AMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X High Performance Blockchain

AMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X High Performance Blockchain

Speaker : Jason Hu ( Partner HPB)
Date : October, 30th 2020



With any remaining time we will be joined by two HPB Admins, Mark and Gordon, to help with answering any further questions. We’ll unmute the channel to allow you to ask those questions.

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So, welcome Jason. Let’s begin….

can we start @Jason_HPB ???

Jason Hu:

I am Jason Hu, HPB Partner. I’ve been with High Performance Blockchain since before the launch of the MainNet in 2018. I focus on the Operations side now. Xiaoming Wang is HPB’s Founder and CEO. He was one of the founding members of UnionPay Smart.He adopted Ethereum early and helped to introduce it in China. Wang is responsible for driving HPB’s vision and technical R&D.



  1. HPB is a blockchain. So, what makes it different?

Jason Hu:
HPB is a public blockchain, like Ethereum or EOS. The difference is that HPB is super-fast and low-cost as well as very secure. The speed is thanks to HPB’s blockchain accelerator hardware. All our node operators are sent an accelerator. With one installed in each node server, HPB’s node network can process 5000 transactions per second. So, there is no congestion and transaction gas is very affordable – users pay a tiny fraction of $0.01 for each on-chain transaction on HPB!


  1. We read that HPB is ahead on randomness. How so?

Jason Hu:
HPB adds a new random number to every block it produces. This can be easily called up by games of chance, as you can see in the raffle @hpbprice on Telegram. HPB’s blockchain accelerator has a hardware random number generator (HRNG) inside. This uses tiny variances in voltage as a variable, making HPB random numbers truly impossible to predict.


  1. What further developments can we expect from HPB this year?

Jason Hu:
Community testing of a token swap platform on HPB is coming soon, plus news on confidential smart contracts. We will shortly add support for the latest ETH Virtual Machine, making it even easier for developers to bring DApps, DeFi or Non Fungible Tokens to HPB. Soon, we expect a lot more DApps to use the HRNG and a 1M $HPB budget has been set to support that goal.


  1. How can our ID Crypto members get involved in HPB?

Jason Hu:
There are simple ways to get involved. For example, after today’s AMA ID Crypto members can try HPB’s HRNG raffle @hpbprice on Telegram. After the raffle attracts its 5th player, it calls the random number written to the next 6 second block on HPB. You’ve then a 1 in 5 chance to win 8 HPB. It’s fast, fun and we’ll tip you to play your first round for free! There’s also a separate random draw on 5 Nov. When you tweet a link to news of the ‘HPB Incentive Program for Creative Content’ you can claim 2 HPB just for tweeting! How easy is that?!


Thanks for jason in first section.
In the next section we’ll move on to the best 10 questions from the community that you selected from Twitter. Reminder – we ask winners to do the quiz and to please claim their prize @hpbprice after this AMA, before the end of the day in Jakarta.

Q1. What are the main functions of the BOE Hardware Accelerator? What benefits to the project?

from @CryptoHomies (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A1. HPB sends an accelerator chipset (BOE) to every node operator to install in their server. This frees up their server CPUs, which means faster processing. Benefits include:

High transactions per second (TPS)
• Enhanced security
• Nearly true random numbers

Higher TPS (5000 TPS average) makes HPB ready for enterprise adoption.

The BOE helps encrypt data, randomize block structures, protect transactions and increase the reliability of encrypted channels.

The BOE has a Hardware Random Number Generator producing nearly true, verifiable random. This is great for transparent fairness in lotteries and games of chance.

For more, see:

Q2. I think 3 things are important for investors – cost, compatibility and safety. How can you guarantee that these 3 things are available on HPB?

from @AmeliaPNanda (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A2. HPB has advantages in cost, compatibility and security:

Security: HPB is a safe and stable blockchain that has been running smoothly for 2 years. It was given the green light by security auditors before the MainNet launch in 2018.

Compatibility: HPB’s MainNet supports ETH’s virtual machine, smart contracts and API interface; it is a parallel world of ETH, allowing ETH developers to quickly deploy and debug programs. HPB Software Development Kits are available for users of Javascript, Ruby, Python and Unity (.NET).

