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BerandaAMA RecapAMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X Urban Racer


Speaker : Nick Nguyen ( CMO of Urban Racer )
Date : Wednesday Jan, 19th, 2022

1. Introduction
2. Question From Twitter
3. Free Question


Q1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and your team to our audience?

Nick Nguyen:
My name is Nick Nguyen, CMO of Urban Racer.
Urban Racer is developed by the team with 10 years of experience in developing racing games. With a passion for racing, we want to bring a new racing experience to everyone on the Solana.
Let me give brief information about our core team:
1. CEO: Mr. Caglar:
– He used to be Head of Marketing of specifically racing titles in the gaming industry.
– He has extensive experience in leading brand initiatives at Procter & Gamble
for Gillette, Pampers, and Always in over 30 countries.
– He’s also a regular speaker at gaming industry events. Caglar got 2 master degrees from United States and Germany.
2. CTO: Fatih:
– Fatih got extensive experience in the gaming industry, having developed over 10 games.
– Previous he worked at a studio that’s been named among the top 10 mobile gaming studios by Voodoo.
– Fatih also got Master degree in Game and Interaction Technologies.
3. Art Director: Ziya:
– Also got over 10 years of experience in the film and gaming industry.
– Previous he worked in Marvel and Disney movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Mulan, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, and Christopher Robin.
– Ziyah also got global working experience from places like Hong Kong, Glasgow, and London.
4. CMO: It’s me, Nick Nguyen.
Previously I worked for several big corporations like British American Tobacco and SAMSUNG, and one more local company, with more than 10-year experience in sales and marketing fields. I also experienced crypto and block chain since early 2017 to now, witnessed every trend in this potential market.
5. Blockchain Director: Andrew Ngo, who got more than 4 years experiences in smart contract development.
Our social channel here:
Telegram Group
Telegram Channel
Medium | Reddit | Discord |Youtube | Facebook

Greetings from the IDCrypto community, Mr. Nick, thank you for introducing yourself and the team from Urban Racer to us.
Urban Racer has a very good core team, and has an interesting background.

Nick Nguyen:
Thank you a lot!

Q2. Please explain what Urban Racer are and what’s some interesting stuff from your project.

Nick Nguyen:
Urban Racer is a metaverse project reflecting an underground racing world, which is built on the Solana block chain.
The game combines racing with battle royale to make a unique type of racing game.
Cool stuffs may include:
No rule, no limit, no finish line, the most skilled racer is the last man standing and the true champion of this chaotic underground world.
Easy to play but hard to be masterful, Urban Racer promises to bring players to cloud nine while still gives them chances to earn decently with their skills.

Looks very interesting.

Nick Nguyen:
Yeap the game should be an addictive one.

So your game is included in the P2E game?

Nick Nguyen:
Yeah this is for sure.

I think there are a lot of P2E game enthusiasts these days, because they can play while making money too.

Nick Nguyen:
Yeap blockchain will change the game industry since then.

Q3. Can you explain what has been done from the roadmap?

Nick Nguyen:
First let me show the roadmap here:

We work very hard even on the new year holiday to make sure that everything is on track. Up to now, the game has got the demo version for android mobiles.
Beta test will be launched next month and the game to be officially launched in Apr. Be patient and keep watching!

Of course, I also wish you and team give the best for further development.

Nick Nguyen:
Thanks mate. The official game launching is planned to be in Apr.

That’s great news for the community who can’t wait for it.


Q1. Urban Racer has dual tokens namely $URC and $URD ,? So what are the main urban tokens,? And can these two tokens be obtained by playing the game? Or we have to buy and bet or trade in order to get tokens,?
From @Vino_miospr

Nick Nguyen:
We use a dual token system to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem as well as provide economic incentives to encourage players to participate in the ecosystem activities.
– URC (Urban Racer Coin – Governance) Main token.
– URD (Urban Racer Diamond – Reward token).
The purpose is to:
– Reward players for interacting with Urban Racer while incentivizing them to utilize tokens for transactions
– Create an internal circulating economy.
– Decentralize the ownership and governance of Urban Racer.
Both tokens can be earned from playing game. These are the utilities of 2 tokens:

That may help to answer your question.

Q2. Are there any terms and conditions for users to play Urban Racer? Do players need car NFT to be able to play,? And if only betting, Is Nft also required to be able to bet,?
From @indahpratiwi492

Nick Nguyen:
Participating in Urban Racer is quite simple. You need phones to install the game.
We have Free to play mode, in which gamers will be equipped with a free NFT car and full of fuel for the first login. They can earn small rewards then.
We have:
A. Free to play:
– Users will receive a free NFT car with full fuel at the first log-in.
– He then can participate in PvE, PvP modes to earn rewards.
But if you want to be more productivity, you can also invest in some kinds like:
B. Play to earn:
Players can play different roles in Urban Racer to earn rewards: Racer, Garage owner, Racetrack owner, District owner, Gambler, Trader . They need to buy NFT to start playing game
+RACER: Players can earn tokens by defeating rivals on racetracks with their own skills. +RACETRACK OWNER: Players can earn tokens from PvP fees and tournament tickets.
+GARAGE OWNER: Players can earn tokens by renting cars and from refuel & upgrade fees.

