Speaker :
1. Eric Su – CEO of GamePad
2. Abhishek – COO of GamePad

Date : Saturday March 20, 2022

1. Introduction
2. Question From Twtitter
3. Free Question


Q1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and your team to our audience?

Eric Su:
I am Eric Su, CEO of my profile in LinKedin.
I have a long background in startups and last founded a $200 AUM fund that was an investor in FTX, My neighbor alice, illuvium, bscpad and more.
First company was a flash and ios gaming company so its come full circle to!

Hey guys I am Abhishek Rathod, COO of Gamepad. I used to be hardcore gamer in my school and college days, Post college I started my own game design studio and animation institute
In 2014 i started playing poker professionally and moved to Sweden to pursue poker
Past 2 years I’ve been actively involved in the crypto space and working with exnetwork on various projects, so when Gamepad happened it was like reigniting the old passion for gaming.

Q2. Please explain what GamePad are and what’s some interesting stuff from your project?

Abhishek: is a decentralized accelerator for web3 games and metaverses. Thru our platform we incubate, launch, offer staking, nft sales and help community engagement. we plan to launch the next big thing in web3 games and metaverses using our experience as a fund and incubator for the last 4 years.
Gamepad is unique in that it is focused not just on the IDO part but improving the fundamentals like tokenomics. we also help until after the IDO with its built-in staking, nft genesispad and other features like a Social hub to see updates and media in one place. Then we also score and rank wallets that have supported the project for long term with our own proprietary system called GP-Score.

Q3. Can you explain what GamePad has done from the roadmap, and what are GamePad plans for the future?

We raised $2.5m in seed round with really great long term investors. We already have a working platform for ETH and its being audited by Certik and 1 other auditor as we speak. The Solana version is also almost ready. We have 9 triple A Games ready to release every month from April.
Our platform development is complete and we are undergoing audit with Certik, and we are in process of getting another auditor as well
Integration of BSC and solana is underway and should be ready in the coming weeks.
After the LBP sale at copper launch in early April, we will quickly enable our staking platform then introduce our first Spotlight IDO
Post that we will debut our NFT genesispad. Our Community IDOs will come next.


Q1. From @Bahhaa1114
As I know GamePad has an ecosystem of top tier influencers, funds, exchanges and guilds, so can you tell us Who are these top tier funds and guilds,? And what exchanges support them?

Eric Su:
Our lead investors are and okx Blockdream fund.
We are going to announce the rest of our investors soon so stay tuned to twitter.
The investors are top tier and include a top exchange, the biggest guild around and more from each major territory. its called GP-SCORE.
Gamepad focuses on motivating launchpad participants to becoming long term holders by staking/holding in order to improve their GP score which gives them various benefits in future sales and platform incentives.
Some benefits examples are tickets to purchase premiere ingame NFTs, lottery tickets to NFT sales, etc.
Something unique we are doing for our valuable holders is our VIP room, giving access NFT drops, free prizes, community IDO voting, Gamepad merchandise and many more rewards.

Q3. From @alfaizramadhan3
Crypto games have is most profitable products. Gamepad is the next generation launchpad for games. How GamePad facilitiate the success of games? Can you talk about the most extensive collection of resources Gamepad offers to all participants in the booming game finance economy?

Eric Su:
For projects, they will find a platform supported by a council that is laser focused on games and metaverses and nfts. then we offer a marketing infrastructure that is broad.
Launchpad that is erc20 first then bsc, and solana soon. with unique features like a staking platform and an nft lottery ticket platform.
The projects can also see wallet analytics to reward good participants to give them perks and airdrops as the project is being developed.
Our support extends post launch as well, motivating investors to hold long term and actively get involved with projects which leads to better relationship between investors and projects.
With gamers and investors being actively involved
with games pre and post launch, beta testing, community feedback and AMAs.

Q4. From @Golib79
As a new project, of course, many people don’t understand what a gamepad is, so what are your plans to educate and raise awareness among the community, to make more people understand more about Gamepads?

Eric Su:
WE have an ambassador program that will reward content creation, video creation. We will also release guides and such. The form to apply is on our website.

Q5. From @HalimKosasi
How many NFT collections that already distributed by airdrop events ? Are there any chances for new GPADers to join this event?

Eric Su:
We regularly have contests and airdrop events going on with rewards in stables or tokens
Follow us on twitter to stay updated.
NFT collections have not been distributed yet.


how about staking profit, how much % can i earn per month?

Stakers earn passive income on our platform in various ways
For ex.
30% of the incubation fees will be used to buyback GPAD from the market and burnt.
30% of all earnings from the Gamefi and Metaverse NFT launches will be
used to buyback GPAD at market rate to be burnt.
100% of early withdrawal fees from staking pools will be fully used
to buy back and burn $GPAD
This results in GPAD being a deflationary token making it scarce over time and having a healthy growth.

Alikaa Azzahra :
How does #Gamepad educate in the field of gamers who don’t have the bassic about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

First understand this we need to understand where crypto gaming stands as compared to the traditional gaming world, and IMO we are at a very early stage and a few years behind vs the traditional industry.
This will change over time as more companies get involved and the exposure to the traditional gamers increases.
At Gamepad we are actively working with guilds and also have plans to work with communities and teams from non crypto gaming industry.
With the kind of projects we have lined up, and the marketing plans in place, I am confident we will be able to bridge this gap quite soon.

Fitry __:
I read your roadmap March – May 2022 you will activate the GPSCORE level. can you share a little about GPSCORE? what is the function and GPSCORE itself? why did you activate the GPSCORE level?

GP Score is an algorithm that assigns a score to wallet that act like long term investors.
1) they participate
2) they staked the tokens
3) they buy more of the tokens when it lists
4) buy nfts, and more.
High gpscore wallet will be preferred by projects over time and get special perks
Some perks include, access to VIP room, eligible for exclusive NFTs, early access and beta testing, AMAs with team, airdrops and rewards, etc.

প্রেম করি অনেক টাকার দরকার:
How can users stay updated with this project?Tell Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Follow us on twitter and discord
We will be giving out updates regularly

Sabrina Sen:
Do you have a AUDIT certificates? Or are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Security is our top most priority.
We will be fully audited before launch
Currently our first audit is in progress at Certik.
We are also in process of submitting to another auditor.


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