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Speaker : Stuart Hollinger (Operations Manager)
Date : Wednesday, July 21, 2021



Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Stuart Hollinger:
Of course!
I have this bio of my background pre written. Then I’ll talk about MELD and how it came to be! 4 years ago, I found out about Crypto and DeFi, and 2 years ago decided to retire from Mechatronics Engineering to enter into the DeFi realm full-time. I studied at the University of Guelph and earned a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a Minor in Psychology.
After that I self-taught myself C++, Java, and Python, and then worked as a Mechatronics Engineer programming large CNC machinery, and human-machine interfaces for a few years. I’ve written 2 books, started multiple companies, and am fully self-sufficient through the use of DeFi protocols.
As for MELD. The idea for MELD Labs came from various friends of us, who are crypto rich but cash poor. They don’t want to cash out on their crypto. They want to stay long on. There are already crypto-to-fiat lending services but they are centralized, US-driven, and non-efficient. At MELD we have a Switzerland Foundation and a Singaporean development firm. We’re ready to bring all this to the rest of the world, in an efficient and trustless way.
The idea of MELD is to be able to blend the fiat world and the crypto world together And one of the first services we are offering are crypto-to-fiat loans!
MELD is the first decentralized, non-custodial service to offer this.

Interesting background, Thank you for introducing yourself and MELD to us, Next One.
Can you explain what is MELD and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Stuart Hollinger:
MELD is a simple a powerful idea. unlocking the value of your crypto as a fiat loan so you can keep your crypto positions and still see the benefit (cash) of it. We are building a DeFi protocol in order to do this.
There are projects that give fiat loans against crypto but they are all centralized and they require that you give up your keys.
MELD is building a decentralized and trustless protocol where your crypto is locked in a smart contract.
It’s non-custodial. In this way we can build our service into other DeFi protocol and we can work like Money Lego’s with the rest of the ecosystem. You interact with the MELD protocol via the MELDapp on iOS, Android and as a chrome extension.
You will be able to link your Metamask to it or transfer crypto assets into it from BTC, ETH and BNB. You can then choose the terms of your loan and the protocol creates a smart contract.
For fiat loans, once you complete the KYC then the money wired to your bank account. When you borrow against your crypto you have 2 major benefits.
1. You don’t pay capital gains tax.
2. The interest on the loan is tax-deductible in most countries.

So in real terms the loan is basically free and you can keep seeing the upside as the crypto price goes up. As for our project launch. We are currently performing an ISPO on the Cardano network for our token launch. Users are able to delegate their ADA to one of out stake pools to start farming MELD!!
Specifically. It is 0.065 MELD / ADA / EPOCH (5 days).
Here are some useful links for more info on our ISPO!
Learn how to delegate ADA to MELD ISPO HERE
Read about our ISPO for the MELD token HERE
Sign up to our Newsletter HERE.
Its only been just over 2 weeks and we already have over 230m ADA delegated to our pools!

Interesting idea for MELD, not too complicated to understand.

Stuart Hollinger:
deposit crypto, borrow fiat !
Easy peasy haha, We even have negative interest loans. which I’ll get into later hehe.

Haha interesting. Thank you for explaining about MELD very well, Okey next one.
Can you share with the community, what MELD has been doing from the roadmap?

Stuart Hollinger:
Of course!
Our dev team has been working on/contributing to the Cardano blockchain for the past 3 years. They are still doing that but to a much smaller degree now that they are building MELD. We have built the borrowing and lending smart contracts and we are now doing heavy development on the MELDed assets. We will begin testing in the next 2 weeks. We are also under heavy development of the MELDapp. We are going to be having a beta version of this app available for the public!
Where our community will be able to go into it and can offer feedback / suggestions before we go live and launch come Dec 8th.
Ken, Co-founder and Chairman at MELD has over 25 years experience in UX / UI design. He will be the lead in creating this app!
We are going to set the standard for easy of use in crypto. The MELDapp version 1 will come out over the summer. The MELD protocol will launch in November of this year. We might launch earlier if the Cardano Alonzo release happens earlier. Our goal is to launch with the release of Smart Contract support on Cardano. For us the sooner the better.
We will also be doing our first audit in September. Another BIG thing we are working on are strategic partnership and collaborations on different products / services with other projects building on Cardano, We have some CRAZY announcmenets coming in the next week or so, I wish I could share.

I hope you and the MELD team give the best to develop MELD.

