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Speaker :
1. Shaik Hamdan, Director & CEO, NEXT Protocol.
2. Sayan Majumder, Marketing and Operation Head, NEXT Protocol.
Date : Thursday July 1st, 2021



hello Sayan Majumder and Shaik Hamdan
welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

Shaik Hamdan:
Hello everyone. We look forward for a positive interaction with you all.

Sayan Majumder:
Hello. We are happy to be with you guys.

Thanks you guys, we are happy you are coming here for this AMA.
1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Shaik Hamdan:
Hello, I am Shaik Hamdan, Director, and CEO of NEXT IT and Systems. I have done my MBA and B.Sc in Information Technology.
Since we have nearly 10+ years of experience in Robotics and AI, we plan for Blockchain with Robotics.
We comprehend that the mechanical technology industry is unwinding unlimited prospects, particularly at a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, with ventures taking a gander at sending administration robots for genuine use cases for the wellbeing and security of representatives. We bring NEXT Protocol to assemble, make and work together cutting-edge robots and their related application to genuine critical thinking use cases like Covid situations, Design Robot Gaming, and Robot NFTs. NEXT Protocol permits simple distribution of Robot Services utilizing our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots, empower the Robots to run with its tokens (convey and Mint business explicit BEP-20 Robo-tokens) and, sell these Robot administrations in commercial centers.

Sayan Majumder:
Hello, this is Sayan. I am taking care of Marketing and Operations of NEXT Protocol. We aim to achieve a future where human and robots can co-exist.
We are creating an ecosystem with blockchain to make it happen.

Thank you for introducing yourself.
Very impressive introduction, we are glad to know you here.
I hope your achievements can be a motivation for us.

Sayan Majumder:
Thank you.

My pleasure.
2. Can you explain what is NEXT Protocol and how long your project launch? Please explain in simple sentences.

Sayan Majumder:
NEXT Protocol is the DeFi based Protocol for Fractional ownership of Robots. NEXT IT and Systems, the company behind NEXT Protocol, has extensive experience in Robotics, AI, and Machine Learning.
We have developed customized ROS for Robots and deployed it in various organizations across the Middle East which got an overwhelming response.
We are the first company in the world to develop DeFi based Protocol for the Fractional Ownership of Robots. And after tokenization, it becomes easier.
The robots are getting deployed in commercial places as rent, making the entry barrier low. And the owners are getting rental yield from their ownership staking.
We aim to change the world by integrating robots into the daily lives of everyone for a more intelligent way of life through Blockchain, DeFi, and Robotics. And to do that we married DeFi Investment Protocols, Tokenization, Fractional Asset Ownership into a Robot Operating System (RoS) for easier adoption of robots into businesses and homes.
The Robotics business is nearly a decade old. And we are getting into Blockchain from last year.

Cool, your explanation is awesome.
The idea of ​​the NEXT Protocol also sounds unique, maybe a lot of the community will be interested in your project, Next question.
3. Can you share with the community, what NEXT Protocol has been doing from the roadmap?

Shaik Hamdan:
We have developed NEXTiBots and deployed them at many renowned companies across the Middle East. They are helping the companies with greeting visitors, delivering, and sanitization. You can check the following videos for the functionalities.

Presently with DeFi Protocol, and our NFT and Gaming Platform, we are expanding to an extended solution for the Creators, Designers, and Engineers. Through this platform, they have the opportunity to create and deploy digital robots and various functionalities. Also through this platform, they can have partial or full ownership of our NEXTiBots and gain yield based on the business. You can watch our recent video to briefly understand about NEXT Protocol –

We are preparing for third-party integration, Mobile App Integration, IoT Integration, Home Automation, and many more.
We have also successfully achieved to onboard some of the renowned personalities from various backgrounds as our Private Investors. We are already announcing it in our Announcement channel.

I’ve seen the video, and it looks like NEXTiBOT can be used externally, it’s very useful for companies or institutions.

Sayan Majumder:
Yes. That’s correct.

Shaik Hamdan:
Absolutely. Large corporates are discussing with us and hopefully we will aquire few good customers soon.

Sounds good, I hope so.
Thanks for sharing about NEXT Protocol, I’m personally very impressed with a project like yours, Really real work.

Sayan Majumder:
Thank you.

Usually most just make projects with a deflationary system or offer high ROE, or promises that are too fanciful.. But NEXT Protocol is really different and extraordinary.

Sayan Majumder:
We have a strong business model, on which we are exploring into Blockchain domain.

That’s good sir, I hope NEXT Protocol will develop and run well according to the Roadmap.


