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Speaker : Viktor Södermark (Founder / CEO)
Date : Wednesday October, 6th 2021



Hello Viktor Södermark Welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

Viktor Södermark:
Very happy to be here! Looking forward to share with you the world’s first quiz game with crypto and play-to-earn.

We also can’t wait to see how the play-to-earn system in mimirquiz will be. Q1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started your crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Viktor Södermark:
Hi everyone, my name is Viktor Södermark and I am the founder and CEO of Mimir Quiz. I truly believe in blockchain and crypto and the tremendous potential they have for the future. Over the last +4 years I have been involved in the crypto industry as a retail investor as well as in several smaller projects. I’ve always been interested in quiz games but the ones on the market today cost money to play every month or you play the free version with annoying ads. So I know that this can be solved in a better way with the power of crypto and blockchain. I am really amazed that no one thought of this before and all the crypto games in the market are so small and difficult for people to understand and play. So as an entrepreneur I made the decision to start a company, put together a very strong team with gaming and crypto experience and the idea of ​​Mimir Quiz was born. Our vision with this business is to develop engaging and rewarding mobile games built on blockchain and centered around play-to-earn and Mimir Quiz will be the first of many crypto games to come out!

Great introduction.. thanks for introducing yourself and sharing a bit about how you think for the future in the gaming industry on blockchain, We are happy know about you sir.
Q2. Can you explain what is Mimir and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simpces.

Viktor Södermark:
Absolutely, The Mimir Quiz will be the world’s first Quiz game powered by blockchain.
Since it is centered around the most proven and popular game concept of all times (Quiz games) we have a HUGE potential to become the first game that breaks out of the small cryptosphere and gain mass market momentum.
Mimir Quiz will be available worldwide to download at the end of October from Google Play and App store.
The Mimir Quiz will let players enjoy two separate game modes all in the same quiz app. The game modes are “1vs1” and “Tournaments”.
The 1vs1 game mode will introduce a version of the popular round-based trivia game that has been around for ages in mobile games. The game consists of five rounds with three questions in each round. Anytime during the day players can duel it out 1vs1 against random opponents or friends and family.
The main attraction in the Mimir Quiz will however be the live-streamed quiz tournaments. Users from all over the world will be able to join daily quiz tournaments broadcasted from Stockholm, Sweden. The live tournaments are a super exciting and social experience that tests your knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Just like HQ Trivia, it is a knock-out game with 10–15 questions where the ultimate goal is to make it all the way through to be one of the winners.

Here are some sneak peeks from the Mimir Quiz game.

Impressively, this game is sure to be of great interest to the community..can’t wait for the end of October.
Thank you for giving a little overview of the Mimir Quiz application. Okay, then let’s explain about the Roadmap.
Q3. Can you share with the community, what Mimir token has been doing from the roadmap?

Viktor Södermark:
Delighted to tell you more about our progress!

Nice thanks you.

Viktor Södermark:
We have come a very long way in our Roadmap and the big steps ahead for October is:

  • Marketing campaign
  • Mimir Token IDO & TGE. Launching on Uniswap and Quickswap
  • Worldwide launch of Mimir Quiz app at the end of October in App Store and Google Play.
    In November we will:
  • List the Mimir Token on the first centralized exchange
  • Release a new game mode in the Mimir Quiz app
  • Start the development of our next game scheduled for release in Q1
  • Start the marketing towards the mass market to onboard 100’s of thousands of players in the game.

Sounds good, it’s a very organized recommand sir.

Viktor Södermark:
Thank you for those kind words my friend!

Thank you for sharing the Mimir Quiz Roadmap here, sir, we are happy to know the progress of Thinking Quiz.

