems to really care about people all over the world.
Very helpful for those who are having trouble.

Paul Botterill:
Yes, i was very fortunate to get world class help for my son when we needed it. We all need help in different ways at different times and we want to help people get it anywhere and anytime.

That’s right, we all need help in various forms.

Paul Botterill:
Yes, would love to.

Ok next question, This is about Roadmap.
Q3. Can you share with the community, what Wish finance has been doing from the roadmap?

Paul Botterill:
We have been starting off. We have done our fair launch and are now building a community of people who wish to make money, and support good causes and charities.
Now we are through our Fair Launch we have been spreading the word of WISH and letting people know who we are and what we do. This means marketing, more AMA, more Gleam contents, more social media promotions and possible some TV marketing. All of this will help us build our extremely competitive membership program and keep new purchases of the coin coming in.
Pushing the price up is critical to helping charities, rewarding investors, and funding the program so now we established that’s the main priority.
We continue to offer extremely competitive rewards with APR currently at 528% on the WISH/BNB Farm and 296% on the WISH Pool.
We gave build a powerful loyalty program with over 20% of current holders signed up and commited to HODLing and buying more coins
We are also looking to add a real world global charity to help people in need and continue the WISH work on in both the Crypto and real world spaces.

A good plan, for every project of course we have to maximize marketing.
I am very happy with the project that is intensively doing marketing.
Nice, thanks you for your answer sir. it’s very detailed explanation.

Paul Botterill:
Thank you.


Q1. How important are the communities in the eyes of Wish Finance? What countries have the Wish Finance communities reached?
From @HalimKosasi

Paul Botterill:
Communities are everything to us. We are a defi protocol and as such are there to execute the will of our community. Based on there feed back we have started things like the massive Loyalty program we offer, changed our charity model and changed the time of our weekly live AMA. Being DFI is to be run by your community and we will look to extend into different communities as we grow. We already have a strong association with Indonesia through the Bali based charities that we support.
WE have holders from all over the world, and will look to establish better communities in different regions as we mature as a coin.
We are currently getting interest from all over the place and are ranked one for trending on Coin Gecko for US and UK.

Yes i seen it’s amazing sir.

Paul Botterill:
Currently different communities all over the world are interested in our coin. We are number 1 in UK and US and number 5 in India last i saw.

Awesome, It’s impressive sir.

Paul Botterill:
If i can add one more image, i would like to share the loyalty program that so many of our owners are signed up to is that okay? This is the backbone if our community and the new buying in our coin?

Yes no problem.

Paul Botterill:
AS you can see it rewards every owner with more incentives for those who buy every month. Our founders are crypto experts and our people love learning from them.

Look good, you have some unique program. Guys please check this image about the loyalty program, Next question.
Q2. What are the most significant characteristics of WISHFinance? Who is your target audience, and how does WISHFinance make your project simple to use?
From @Shanthi87800845

Paul Botterill:
Thanks @Shanthi87800845, We are all about Charity…our target is someone who wants to buy our coin to keep the coin value up which supports the charities and to make money from the continued growth of our coin value.
We keep our project simple from the start, it’s a simple gifting process and a simple buying process.

Nice thanks you for your answer.
Q3. Tell us a little Bit About Security? Have you done an Audit of the platform, are the Smart Contracts error-free, what are the test results?
From @azizhahy

Paul Botterill:
Thanks @azizhahy, The beauty about WISH Finance is that we are a straightforward project. Our code is a modified fork of Goose DeFi which is very tried and tested by MANY DeFi platforms out there. Couple that with the fact that we do not have any leveraged vaults or things of this sort. We are a yield farm with stable, straightforward mechanics. The vectors for smart contract exploits are very, very, very low.

That being said, when it comes to ANY of our addresses, you can see that our WISH token smart contract is NOT owned by an EOA, and that even our MasterChef is locked behind a timelock. This means that we will NOT be able to EVER randomly mint WISH to dump on the market nor are we able to at will, switch up deposit fees to 100% or inflate emissions. Our developer addresses as well as any addresses used by the team ARE behind a multi-sig as well, eliminating the risk of singular bad actors.
We have as many checks as possible in place to heighten security and keep our community safe. Investors’ can have full confidence that we have in place, as robust as possible measures.
Although we have these measures in place, we still cannot guarantee 100% safety. But as far as the team is concerned, we have audits as well as internal measures in place to minimize exploit and hack risks.
We are currently in talks with Paladin who will be providing us with a full audit. Paladin are highly rater and have taken over the mantra from Certik when it comes to auditing DEFI projects. This will be as good as it gets and will alleviate investor fears for sure

very detailed answer… thank you sir I hope my community understands and can be sure about Wish Finance security.

Paul Botterill:
I hope so too, security is run by a different team member to me . They can always ask for clarification in our telegram if they would like similar explanation.

Q4. Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem. Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?
From @truongtran0305

Paul Botterill:
The Role of WISH is to support worthy causes and charities around the world. Our community chooses which charities by liking there Facebook posts and then out Loyalty members vote on which charity gets which % of the grant.
WE dont think of ourselves as being a super important part of the crypto process, but as being a really worthy use of a DeFi Protocal.

