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BerandaAMA RecapAMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X Moma Finance


Speaker : Ocean (CEO Of Moma Finance)
Date : Monday July 5th, 2021



1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Ocean Liao:
Hi all! I am Ocean, an entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. Since 2017, I have been building projects such as Gravity (the largest EOS node with 300,000+ token holders), Lichang (a community app with 1 million+ users), and TokenUp Wallet (100,000+ users).
I guess I am a “familiar name” or veteran among the Chinese blockchain community. And I am Founder & CEO of Moma Finance.
I am a long-termist and idealist myself. I like to do some innovative things and enjoy the process from 0 to 1.Maybe I will not succeed every time, but I have always been trying to change the world through the efforts of myself and our team.

Awesome, your experience is quite impressive, you have also been successful in building other projects before.

Ocean Liao:
Thanks for your kindness.

Thanks you for your introduction, we are happy know about you..
I hope this can be a motivation for us, Next question.
2. Can you explain what is Moma Protocol and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Ocean Liao:
Moma Protocol is a proprietary solution to meet the growing demands for liquidity, scalability and speculation in DeFi Lending markets. With Moma Protocol, everyone can create and manage lending markets.
The protocol offers a proprietary customizable Smart Contract Factory which serves the lending markets and users in three roles: Factory,Launcher and Aggregator.
Factory is smart contract factory that can produce and manage Launch Pool and Lending Pool.
Launch Pool is a customizable Pre-Lending Pool designed for community mining. Community tokens can be distributed for any projects through the Launch Pool.and Lending Pool is a customizable lending market pool with an over-collateralized loan structure. This pool can support lending and borrowing in any market.
Aggregator is a calculator and analyzer based on Pool and market data. It helps users solve their personalized DeFi demands for lending, borrowing and community mining of crypto assets.

Nice, hopefully this plan will go well and be safe from attacks that often occur in the lending market like this, Thanks you for answer.. I hope our community understand with your explanation.
3. Can you share with the community, what Moma protocol has been doing from the roadmap ?

Ocean Liao:
In our roadmap, the most important milestone is the launch of Moma Protocol’s mainnet, and we plan to complete this goal within July. After that, we continued to expand the number of lending pools, and we strive to bring in at least 100 partners to complete the creation of 100 Lending Pools within 12 months.
In Q4, we will start Moma’s multi-chain expansion plan. BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum are our important on-boarding goals. We will schedule the landing priority in Q3 and complete the release of at least one multichain version in Q4.
In terms of product functions, we plan to gradually introduce Dao Pool and whistleblower mechanisms in Q4 to make Moma’s risk management mechanism more multidimensional and mature.

Quite a detailed discussion, at least we know about what will be carried out in the near future and I see this is really cool.
Ouh well, I hope the plan to launch Mainet this month goes well.

Ocean Liao:
Keep working hard.

Good job sir.


1. what causes you to prefer the polkadot parachain version in q3~q4 2021 over other versions? Aren’t ERC20 and Bep20 bigger in market, community and fans?
From @jametQx

Ocean Liao:
Because we have always had a very good relationship and cooperation with the Polkadot community, we have a strong interest in Polkadot’s cross-chain solution.
But as you mentioned, there are actually more public chains and L2 solutions that can meet the needs of users and us, so multi-chain development is our deterministic direction, but which chain to choose and with what priority are all dynamic decision making.
We will closely observe the progress of Polkadot’s parachain auction, as well as the development of other public chains and L2 solutions, and start the testing and release of the first multi-chain version in Q4.

Wow,,cool, you chose to cooperate with a great and big project. this is a very good step.Thanks you for your detailed answer.

Ocean Liao:
Try to Standing on the shoulders of giants.

yes, then we will be seen clearly by the public.. hahahahah
Interesting word.. I like that sir, Ok next question.
2. I think the community support is very influential for the project, do you have any plans to create a local group for Moma Finance after the success of IDO?
From @yourangelri

Ocean Liao:
I agree with you very much that the community is very important for Defi projects, especially for protocols like Moma that aim to become a decentralized Dao.
In fact, we have already begun to take Local Community as an important development goal in progress. We have established our own communities in South Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, China and other regions, and plan to launch a global ambassador program after the product goes online.
Please keep your attention to Moma Protocol, because there are many opportunities for you to become a holder of $MOMAT and enjoy the vitality and dividends of the Moma community.

everyone, you have to join the group, this has a lot of potential, Next question.
3. what are the requirements to become part of a Whistleblower, and what kind of warning information is handled by a Whistleblower? can you explain it and give an example?
From @Sarimiisiduab

Ocean Liao:
Anyone could become a Whistleblower by staking $MOMAT tokens, and the specific details will be announced after our product goes live.
The risk warning information is mainly for the adjustment of the parameters of the Lending Pool, especially for the adjustment of key parameters of assets such as the mortgage rate of the token, which will pose risks to other assets in the Lending Pool.
For example, a new token is added to a Lending Pool, and this new token is a highly volatile asset, but it is set to mortgage and can borrow other assets. This is a high-risk parameter adjustment. Whistleblowers can mark such transactions and prompt users to withdraw assets from the pool before the transaction takes effect to avoid risks.

