Speaker : sBEAR Team
Date : Saturday April 25th, 2021



Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with sBEAR Team
Today we have an honored sBEAR team
who will explain and answer your question guys

sBEAR Team:
Yes I am and can’t wait to tell everyone about our project


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?
    @UndrGrnd5_1 @Ybearbsc

sBEAR Team:
My name is Joshua, I am 40 years old. I’ve been in crypto for about 6 years now and graduated college in business. I met Yield Bear Finance and and found a home as the owner @ybearbsc was always the best person when it comes to transparency.

I hope to do that for Yield Bear. I think professionalism is an important faction of this space.
And happy to meet you guys as well


  1. Introduce Yield Bear Finance sir and Please explain what is sBEAR !?

sBEAR Team:
First it is important that we look at Yield Bear finance not as a token but as a platform. We actually have 3 tokens, yBEAR, YBHoney and sBear. They all function as tokens performing different tasks on the swap. This being our platform.

YBEAR is a deflationary token and reward token, Ybhoney is farmed with yBEAR And sBear is the new token also used for farming however smaller initial supply


  1. Can you share with the community what Yield Bear Finance has been doing since its launch?

sBEAR Team:
So since launch, we have listed to CG, cmc, with yBEAR, still awaiting listing with the other two tokens, we have listed to a CEX (hotbit) we have created the swap, we launch a (lotto) this week. We are awaiting two listings to CG and CMC this week. Platform is ready. And we have some big partnerships coming this week also.

between today and tomorrow we will be on the pages of 3 famous crypto influencers. in addition we are continuing with the shilling on telegram and reddit. tomorrow we will also start on tiktok. don’t forget that coingecko and coinmarketcap have yet to publish. then we will have the integrations of the new services (lottery) and we will start with the partnerships and new pools.
Tik Tok launch will be really cool

Thank you for starting the session with enthusiasm.
let’s move to the second session which is the question that has been selected from twitter


  1. How can Yield Bear Finance team make this a long-term project and realize all the visions and missions that have been made?
    from @lequthu

sBEAR Team:
ybearswap’s goal is to create a complete platform where you can get all the necessary services. We have already activated the exchange, liquidity, farming and staking services. By 2021 we will integrate the lottery (next week) which will allow us to burn more tokens, but the main goal this year is to offer an incubator service. Simply put, incubators are companies that search for potential successful projects and give them a helping hand throughout the critical stages of their development. This often occurs from the ground up. Services that an incubator provides can range from funding, marketing, advising, strategy, community building, and more. In return for their services, the associated project will typically surrender a certain amount of equity, which in turn helps drive the incubator’s motivation to make it a successful venture. Our investors would thus have the opportunity to acquire an advantageous position in the launch of a new associated project


  1. What are your plans for the global expansion of Yield Bear Finance ? is Yield Bear Finance only focused on the current market? Or focus on building & acquiring users or partnerships? Can Yield Bear Finance tell us?
    from @MadinaSakenova

sBEAR Team:
So even as close as this morning we created a Yield Bear page for Nigerians. But as of right now we also have. Indonesian page, Russian page, English, and we are expanding daily as we can find qualified Mods for these pages to assist us with growth. We want this project to reach every person in every country.
We need your help to reach more and more. The sky is the limit.

In today, we look at economy as a global entity and treat it as such. These projects are world projects. Figuring out how to market globally is what we do.


  1. Most DEX Exchanges such as pancakeswap, and others have their own NFT’s, do you also have plans to create your own NFT’s? please explain your views on NFT’s
    from @ranata110

sBEAR Team:
Absolutely, we hope to leave nothing on the table, so to speak. Future development includes our own NFTs. As these days NFTs are such a huge part of the trend. Keep an eye out for our first.


  1. How do you attract users to become a liquidity provider on your DEX Exchange? what benefits will you provide?
    from @sapidermon

sBEAR Team:
So you are awarded with ybhoney which can be sold as a passive income. If you’re staking native tokens then you can benefit from a 5% reward from yBEAR which is frictionless reward. As well as a 2% burn and still make Honey.


  1. I see there are 3 types of sBear, yBear, yBHONEY. what is the function of each? and why don’t you combine them into one token?
    from @MasMaskebo

sBEAR Team:
YBEAR is as I just said, it’s a deflationary token. Started with 50m total supply, now has 48m as it deflated. So supply goes down, price goes up.

YB honey is the reward token you receive for farming YBEAR

sBear is the new token with a 2m initial supply but is infinite as it grows as it is minted from farming. The Lotto will be used as a burn mechanism to keep this token supply down.

All of which is needed for the platform Swap

Perfect.. thanks you sir. i will open the chat, and all participants can send their question now..
Femi Oyinloye:
How secured is it to use YearnFinance, is it a secure and reliable project?

sBEAR Team:
Security was audited by solidity finance. Audit.pdf we are completely SAFU

what is your strategy for creating demand, and what are the advantages for token holders? I see there are 3 different tokens, can you mention the benefits that will be obtained for the holder of each token?

sBEAR Team:
The burn mechanisms create demand by reducing supply. Also partnerships create demand as well. We make partnerships so they list on the platform then we can farm them and their people buy our token to use for farming

Mathai Nosto:
COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve Ybear finance targets as the road map says??

sBEAR Team:
I think I’m many ways we see an influx in the interim from people trying to invest. However, as a result of lost jobs people also don’t have steady revenue streams to keep money flowing into the space. So in the long run I think as a whole it will slow things.

April March:
You’re not talking about partnerships and the achievement of sBEAR project, Could you explain some of your recent great achievements , partnerships and long-term plans sir?

sBEAR Team:
Each token that you see in the farm is a partnership. As we make new ones we add them to the farm. And there’s new ones daily. Being in this space and innovating the planet is the greatest achievement.

April March:
What is further planned for sBEAR in 2021 ?

sBEAR Team:
between today and tomorrow we will be on the pages of 3 famous crypto influencers. in addition we are continuing with the shilling on telegram and reddit. tomorrow we will also start on tiktok. don’t forget that coingecko and coinmarketcap have yet to publish. then we will have the integrations of the new services (lottery) and we will start with the partnerships and new pools

Before we officially close the AMA, is there anything that each needs to be conveyed, sir?

sBEAR Team:
Thank you for your time and I wish everyone a very prosperous day.

With Yield Bear Finance we hope one day each person has our Mobil app or dAPP and can farm from anywhere creating passive income stream!!!

Thank you for your kind words … and thank you for sharing your knowledge about Yield Bear Finance. I hope your project will be bigger and more successful in the future ..

We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with sBEAR is Done. ????

Thanks to @UndrGrnd5_1
who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about sBEAR

Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.
the winners will be announced soon.

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