Cost: HPB’s gas cost is low, the transaction speed is fast, and the developer access cost is very low.

For more, see:

Q3. How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

from @Rebecca10q (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A3. You can visit HPB’s official channels to get the latest information:

$HPB is listed on Kucoin, Bibox, Indodax and other exchanges. The exchange will also inform users of the latest market activities in cooperation between HPB and the exchange.

Q4. What critical problems do you see occuring in the blockchain industry nowadays? How does High Performance Blockchain aim to solve these problems?

from @Kinami1313 (Twitter) @kinami13 (TG)

Jason Hu:
A4. There are currently many problems in the blockchain industry, such as:

  1. Network congestion pushing up gas prices
  2. Storage bottlenecks
  3. Consensus algorithm security issues

HPB mainly solves the congestion problem, allowing transactions to flow unimpeded, with low transaction costs and very fast speeds.

Q5. What is the difference between outstanding decentralization on HPB and decentralization at the usual DeFi? Will it be able to make a difference with other projects?

from @sentungkupit (Twitter) @sentung5 (TG)

Jason Hu:
A5. HPB is a fully decentralised public blockchain, not subject to manipulation by any possible bad actor. DEFI deployed on HPB has complete autonomy, and the data state circulation of all operations is determined by node consensus via the BOE, which is more secure.

The DeFi project currently deployed on HPB benefits from the trusted random number provided by HPB. The random number is jointly generated by multiple encryption chips within the BOE to ensure the fairness and security of the DeFi project. For example, HPB hardware random numbers ensure the fairness of liquidity mining.

Q6. A lot of people will want to know what the strength of your project is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems your project faces ? How do you plan to solve it?

from @boyzXx0 (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A6. The public blockchain race is a marathon, and whoever runs to the end can succeed.
The feeling HPB gave to the entire community is that it is technically oriented, cold, and weak in marketing, resulting in people not being able to broadly understand and explore its value.In the future, HPB plans to promote the HPB 2.0 plan, focusing on overall technology and user community publicity and promotion, so that more people will participate in the construction of HPB’s ecosystem.

Help build HPB’s ecosystem: 5000 TPS high performance public chain, Ethereum parallel world

Q7. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is a HPB like this? If not, can you tell us, What makes HPB different from other projects?

from @ddmahendraa13 (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
March 2017 – Project initiated
July 2017 – Technical team established
In October 2017, Bibox listing
March 2018 – Testnet
August 2018 – First node plan launched
September 2018 – Mainnet, wallet, browser went live
February 2019 – Browser 2.0 released, Kucoin listing
April 2019 – Major version upgrade of mainnet
May 2019 – Indodax listing
June 2019 – Cold wallet release
September 2019 – Hardware random numbers promotion
November 2019 – Wallet 2.0 launched
March 2020 – Wallet, open sourced browser code
May 2020 – Wallet staking launched
June 2020 – Shanghai First Financial Report about HPB
June 2020 – The 8th node cycle starts
August 2020 – Popular Coin Voyage game on HPB wallet
August 2020 -BitBoy Crypto recommendsAugust 2020 – 20M HPB staked
September 2020 – Content incentive plan launch

HPB is a technology-driven public chain. We are a geek team. We have been working hard to pursue the dream of blockchain and to actively fulfill our promises.

Q8. What is the advantage that makes us have to make transactions. Does the security system guarantee that it is really safe to make transactions?

from @AhmadiSyifaul (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A8. HPB’s MainNet is a parallel world of Ethereum, with the same virtual machines, smart contracts, and accounting system; but HPB transactions are faster and cheaper; and the code has been audited by The MainNet has been running and has remained stable for more than 2 years with high security, rest assured.
HPB has always attached great importance to security issues and is committed to providing users with secure and trustworthy blockchain infrastructure services. Since the MainNet launch in 2018, HPB’s safety has never been compromised.

