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BerandaAMA RecapAMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X Unikname Network


Speaker :
1. Laurent LOURENCO (CEO Unikname)
2. Damien LECAN – (CTO Unikname)
Date : Friday, 10th September 2021



Hello welcome to IDCrypto community Laurent LOURENCO and Damien LECAN Thank you for taking your time to do the Unikname AMA today.

Hello everybody, Thank you too.

Damien LECAN:

Q1) Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Damien LECAN:
ok,, so I’m Damien, CTO. It means I’m responsible for technical choices with the team, and checking the choice are “working” and also products architect especially blockchain stuff: ethereum, Ark.io, Hyperldeger Fabric.
i’ve been using blockchain frameworks and sdk since 2015, at first on Ethereum. before i was building API and mobile applications for banking compagnies, i’ve also founded a Meetup in France about the Blockchain revolution in 2017 where I met Laurent.

Your experience is very good, I’m sure Unikname is very proud to have you.

Damien LECAN:
I hope so

And so I’m Laurent the CEO. I’m 53 and I’ve started to be interested by crypto and blockchain since 2013.
In 2017 I met Damien in a meetup he has founded about blockchain. We were both working in software and we were facing two major issues with the full digitalization of the world:

  • we need more and more users account and password on a daily basis,
  • we share personal data,
  • and the number of hack is exploding.
    Then we had the idea to use the blockchain technology to face these issues. Unikname was born.

Impressive, lucky you have met because this Unikname was born.
Q2) Can you explain what is Unikname Network and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Yes, let’s go!
Unikname Network is a specialized blockchain that sits behind our project Unikname. Unikname is a multipurpose Self-Sovereign Identity platform. We also talk about SSI for Self-Sovereign ID, or DID for Decentralized Identity. Unikname has the power of enhancing customer loyalty. providing trust and privacy to users and reinforcing cybersecurity at lower cost for companies. Unikname allows confidential data sharing, decentralized authentication, certified operations and data. On one side companies integrate Unikname SSI modules. within their own web application to provide SSI services to their users.
let’s try to upload an image to understand.

Damien LECAN:
On left: Any web solution, on the right, our My Unikname App mobile application, it acts as an SSI Wallet and Crypto Wallet.

Our project has launched in April 2018.

this is very good i think everyone should know about this, I’ll give the community 5 minutes to understand this.

Damien LECAN:

If you have any questions you can join the official Unikname group.

You’re welcome.

Q3) Can you share with the community, what Unikname Network has been doing from the roadmap?

Yes, with pleasure, First off all, all Unikname components have been developed, released, and are up and running in a first version. critical components have already been audited by 3rd parties.
The blockchain livenet is running since May 2020, after more than 1 year of testing with the community. Then the decentralized authentication module is live and deployed since the beginning of 2020. We’re ready to deploy the bridge between Ethereum and the Unikname.network blockchain.

Damien LECAN:
to connect our specialized blockchain to the DeFi Ecosytem.

the native $UNIK token is going to be swappable with the $UNIK ERC20 one, early next year a new version of the Unikname platform will be released with modular services and the DApp, the DApp will accept multiple SSI services, We will also implement in 2022 new alphabets.
People can already install the App, get their own UniknameID, and use it to authenticate to some websites.

Damien LECAN:
You can try my.unikname.app

They can also use it to be connected to the Hub to join our affiliate program.

Thank you for your very detailed explanation.
everything is well prepared. I hope it will run smoothly and successfully for Unikname.

Thank you.

Before we move on to the second session I think you have a link for the Unikname whitelist can you share it here?

Here it is.


Q1) The UniknameNetwork blockchain is protected by DPoS delegates. Please explain what is DPoS & what is the function and role of DPoS to UniknameNetwork?

The DPOS protocol ensures the security of the Unikname.Network blockchain, and it offers a guarantee of long term persistence of UniknameIDs.
Related UniknameID properties stay under the sole control of its owners, and data can not be counterfeit. To participate in the consensus protocol, actors must have an active UniknameID, either
to support or to become a delegate.
DPoS requires considerably less computing power than Proof of Work. It encourages the redistribution of tokens amongst supporters.

Q2) What tactics will the Unikname.Network use to make the process of generating high-quality dApps for content creators who lack coding expertise simple & affordable? And how do you plan on providing additional high-quality information to the $NFT community?

Good question, First of all it’s important to know that UniknameID are Identifiers based on NFT, That means that they’re unique, minted, and locked in a blockchain and associated to a crypto wallet with a single owner.
Unikname is a business-oriented platform composed of a ready-to-use product and an integration framework, We allow companies to easily get started, We offer SDKs and APIs but also some plugins.
For example if you want to integrate Unikname within a WordPress website, you only need to install a plugin and to set it up, without coding!
Here is an overview of the overall solution:

Damien LECAN:
Unikname platform.

