Speaker :
1. Mehdi Suleman (CEO and Founder)
2. Tanveer Ahmed (Director of Partnerships)
Date : Sunday, July 4th, 2021



Hello Mehdi Suleman and Tanveer Ahmed Welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Tanveer Ahmed:
Hi IDCRYPTO, I hope everyone is doing well, Thanks for having us here.

Mehdi Suleman:
Hello, Excited to be here.

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Tanveer Ahmed:
I am Tan Ahmad, the director of partnerships with extensive experience of over 15 years resulting in a deep passion for crypto and understanding the business needs and aspirations. I have worked with reputable companies like deVere Group & Ibex Global. I aim to bring a lot of unbridled energy to build the TribeOne partnership ecosystem. Now, I am the Director of partnership at TribeOne.
I have been a staunch crypto supporter of blockchain technology for a few years now and have been moderately active in crypto trading for the last year and a half. I simply love how the crypto space and particularly DeFi is revolutionizing the current world for the betterment of everyone. Hence when Mehdi approached me with TribeOne’s idea and his aim to further improve the current space, I was instantly sold.

Mehdi Suleman:
Hey everyone! My name is Mehdi Suleman. I carry over 20+ years of experience in the largest retail banks of the Middle East region, building products and teams with the inception to growing business with total value locked over $1.2 billion. Throughout my tenure, I worked in senior leadership roles overseeing business, operations & managing large cross-department teams. Now, I am the founder and CEO of TribeOne.
Coming to my crypto journey, I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2016 and have been actively trading in the crypto space since then. I even burnt some of my savings during the initial bear market around early 2018 but still stayed an avid supporter of crypto. My past professional career was all about banking and finance, I spent more than two decades heading teams in the major banks in the middle east region. During my tenure, I used to get frustrated due to the rigid and ancient infrastructure of traditional banking. As I already had an interest in the crypto world, I always used to dream of a perfect marriage of traditional finance and the DeFi world where we can have all the benefits of the traditional banking system and also enjoy the perks of DeFi. TribeOne became the reality of that dream.

Interesting background, Greetings from IDCrypto community.

Mehdi Suleman:
Thank you.

Okay next question about TribeONE. Can you explain what is TribeONE and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Mehdi Suleman:
Sure, In the simplest terms, We are a DeFi platform where the users can lend, borrow and invest in NFTs as well as Crypto assets.
It’s an innovative lending, borrowing and investing space with the added features of rewarding regular users who create a consistent repayment history with the access to zero to low collateral loans.
In addition to this, the main feature is that loans are offered to users against their NFT’s, users can also pool invest in NFTs or get a loan to buy an NFT. Have insurance coverage for their products as an add on and borrowing and investing products like saving plans, investing and loans.
We have recently launched our triple IDO on ignition, Redkite and BSC Station.
Now we are available on Pancake swap and Uniswap
You can visit our Website.

Glad to know about that, and for community, if you want to buy HAKA tokens, you can visit them here.
Thanks for the detailed answer. Can you share with the community, what TribeONE has been doing from the roadmap?

Tanveer Ahmed:
After IDO, our earliest priority is to launch our NFT funding platform without any delay.
We are working on building our platform initially on the Binance Smart Chain and then migrate to the Polkadot network once the mainnet is live. We are currently wanting to catch the wave of NFTs, by focusing on launching our NFT platform. According to our roadmap, the NFT platform is planned for our third quarter. Our Dapp is in the process of building and we want to launch it very soon, making it accessible for the users. We have successfully completed our first two quarters as per our roadmap planning. In the later quarters we would launching our loans and SME platforms along with the insurance products through our DeFi Insurance partner.

I can’t wait to see it, I hope you will give the best for TribeONE and the TribeONE community.

Mehdi Suleman:
Thank you so much for the best wishes.

I see that recently you have collaborated a lot with several other projects, what are the reasons for establishing these many partnerships?

Tanveer Ahmed:
We firmly believe in integration and collaboration to enhance the horizon for our platform and make it a mutually beneficial partnership.
Partnerships are the key to ensure the continuous growth of the platform for times to come. In traditional financial space it’s critical to have synergy with other institutions to leverage.
We currently have ten successful partnerships, Faraland, PolkaFoundry, Raze Network, Uno Re, NFT Alley, NFTify, PolkaCover, Chainlink, Unmarshal and OpendDeFi.
Watch our social media to stay updated about our upcoming partnerships!
Telegram group and channel

I hope that in the future TribeONE will have even bigger partners, and make TribeONE even more famous.


How will you ensure the world knows about TribeOne apart from AMA’s? Kindly share your business development plan?
From @Greyhair_08

Mehdi Suleman:
That’s a really good question!
We have a lot of activities running throughout to spread awareness about our projects. We have onboarded multiple influencers from various countries to ensure that the message of TribeOne that is spread in their local languages so as to avoid loss in translation situations. We have and will be having loads of youtube videos to cover the Youtube audience as well in different languages.
We have recently expanded our reach on instagram to reach as many users as we can.
Here is our handle: @tribeonedefi follow us for more updates!
Then we actively post on linkedIn, twitter and medium.
Keep a watch on our socials to find out more!
Telegram group and channel

Thanks for the answer, I hope TribeONE can build a strong community and can support TribeONE.

