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Speaker :
1. Vishal Kothari ( Community Lead )
2. Saksham Jain ( Product Manager )
Date : Thursday Nov, 25th 2021

1. Introduction
2. Question From Twtitter
3. Free Question


Hello @sakshamjco @VishalBlockchain Welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Vishal Kothari:
Hey @aryamahes We are also pleased to be here.

Saksham Jain:
Hello @aryamahes and everyon else Nice meeting you all.

Q1. Welcome UniLend team. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Please introduce yourself to the community. We would love to know about your role and day-to-day work experience in the project.

Vishal Kothari:
Sure! Before we get started I would like to thank the ID Crupto Community for inviting us to talk about our project. We imagine that this conversation will have some interesting information that everyone will want to hear.
Also Let me introduce UniLend Finance to the community. UniLend is a comprehensive DeFi protocol with the mission to unlock the true potential of decentralized finance. UniLend has been live for a year now on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain allowing over 9000+ ERC20 assets to start lending and leverage FlashLoan through us. With our Version 2 Omnis, UniLend Finance will disrupt the market for $70B+ of assets and start lending / borrowing which are currently excluded from DeFi. I have heard people say UniLend is like a combination of Uniswap and Aave. That’s one way to think of our protocol.
And now about my self, I started my career in Computer Education, back in 1998. I worked for various IT-related businesses and finally realized Cryptocurrency was the path I was most passionate about. Obviously, like everyone else, I started studying and researching crypto heavily. I was fortunate to get into crypto back in 2014. I then became an ambassador in 2019 for several key crypto projects which ultimately led me to join up with the UniLend team as the official Community Lead. Here is my twitter profile. feel free to follow to know my insights about UniLend Finance.

Saksham Jain:
Hi Everyone, Over the last 5 years I have worked with a number of consumer tech companies as Tech & Product Lead and also led many startup initiatives. It’s been almost a year now since I plunged my career into crypto and blockchain technology and I am super optimistic about the future it will define for all of us.
I am Product Manager at UniLend Finance and also lead our $1Mn Grants Program. At present we are thrilled to put all our energy into Omnis and bring it out for the entire ecosystem.
Feel free to connect back with me on twitter, my DMs are open.

Thank you to Vishal Kothari and Saksham Jain, for introducing yourself to us, interesting background.
Awesome. So there’s a lot of buzz around the UniLend Omnis.
Can you elaborate on what’s bringing to the table? and How this permission-less protocol affect the current DeFi ecosystem?

Vishal Kothari:
Yes, the Omnis is around for sure as we have already shared the teaser about it. Our flagship product Lending & Borrowing will be live from the launch of the Omnis. As you must be aware that our Lending and Flash Loans protocol is already getting a very good response and TVL and Transactions are increasing so when Borrowing will be available and that too permission-less way that will help users and projects to enter to the DeFi ecosystem flawlessly. Also, we are ensuring that protocol would be safest for usage and that’s why we will ensure that Audits of the protocol smart contracts would be done by the Industry Leaders only.In addition, the protocol will be armed with Industries’ Biggest Innovations, like Isolated Dual Pool and concentrated liquidations for all the assets listed on UniLend.
UniLend will be the first protocol to introduce Permissionless Lending and Borrowing for ALL ERC20 tokens.
Many advanced features such as
On Chain Price Feeds
Flexible Lending
Flash Loans
Non-Fungible Tokenization. will make the version unique and a next-generation product.
Check out our full Introductory Blog. To capture all Buzz around the upcoming UniLend Omnis, we released a dedicated Omnis website.
We will be sharing all the upcoming community events, AMAs, Founder’s Live, Bug Bounty Details, and product updates on this single platform. Signup now for the upcoming UniLend Omnis.
We have also launched Educational Series: Insider Series to help the community to understand Omnis ingenious features. UniLend Omnis is a revolution in DeFi. We at UniLend are dedicated to making all assets productive. This initiative will aid our community members to get a deeper understanding of what UniLend Omnis is and how it works.
Omnis is more than just a technical update for UniLend. We have worked on many innovative approaches to make our vision come true.

