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AMA RECAP IDCRYPTO X Cryptography Chumly

Speaker : Team of Cryptography Chumly
Date : Monday October, 4th 2021



Hello @Cryptography_Chumly

Cryptography Chumly:
Hello Everybody.

Welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Cryptography Chumly:
Nice to meet you.

Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Kriptografi Chumly:
Saya Penggagas Kriptografi Chumly dan senang bisa menjadi bagian dari acara AMA ini. Butuh lebih dari 6 bulan dari desain hingga pengembangan untuk Kriptografi Chumly.
Kriptografi Chumly adalah gim berbasis blockchain yang unik meskipun ada persaingan ketat di industri gim.
Kulit para pahlawan dalam game telah diubah menjadi NFT dengan fitur-fitur seperti penambangan pengumpul NFT dan penambangan likuiditas.
Silakan lihat video promosi Kriptografi Chumly. Video memiliki banyak memori dan perlu di-cache, lengkap.

Is this a picture of the game that will be in your project? Wow very interesting. That’s good, I think you have prepared well, to build the Cryptography Chumly project.

Cryptography Chumly:
Yes, Participants in the internal test of the game can receive a reward of USD 10,000, and there will be a public chain competition of up to USD 100,000.

That’s interesting, I hope it’s officially launched soon.

Cryptography Chumly:
quick! Open beta from December to January

I hope you have prepared it, and give the best for your project, Okay next question.
Can you explain what is Cryptography Chumly and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Cryptography Chumly:
Cryptography Chumly adalah permainan kartu strategi yang menggabungkan NFT dan DeFi, proyek play-to-earn terbaik di BSC.
NFT dikombinasikan dengan DeFi dengan sempurna dalam Kriptografi Chumly. Saat ini, ada 63 pahlawan dalam permainan. Silakan periksa detailnya melalui Gitbook kami. Biayanya 6 bulan dari desain hingga peluncuran situs web resmi.

Ini adalah halaman permainan kami. Kriptografi Chumly pada akhirnya adalah sebuah permainan. Tetapi NFT juga dapat berpartisipasi dalam penambangan gadai. Pada saat yang sama, token game juga dapat berpartisipasi dalam penambangan.
Dalam peta jalan program kami. Kami juga akan bekerja sama dengan pihak proyek lain untuk mengaktifkan NFT dan Token kami. NFT dan Token tidak hanya digunakan di game kami. Ini akan menjadi lebih berharga.

Is Cryptography Chumly going to be a Play to Earn game?

Cryptography Chumly:

Wow that’s quite interesting, we can play and earn, Okay last one.
Can you share with the community, what Cryptography Chumly has been doing from the roadmap?

Cryptography Chumly:
A week after we went live. Will work with BitWorld games. To enable our NFT. Of course:

Phase 1 – reionization
1.The launch of Cryptography Chumly’s official website
2.The deploy of the NFT-mining protocol
3.The deploy of the NFT-trading protocol
4.The deploy of the liquidity pool protocol
5.The deploy of the NFT blind box protocol
6.The deploy of the NFT minting protocol.

Phase 2 – the forming of stars
1.Promotion activities through communities and media
2.The whitelist private test
3.The MVB plan to join BSC
4.The NFT contract audit.

Phase 3 – the forming of galaxies
1.The allocation of 3% of the total CC supply for NFT blind boxes
2.The deploy of a cross-chain protocol in BSC, HECO, HSC,and Ethereum.
3.Promotion activities through communities and media
4.The deploy of the item NFT protocol
5.The collaboration with NFT projects in BSC.

Phase 4 – the forming of the solar system
1.The deploy of the NFT upgrade protocol
2.The launch of Cryptography Chumly’s BETA version
3.Introducing the NFT renting function
4.Introducing the NFT auctioning function.

The first stage has been completed. The second phase is under way. However, BitWorld enabled our NFT to accelerate our plans
Bitworld game! English is already supported.
When you buy our blind box, you can experience it.

Good road map, I hope you give the best for Cryptography Chumly.


Can you explain how I get CC? And whether it can be traded in the market. ?
From @Ghon13414930

Cryptography Chumly:
Of course, you can trade our NFTs in the market.
Blind boxes will be sold at UTC 02:00 on October 6th, 2021. You should have at least 60 BUSD to buy blind boxes. With BUSD, you can connect your BSC wallet to the official website of Cryptography chumly and click “buy” to purchase blind boxes.
Staking NFTs in the NFT mining pools to earn CC, which can be traded in the swap.
Providing liquidity in pancakeswap to farm. Users can get NFTs by farming. Their NFTs can be traded in the market for US dollars.