Okey last question for this session.
Q5. What are your tokenomics? What is the circulation supply and any tokens left for team?
From @Ibrahem24254134

Paul Botterill:
Sorry another long and slightly technical answer provided by one of my team.
We launched on the 8th August with an initial supply of 200,00 WISH. It was a fair launch with no founder tokens, no dev tokens. Nothing has been held back for anybody.
24 Hour timelock
The Timelock is the last missing cog in the system of keeping your assets safe from any possible misuse by us or even rug pulls. We hope you can rest easy knowing that we are serious in our commitment to WISH Finance and our vision of perpetuating transparent charity as a standard.
At a glance, our DeFi assurance:

  • No Founder Tokens
  • No PreSale
  • Rugpull Monitor Code removed
  • Fair Launch on PancakeSwap
    We are a community-driven, fully decentralized project, harnessing the strength of the crypto ecosystem and the complete transparency of blockchain to fulfill a noble mission.
    WISH tokens bear the WISH ticker on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It complies with the BEP20 standard. WISH has a fixed circulation, in order to ensure that there will not be a case of hyperinflation caused by an ever-growing supply. On that same note, WISH tokens will still benefit from deflationary measures which will be outline in a later section.
    Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
    WISH Token Address: 0x980e2937677c7af859b0a9c741370c60c0a28b26
    Total Circulation: 30,000,000 WISH

    Initial Supply: 200,000 WISH
    Distribution per Block: 0.2 WISH
    Dev Team Allocation per Block: 5%
    Treasury: 4%
    Platform Fees: 1%
    Transfer Tax: 1%
    Developer fees: 0.5%
    Buyback of Liquidity Pool tokens and automatically sent to Burn: 0.5%
    Fees to Allocated Charities: 10%
    Liquidity Lock: 6 months. Deflationary Measures, Buyback is conducted manually in part or in whole. Remaining fees earned will be utilized to further development and marketing of WISH Finance.
    There is also a 1% transfer tax on every transaction, whereby 0.5% will be used to add liquidity and 0.5% sent to a special wallet address, accumulated and burned periodically.

Amazing, Very detailed answer sir. Thanks a lot.
that’s the last question for the second session, thank you for answering and explaining our question.

Paul Botterill:
I think its really important to get the security and tokenomics questions answered clearly and fully by the team..appreciate your patience with all the info. Thank you.

Good sir, we are happy with your answer.


Paghol singh :
How can we trust your project?, We don’t know anything about your team members?, Even you don’t have any roadmap or white paper. So it confusing that where you wanted to take this project?

Paul Botterill:
You can find out GIT book.
WE have chosen to be public to show people our good intentions. We have many security to safeguard investors such as time locked contracts, multi sig wallets and locking our liquidity fir 6 months.
But more importantly we are all successful business people and if we do anything bad, it would destroy our reputations and our businesses.
We only get one chnace at a reputation and we wont be damaging ours by doing anything bad here.

I am very interested in the name of your project so I want to invest but currently have no information about your project token which surprises me?
How do you convince users that a 10% transaction fee is right for Momento to be a sustainable platform? And can you explain that about 3% of the transaction fee is recouped among the holders?

Paul Botterill:
Hi, We have a 1% transaction fee which is half added to liquidity and then burnt. WE offer, 1 emissions to the charities and our loyalty program purchases already off set that. We have a number of owners who buy WIUSH monthly just to support the coin and therefore the charities.
Perhaps if you would like more detail drop us a line in the telegram channel or PM me.

$𝔾𝕚𝕪𝕒 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕒:
Do you have any Telegram channel, or Twitter for this project?
From where we can learn something?

Paul Botterill:
The two best places to stay in touch are the telegram channel and our weekly LIVE AMA which is done on camera with voice on ZOOM Sundays at 4pm SG. Twitter group.

Trần Hiền:
Many blockchain projects are just on paper and have no real meaning. What practical product is WISH Finance using? What plans do WISH Finance have for a better product in the future?

Paul Botterill:
I think so many projects have utility which is little more than fancy words. We are already supporting charities and helping save lives if the starving in Bali, it may not be fancy words but it is importnat work. The higher our coin value the higher the value if the allocation to charities and causes. We will soon launch a real world global charity using our investors funds, and trading/investing knowledge to create a sustainable real world model to sit alongside the charity one.

sir, Is this platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Paul Botterill:
This is for every person who wants to help others and themselves.
Every coin holder can vote fir charities very fortnight and help decide the allocation of our funds.

Hasan Pagol:
How many members do you have on your team and do you plan to hire new people into the team?

Paul Botterill:
WE have 3 founders and 5 advisors. They can be found on here. We are open to doing anything to improve our project including recruiting someone who could make a clear improvement to our project.

Sampan Alam:
Sir are you involved in partnership business or can you run your business alone? Do you want a partner for your business? I wanted to invest in such a project. Sir can I invest some of your project funds?

Paul Botterill:
WE are open to all offers that will benefit our community. Its really important that the community have input and help make all decisions around the future of there project. We founded it, but its there project.

Mon Kande:
What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it?what would be its used?

Paul Botterill:
WE are on the Binance smart chain and it can be brought from our website or pancake swap. Its best done with a metamask wallet on the BSC. If you need more help message is here and we will help you.

Rabindranath Thakur:
My question is about your long term marketing plans. How, or through which big partnerships do you plan on utilising to pass your product onto the normal – especially non-crypto people?

Paul Botterill:
We are negotiating for some TV coverage in the US as well as improving our social media spend. Currently we have huge organic reach having been recently top of the coin Market cap most visited and the Coin Gecko trending lists. We have a great model and have started doing good things which helps us.
We are really commited to the project and will do whgat we need to ensure it succeeds.

Do you guys have an App for both IOS an android users?

Paul Botterill:
No but its a great idea and i will speak to the tech team in the morning about it. We are still very new, and intend on evolving and improving consistently as we progress to become a more complete project. Our priority so far has been to help the causes but improving marketing and technology is a big part of the mid term plan.


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