Mehdi Suleman:
Our aim with TribeOne is to bring the community together and provide them with a one-stop-shop for all their financial needs.
Thank you for your positive words and support.

You’re welcome, Last question from Twitter.
I see there are 3 kinds of investment, low risk, medium risk, and high risk. can you explain the difference, and what does it mean?
From @gagalkuaya

Tanveer Ahmed:
Let me explain them one by one:
1) Sefe Plans- Low Risk

TribeOne individual savings Plan
Weekly payout to your wallet
-No lock-in periods or min deposit
-Optional insurance coverage through our DeFi Insurance Partner.
2) NFT Pool Invest – Medium Risk

-Community based pool funding to invest in NFTs
-NFTs are evaluated by leading NFT appraisers
-DeFi insurance to cover impermanent loss.
3) Tele yields – High Risk

-Earn highest risk adjusted APY against stable coins
-Optional insurance coverage through our DeFi Insurance Partner.

Are users free to choose the plan they want to use?

Mehdi Suleman:
Yes it’s a completely user centric platform
Users can choose products suited to their needs.

I hope the community can understand it, thank you for explaining the function of each plan.


What’s The concept of TribeOne? Why name TribeOne? What’s inspiration of TribeOne?

Mehdi Suleman:
The concept of TribeOne draws some of its inspiration from the Samoan culture which focuses on family, unity, respect and working together as a community. Our products are named after the different tribal words. Our token $HAKA means war dance that indicates the power of holding the token with victory.
The seed was probably sown during the first bull run back in 2017 where the hype around bitcoin overshadowed the utility of blockchain. Once the dust settled down, it was the introduction of the revolutionary DeFi concept that connected the dots between the traditional ways of finance and the crypto world.
The idea behind the name TribeOne was our aim to bring the community together and provide them with a one-stop-shop for all their financial needs. Our motto “Be your own Bank” is a revolution that breaks through the barriers of traditional financial systems. The barriers like lack of transparency, unequal access to financial services, rigid infrastructure that are faced by users while opting for financial products.
TribeOne believes that the users should manage their own finances and must be aware of where their hard earned money lies.
In short we want to build a strong community like a Tribe and move ahead towards success as One hence the name TribeOne.

Does your project have any compititors in the space, is or are there any project trying to do the same thing as you do.
All in all what makes you stand out?

Tanveer Ahmed:
TribeOne aims to bring improvement and innovations to the DeFi world. Currently the lending space within DeFi is overly collateralized. This situation is not in favour of the borrowers and is not giving back enough to them. We are launching a first all-in-one platform with consumer centric features like NFT funding, low to zero collateralized loans, loans to micro financiers, DeFi insurance. There is no such platform out there which solves all the user needs at one place. So in conclusion these are some of our “selling points” that make us different from our competitors.
Also I want to highlight a few other points:

TribeOne’s Triple IDOs is one of the major highlights in the DeFi sphere, As TribeOne launched on Ignition powered by Paid, Red Kite by PolkaFoundry and BSC Station.
-Our core management possesses over 25 years of combined lending/borrowing/banking experience, in both traditional and fintech industry, which gives us a cutting edge over our competitors.
-We have our very own superhero created as an inbuilt Financial Actuary (RAROC – Risk Adjusted Return on Crypto) to determine the rating of borrowers.

Madam Nhu:
Today in every sector our slogan is “PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT”. How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users?

Tanveer Ahmed:
TribeOne foresees such concerns and has proactively integrated certain safeguards to protect the investors as well as the borrowers. Our smart contract will be audited by a leading security agency. Along with AI based financial actuary; we have our very own superhero RAROC(RAROC stands for Risk Adjusted Returns On Crypto) to fight through all barriers. We would also be partnering with DeFi reinsurance protocol, to provide additional risk coverage that gives an additional layer of protection.
Just to add on –
TribeOne will be offering additional insurance products through our DeFi insurance partner. These products will include:
Gap Cover:
Allows for users to have ample time to rebalance their crypto-asset within the safe limits to avoid it being foreclosed.
Hack Cover:
Insurance coverage provided in the event of user wallet being compromised
Credit Shield:
Insurance to protect user crypto assets up to 80% of the market value. TribeOne liquidity threshold works like an airbag. As we understand the volatile nature of crypto, the organization will offer an additional buffer of 35% making it up to 125% liquidity threshold. In comparison, the competitors provide an average liquidity threshold value of up to 90%.
The users will also be provided an option which gives a 7 days buffer for the token price to bounce back. With the user opting for yield farming, the profit earned off the collateral will be used to pay the insurance. Unlike other competitors which liquidate at 90%, TribeOne is able to extend the liquidity limit to 125% to avoid early liquidation of user’s loan.


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