1. First of all i congrats u r innovation, But as your irobot would be deployed to perform physical task, there is a risk of physical damage to the robot. What is contingencies to protect investors interest. ?
From @MrAirdrops3

Shaik Hamdan:
We always have the investors’ interests in our mind. We will be replacing or fixing the issues with no cost to the fractional owners.

wow very interesting, you are really responsible for the products you make.
2. Robotics, AI and their integration into human life is pretty frictional for many people. How and what are the strategies put forward by next protocol to educate and understand the scope, advantages and benefits for of robotic integration into society?
From @Aravind75154890

Sayan Majumder:
Presently Robotics and AI have become very common in our life. It is no more a frictional story.
Practically speaking there are many ibots that actually control and provide information while we use the internet.
In fact, at the time of COVID, the usability of Robots has become very much evident, where you talk about sterilization, health security, etc.
Even in many places where human life is in danger robots have been deployed to complete the work without any risk.
Robots are becoming Human Companion in the present day. We have provided and continue to provide demos, share the knowledge with communities to make people aware of the usability of Robotics.
Also, we are making Robots affordable through our DeFi based fractional robot ownership. In near future, even home users will be able to get the benefits.

right sir, this is a condition where the world is experiencing the problem of COVID, and one solution to keep some work running is to use robots, it will really help from spreading or contagion.

Sayan Majumder:
It is already happening. Even we have successfully deployed robots for this scenario.

great, this is very possible, where at home using robots for some work, very useful.
Thanks for detailed explanation. I hope our community understand to your explanation, Next question
3. I understand that NEXTProtocol can be used to build, create and collaborate next generation robots, how can engineers and programmers use NEXT protocol with this purpose, and what is its advantage?
From @Ringu49472836

Shaik Hamdan:
NEXT Protocol will be a very useful platform for engineers and developers as,
It is useful for developers to build their Robot Application with their customized tokens in the marketplace for businesses and companies to consume and deploy.
Companies can onboard and deploy Robots with their prebuilt applications. They can float projects for the developers to build new functionalities as well.
The whole ecosystem will be available for the developers as well for creating games and earn from their games, in addition to deploying robots and renting or selling them.

Thanks for your explanation.
4. Going through the website i found that we can order various games and your internal team or other users can create them. How will these orders be priced and the payment method will be? Where will I deliver my game order to your team or other users?
From @Manaval61580328

Sayan Majumder:
Yes, you will be able to order your game. The concept of the platform is to provide opportunities to the engineers, designers, and game creators to participate and get the proper value of their work.
Once any of the users order a game, the order will be available in the marketplace for the developers to choose/bid.
If the developers from the marketplace don’t take up the order after a certain time, the users will have the option to send it to us. Based on the requirements the development cost will be decided mutually.

Nice explanation.
Everyone..!! you need to know more about the NEXT Protocol, these are no ordinary projects, but they do offer great benefits, Okay last question for this session.
5. There are many academic branches are being created in the best universities in the world in the field of AI and robotic technologies.Do u plan to cooperate with these universities to improve your technology and meet your needs in the field of human resources?
From @AmaProfessor

Shaik Hamdan:
Yes, a couple of academics from Griffith University, Ireland and Australian based Bond University is in talks with us. We definitely will partner with more Universities.

Work fast, you are really going well, I think by cooperating with many universities can also add a wider marketing reach in that circle, because indirectly you build good connections.

Shaik Hamdan:
Thank you for your kind words.

My pleasure, Your explanations are very interesting guys, thank you for answering and explaining our questions with enthusiasm.. I hope the community can understand what you explain.


Abu Bokkor:
NEXTProtocol can be used to build, create and collaborate next generation robots, how can engineers and programmers use NEXT protocol with this purpose, and what is its advantage?

Shaik Hamdan:
Engineers are getting a wider market through our protocol. This weill help them to showcase their capabliteis and of course earn more as well.

Telix 99:
Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions?

Shaik Hamdan:
We are expanding and our aim is to have all the robot manufactures and engieeers are using our platform.

khokan Rana:

Shaik Hamdan:
Please visit our Telegram channel or website and you will get all the social media handles.

Saroar Morshed:
On your Whitepaper, I read that Next Protocol’s NEXTiBOT Robots assist in sanitizing the premises with UVC, Ozonizer and Chemical Fogging, now, can you give me a brief explanation of how NEXTiBOT Robots are able to perform each of those tasks? Do you mean any kind of premises?

Shaik Hamdan:
Yes. Any indoor premise it can do the sanitization. Our AI enabled robots can start the job once everyone left from the building.

Khokan Rana:
“STAKING” is one of the strategies to attract users and hold users.
Does your great platform have plan about Staking? And please tell us about team background?

Sayan Majumder:
We do have staking. The token holders can stake their tokens and can earn from the rental yield.

meins Walker:
What are your future plans for NEXT PROTOCOL development following launch, what’s next on the roadmap?

Sayan Majumder:
We are preparing for third-party integration, Mobile App Integration, IoT Integration, Home Automation, and many more.

Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

Sayan Majumder:
Our main underlying business is Robotics, which actually realised its actual value due to pandemic situation.

Abu Bokkor:
attention please sir.
is your project suitable for Crypto beginners and have a guide for non-crypto users and so on? Or only of interest to professional users?

Shaik Hamdan:
Our targetted customers are each and every one. We wanted to help the people with our AI enabled robots. We wanted to help the old age poeple and physcially challenged poeple with our robots.

Khan 104:
What’s the uniqueness of your project that can not be found in other project that’s been released so far?

Shaik Hamdan:
Our uniqness is that we are brining actual robots to the DeFi platform.


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