We recently published 2 revolutionary features:
1) Isolated Dual Asset Lending Pools: You can check out details.
2) How to Long or Short Any Asset Using UniLend Omnis: You can check out details.
Stay Tuned Here For More Revolutionary Features Here.

I request community to join UniLend for more upcoming updates from our side:
Telegram Group
Telegram Announcement

Thank you, That’s a very detailed answer, I didn’t expect the Unilend Project to be this big.
Coming to the Growth of the UniLend so far, It’s just a year passed since the time of ideation what do you think UniLend has achieved so far in this short period?

Saksham Jain:
Its been really great year for us so far. I mean 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone amidst this global pandemic.
Nevertheless, we have pushed the limits of hard work on our mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi by welcoming all of crypto onto one comprehensive platform.
After the inception of the idea behind UniLend in 2020, we have grown tremendously in development and global outreach, continuing our epic frontier in DeFi revolution by being the 1st Permissionless Protocol for lending and and flash loans and being live on 3 biggest networks – Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.
We are setting foundations of strong DeFi protocol, forging more than 50+ strategic partnerships and and supported developers through various initiatives. We have listed more than 25 tokens on our protocol and executed more than $27 million worth of flash loans.
We also launched our $1 Million Grants Program in May 2021 for BUIDLers around the world. We launched our first grants project uBoost on July 2021.

Vishal Kothari:

Saksham Jain:
One project we have incubated is uBoost. It is an Interface where crypto users can borrow any amount of tokens using Flash Loans without any need for programming or coding experience.

Vishal Kothari:
Community can check uBoost dapp build on UniLend at

Saksham Jain:
Our $UFT token is listed on world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance which significantly increase awareness about UniLend.
UFT is also listed on top regional exchanges such as Probit in Korea. WazirX and CoinDCX, which have an enormous presence in India.
UniLend is now listed on 12+ CEXs and DEXs including and not limited to ProBit,, Hotbit, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap, and Dfyn.
There are so many updates a whole day can passby mentioning each one. So you can also checkout our full 1 year journey here.

The pandemic has forced many people to just work from home, and DeFi is one of the great potentials, especially for Unilend.

Vishal Kothari:
Indeed we all here will agree on this.

Community is the backbone of any protocol, can you share insights of your existing community growth so far and what’re future plans to expand it to a more global space?

Vishal Kothari:
We are so grateful to have such an amazing community. We never missed an opportunity to connect with a broader community to share our insights into UniLend Finance and DeFi industry in general. UniLend has grown to an outreach of 100k+ across more than 10 content distribution channels.
We have already announced our 7 regional communities for the ease of communication and no language barriers affect the growth of the UniLend so you also can join our official regional communities:
1. Indonesia
2. Vietnam
3. Nigeria
4. Phillippines
5. Turkish
6. Korean
7. India
Slowly but surely we are going to make it possible that language barriers don’t stop DeFi users to use the UniLend Permissionless Protocol.

Also we have published our litepaper in different regional languages so the core of unilend can reach to the regional DeFi users:

These are really awesome updates. We welcome you to (community) and look forward to following UniLend’s progress on this mission. If you wanna give us any closing remarks to leave the (Community).

Saksham Jain:
We just wanted to express how grateful we are to be able to talk to such an incredible gathering of crypto enthusiasts. It was our joy too and we appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little bit about us.
We are excited about our collaboration and look forward to working in the future together on amazing innovations.


1. You said anyone can list any assets on UniLend’s, if so how can users choose good DeFi assets on Unilend to invest in?
From @patrersd

Vishal Kothari:
Yes that’s true. Any ERC20 token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon can be listed permission-less way on our current Lending and Flash Loans Protocol and thats what will be there in our Flagship protocol with Lending & Borrowing, True power of Decentralization is to be albe to take part in DeFi will be there with UniLend Finance, where major DeFi protocol limits their users to take part in limited assets like 20-30.
Here comes UniLend where Projects and their community will have great benefits to take part in the DeFi with starting their journey with us in the DeFi Ecosystem.

