Speaker : Elan ( Community Leader )
Date : Wednesday April, 13th 2021

1. Introduction
2. Question From Twtitter
3. Free Question


Q1. Can you introduce yourself and your background again? I’m afraid some of our members have just seen you here.

Sure, my pleasure. My name is Elan, you can find me on Twitter @ElanNadav (Crypto S. Thompson). I began working in crypto in 2017. Some of our team at Levana have been involved with crypto since 2011.

Working with Levana was my first experience with the Terra ecosystem, and I am so glad – Terra has quickly become one of the largest blockchains in the world, and I believe it will keep growing.
This is because Terra’s blockchain is built to maintain decentralized stablecoins like UST, which is the largest and most used decentralized stablecoin.

When people think of stablecoin dollars, they often think of USDT, BUSD, or USDC. All of them are centralized. This means they are controlled by 1 company. If Tether, Binance or Circle get orders from the government to blacklist your wallet, they will do so.
Only Terra stablecoins like UST are actually decentralized, meaning no one can blacklist your wallet.

Now that Terra’s decentralized stablecions are further backed by 10$ billion in Bitcoin, I believe Terra is unstoppable.
I believe Terra will continue to grow, and dominate the entire crypto stablecoin markets, which will push the price of Luna higher, and project’s like Levana’s token will go higher in price over the long term too.

Q2. Please explain what is Levana? What are the main focuses that are being built at this time?

Levana (Leverage Any Asset) is a collection of DeFi dapps and GameFi products designed to bring a massive audience from Web2 to Web3 and the Terra ecosystem.
We have an Indonesian telegram group with almost 400 people! I share all our blogposts there, and we have contests there sometimes too and an Indonesian blog.

The Levana team includes Jonathan Caras, a member of the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG). The LFG is a council of only 6 people that steer the direction of Terra. It was the LFG who decided to buy $10 Billion of bitcoin to back Terra stablecoins.

Levana’s central thesis is the concept of “DeFi-tainment” the blending of entertainment and DeFi.
We wrote about it here, in this important blogpost.

This is our theory that gamification and fun will bring the next generation of participants to DeFi, by engaging an audience through storytelling, entertainment and adventure. To this end, Levana has released a series of lore (stories) about crypto, as represented by dragons.

minigames And gaming experiences, which are leading up to the release of our larger game in the style of Axie Infinity or DeFi Kingdoms ,which is scheduled to be released in late 2022. That broader game will include integration with our NFT project, More detail.

You can still participate in these games, and in return receive the Levana token airdrop, which is coming in around 1 month.
Levana Dragons is our gamified NFT collection, which has the most unique wallet holders, highest trading volumes and largest collection of NFTs on the Terra blockchain.

The only requirement to play our games is a Levana NFT in your Terra wallet.
The lowest priced levana NFT is a common Meteor dust.
If you want the airdrop, you should grab a talisman which you can find here and stake it in the Faction War page here And then play the games from there. You will be handsomely rewarded.

Now talking about our DeFi financial application:
Levana is launching with a Perpetual Swaps platform along with Levana Leveraged Index tokens (LLIs), an easy way to hold 2x leveraged positions on various cryptocurrencies.
The first LLI set for release is Luna2x, a simple way to hold a 2x leveraged position of Luna, Terra’s native token.

you can see a video explaining more about Luna2x here

Levana’s flagship protocol is a Perpetual Swap platform, which enables the creation of leverage exposure for any asset, with long or short positions, via a non-custodial, open-source, transparent, and community-governed dapp. We will have a blogpost on this soon.

Our focus on innovation and creativity has led to a number of milestones and firsts: Levana’s initial NFT mint remains the largest on Terra to date, raising 4$ million.
In addition, Levana’s NFT collection currently has the largest number of unique wallet holders, the highest number of NFTs, and amongst the highest trading volumes on Terra. Levana also released the first Terra TestNet game and the first Terra blockchain multiplayer game.
All our games are part of the gamified path to token launch and airdrop.

