Speaker : Shreenath Iyer ( CMO of Difx )
Date : Wednesday, 27 July 2022

1. Introduction
2. Question From Twtitter
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Hello @shreenathDIFX Welcome to our community, it’s great to have chance with you to discuss Difx here.

Shreenath Iyer:
Hi Community, it’s great to be here with you for this AMA.

Before we start with the main questions, we would love to have you introduce yourself and give us a glimpse of the DIFX CMO’s life.

Shreenath Iyer:
My name is Shreenath Iyer, I’ve been in the blockchain industry for the past 8 years. I actually have a background in electronics and telecommunication engineering but found that my talents lay in the blockchain industry.

I’ve been with DIFX as its group CMO since the very beginning of the project and am truly amazed by our growth so far. We are in the process of creating various new features and launching interesting campaigns like our current trading competition, referral bonuses, ambassador community etc

Thank you for introducing yourself to the idcrypto community. We are happy to know you.

Shreenath Iyer:
I am glad to be part of this lovely community!

Q1. Could tell us more about DIFX and how the exchange came about?

Shreenath Iyer:
Sure. The idea of DIFX came from our founder wanting to create a singular platform that could bridge both traditional and digital assets seamlessly. The goal and mission for DIFX have always been to create a platform that closes the gap between these 2 asset class types.

In our opinion, the future for a decentralized generation lies in the blending of them to create a diverse and large portfolio of assets. We are an exchange that prioritizes innovation & technology that will give our users the best blockchain experience.

Q2. Speaking of features, could you name 3 of your favourite DIFX features or what you think are the key USPs of the exchange?

Shreenath Iyer:
First and foremost, DIFX was built with the goal to be disruptive in the trading space. We have always wanted to provide users with a safe trading platform, that was not only user-friendly but also seamless and well supported.

As for 3 features, my favourite ones are definitely Cross-Asset trading, Insured Wallets & the Nomination Program. These features were designed & implemented in a way to let DIFX users grow a diverse portfolio of traditional & digital assets in a secure way!

Cool, that feature is very rarely found in other exchange. It makes Difx more interesting.

Shreenath Iyer:
We are here to create a difference and promote adoption with highest security and features.

Q3. I know you mentioned cross-asset trading could you give the community a breakdown on it means?

Shreenath Iyer:
Cross-asset trading essentially means trading between different asset classes. What we do is a step further, because we give our users the option to trade between digital and traditional assets. Meaning we have exotic pairings like (BTCxGold), (EurxBTC) etc. On the traditional side as well we do have a lot of instruments ranging from stocks, indices, metals, crypto CFDs, commodities and so much more.
All of which can be found and traded on our MT5 platform. Do check out
this article to find out more.

Q4. You also spoke about Fully-insured wallets?
Does DIFX really have them? because that would be a complete game changer in the crypto community.

Shreenath Iyer:
Yes we do. From the get-go, we have always wanted to ensure that users have access to a safe & secure platform to trade crypto & other assets on. Our partnership with our custodians Fireblocks has allowed us to give our DIFX users with a fully-insured crypto wallet that safeguards their hard-earned crypto from thefts, hacks or malpractices.

With this partnership, we have also managed to grow from 5 Million to 550 Million in assets under management.

Q5. So, we hear there is a DIFX Ambassador Program!
It really sounds like a great initiative and I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in joining. Could you give us a brief explanation of what the process is for joining?

Shreenath Iyer:
Sure it is!
We have just launched our global ambassador program. We are looking to further grow our community and support it across the globe, so we have launched this campaign to help us with this goal.

As a DIFX ambassador, you will get access to a lot of exclusive benefits like trading discounts, merchandise, event invites and so much more. We are looking for a team of enthusiastic crypto self-starters to really the ball rolling!
More on how you can join

Q6. Is there any referral or sign-up campaigns that DIFX is currently running?

Shreenath Iyer:
We want our community to get as much as rewards and passive income as possible. If you are an existing DIFX user you can use your friend referral code that will allow you to earn up to 50% of trading fees on every transaction made by your referred friends. Similarly, there is also a signup bonus for new DIFX users, where they can earn up to $500 worth of DIFX points.