Stuart Hollinger:
Official MELD Links :
Website | GitBook | Medium | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | LinkedIn | Github | Facebook | Instagram


you said that MELD Protect Crypto Holdings, how can you guarantee this? can you explain how you work to guarantee this?
From @jinmineng

Stuart Hollinger:
Ahh, this must be referring to the crypto that is deposited into the MELDapp.
It’s actually quite simple. The functionality for keeping crypto safe would be similar to that of AAVE. Different lending platforms offer differen loan to value ratios, depending on the asset depeosited and the asset being borrowed.
MELD ensures the deposited crypto is safe by attaching it to this sort of function. When you borrow from a deposited asset, the crypto is locked on the platform until you repay the borrow. This is the same functionality to that of AAVE or other lending protocols. One of the services we offer at MELD are negative interest rate loans!
This means that if you deposit crypot to MELD, borrow against it, after a certain amount of time, you’re loan will be repaid and you can withdraw your crypto! The guarantee is found through the use of smart contracts!

if it will be similar to AAVE I hope there is no problem about Protect Crypto Holdings. Thanks for explaining it to us, Okay next question 2.
MELD will be conducting an ISPO before doing a private sale. Does participating in this ISPO automatically mean that they are allowed to participate in the private sale? How will you maintain fairness in this upcoming ISPO?
From @DngGiaPhong2

Stuart Hollinger:
the ISPO and private sale are seperate!
What’s cool with this model we have put forth is that ISPO participants get access to their tokens BEFORE private sale investors. This is VERY important for new investors as it ensures there won’t be a dump of coins come the end of the ISPO (Dec 8).
Our token will be airdropped to ALL ISPO participants on Dec 8th and private sale tokens are distributed starting Jan 8th. The private sale tokens are also vested for over 2 years at 4% released per month.
This ensures the public participants can sell their tokens, buy more, without any interaction from the private sale participants. The ISPO only just started on July 1st! MELD is distributed every 5 days to those who delegate ADA to our MELD stake pools!
Fairness is maintained as there is a fixed amount of MELD distributed per epoch. 0.065 MELD / ADA / EPOCH.
whats even cooler about this ISPO model is that participants keep their ENTIRE delegation.
Own ADA, delegate to MELD stake pool. MELD airdropped to you come Dec 8th
withdraw your ADA delegation, it’s a win-win-win !
Learn how to delegate ADA to MELD ISPO HERE.
If you guys have any specific question please feel free to send me a DM! Or ask in group .

Thanks for the detailed answer about ISPO, Okay next one.
I want to ask about a cash loan? you said that users can get instant loans, are there certain conditions? and how do you verify a valid user to use cash loans?
From @lroobinhud

Stuart Hollinger:
Super! it’s very simple.
1) you add your crypto to the MELDapp or link to them via Metamask or similar.
2) Choose the terms of the loan you want. (duration, amount, etc.)
3) Do KYC based on the country where you are receiving the money.
4) Commit the loan contract
5) Wait for confirmation in the MELDapp that the money has been wired and the receiving bank has confirmed it.
6) Pay back your loan via the MELDapp or your banking app.
Everything is done on the MELDapp. You receive loan status, all of the paperwork specific to your jurisdiction, and you see how much you have been earning in MELD based on your collateral.
As incentive for early adopters of the protocol, You get MELD tokens as a reward for lending or borrowing on the platform. The MELD tokens can be staked in the MELD staking pool which provides insurance for the protocol. For this MELD shakers get 40% of all fees from the protocol.
All of this is open, decentralized, and trustless.

It’s easy enough, maybe later we can try it.

Stuart Hollinger:
When our protocol goes live in November!
I’ll ping your hehe.

Of course, I can’t wait for it.

Okay Next Question 4.
in Q3 on your roadmap, MELD will soon launch a beta testing version of MELDapp, when the beta is launched will MELD do a bounty program? maybe like bug bounty, testnet and others, before MELDapp final version is released?
From @Coklatmouda

Stuart Hollinger:
Yep! We will have a bounty program for our MELDapp as well as our protocol.
We are going to send out the beta version to our community and different white hat security researchers to test and try to break the app before we make them public!
Security is indeed our most important factor when it comes to product development.
We have qualified in-house security engineers, have been working with world-class security advisors, and are going to hire the best auditors in the field.
We’re doing very careful security design, operations, and implementation to secure all end users, devices, stake pool servers, cloud infrastructure, smart contracts, and economic models.
We’re constantly attacking ourselves to find vulnerabilities from attackers’ perspectives.
Our novel approaches to DeFi are not trivial to develop so we’ve been expecting challenges all the way.
Nothing stands out though as we’ve always managed to progress, thanks to our passion, patience, and scientific processes.

