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Speaker :

  1. Luke ozimski (CEO & Founder)
  2. Sofya p (Business Developer)
    Date : Wednesday April 14th, 2021




Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with coinsloot
Today we have an honored @sofyapb and @luke_ozimski
who will explain and answer your question guys

Sofya P-a:
Yes, sure, let’s go ahead!!


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?
    @sofyapb @luke_ozimski

Sofya P-a:
The team behind CoinsLoot is the same team that successfully delivered CoinCasso Exchange platform back in 2018. Our team is mainly based in Krakow, Poland, but we also have some team representatives and partners in Malta, Dubai and Estonia.
CoinsLoot idea came to our founder when he was trying to come up with the solution for the users to invest in crypto in a easy and fun way, we already had the Binary Option application on CoinCasso Exchange, so CoinsLoot became a very logical step on the path.
At today’s AMA session we will have Luke Ozimski, the Founder of CoinsLoot project and the brain behind it all, who is also a CEO and Founder of the CoinCasso Exchange and who has years of experience within the financial and crypto industry. The second team representative will be me, Sofya Puzhaykina, I am responsible for the business development side. In past I was involved in various blockchain projects as well as blockchain based charity programs, also was working with the top blockchain influencers at the biggest European AI and emerging tech summit.


  1. Please explain what is Coinsloot !?

Luke Ozimski:
The CoinsLoot Platform was created with the purpose of giving crypto enthusiasts a new entertaining way to invest in cryptocurrencies as well as real world items, most trending DeFI projects and soon — NFTs.
We see it as a modern marketplace, where you can come and purchase randomly chosen items with only paying a small service fee.
CoinsLoot has brought the world’s first crypto loot boxes while creating a fully decentralized platform in the form of a DApp, decentralized application, which is software that runs on a distributed network. It’s not hosted on a centralized server, but instead on a peer-to-peer decentralized network with the aim of full transparency.
CoinsLoot Boxes are designed in a way that you will always win your investment back, meaning that if you open the box for 10 USDTs — you will win the item that will cost at least 10 USDTs and potentially way more! The algorithm is proven cryptographically and each time you win the item, you can check hash of your transaction to ensure that we are acting very fair.
And while loot boxes are generally meant for in-game characters, CoinsLoot loot boxes have crypto rewards including DeFi tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum and real world, physical items, such as iPhones and Teslas. As the marketplace grows we will be able to offer more and more desirable real world items, like the newest technological gadgets or gaming consoles. The possibilities are limitless and as we grow so too will the rewards for our users.


  1. Can you share with the community what Coinsloot has been doing since its launch?

Sofya P-a:
Unlike many startups, we already have the MVP ready, which you can try anytime at We will have the Dapp ready just in a few days and we cannot wait for our audience to try this Crypto Loot Boxes out!
We are now running our ICO and we are happy to say that for now we have more then 60%
already sold out. You can participate in the ICO and buy our LOOT tokens very easy using the meta mask here.
We plan to run the ICO till the end of April.
At the beginning, the platform’s main focus will be cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi projects, but in a very near future we will have boxes with the real-world items like iPhones, a Tesla Model X and electronic merchandise.
Also, we will be adding the NFT boxes very soon, since the platform will be decentralized
— it will be possible for people to list their own items, defi, coins, NFTs.
Basically, let me repeat it again, the idea is to create a global market place where we will
be matching buyer and seller! Think of it like “Uber for crypto”

the idea is unique and interesting, so many products have been launched coinsloot.

Thank you for answering the questions with enthusiasm in the first session.
let’s move on to the second session, which is the twitter question


  1. What gives the value of $LOOT ? What is the role of it in-out your ecosystem? Could you please mention some advantages of holding $LOOT in the long-term? What are the important achievements $LOOT has achieved so far?
    from @mcgiangtien

Sofya P-a:
The CoinsLoot platform runs off the LOOT token, which is an ERC-20 token.
Investors have the ability to Stake their tokens to earn profit from each transaction on the
CoinsLoot Platform. Investor Staking is the most important aspect of the entire CoinsLoot
Project, as investors who stake tokens will earn dividends/profits on every single
transaction that occurs from users opening Loot Boxes.

• Token sale on
• Ongoing until end of April
• Starting price $0.10

Once the platform is running, LOOT token holders will start getting the profit: If the platform gets just let’s say 5,000 daily users, the daily Coins Loot platform profit will be around $280k a day, 75% of the profit will be distributed between the LOOT toket holders.
With 5,000 daily users on the platform, LOOT token holder can get a return on investment just in 3 months, based on a very conservative forecast.


  1. Will you have any other game features apart from picking those boxes ??? or you just focus on the loot box game ??
    from @HarisS07047838

Sofya P-a: is very far from being a game and, moreover, we are not planning to move this direction at all.
CoinsLoot is being a decentralized market place that fully operates with crypto, there is no need to swap your crypto to fiat anymore.

We only use the Loot Boxes “engine” for our platform, so if you want to buy 0,5 BTC you can come to our platform and simply buy BTC, but you will have a chance to get 0,6 BTC or maybe even 1 BTC! All will depend on your luck today. You will never get something which will worth less then the amount spent. We use the provably fair algorythm and there is no chance for us to manioulate it!
That is why, CoinsLoot is not a game, it is literally a new way of buying coins, tokens, ICO and physical goods.