Viktor Södermark:


Q1. How does MimirToken generate and construct the questions in the quiz? Do you have an academic preference on where will your questions be based on? Does your team have an academic professionals for this matter?
From @0JeanWayne

Viktor Södermark:
This is a great question!
So we have two different game modes – 1vs1 and Live tournaments.
In 1vs1 it is just like a traditional quiz game with 5 rounds and three questions in each round. Here we have a database of more than 50 000 questions that we have purchased. The questions will be in English and the cool part is that we are using Chainlink’s VRF blockchain technology to validate that questions are picked randomly so no one can cheat in the game.
For all of our live quiz tournaments we actually write the questions ourselves. The questions will always be unique with new topics.
There will be a wide variety of different topics for questions in the game so it will always be new, exciting and fresh.

cool, sounds really neat, even now that you have that Quiz ready.
Good explanation sir, i hope our community understand to your answer, Next question.
Q2. Are there any requirements to take the quiz game on this MIMIR? Is it only for the holder,? Or for whom the quiz game is,,?
From @Vino_miospr

Viktor Södermark:
The quiz game will be available in Google Play and App store and available worldwide. Everyone that registers connect a Metamask wallet that they have ownership of and where their rewards are distributed in Mimir Tokens.
You will not need Mimir Tokens to enter “play free” but you will need Mimir Tokens to enter “Play-to-Win” game mode where you can stake Mimir Tokens in order to build up a prize pool that you are competing for.

This explanation is very clear, so we can play for free for fun, but not for money. Okay got it.

Viktor Södermark:
You can play for free AND for money.

Yeps, if we want to earn money, we need to spend Mimir Token..
Just to be clear about free play sir.

Viktor Södermark:
So the option is yours – play for free and earn mimir tokens for your playtime AND/OR Play-to-Win with Mimir Tokens to win even more!

Exactly, very interesting sir.
Q3. I think your initiative is fantastic; but, what is the procedure for purchasing your token? Is there a pre-sale and a general release?
From @Hirushi68835598

Viktor Södermark:
The token sale looks like this:

  1. Pre-sale private and seed round. For strategic partners that add value to the Mimir project. If you have something unique to offer and want to invest then contact us directly.
  2. The public IDO date is 18 October and is held at starter sign up there and participate in the IDO as soon as poosible.
  3. The Mimir Token will be launched on Uniswap & Quickswap on the 18th of October.

Thank you for giving us an overview of the implementation of the Mimir token sale sir.
Q4. What kind of future collaborations can we expect from MimirToken with other projects/platforms/protocols? Could you give any instances of how this could help other projects?
From @kikiMD14

Viktor Södermark:
We currently have the following partnerships with Mimir Quiz:

  • Brave Browser
  • Chainlink
  • Polygon
  • Starter
  • Empire Global Partners
  • Zokyo
  • Luna PR
    We are also partnering with top-tier influencers in the crypto space so you will definitely hear more about Mimir in the coming days leading up to the IDO

Great, the partnerships you have built are quite interesting, they are a well-known platform in the cryptocurrency space, Last question for this session.
Q5. Where does the money we make as prizes from quizzes come from? Is it funds from the players or is there an allocation of funds that has been set as a prize?
From @ibuCrypto

Viktor Södermark:
Very interesting question! The Mimir Team adds Mimir Tokens to all live tournaments so there is always a guaranteed prize pool from the start to play for. The entry fees that are paid to register for the “play-to-win” tournaments are accumulated to the overall prize pool that the players compete for. Example:

  1. Entry fee for a live tournament is 1 Mimir Token
  2. 100 000 register and pay the entry fee of 1 Mimir Token
  3. Then we always add an extra amount of Mimir Token to the prize pool between 10-50% of the prize pool.
    = So the prize pool would be 110-150K Mimir tokens that the players fight for.
    In 1vs1 you challenge an opponent in a quiz match and you can then choose what amount in Mimir Tokens you want to play for.

Very clear answer, I hope our community understands with your explanation sir, thank you.


Temitope Awoyinka:
Is MIMIR a global and decentralized project, do you welcome feedbacks from users?
Do you plan to add local communities especially for non ENGLISH SPEAKING COMMUNITIES?
Have you pass AUDITS?