Thank you for providing a detailed explanation, Question 2.
Cryptography Chumly is in a process of growth, with respect to other blockchains. Is it possible that in the future Cryptography Chumly will develop new alliances with other protocols? How do you plan to avoid the problems of bugs or scams that are frequent in other blockchains?
From @y1sus_afp

Cryptography Chumly:
After the smooth operation of Cryptography Chumly in BSC, we will deploy the game in other public chains to attract more users. In the future, collaborations will be established between Cryptography Chumly and other popular projects to explore more applications for our token and NFTs.For example, the BitWorld I just mentioned.
The contract of Cryptography Chumly has been submitted for a security audit. It is estimated that its report will be released after 1 to 2 weeks. After that, the game will be further optimized in a community-oriented way based on the user suggestions to avoid mistakes of other projects.

Saya harap hasil auditnya cukup baik, Terima kasih telah menjawab pertanyaan kedua, Pertanyaan berikutnya 3.
Saya tidak melihat game seperti apa yang akan Anda buat dan kategori game apa yang tersedia di platform Anda?
Dari @Ajmalannn

Cryptography Chumly:
Ours is an auto chess game. You can see through this video. The scene when the hero is fighting. Cryptography Chumly Game-basic gameplay.
The game is featured with systems of items, skin NFTs, scene, pyramid plot, matching, ranking, guild, and hero upgrade. The top 1 guilds of each public chain can battle with each other. You can play to earn through Cryptography Chumly.
How to build the strongest hero lineup:
Step 1: get more heroes through the pyramid plot. The level of initial heroes is 0 so they need to be upgraded through EXP from matching and ranking. Also, EXP can be gained from guild wars and public chain competitions as well as the pyramid plot.‌
Step 2: buy blind boxes through and participate in the NFT-collecting mining, liquidity mining, and NFT minting. Players can buy skin NFTs in the market. Since the level of NFTs ranges from 1 to 6 stars, they should upgrade the level of their NFTs. Two 1-star NFTs of the same quality can be forged into an NFT of 2 stars. Similarly, two 2-star NFTs of the same quality can be forged into an NFT of 3 stars.‌
Step 3: get game item NFT shards through the pyramid plot, matching, ranking, guild wars, and public chain competitions. Shards can be fused into game item NFTs, which can be categorized into standard, rare, mythic, epic, and legendary ones. Rare game item NFTs can be forged with 10 standard item NFT shards of the same type. Mythic game item NFTs can be forged with 10 rare item NFT shards of the same type, and so on.
Step 4: get the most powerful buff through the NFT combination to win the battle. In addition to stars, NFTs can be sorted by their roles, attributes and the number of CC staked. Heroes can be more powerful with NFTs of the same attributes or roles. For example, 7 heroes in a lineup can enjoy a 2% random buff of their attributes with 7 fire NFTs. The buff from the NFT combination will be stronger with a larger number of heroes. Through the steps mentioned above, players can create their unique hero lineups.
So having your own NFT is very important. After buying a blind box. You also need to get more CC and NFT through NFT mining and liquidity mining to increase your combat effectiveness.

The default hero list at the beginning of the game:

Heroes obtained by clearing the Pyramid plot:

There are many attributes of heroes, you can learn them through our Gitbook.

Quite an interesting combination, from combat gameplay and mining using own NFT.

Cryptography Chumly:
right ! It is worth mentioning that when our game officially launched. We will also develop other types of games! And other games will also use NFT and “CC” Token at this time.

That’s good, Thank you for the answer in this third question, Next question 4.
A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #CHUNLY planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #CHUNLY team?
From @luckyjem02

Cryptography Chumly:
In the words of our community players. The card slot upgrade of our DeFi gameplay improves the player’s goal of making money. Game can be played again! This is an excellent combination of DeFi+NFT+game.
Before the launch of the official website, we have partnered with some project teams who are interested in the game to explore applications of our NFTs. We will establish deep partnerships with other projects to find more applications for our token and NFTs.
On the other hand, Cryptography Chumly is based on an attractive DeFi mechanism through which the income of players can be increased greatly through two ways of NFT mining, namely upgrading their slots and staking NFTs. Each hero slot can only be placed with one type of NFT. Players can get CC after burning their NFTs to upgrade slots, which is a deflationary process. These two ways can boost the player’s mining speed producing more yields. Through the DeFi mechanism, the game can be more interesting for clearly offering financial opportunities for them. This is why players can be retained in the game.
So we have not officially launched and have attracted partners. Our cooperation project is also very good.
BitWorld is a blockchain-based Minecraft that requires players to buy STEVE NFT to join the game. They can trade game items to earn. In the game, since your building can be destroyed by others, you can have your own land by binding Cryptography Chumly NFTs. The size of the land is decided by the quality of your NFT.
In the future, we will also cooperate with other project parties through in-game guild battles. They formed their own project union. PK battle between. To achieve a branding role for their projects. This will also attract most other project parties to cooperate with us.
Not only that! We will also cross-chain to other public chains and achieve partnerships between public chains. Has been advertised for our project.

