Speaker : UnSafeMoon team
Date : Sunday, June 6th, 2021



hello CREAMS0DA welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Cream Soda:
Hello, myself and the team are thrilled to be here, thank you for the invite.

Nice to invite you and your team and thanks you attending in this AMA.
1.Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Cream Soda:
I am a long term crypto enthusiast and trader who is passionate about the development and implementation of blockchain and crypto currency technology. UnSafeMoon was conceived after discovering a need of ease and accessibility within the crypto space thus leading us to create a product with a lower technical barrier to provide non-tech savvy people a platform to launch their own projects.

Nice to know you sir, thanks for introduction.
2.Can you explain what is UnSafeMoon and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Cream Soda:
UnSafeMoon is a hyperdeflationary RFI token. Each transaction employs a 10% tax; holders are rewarded with 5% rewards, and the remaining 5% returns to providing liquidity. We’ve burned 99.9% of the supply on launch which creates a heavily weighted burn wallet which absorbs most of the rewards reflections and reduces the circulating supply at a faster rate than other RFI tokens. In addition to our interesting tokenomics model, UnSafeMoon aims to provide a landscape of user-friendly products such as a custom RFI token generator, RFI smart-DEX, NFT gamification, and much more.

3.Can you share with the community what UnSafeMoon has been doing from the roadmap ?

Cream Soda:
Thus far UnSafeMoon has completed almost 100% of our Q2 goals in just under a months time, these include: Grow community & holder base (over 2k holders and 5k TG/Twitter followers) website revamp, donations Wallet, partnerships & Pools (Olive.Cash), marketing campaign (Ongoing), Coin Market Cap listing, and getting accepted to WhiteBit for a listing mid this month.

Sounds good, we are happy know more about UnSafeMoon progress.
Thanks for answer.


ID CRYPTO: do you guarantee that your project is anti-rug? Has unsafemoon done an audit?
from @Dquewr

Cream Soda:
UnSafeMoon has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the security and safety of our project. The developers have renounced ownership of the contract and burned all LP tokens which makes rug-pulling impossible. Our contract which is very similar to SafeMoon which has been audited by Certik, and we have improved upon the contract to correct any saftey issues within.
You can run UnSafeMoons contract through to verify it’s saftey as well.
We currently have an NFT certificate from showing we’ve passed with the saftey seal of approval.

Okay good thanks you for explanation, Sounds good.
2.So lets make it clearly, are unsafemoon is opposite from safemoon? Or it just a name? And are u planning to get some burn this year? Which quarter is it if u r planning to get some burn? Thanks!
from @moralesvangabe

Cream Soda:
UnSafeMoon is both a meme token that has very strong fundamentals and usecase. We have a similar tokenomics model as SafeMoon but we are different as we have burned 99.9% of the supply, which creates a very aggressive tokenomics model with an increased burn rate. We’ve also distinguished ourselves by planning/developing strong products that will benefit the cryptosphere as a whole.

3.How important is the community to Your project? and how can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?
from @Megan1y

Cream Soda:
The UnSafeMoon community is the literal cornerstone of the project and of the upmost importance. UnSafeMoon is 100% community driven, everything we do is aimed at the benefit and directed by the needs of the community. UnSafeMoons community is one of the best in the entire crypto space and growing every day!

Awesome, I totally agree with your opinion. without a loyal community, a project may not seem to thrive. do you distribute 5% of 10% tax to token holders? is it automatic? is there a minimum hold to get this 5%?
from @RomeoRozik

Cream Soda:
The distribution (5% to holders, 5% to liquidty) is totally automatic, all you need to do is hold any amount of UnSafeMoon in your wallet to receive the rewards which are sent out every time a transaction is made.

cool, we can get some profit just hold the token.

Cream Soda:
Yes, just by holding UnSafeMoon you receive free tokens, at the same time the circulating supply is reducing from reflections being sent to the burn wallet.