Viktor Södermark:
The Mimir Quiz will be global – everyone can download it on Google Play and App store at the end of October.
The game is built with React Native so that is off-chain but we power all transactions, provable fair gaming systems and token functions on-chain with the help of:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon as a layer 2 solution for reasons connected to gas fees, scaling and network speed that Ethereum can’t solve
  • Chainlink verifying that all games and questions are provable fair and random
  • Moralis helps us with facilitating many transactions in the game.
  1. From the start it will only be English – but we plan to have hosts speaking many different languages so that you can participate in the live tournaments in some of the world’s bigger languages. We will also schedule live tournaments to fit with the 5 major time zones across the world.
  2. The Mimir Token has completed a successful audit conducted by Zokyo.

Lusifar 000:
I could not find your project whitepaper . Have you released it yet or not? How can I get more information about your project and what are your important social media links?

Viktor Södermark:
Here is our projects whitepaper. You can also find out on our website.

Have a good day :
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Viktor Södermark:
And you can always reach out to our community managers or me if you have any questions.

Jon Week:
Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships???sir
Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?Q.How many Events have been planned till now on the Platform? Do You have Proper Infrastructure to host Large Events?

Viktor Södermark:
We are working with the following partners:
1. Zokyo – Conducts the audit of our Mimir Token and all our smart contracts
2. Brave Browser – We are doing a HUGE marketing campaign with them and we are also exploring the possibility to launch the Mimir Quiz in their browser this year.
3. Polygon – All game functions in the Mimir Quiz are powered by Polygon (Matic) in the form of a layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum.
4. Chainlink – Mimir Quiz is powered by Chainlinks VRF functions ensuring provable fair and random questions in the game.Empire Global Partners – This is our legal

5. partner that has been working 9 years in the crypto space. They actually helped Ethereum launch their ICO.

I noticed that Mimir project is holding an IDO on STARTER at october 18th. Unfortunately I have no guaranteed allocation on STARTER, Would you consider to holding an IDO on another launchpad like RedKite or BSC Station? If yes, please share with us the details?

Viktor Södermark:
I understand your situation but we will only have the IDO on Starter. You can however buy the Mimir Token on Quickswap and Uniswap on the 18th of October.

What is the goal of your project? How far have you come toward your goal?

Viktor Södermark:
The goal is to become the BIGGEST crypto game in the world. With launching a quiz game which is the most popular game concept in the world we hope to surpass Axie Infinity in the coming months.

In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?

Viktor Södermark:
This is an important topic.
So first off, we have a real company behind the wheel called Sons of Mim which is registered here in Sweden. Everyone in our team is doxxed with name and picture so this is a professional business in every aspect.
In addition to this you can check out our tokenomics and see that only 15% of Mimir Tokens supply is allocated to the team and it has a vesting of 24 months to show our long term commitment.
Lastly all our tokens and smart contracts are audited.

mukto pakhi:
How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Viktor Södermark:
Our community is our top priority – without a strong community we will never be able to succeed.
That is why we have allocated 15% of our total supply to community. We will soon announce a worldwide ambassador program. we will also give big airdrops for all users who download the app during our launch campaign.

What happens if your tokens don’t sell out? What are you going to do with the money that was raised from the presale and the tokens that didn’t sell out?

Viktor Södermark:
We are very confident that our token sale will be oversubscribed but no matter how it goes – We are launching the Mimir Token on the 18th and the game at the end of October and it will be available worldwide where you can play and use the Mimir Token.
The money coming in to the operation will be used for promoting the game to not only the crypto market but to the mass market. We are aiming to onboard 100’s of thousands of users so pretty much all money will go towards growing the community and the brand of Mimir Quiz.

Mon Bughena:
I have seen that you have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Viktor Södermark:
We of course want to get maximum exposure during our launch to the market so that is why we are in many AMA’s – it is a great way for us as well to explain the overall idea with the Mimir project.
In essence, we are nothing without our community and at the end of the day it is our community that will make this project into a worldwide success!
If you make sure to follow us on social media and the journey that we are on then you will for sure be rewarded by the Mimir Team!



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