Q9. What kinds of problems do you think blockchain technology can solve in financial services? In your opinion, can blockchain technology bring certain positive reforms to the financial system?

from @TammyBoyQ (Twitter)

Jason Hu:
A9. Blockchain can solve many problems in the field of financial services, for example:

  1. Reduce risk (ie. trustless)
  2. Improve the efficiency of payment, transaction and settlement.
  3. Reduce operating costs.
  4. Effectively prevent failures and attacks.
  5. Meet regulatory and auditing requirements.

Currently in the blockchain industry, DeFi is a good financial innovation. Although DeFi has many problems, it is still a good track and will continue to develop.Financial innovation in the blockchain industry cannot be just a copy or migration of the existing financial system, it must be a brand new model.

Q10. For me Education is Always Important !!! So how do you attract and educate people or new users/customers/investors to know and understand HPB?

from @SruDewi (Twitter) @AddressMuSiniAsw (TG)

Jason Hu:
A10. Compared with the Internet industry, the development of blockchain is still at an early stage, and the user market is small. At present, we mainly do community marketing, media promotion, cooperative promotion and event marketing. Specific measures include: seeking listings with more mainstream exchanges, promotions to attract exchange users, strengthened cooperation with opinion leaders, celebrities and businesses to gain higher visibility, attracting more joiners to the HPB community, and increase their understanding and trust in HPB through education, interactive activities and by experienced users educating new users.

Thanks Jason for answering the 10 best questions from the community. We’ll now unmute the channel so the community here can ask any further questions you want to. HPB Admins Mark and Gordon will also answer your questions now and after the AMA has officially ended.


  1. zkindgr:
    What is total supply ? Are your plans to focus on market or to grow community?

Jason Hu:
At present, the initial supply of the main network is 100 million yuan, and about 3% of the annual additional issuance is used to allocate the mining income of mining machinery;
19 million hpbs have been destroyed in the main network, and the actual total flow is 60576120 hpbs.
Others that are not in circulation are managed by the HPB foundation, which are published on the HPB main network, and can also be found in the Check the specific account locking situation.

  1. Doctor Crypto mangunkusumo:
    What percentage of fees do you charge for raffle winners on tipbot HPB? Regarding fairness, is this bot reliable?

Jason Hu:
For details, you can consult Niemans, the developer of the game, in the price telegraph group

  1. Forte:
    Is HPB a Global project ?
    Can local communities take part in the project ?

Jason Hu:
HPB is a global project with more than 100 hardware chip acceleration nodes worldwide;
It is also an open technical public chain, compatible with mainstream ETH virtual machines, smart contracts, and api interfaces, allowing developers on ETH
You can easily develop Dapp, defi, nft software on the HPB mainnet.

  1. Easy©:
    DeFi is hot right now.
    Does HPB support DeFi?
    Is there a staking program at HPB?

Jason Hu:
Defi is not only the current hot spot, but also the future development trend.
HPB is very friendly to the support of the defi project

  1. The hardware random number of HPB main network blockchain ensures the safety of the random number of the defi project;
  2. HPB supports virtual machine, intelligent contract and API interface of eth master network, which can enable the EFI project on eth to migrate to HPB main network quickly, for development, practice and test
  3. HPB main network transaction speed is faster and gas is lower.
    Currently, HPB technology community is pushing forward to build the first DEX exchange of HPB main network.

I think we will enter at 2pm Jakarta in 4 minutes, is it enough to answer their questions.
lets end this AMA sir @Jason_HPB

Jason Hu:
Thank you again for your participation in the AMA of HPB. We hope to establish an in-depth understanding with you. HPB will also focus on developing the Southeast Asian market in the future. Please pay attention to the dynamic of HPB in a timely manner.

It is now 2pm Jakarta time, so we will bring the AMA formally to an end. HPB Admin Mark will continue to answer any outstanding questions here for a time.

You are now invited to join HPB Admin Gordon on @hpbprice where you can receive tipped HPB to give HPB’s HRNG raffle a first try for free, with a 1 in 5 chance of winning 8 HPB! Winners of the numbered 10 best questions above should also speak to @gordonglass today @hpbprice to receive prizes.

Remember – to be eligible for today’s prizes and tips, you should first have scored 3 out of 5 or better in the HPB Quiz:

ENJOY! Thanks all for your participation.


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