I can’t wait to see it, looks like it will be an exciting game, especially if we can fight as a team. Okay, Last question.
NFT and DeFi, joined in your ecosystem that is #Cryptography Chumly. So How do you combine the roles of DeFi and NFT in your ecosystem,? What are the advantages or benefits that will be obtained from the Cryptography network?
From @abdun_asiir

Cryptography Chumly:
That’s a good question. First, I think that the aim of DeFi or gameFi is to bring yields to users.
You can earn US dollars in many ways in Cryptography Chumly, which is one of the benefits we can bring to our community.
Staking NFTs in the NFT mining pools to earn CC, which can be traded in the swap.
Providing liquidity in pancakeswap to farm. Users can get NFTs by farming. Their NFTs can be traded in the market for US dollars.
Getting game item shards through battles. Shards can be fused into game item NFTs. Users can get shards of higher levels through harder battles. They can sell their NFTs for US dollars in the market.
Getting high rewards in US dollars through guild wars and public chain competitions. Staking CC in Cryptography Chumly for rewards in US dollars.
Trading NFTs in the market to make a profit through the spread. Please check out the official website of Cryptography Chumly for more details.
Cryptography Chumly: To mine with NFTs, you should first check the NFTs you have in the “inventory” after buying them. Then, you should choose an NFT and click “place” to call the authorization contract. You can earn a profit every 20 blocks (about 1 minute) after staking.
Of course, your profit depends on the amount of computing power based on the number of NFTs staked.
Please check out more details on the official website of Cryptography Chumly.
There are 4 mining pools for farming. To farm in Cryptography Chumly, users should provide liquidity in the corresponding pool in pancakeswap. Next, they should click “authorize” on the farming page and choose a trading pair to earn through liquidity mining. It will be a combination of DeFi and gaming.


₥₳Ⱡł₭₳ Ⱨ₳₥łĐ₳:
Simple question reply me Sir, Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about? Thankyou Sir.

Cryptography Chumly:
1. Casting NFT (can add more value to CC)
2. Mode guild and in-game public chain mode (this function is not available in other games on the market)
3. We will develop more games.

Temitope Awoyinka:
Does this project has an APP, if yes is it readily available to both Android users and IOS users And this is such a great project, how and where can I get your token?

Cryptography Chumly:
Later there will be IOS and Android versions. It’s currently on the web version. Blind boxes will be sold at UTC 02:00 on October 6th, 2021. You should have at least 60 BUSD to buy blind boxes. With BUSD, you can connect your BSC wallet to the official website of Cryptography chumly and click “buy” to purchase blind boxes. CC is currently out of circulation. You can check in UTC. SD.SMP.SMA:
What competitive advantage will you get by combining NFT+DeFi ,? And what benefits does Cryptography get from this?

Cryptography Chumly:
There are many advantages! Because our NFT will be empowered by many project parties. For example, the Bitworld I mentioned earlier. This is an online game.

In fact, there are so many traditional gamers prefer to mobile games than browser games. So, do you have any plan to develop cRYPTOGRAPHY cHUMLY to ANDROID and iOS Version in order to attract more traditional users ? If yes, please share with us the details?

Cryptography Chumly:
of course! Users must use an email address to register. Bind to the address of the public chain that holds the NFT. Will also add deposit and withdrawal functions.

I noticed The NFTs in your project is play an important roles, They can be Upgraded, Burned, and Traded. Is there any specific requirement if we want to Upgraded our NFTs? And Can this NFTs be traded on secondary market or External marketplace like Opensea or Binance Marketplace?

Cryptography Chumly:
Currently it is not possible to trade on external markets. But our side is already cooperating with famous trading market.

Tiara Siska Nabila:
What do you think about the development of the NFT and DeFi association which has caused so much interest in the world? How does your project take advantage of this reality?

Cryptography Chumly:
This is a great way to combine NFT and DeFi! We have started planning in 19 years. There is no investor financing for us yet. It was only in February this year that the institution continued to invest in us. So I think the current combination of NFT+DeFi is the best model.

As we know, Many traditional gamers want to try blockchain games but they have no knowledge of blockchain technology. Regarding to this, How will cRYPTOGRAPHY cHUMLY bridge this issues? Do you have a testnet event or Beta Version of your Game that they can use for practice?

Cryptography Chumly:
There will be! We will work with traditional game teams in the future. And provide them with open technology docking, empowering our NFT and Token.

Tiara Siska Nabila:
Many games make up the exciting world of Cryptia, through the gameplay can be monetized, realistic battles in the game dominate the market, Do you consider it necessary to take risks and bring new options to the market and challenge the industry itself ?

Cryptography Chumly:
Of course it is necessary. Without innovation, there is no progress! It’s like the time we live. How can there be this era without the brave efforts of the previous people.

Phưng phưng :
What is the utility of Cryptography Chumly? What determines its value, is there anything in your ecosystem that increases demand for Cryptography Chumly?

Cryptography Chumly:
There are many ways to increase its value, you can check it out in our GitBook.

MORE DETAIL ABOUT Cryptography Chumly


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