You look very eager to explain your answer.. thank you for your explanation sir.

Ocean Liao:
My pleasure.

4. Going through the whitepaper i read that Moma has introduced a role of “Whistleblower” to evaluate and identify unknown risk for lending platform, can you tell us more precisely about this role and what are their functions?
From @Ringu49472836

Ocean Liao:
Whistleblower is the core mechanism of Moma’s risk management framework. With the expansion of Moma’s business and the increase of the number of Lending Pools, the workload of risk assessment and judgment would become very large. It would be impossible to complete all information judgment only through the risk control department of Moma. To accomplish this extremely important mission, we have designed the role of “Whistleblower” in the system.
Anyone could become a Whistleblower by staking Moma tokens.And after a user has become a Whistleblower, he or she could submit risk warning information. Moma will judge how valid such risk warning information is, through community or committee governance. Once the information is confirmed to be factual and valid, the Whistleblower who submitted the information will be rewarded by Moma tokens. If the information submission is malicious, the collateral in Moma token will be slashed as a form of punishment.

Wow, you really appreciate the community, even they can be a Whistleblower in the problem of adding a lending pool.
i think it will increase higher security, awesome.

Ocean Liao:
Sure it will.

I’m really impressed with ideas like this, we all know there are so many projects that get lost easily these days.. and haven’t figured out how we are going to implement this, the whole community can give their opinion on a project that will about joining to Moma Protocol, Ok last question for this session.
5. What are the plans to ensure sufficient liquidity on the exchange to meet market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients start to multiply year by year for MOMA Finance?
From @hukaeabc

Ocean Liao:
With the development of the Moma Protocol multi-chain plan and our continuous increase in the number of Launch Pool and Lending Pool, Moma’s community and token holders will become larger and larger. The TVL that Moma can attract will get higher and higher. Liquidity relies on community participation and capital entry. I think Moma has the growth potential at these two levels.
We will also carry out ecological cooperation with more Defi partners to make $MOMAT one of the passes of the Defi world and be adopted by more Defi products. This time greatly increased the liquidity and trust of $MOMAT.


Theresa Tremblay:
What kind of use-cases does the MOMAT token have? What kind of value does it play and bring to Moma Finance ecosystem?

Ocean Liao:
$MOMAT Token is the native governance token of the Moma protocol. The utility and use cases of $MOMAT include but are not limited to:
$MOMAT holders can obtain part of our platform’s revenue.
$MOMAT holders can enjoy certain privileges and interests for future use of the platform’s lending market or other services.
$MOMAT holders can vote to participate in the development and key governance of the platform.
$MOMAT holders can stake $MOMA into the DAO Pool to get incentives.

From where can I buy your token? Is it available on any CEX or DEX?

Ocean Liao:
Moma Protocol is about to usher in an important milestone-the launch event of Moma governance token $MOMAT. We will launch IDO at WeStarter&Boune at 11:00 (UTC) on July 6th, and launch IEO at Hotbit. After IDO, we will list MXC, Hotbit, Uniswap & Mdex at 13:00 (UTC) on July 6th. Currently, the Boune whitelisting event is still in progress, More detail.

We Are Perfect:
Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Ocean Liao:
Moma’s team formation started in October 2020 but our core team members have known each other for quite some time. Our CTO V.C. and myself both graduated from Fudan University and have worked together in previous projects, and our CMO Virginia, who is the owner of a crypto fund in Hong Kong, has also been sharing deal flow and industry resources with us since 2019. So this is not the first time our core members work together.

Kh Sowrov (1):
Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics and token’s supply distribution? Thanks Sir.

Ocean Liao:

Do you (Moma_Finance) have any partnerships with a any project right now?

Ocean Liao:
We have confirmed to partner with Hotbit、Anyswap、NFT Stars and Octopus Protocol when we launch the live version of our product after listing, and are in talks with more projects.
As for our pool partnership pipeline, our strategy is to get at least one project to join as every week at the initial phase. This is not our first blockchain project and we have partnered with over 30 projects in our company’s community app, we are confident that some of our existing would join us when we are live. We would also focus on bettering our product and user experience, and let our product’s quality speak for itself, and that would get us new partnerships too.


Oezank is a Crypto Influencer who has more than 2 years of experience observing Crypto projects and strongly believes in blockchain technology in Indonesia.


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