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AMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X Moderinizing Park

Speaker : Elons Simons – (CEO of Moderinizing Park )
Date : Friday, 10th September 2021



hello Modernzing park welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

Moderinizing Park:
Hi, everyone, Glad to see you.

are you ready?

Moderinizing Park:

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community!?

Moderinizing Park:
Hi everyone, I am Elon Simons, CEO of MPC Public Chain, and have worked with a number of gaming projects such as The Club and Plague Inc in terms of investment and operational capabilities.
I started following this exciting new thing back in the beginning of Bitcoin, around 2010. I later migrated all my experience and knowledge from the traditional internet venture capital scene to the blockchain industry.
I started to invest and incubate quality blockchain projects in the first round of the big bitcoin bull market around 2013. From 2018 after the crypto cat went hot, I shifted my focus to the chain game track. The current NFT + chain game is the best track in the crypto world in my opinion.
Therefore, my main responsibility at MPC is to coordinate the planning and development of the whole project, which helps me to bring my nearly 10 years of experience into play.

Oke next question.
Can you explain what is MPC and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Moderinizing Park:
MPC is a new Metaverse platform, which uses TBFT Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus to accelerate the transaction speed and improve the scalability of the system and ensure system security, thus providing MAAS(Metaverse as a Service)Metaverse (service) for the transactions, identity authentication, governance, etc. occurring in the Metaverse.
It can help developers, game enthusiasts, artists and KOL to conveniently use Metaverse and participate in the Metaverse earlier than others.
We will sell our newly-created NFTs around 2 hours later and will launch in late Septmeber. Stay tunned to get the newest information.

MPC will start in a few hours, for those of you who want to join please join.
Can you share with the community, what MPC has been doing from the roadmap?

Moderinizing Park:
In the next two years, we will successfully launch more than 10 popular NFT chain games. At present, we will also launch a new NFT game. We will successfully transform tens of millions of new users for the chain game industry and even the whole encryption world around the world.
Of course, this is a visible achievement. From a more macro perspective, due to the effective design of MPC in terms of technology and mechanism, the sustainability and value-added attributes of chain games will be verified through these 10 games, and the recognition and acceptance of the encrypted world by practitioners in the global Internet industry will be qualitatively improved, which will provide us with, Successfully build NFT game public chain ecology and lay a solid foundation.
Now, we have taken the first step, we will start sell our first 500 nfts at 12pm(UTC) today, for details.

can you provide a link for purchase?

Moderinizing Park:
You can purchase MPC NFT there.


1. From : @cryptowonders01
What is Terra Nulla?

Moderinizing Park:
This is a good question.
Terra Nulla is an upcoming Gamefi concept game for MPC, which skillfully combines NFT+Defi, and creates unique player interaction and employee recruitment mechanism. In the game, the players with BOSS NFT and land NFT can get high earnings by recruiting the players with worker NFT to work on their land.

2. From : @Cryptowjf
Can you tell us more about the gameplay of MPC?

Moderinizing Park:
There are two types of identities in the game: workers and BOSSes. As a basic identity in the game, workers can mine on different lands in the game to obtain MPC token rewards; players can also buy land to upgrade to a BOSS level. BOSS can’t mine by themselves. They need to recruit workers to mine on their land and take part of workers’ mining revenue as their income.
The worker and BOSS identities correspond to 5 characters respectively, each with unique abilities that determine the player’s growth rate and earnings in the game. Players can enhance their abilities and upgrade to a BOSS character by learning. Terra Nulla game rules.

this seems very interesting. can the game be played on android or ios?

Moderinizing Park:
Yes, of course. It will be online soon.

I’m very curious about this, I hope everything goes well and quickly for the launch of the game, okay next.
3. From : @kokila93603877
Any project’s marketing is a must-have component. In order to fulfil the defined objectives, it is vital that everyone realises the potential that a project can provide. What is your long-term plan for gaining more users and investors for your project?#MODERNIZINGPARK.

Moderinizing Park:
The utilization rate is mainly reflected in three aspects: the utilization rate of game DAPP, the utilization rate of pass assets and the utilization rate of the underlying public chain. In order to improve the utilization rate of these three aspects and make MPC gain more users and investors, we launched the ecological support plan.
Specifically, the official will increase the preferential treatment for the earliest game developers, seed round users and early-stage investors, and give a lot of support in terms of technology, publicity, capital and community. In short, it is to transfer the benefits that can be created by the project party in the later stage to the earliest partners through various preferential policies.