Last question for this session.
5.You have burn 99.9% of the total supply, but after burning, the token supply is still very large, I don’t even know what to say billion or trillion, will you burn again in the future?
from @RewqsrSar

Cream Soda:
UnSafeMoon started with 1 trillion tokens in circulation, and burned 99.9% of the supply. Current circulating supply is around 880 billion, which is a very low amount for an RFI token. Our entire model is based around burning the supply, which means that every single transaction made with UnSafeMoon further reduces supply even further. In addition to our aggressive burn model, all services on our platforms will be paid using UnSafeMoon, which will then be immediately sent to the burn wallet. This “proof of sacrifice” mechanism will also help to reduce the supply at a much faster rate.

Thanks you for answering the all questions.


Iron kakku:
All project coins have their main Utilities & real-life usecase! So, Can you tell us what are the main role of your coin in your ecosystem? Explain it’s Utilities & Real-Life usecases? and Why should i invest in your coin for long term?

Actually, you can use Unsafemoon right now to get yourself tattooed in Switzerland. Either way, we have two mission statements: helping the cryptospace be more secure with analysis tools and deployment tools, and using USM as a token to fuel economic and smart contract experiments in a more safe environment.

black rose0022:
Why did you go with ‘BSC’ blockchain network and not some other??

BSC is easy to access for most users so we decided to deploy there, but we would live to go multichain soon. Avalanche and Reef Chain are in our sights!

কাল্লু মাওলানা:
Tell me 3 reasons, why to prefer Your over other competitors. What are those features, which makes you unique, from your competition?????

Cream Soda:
Our unique and aggressive burn mechanism sets us apart from other RFI tokens on the market. We will also be the first project to deploy a RFI specific DEX, and RFI token generator. We aim to be different, and develop products that aren’t currently available in the space.

Mr wager:
Can you list 1-2 killer features for your token that makes it ahead of its competitors???? What is the competitive advantage of your Token has that you feel most confident about.. ?????

Florian Pfeiffer:
Our biggest feature will be the release of an on Plattform token generator. This will allow you to create a token and deploy it with a few clicks without having to know how to code.
A second strong feature is that you can use Unsafemoon to pay in shops in the City of Zug, the crypto valley of Switzerland. Providing the token with a first real world usecase & seperating UnSafeMoon from 99% of all alt coins avaivable.

Ivan Paskarey:
While you build your project.. do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?What’s role play community on Your project?

Yes we do. We recently chose the main logo to be used in a Telegram poll.

Rashedul Islam:
Is this your project only for elite investors? How about others with small funds, is it open to everyone???

Cream Soda:
Our project is open to anyone, there is no minimum on how many UnSafeMoon you need to hold. Our platform will use UnSafeMoon for payment, so there will be a minimum for cost of services to use this feature, but beside that you can hold unSafeMoon and earn passive income just by holding the token in your wallet.

Free Fair:
Which do you think is more, important :
1) Community.
2) Investors.
3) Token Price.
If all of the above is important to you, which should come first???

To this question, I would like to state that, as a community based project, the most important thing for us is to take care of our members and followers, for they are the very base of our project and belief.
After the community, the progress of the project is the most important thing. Making sure we deliver what we stated and we keep ticking boxes off the roadmap is what will bring more interest and users to our coin and platform.
Price improvement is only a consequence of doing a good job on both these previous aspects. By developing our roadmap, we ensure the prosperity of the project.

Rime Resj:
in q3 2021 you said you will create an unsafemoon smart dex, do you have any idea how your dex will look? will it be like pancakeswap? if it’s exactly the same without any other advantages, wouldn’t it be better if we used pancakeswap?

Saw this one right now, so sorry if I am going overtime.
The idea is we will develop a rugscreener “smell test” analysis tool to detect possible scams before trading them. The underlying liquidity pools will probably be Pancakeswap’s, but I think we can improve on their model since it doesn’t take into account certain properties of reflection tokens. That would require us to launch our own DEX with our own liquidity pools, which is no easy task, but we will have to see how interested the community will be in using our own pools versus aggregating liquidity, like 1INCH.


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