Q7. How does the signup campaign work? You said users can earn $500 worth of DIFX points!

Shreenath Iyer:
It is a fairly simple process, where the users can enjoy the best benefits and rewarded easily. At every step of the signup process the user earns DIFX points, for example, signing up gives $10, doing your KYC gives $20, depositing in your account gives $50 and so and so forth.

Q8. Could you tell the community how to contact DIFX and the social media pages?

Shreenath Iyer:
Useful Links:
MT5 Platform
White Paper
Lite Paper

Telegram Chat


Q1. What are DIFX token widgets in the DIFX ecosystem? What plans do you have to increase demand for DIFX tokens? How users can earn DIFX tokens?
From @harryharahap

Shreenath Iyer:
The DIFX token is the native of the exchange. It is an exchange token that gives trading benefits to its holders. With the token, the traders can get a 50% reduction on the trading fees incurred on the exchange. Plus we hold monthly engaging activities that allow users to win DIFX tokens.

Another exciting utility that we have is our VIP Hodler levels which can be attained through having DIFX tokens. Depending on the trader’s levels they will get exciting trading bonuses and exclusive benefits.
Plus we’ll be adding future utilities in the coming months, so please do stay tuned for that & support our journey.

Q2. Since a strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project, but also attracts larger partners; how is planning to build its community? And are there any strategies to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the team? @PanyAhmad

Shreenath Iyer:
Thats a lovely question.
Community is everything for DIFX , We are looking to build various communities all across the world to help localize and grow DIFX as a global exchange. We currently have a wonderful Indonesian DIFX community and are planning to open new communities soon.

I’m also happy to say that we have a DIFX Ambassador Program, where we are looking for passionate and talented crypto enthusiasts to help grow communities in different localities. Being an ambassador also comes with benefits & bonuses. Do check it out if you are interested in joining!

Q3. Recently, I heard that DIFX just launching an updated version with some impressive new features.. Could we get a little sneak peek informations? Could you kindly reveal it to new X-changers? @halimkosasi

Shreenath Iyer:
Yes, on June 30th we launched a new upgrade of the exchange with a variety of enhanced new features. The obvious change is the updated user interface of the web & app. Our main focus with this upgrade was to improve the user-friendliness of the exchange. Users can now have a custom trading journey by creating a unique username, setting profile avatars & added biometric & 2FA security measures.

Some of the advanced changes include the addition of crypto pricing and algorithmic trading, and an order book for filtering & decimal selection, and the conversion of small balances to DIFX tokens.
Please do check out this article for more info.

Q4. Blockchain based nomination program created by DIFX. Can you explain about this nomination program, sir? What are the steps for inherit the crypto wallet automatically after the owner dies.
From @sajojoeere

Shreenath Iyer:
Thank you for the question! The DIFX Nomination Program is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based asset transfer system. Meaning that with DIFX users can nominate 5 people to receive the funds in their DIFX wallet when they pass away.

Plus the percentages of nominated people are confidential and will only be revealed upon the user’s demise. We created this feature so that users will not have to worry about the future of their hard-earned digital assets. We also want to promote the adoption of blockchain and make sure that future generations have the necessary digital financial tools for their wealth management.

Q5. Asset/account security is one of the important and very influential things that applies to most of the entities that trade in the cryptocurrency market. How #DIFX to prevent criminal activities such as money laundering and economic crimes
From @KriptoSarjana

Shreenath Iyer:
Thank you once again for the amazing question! With DIFX our goal is to create a safe & secure trading environment. That is why we partnered with Fireblocks who is a leading custodian in the crypto industry.

With this partnership, we are able to provide our users with a fully-insured wallet that prioritizes the safety of our users’ funds. So our users will be protected from any sort of hacks, thefts & malpractices.
Plus we employ one of the strongest AML & KYC procedures with our partnership with SumSub. This allows us to ensure that proper centralized rules are followed and ensures the overall safety of the exchange & its users.