4. From : @LLanbabe
Can you explain what is the “Metaverse” and what you are contributing to this space?

Moderinizing Park:
This is a deep question.
Roblox, an online game creation platform, launched its “Metaverse” concept in March 2021, which instantly exploded the Internet industry. In the gaming industry, many International Game Technology companies have set up “Metaverse” businesses. Furthermore, traditional Internet giants have also started to pay attention and invest on “Metaverse”. The concept of ” Metaverse” has also become quite popular in the Internet industry.
Theoretically, Metaverse can be extended from gaming, social and other pan-entertainment experiences to various real-life scenarios, thereby breaking the boundary between virtual and reality. From the perspective of investment institutions, as a new generation of open underlying software platform for blockchain, MPC has successfully integrated the concept of ” Metaverse”.
Specifically, MPC platform allows for not only a multi-dimensional Web3.0 by supporting NFT, AR, VR and IOT, but also helps developers, game enthusiasts, artists and KOLs to easily create valuable content on the blockchain. Moreover, it has the potential to drive large-scale commercial applications to the ground.

last question in the second session.
5. From : @supersuper83
How are you lowering the barrier of access for those wishing to participate in the Metaverse?

Moderinizing Park:
There is no doubt that Metaverse will be able to go straight to the future and change the world. However, it is always a pain point that it is difficult to be applied on a large scale and in a large area.
For this reason, we choose NFT + chain game to start, first to create a game that allows people to “play 2 earn”, forming a phenomenal sensation. After attracting a large number of users and capital, we will improve our game ecological public chain based on this, and truly realize the point-to-point promotion of blockchain technology on the ground.
This process may take a long time, and the investment is huge. But the latent huge business value and social significance can be fully expected.


Do you have any plans to add more members to your team, as ambassadors or any other position?

Moderinizing Park:
Yes, of course, we have started ambassadors, and prepared a reward pool of $2000. Here is the link, we’d like to invite all the users who believe in MPC join us. Let’s build a strong group together.

What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Moderinizing Park:
Let’s talk about the highlights of MPC from a future-oriented perspective. NFT projects, including the current avatar series NFT projects, have two main internal reasons for the price: social value and use value. Both Punks and Bor Ape have only social value as their foundation. These social values are accidental, artificially induced and difficult to sustain.
Axie, on the other hand, is based on use value while its social value is a little low. A studio might be more appropriate. Terra Nulla is designed based on both of these two values. People can directly and quickly cash in on their social influence through Terra Nulla. In 2020, when Modernizing Park is launched, we will connect the two game worlds and integrate Terra Nulla into Modernizing Park. When Modernizing Park has a direct link to the real world, we will map some of our physical assets or partners’ game buildings into Modernizing Park to empower them. For now, we hope Terra Nulla help attract more game developers and players with sustainable vitality to the Modernizing Park Chain.
We will continue to enrich the Modernizing Park Chain with real-world resources and revenue streams. In summary, we are more of a global virtual-society project than a simple matchmaking game.

Katelyn Mcfarland:
Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Collateral has achieved so far ? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for your Project?

Moderinizing Park:
For the MPC project to be carried out as planned, a lot of preparation has been done in early stage. The modelling of both Modernizing Park and Terra Nulla have been completed and are being developed in parallel. Modernizing Park will be available next year. The internal beta version will be launched in October and the beta network of Modernizing Park Chain will be launched in November.

bia Oai:
How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?

Moderinizing Park:
Modernizing Park Chain was founded by a team with excellent educational backgrounds at prestigious schools that possess a range of valuable experience. The core team has worked for various world-class Internet companies in the gaming, AR and blockchain sectors.
The current CTO, James Edward, is proficient in business software application design and process development using different software suites, with a strong foundation in hardware and networking technologies. Importantly, he also has extensive experience in the maintenance and development of many well-known blockchain projects and possesses practical experience in the multilingual development of various application interfaces. Moreover, he has led teams in the development of Unreal Engine 3 and participated in the development of ETSI security standards.
In addition, CMO Ray Elaine, Chief Game Designer Carl Dalio and Creative Director Carlos Mendes have also worked as IT senior managers and directors and in other senior management positions. From these roles, they have extensive business management experience and obtained a deep understanding of internet management.

Tạ Tiến An:
Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Moderinizing Park:
The first ever Terra Nulla NFTs is going to on sale on Sep 10 on Treasureland. The 500 worker NFTs on sale are newly-created NFTs, the first batch of NFTs officially launched by Terra Nulla, each priced at 200 USDT, for a total of 8,000 NFTs. The number on sale is limited to 500, More detail.
If you are interested in MPC, welcome to join us:
Official website

MORE DETAIL ABOUT Moderinizing Park


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