Levana’s team also created a new standard of smart contracts for their NFTs, developing the first evolving NFTs on Terra that change based on holder’s actions.
Our team is composed of around 35 full time employees and around 70 contributing people from all around the world, who help bring the vision of Levana to life. We are doing something unique: we are merging entertainment and DeFi on Terra, the best, most decentralized blockchain.
Everything we build at Levana is designed to give a feeling of adventure. Adventures like an NFT fantasy metaverse on Mars for Play 2 Earn gaming.
Adventures like reading about stories of magic and lore about dragons (leverage).
Adventures like enabling people to leverage trade and therefore have the opportunity to gain wealth faster than in traditional trading.

That is why we chose the dragon as our mascot.

Levana is perpetual swap with Leverage, so our question.
Q3. How do you develop your Trading Leverage? Has the system been launched?

Thanks for your question. Our leverage trading platform will launch in around 1 month, at the same time as our airdrop.
People with Levana NFTs, and especially people with a talisman who are playing our games will earn a lot of tokens in the airdrop… what can be more fun than playing games for free money?
Remember, the best way to get our tokens in the airdrop is to get a talisman and stake in the Factions page, and then play some fun games!
games like Spider Attack Or Meteor Hunter or Luna Quest.
Or even just read about how, on planet Mars 500 years in the future, they worship Elon Musk.

We believe DeFi and crypto is a good for the world.
Lots of people are scared to enter crypto because they don’t understand it. At Levana, our goal is to help the next generation of people learn about crypto and DeFi, through games and entertainment.

We have 5 collections of NFTs, which is one reason we are the largest NFT project on Terra:

Anyone holding a Levana NFT that has spirit level will also get the airdrop in a month.
or if you are staking a talisman and playing the games.

Q4. In addition to developing Trading Leverage, Levana has also developed several games at this time. can you explain how we can log in and play in the Levana Game?

Sure – our game website is here.
But remember, you must have at least 1 Levana NFT in your Terra wallet to play the games… OR a Levana Talisman staked in the Factions page.
You can also join our discord – we have an Indonesian community who can also help you on your journey.

Get a Levana Talisman – the lowest price is .2 Luna. You might think, Why should I bother to buy a talisman and play games??
Well – you will get the airdrop, which is more than the cost of the talisman, and you will have a lot of fun.

You can also see a video about Levana in Indonesian. its a little bit old, but maybe it will help you understand

since then, our website got a facelift, All Levana NFTs keep going up.

Q5. Besides talking about services and products, we also want to know about tokens in Levana? Does Levana have any plans to create tokens, and please share what kind of tokens you will create.

Thanks for your question. Yes! In 1 month, our token will be launched. It is a fair launch. This means, everyone has the opportunity to get the tokens the same way: by Airdrop, and by farming the Levana tokens , which you can do by providing liquidity (UST or Luna) to our trading protocols.
The Levana token will begin life as a governance token. We expect there will quickly be a vote for the protocol fees to go towards the token.
In addition, in our gaming universe, the Levana token must be burned to create in-game items, buy land, create weapons, and things like that. This will create deflationary pressure on the token as it is removed from the market. We believe this will lead to the price rising over time.

You can read more about our believe in this important blogpost about DeFi-tainment (the mix of DeFi and entertainment).
In addition, you can stake the Levana tokens in our trading platform, and also earn rewards.
The most important thing for a crypto protocol to do is create a strong community. For this, we know the community must be rewarded for believing in Levana.

There will not be a public sale. After our airdrop , you can buy our tokens on an exchange – we are speaking with several exchanges right now.
But a public sale, no. The ONLY way to get the Levana tokens, when we launch, is by airdrop and farming rewards. We are NOT doing an IDO.
If you like DeFi Kingdoms or Axie Infinity, you are going to love what we are building.

If you don’t care about games, but are interested in powerful leverage trading strategies, you will also love what we are building And if you dont care about games or leverage trading, but you believe in Terra, you will also love what we are building.
Terra is the future – look where it was a year ago, compared to where it is now. Think where it will be in 1 year. My guess, it will be number 3 largest crypto, after Bitcoin (the king) and Ethereum.