Thank you for detailed answer, next questoin.
2. To participate in the governance community, what are the conditions that must be met? and what are the benefits?
From @jinmineng

Saksham Jain:
UniLend Omnis will be governance ready but we will take sometime to finally launch governance as its very important to give out a proof system to the community. Governance definitely will hold value in holding UFT for voting and raising proposals. But still our community is very active and each of us team members directly connect with people. Please share your inputs to our channel.

UFT is already listed on a big market like Binance, I think it’s a matter of pride for the community, especially the Unilend community. I’m sure when Governance is launched, it will run well, and get maximum results.

Vishal Kothari:
100 %.

Okay, thanks for explanation, next question.
3. Apart from governance, what are the use cases of UFT tokens? most token projects only care about the market price of their tokens, and forget about the use cases of the tokens themselves
From @sangkakkekmerah

Vishal Kothari:
A very good question for sure, Yes Governance will be major usecase for sure for UFT holders and that is the biggest benefit for any protocol about to go fully Decentralized and apart from Giovernance i would like to inform community that UFT itself is gonna be a deflationary token as many of the people might be aware of the fact that income from our Flash Loans protocol will be used as 70% for rewards to the lenders and 30% will be used to buyback UFT from market to burn it out. Go through our ann.

Of course, use cases are an important factor so that people get clarity on what their money is being invested in.

Vishal Kothari:

Next question.
4. You say that Unilend will operate multi-chain, but for now I’m only looking at Ethereum and Polygon, when is Unilend planning to operate on another blockchain?
From @5dragin

Vishal Kothari:
We are already live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and no doubts that we are adding more chains in upcoming days.

5. Talking about Lending & Borrowing, what assets can be used as collateral? does Unilend also support NFT, maybe as a Lending & Borrowing guarantee?
From @Alice_art02

Vishal Kothari:
Every single token will be able to use as collateral.
Users will be able to create a Dual Asset Pool enabling Permissionless Lending & Borrowing for any pair of assets through this security against the volatility of digital assets which will help users manage their risk better against risky assets. That’s how it will work And for NFTs I can tell that its in our research area for sure but right now can’t say Yes to it.


Saonr 123:
IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Vishal Kothari:
We are listed on many dex and Centralized Exchanges as well so anyone can buy UFT token as per convinient options available for them. you can checkout our listings availibility at coingecko UFT Market section.

For Redeem rewards, how much is the calculated profit? does it depend on the number of APY? is there a minimum asset to be able to deposit?

Vishal Kothari:
For Lending on the unilend finance app you can check available rewards in APY through selecting individiual token on available chain from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.
Even custom tokens can be selected and if any liquidity and rewards are given by project or any user will be shown there. for more details go through our documentation.

About burning. Apart from developments and marketing strategies, the thing that really helps coins go up is burning. Have you had enough of this or will you do it again?

Vishal Kothari:
As I already described that UFT is gonna be a deflationary token as per usage will increase time by time.
UniLend Finance will initiate a token burn mechanism alongside the launch of our flash loans product, which will reduce the overall supply of UFT.
This token burn mechanism is linked to our flash loans functionality.
The UniLend flash loan fee of 0.05% will be divided as follows:
70% will be rewarded to UFT stakers
30% will be used for market buying UFT, which we will then burn
Our token burn mechanism will therefore make the UFT token deflationary over time while further rewarding UFT stakers.
If we achieve a similar amount of flash loans traction as Aave’s flash loans (which are much less competitive compared to UniLend’s flash loans), this would result in $1.7 million of value transferred back to the UFT ecosystem each year.
Go through our Burn mechanism blog here.

فاطمة تل جوهرة:
sir, How can i buy $UFT tokens now, what are your current contracts address & which wallet support $UFT and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Vishal Kothari:
UFT Tokenomics described more than a year ago but for the community’s knowledge i am sharing our tokenomics here as well. You can go through our Public Sale announcment here.

Fitry __:
ETH 2.0 will be launched soon. Will this benefit UniLend? Or do you prefer a second layer blockchain?

Vishal Kothari:
We have not set any boundaries for ourselves our protocol is already a multichain protocol and we are adding more chains in upcoming days but yes We love Ethereum chain for sure this is where we all DeFi people belongs to.


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