+DISTRICT OWNER: Players can earn tokens from renting blocks.
+GAMBLER: Players can earn tokens from betting. In this case, no NFT is needed.
+TRADER: Players can earn tokens from buying and selling in the marketplace.
For betting mode, no NFT is required.

Q3. By watching and looking into your project’s gameplay and game trailer, I noticed the fined details and the animation of your game. Does this mean playing UrbanRacer would require users to have high-end PC’s and devices? What will be the minimum system requirements of your game?
From @0JeanWayne

Nick Nguyen:
Graphic is among our top priorities. The game is designed for mobile devices, and a normal phone can handle it well. The first test version for android is ~150Mb.

Q4. I read their platform offers 5 game modes: training mode, PvE mode, PvP mode, tournament mode, betting mode. What are the advantages that this diversity of game models offers to your ecosystem? As for the betting mode, how does it work exactly? How does it differ from the others?
From @TheShadowJK_1

Nick Nguyen:
Let me give some details on these 5 modes:
1. Training mode: Player races with 3 bot cars to earn EXP and URD tokens based on player’s results.
2. PvE mode: Player races with 3 bot cars to earn EXP and URD tokens based on player’s results.
3. PvP mode: Player races with other players (min 2, max 4 players) to earn EXP and URD/URC tokens. Matchmaking is random (to prevent unfair cooperation in a race) and based on the player’s ranking and car’s class or car’s power.
4. Tournament mode: Tournaments will be held in periodic time (weekly or monthly) for all racers. Tournaments can be divided into different categories based on the car’s class or the car’s power.
5. Betting mode: Spectators can bet URD/URC tokens for their favorite racers and win URD/URC tokens if their chosen racer gets 1st place. A percentage of the total bet will be taken as a betting fee. All of this fee will directly go back into the reward pool.
No NFT is needed, no need to race are the difference.
Different modes suite different types of investors/racers. Eg: Training for those who don’t want to start with a high investment. PvP/PvE modes for addicted racers. Tournament mode for skillful ones and betting for those who don’t have much time or limited racing skills.

That’s very interesting, we can choose different modes if we don’t feel like one mode.

Nick Nguyen:
Yeap will be suitable for many of us.

Q5. What kind of metaverse that will design and conceptualize on Urban Racer Metaverse ? Could you kindly explain and describe in simple ways for new followers / new players ?
From @HalimKosasi

Nick Nguyen:
Metaverse features include:
– Capitol
– Factory
– Market place
– Workshop
– District
– Garage

1. Capitol
Capitol is where all players gather to vote on any feature upgrade and development plan. Players need to hold governance tokens to get voting rights and player’s voting power depends on the amount of tokens held.

2. Factory
Factory is the place where players can buy NFT boxes to open for NFT assets

3. Dream Market
Dream Market is the game’s marketplace where users can trade or rent NFT items. All NFT items (cars, gears, racetracks, garages, districts and boxes) can be traded with corresponding tokens while cars and district blocks can be rented.

4.5.6 Workshop
Workshop is the place where players can manage their assets:
– For cars: Manage, refuel, upgrade cars with gears, and claim tokens (from race’s rewards or from cars sold on marketplace). Car needs fuel to participate in PvE and PvP game modes. Car can refuel once for each 24 hours with a small amount of fee.
– For garages: Manage renting cars and claim tokens (from renting cars, refuel/upgrade fees or from garages sold in marketplace).
– For racetracks: Claim tokens (from race/tournament fee or from racetracks sold in marketplace).
– For districts: Manage renting blocks and claim tokens (from renting blocks or from districts sold in marketplace).
Here is an intro video of metaverse feature you can watch later on.


Do you have any social media likes Medium, Discord, Youtube, Twitter, Website ?

Nick Nguyen:
We do have all General information here:
Telegram Group
Telegram Channel
Medium | Reddit | Discord |Youtube | Facebook
Game teaser
Metaverse intro
Website | Tokenomics | Twitter | Telegram groups

Ahammed Ali:
Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of smart contract?
তোর নাম কি ভাইয়া …..?

Nick Nguyen:
We are working with VeriChains, and will announce later once getting certificated. Do hope that you will regularly watch over our achievements.

can we sell/buy NFT Urban Racer items in other markets besides your Dream market?

Nick Nguyen:
For the first period, NFTs are exchanged on our market place.
For next phases, we will work with some others market places like Binance NFT,.
Regular announcements will be made.

I love Cropto:
Sir pls assure me?
1) Telegram Group
2) YouTube channel
3) Medium
4) Website
5) Twitter
6) Discord
You can share with us the link for your project in all these projects???How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Nick Nguyen:
We do have all General information here:
Telegram Group
Telegram Channel
Medium | Reddit | Discord |Youtube | Facebook
Game teaser
Metaverse intro
Website | Tokenomics | Twitter | Telegram groups

Contract will be announced on the IDO date. Any of contract before that is all fake. Be cautious as there are many scammers nowadays. Wish you luck! SD.SMP.SMA:
Of the 5 game modes of Urban Racer, can all be played for free? Or require $URC or $URD tokens to login?

Nick Nguyen:
You can enjoy Training mode freely, and can also earn some small rewards. That’s also addictive.
However, if you want to be more economic, you may invest even with a small amount of capital first.


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