End users use the unikname Dapp by itself, They only have to activate required modules to unlock features and they don’t need to do any coding, For both end users and companies, we provide a help center with many examples of integrations and guides for end users.

Q3) Can you explain the reason why I need to have a Unikname ID?
From @rodolisurya234

The Unikname project aims to create identifiers that are universal, human-readable, and decentralized.
If you’re an individual you need a UniknameID:

  • to store personal and confidential data, and to share it in a confidential way
  • to authenticate and access secured web services, teg. to signup or to login to the web
  • to certify transactions or files
  • to vote or to validate an operation
  • to get rewards

    If you’re a business owner or an organization you need a UniknameID:
  • to provide secured access to your web site, login and signup
  • to request confidential data from your users
  • to request certified files
  • to request for voting
  • to send rewards.
    One use case we’re willing to develop is to allow gamers to user UniknameID as their pseudo to login to their favorite game And with the their Decentralized ID, gamers could “attach” to their pseudo their XP levels, their number of lives, their tools or skin they win, And they will be able to reuse them in other games instantaneously.
    They can attach the NFT they get from games to their UniknameID. Tomorrow everyone will have a Decentralized ID. It will be required to surf safely all over the web and to interact with web platforms and web Apps.

Q4) When we make a Dapp on @UniknameNetwork then how secure it is? What security measures you have taken to keep it safe? As we have seen a lot of exploits in recent days. So security should be the first priority please share about the security measures you have taken?
From @CryptoAngel81

Damien LECAN:
Very important question!
Unikname.network and protocol implement multiple hack protections:
Unlisting protection, Reverse lookup protection, Data Integrity Protection (Proof Of Retrievability – POR)
Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Protection, Data Leak Protection to protect your data, Ownership Protection to avoid NFT steal, also Spoofing, Typosquatting, Phishing protection for your UniknameID.something exclusive to our product compared to our competitors.
Our source code is Open Source, and anyone can audit it at Github. As already written, critical components have already been audited by 3rd parties, You can find more details about security & hack protections on our documentation.

Q5) What are the full ecosystem tools for future identities and data that Unikname is creating? With this important data, what areas do you hope to develop and decentralize in the future? What are your plans for this?
From @elliekingcash

Unikname is focused on the value decentralized identities can bring to businesses, Unikname SSI Platform is composed of multiples SSI components:

  • Decentralized authentication: New generation and single step strong authentication without email or password.
  • Privacy-friendly data sharing: Users can share private or confidential data embedded within their Decentralized ID with the websites they’re connected with:
  • Operations and data certification: Certify documents and operations without KYC.
  • Anonymous voting: Setup surveys or votes respecting participant’s privacy and anonymity.
  • Digital Identity Management: Manage multiple digital Identities for individuals and their related datas.

In addition to these services the full Unikname ecosystem is based on a blockchain and tokens. The $UNIK utility tokens are SSI credits bought by companies and by end users, they’re required by UniknameID owners to enable SSI operations and to access SSI services, or to get rewards, We’re preparing for a token sale of our utility token $UNIK.

Thank you for answering questions from twitter , I hope they are here to see your answers .


Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

We’re on the identity market but we’ve choosen to offer a No-KYC solution. Than mean that every UniknameID owners are anonymous and pseudonymous. That a main difference with competitors. We also use our own blockchain with very low transactions fees, then we use a multinguale alphabet, that’s unique.

Cậu Vàng:
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??

Damien LECAN:
3 ways:
1) Our Twitter in English.
2) Our Telegram group in English
3) Localized: On discord, with local community channels (Prancis, Vietnam, Amerika at the moment)
Could be Indonesia too is you asked for.

Lão Hạc:
Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform? Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

On a DPOS blockchain the staking is welcome and encouraged. Any UniknameID owners can support a delegate and usually delegates give back part of their rewards to their voters.

Surovir Ma:
Your platform is able to generate a huge amount of data speaking about users preferences, strategies and behaviors. Are you already using those data? Do you plan to use them in the future as an additional source of profit?

That is what many do, but not us! Our solution is decentralized and we collect no user data when they use their UniknameID. When you use it to login somewhere the system make a direct link between the smartphone and the end website. Please see our privacy policy.

I want to invest in your project. But I have a little doubt. Can you please assure us that like other scam projects, there is no possibility of cheating?

Damien LECAN:

  • Our code is open-source, audited by 3rd parties and can audited by anyone else
  • Full tokenomics will be published in a transparent manner
  • our company, with a close-knit team, has been established for many years and we want it to last and to continue to build products that work.

MORE DETAIL ABOUT Unikname Network


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