Okay Last Question.
MELD protocol builts on Cardano chain, what are the advantage by use the Cardanochain into MELD platform comparing to other popular technology such as BSC, Solana, ETH, etc? Can you named 2-3 outstanding features of MELD to attract users and investors?
From @LukasDuong1

Stuart Hollinger:
Cardano comes from research labs, with highly peer-reviewed research papers for their design. They do walk slower this way, but the end result is phenomenal.
Cardano has very fast transaction speed, and very low transaction fees.
They also have innovative features like babel fees, for users to pay transaction fees in other native token, like the MELD token, so MELD users don’t have to hold ADA to use the protocol!
Cardano also has a very well-designed staking mechanism, which generates a revenue stream from staked ADA, for more money streams to incentivize DeFi users.
As well as enabling a totally secure and trustless funding model in our ISPO. For our outstanding features.
1. We are the first decentralized, trustless and non-custodial crypto-to-fiat lending system.
2. We are very efficient, in terms of capital, tax, transaction speed and fees, interest and yield.
3.We have the most user-friendly and beautiful DeFi/Wallet App in the MELDApp to help everyone seamlessly utilizes these financial instruments, without the need to understand or interact with concepts like liquidity pools. Just enjoy the experience and let the experts do their job there.


Sesi tion:
Q. Sir, Your changes are commendable, how can you survive the bear market and keep building and growing as many projects have died this time around?

Stuart Hollinger:
In a bear market people are in more need of cash than in a bull market.
We expect the demand for our protocol to GO UP in the bare market.
When it goes bear, many people hodl. When you hodl you still need to pay rent.
MELD can help people get through the bear market without having to sell their crypto. Additionally we are looking at new markets. Areas where you have a lot of unbanked. Like easy Asia and Africa. We want to provide bank-like services and tools to these people. Our business plan is built toward 2024 and being able to be mature enough to offer a full range of services to the entire planet.
Helping people run run MELD nodes around the world and earn from supporting the new world of finance in DeFI.

Bulls Crypto:
Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest??

Stuart Hollinger:
We dont have any buyback and burn models.
BUT, We do have buyback and liquidity provision!
Similar to buyback and burn, we will be utilizing a portion of protoocl revenues to buy back MELD on the open market and adding it to our single-sided LPs which will offer deeper liquidity for users to swap with!
We want our MELD liquidity pools to be MASSIVE, which can help reduce slippage for MASSIVE trades.

Sharay Lug:
please could you tell us if you Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

Stuart Hollinger:
Yes! in fact we have just onboarded Christian Katz, former CEO of the Swiss Stock exchange and is board member to multiple banks.
It is people like him that can get us in contact with institutional liquidity providers and be able to help with the integration of MELD into various banks around the world.
Here is an article we recently published on his background and prior experience.
We are also working with other Cardano based projects in the ecosystem to help innovate and be key contributors to the DeFi ecosystem on Cardano. There is a lot to build!
We are going to be announcing some AMAZING partnerships next week in regards to this, stay tuned.

trung Tran:
Which market are you focusing on? How do you rate the Vietnam market? Do you have any plans to develop in the Vietnam market?

Stuart Hollinger:

MELD Global
MELD Arabic
MELD Vietnam
MELD China
MELD Japan
MELD France
MELD Indonesia
MELD Brazil
MELD Russia
MELD Turkey
MELD Italy
MELD German
MELD Persian
MELD India
MELD Philippines
MELD Spanish
MELD Bangladesh
MELD Korea

We plan on eventually having translated Whitepapers, and GitBooks in ALL languages. We are starting an ambassador program soon to help with this effort.

Fair Queen:
Will the mobile app of your project be on both Android and IOS??? When???

Stuart Hollinger:
Yep! The beta version is planned on coming out wihtin the next few weeks!

How do we participate with ISPO,? And when does the initial hand pool offer start?

Stuart Hollinger:
You can participate by

– buying ADA
– delegating ADA to one of MELDs stake pools
Here is a detailed guide on how to participate in our token launch!!
Starts July 1st
Ends Dec 8th
MELD distributed every 5 days
Learn how to delegate ADA to MELD ISPO HERE.


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