Sounds good. I hope the user’s assets remain safe, and that money laundering funds can be handled properly on the Difx exchange.
Guys Difx really prioritizes its users funds, you should try it now and there is a chance to get a sign up gift for now.


Rozina Kazin :
Q) Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name?

Shreenath Iyer:
First of all DIFX stands for Digital Financial Exchange – DIFX was name created to signify our traditional roots and digital forward thinking. We wanted to create a platform that is central for all types of financial individuals and institutions.

Similar to how there is a mall with multiple shops and stores in it, we wanted to create a digital environment that would host all types of financial assets under one roof. A place for digital traders to come to and choose from any type of asset to trade/invest in!

DIFX already has a big team with operations handled by the CEO, Director, CTO. CFO, CMO, CSO along with the head of risk and trading. I am also proud to say we have a blockchain and other tech developers strength of over 100 individuals working globally.

Does DIFX has it own exchange token like Binance have bnb?

Shreenath Iyer:
In the past few years, Exchange Tokens have grown in popularity and value significantly as they offer unique benefits within their designated ecosystem and improve the trading experience for the users.
DIFX Token is an exchange token that derives its value from its utility within the DIFX platform.

The DIFX userbase has grown in size since the platform’s launch, driving the price of the token higher as more users are using it within the platform to reduce their transaction fees and receive discounts.
Learn more .

Can you please tell us the experience of your team about blockchain field? Do they have any experience working in crypto and non-crypto projects?

Shreenath Iyer:
Honestly, it is very amazing to see the response of the crypto community to our fully-insured wallet. Our number one goal and priority will always be our users. From the get-go of our project, we wanted to create a fully secure and safe trading environment for crypto because we all know how dangerous and unsafe this market can be.

For this the most important base was to set up a strong core team.
Including myself, I have a background in the fintech and crypto field since the past 8 years. The CTO of the company, Osama Bari – has a rich experience for more than a decade in the blockchain field and has been instrumental in creating several digital apps, CEX, DEXs and NFT platform.

Most importantly, the CEO Mr. Jeetu has a keen passion for startups, investments, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Business Strategy, and keeping investments on track. He is experienced in Financial Markets, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance for the last several years.
We are a project for the community and by the community.

What is an “insurance” trading platform? Does every user get insurance, or what type of insurance does the user get,?

Shreenath Iyer:
Yes, you heard that right! DIFX has a fully insured wallet.
Because of our partnership with Fireblocks, we have grown from $5 Million to $500 Million assets under management. The added security and insurance provided has given our users the utmost faith and loyalty in our tech and exchange activities.

The unique MPC wallet technology we have integrated in our exchange has definitely upped the industry standards of security and helped us prepare for any risks that may occur.
With these wallets DIFX users will never lose their funds, as it will always be insured even in case of their death. This is exactly why this feature is truly beneficial for our Nomination Program.

Yes, our new trademark feature is called the DIFX Nomination Program, it is essentially a safety blanket for all DIFX users to use when they want to pass down their digital assets to their friends and loved ones in case of their death. With the crypto industry growing every year, users are more concerned about what to do with their amassed digital wealth. Learn more .

Jenifer John:
What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Shreenath Iyer:
The current state of the business is strong, with many investors and more investors expressing interest in our DIFX token. DIFX is completely altering the trading landscape. Users can trade almost any asset class, from coffee beans to cryptocurrencies to stocks.
We are looking forward to having more people adopt cryptocurrencies and increase the number of users on our exchange.
On top of that we will also be looking to get our token DIFX listed on the top crypto exchanges of the world.

Adoption is key, and we will promote a global adoption of blockchain and the perks involved not only for the old-timers, but also for the newbies.
We are also enroute to create an NFT Marketplace in the DIFX Platform.
For a global reach, we will be starting our channels in Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and many more.
Another key factor that sets us apart from the rest is our mission to help the masses understand and adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I would recommend everyone from the community to Sign Up on the platform and enter into a new trading dimension. Also another perk is the rewards for joining the DIFX platform.
Thank you for the lovely questions. You guys are simply amazing! I wish I could answer you more, however speak to me directly.



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