I hope you join us in our TG group – there is a lot of alpha leaked there.
and the Indonesian community on our Discord is awesome.


Q1. Being a leverage and derivative exchange platform, what will be the highest possible leverage you can offer to your users/traders?
From @0JeanWayne

Thanks for your question! The highest leverage we will offer is 10x leverage. We also offer 2x and 5x leverage.
With 10x, This means, you can borrow 10 times the money you have, if you feel strongly about a trade.
If you believe very strongly a token or asset will go up – you can make a big profit, if the market does what you think – you will win 10x the value of your initial supply. But if you choose wrong, and the market moves the other way, with 10x leverage you can get liquidated very quickly.
Its just like a dragon. it can be nice and help you gain wealth and riches very quickly or it can burn your village down.
If you are confused about what we’re building, you can check this post.

Q2. Recently, I heard that Levana already set the 2nd Battle for Melas Chasma… What are the most outstanding features that awaited and made it differences with the previous 1st Battle ?
From @HalimKosasi

Thanks for your question! You are right, the 2nd Battle has just begun – it is one of our games we have released , leading up to our airdrop. Remember, if you play the games with a staked talisman, you will get the Airdrop 🐲👀🐲👀.

It is the first Blockchain multiplayer game ever on Terra. The blockchain games especially are designed to help people understand how to use the Terra blockchain.
In this 2nd round of fighting on Melas Chasma, some features were added – like the ability to shield your post, the ability to airstrike another position, and some other new features like “the fog of war” which is something you’ll have to experience for yourself. You can read about the first round.

Levana’s connections with Terra go to the roots; we were incubated by Delphi Digital, in the same group as Astroport and Mars, which are two of the pillars of Terra’s growinhg DeFi ecosystem.
Delphi Digital helped grow Terra when Luna was worth only a few cents.
As I mentioned before, Terra’s blockchain is built to maintain decentralized stablecoins like UST, which is the largest and most used decentralized stablecoin.
When people think of stablecoins , they often think of USDT, BUSD, or USDC. All of them are centralized. This means they are controlled by 1 company. If Tether, Binance or Circle get orders from the government to blacklist your wallet, they will do so . If they suddenly close your account, you are out of luck.
Only Terra stablecoins like UST are actually decentralized, meaning no one can blacklist your wallet. No one controls the stablecoins but the protocol, which is just math and code. In short, UST , and other Terra stablecoins, are the best stablecoins in the world.

That is why LUNA is growing so fast – Luna and the stablecoins work together to create a healthy ecosystem And for some breaking news, Binance just listed UST and Luna.. I think that will help things.


Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits/value for investors to hold your token in long term?

I agree, most people think only of short term. We have designed the Levana token to rise in price over time, because it will be utilized in a lot of ways – for example, our tokens will be burned when people want to create in-game items. This will lead to deflationary pressure, as the tokens become more rare.
The Levana token can also be staked in our platform for high APY, because it will be part of the risk fund, which basically means the protocol will always have enough funds to pay people who leverage trade successfully.
Long term, the Levana token should go up for the reasons explained in this blog post.

∆ch N∆ch∆:
Where can I get the latest news about Levana? Because now many fraudsters are duplicating accounts?

You can get the latest news about Levana in our Telegram group And from our Indonesian blog, in our discord Or by following our twitter.

What are the steps to become part of your community, and start earning? Where can we buy, where can we register? These look like really awesome projects!

The first step is to join our TG group, and subscribe to our blog. Join the discord if you like, and follow us on twitter!
If you get a Levana NFT , you can play our games. If you want the airdrop get a talisman and stake it in the faction war, and play some games.
What can be better than winning free money by playing fun games and learning about how crypto works? and stake.



Oezank is a Crypto Influencer who has more than 2 years of experience observing Crypto projects and strongly believes in blockchain technology in Indonesia.