  1. How many partners currently have trusted CoinsLoot technology and what benefits do these partners bring to CoinsLoot and vice versa?
    from @elliekingcash

Sofya P-a:
We currently have 2 solid partnerships in place: it is for products delivery and distribution of the items for our users.
The benefits for the partners are making mass sale of thier products such as bulk sale and benefit for us is an attractive variation of our offer to customers. More sellers on our marketplace = more choices for the customers / usres.

We will do our best to gain the USERS trust instead of partners trust, as long as we deliver the proper value to our community, partners will start listing their goods on our platform themselves. Our main goal is to deliver the top results and best experience to CoinsLoot audience.
That is why we are making a platform which is decentralized and very easy and funny to use. You do not even need to have the account, you simply come and buy the item you want.

Our support team will always reply to your questions in social media, email or telegram!
Check out the demo version ready here.
The soft launch is coming in a few days for our community! So, join our telegram group for more updates.


  1. What the challenges do you have and the plan to make CoinsLoot strong popular? Are you see it as an opportunity while the current market decline?
    from @lehien2667

Sofya P-a:
The main challenge currently is to explain the concept of the project, cause it is something absolutely new! It is fully decentralised Market Place operating with LootBox engine and accepting only crypto!

It is a huge step to the mass adoption and it is also benefiting our users! You can go and buy the iPhone 10 in the shop OR you can go to and open the iPhone 10 box for the same price, but on top of that you will have a chance to get the iPhone 10 PLUS or the iPhone 12.
The above use case perfectly shows the idea of the platform, and we do not see the reason why people might not to like it.
We are doing our best in terms of marketing, platform interface and design to deliver the message as clear as possible.
We have also built the customer support team which is very strong and always ready to help, you can reach out to us easily in telegram, social media and email, we want to be as transparent with our audience as possible!!


  1. What is your strategy for building a big and strong community? Do you agree that community strength will make your project grow globally?
    from @Agiel03618091

Sofya P-a:
While successfully building our previous projects in past few years, we managed to find out the proper network of people and companies on the many different markets from USA to Asia. We also cooperating with influencers and marketing partners across the globe. We will start marketing campaigns in next weeks for promotion of the final product on all markets as well as preparing the GRAND OPENING of community!
Stay tuned!

You can still participate in the ICO here

Thank you for the answers in this second session, I hope you are still excited for the last session, which is direct questions

How can we know that Coinsloot is safe to use? What security measures have you implemented on your platform to ensure a good and profitable user interface?

Luke Ozimski:
It is based on decaantralized blockchain of Ethereum – 100% transparency and safety.

IDCrypto Community:
can you give an idea of ​​what items can be found in your loot box? and how do we get the loot box?

Sofya P-a:
Hi Amelia, Sure, we will start with boxes filled with crypto coins, DeFi and NFTs, later on we will start adding the boxes with phesical items, You can check the listed boxes already here:

⛓¿In the future, will more items and other monetary systems be put up for sale and rewards to obtain them?

Luke Ozimski:
We can add to the lootboxes antyhing what has value NFT tokens, crypto , Iphones and much more. Everything what is legal and has some value.

Femi Oyinloye:
Will I be able to use my usdt to purchase loot coins and where can I do this?

Sofya P-a:
Hi Femi, of cours, you can purchase LOOT tokens here You will only need to connect your MetaMask!

GNUD (Bạn của Tài chym ngắn + yếu sl):
How will Coinsloot generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit Coinsloot and your investors?

Luke Ozimski:
It is based on margin between the price we sale from the price we buy for physical products and also we charge 10% of fee for resignation in case of exchange the crypto.

Rime Resj:
Your native token uses the ERC-20 network and you are also doing an ICO / token sale, with high gas costs from ERC20, does it not affect the token sale process? why don’t you choose another network like BSC?

Luke Ozimski:
BSC network will be impletment soon. We choose for start with Erc-20 as it is the most popular

How and when I can see the LOOT contract address? Will COINSLOOT convince people who have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies to take part in Coinsloot?

Sofya P-a:
here is the contract address!
For those who do not know much about crypto – it is the best way to start!

IDCrypto Community:
I saw several different types of boxes, what are the chances of winning if you buy your box? and is it fair?

Luke Ozimski:
The boxes are set to 100% of chance divided by the value, more value item is less chance. we use provably fair algorithm -100% transaprency and accurency.

Uci Suryadi:
CoinsLoot currently has an ICO on the CoinCasso platform for LOOT tokens. And Investors can stake LOOT tokens on smart contracts to benefit from all transactions that take place on the platform. Is it the longer the period, the higher the profit?

Luke Ozimski:
No, you can buy direclty from our smart contract at ; we used our CoinCasso system on the beggining.

Rime Resj:
What and how much profit will a user get for staking loot tokens? can you explain the calculation of the benefits that can be obtained?

Sofya P-a:
• Token sale on
• Ongoing until end of April
• Starting price $0.10

Once the platform is running, LOOT token holders will start getting the profit: If the platform gets just 5,000 daily users, the daily Coins Loot platform profit will be around $280k a day, 75% of the profit will be distributed between the LOOT toket holders

With 5,000 daily users on the platform, LOOT token holder can get a return on investment just in 3 months, based on a very conservative forecast.

Sofya P-a:
Done We got very excited with all this questions
For the rest, you guys can always reach us out in our official telegram group

Thank you guys for hosting us today Wishing you all a great day!

Thank you too for spending time here.
It’s great to have AMA with coinsloot.
I hope Coinsloot will be success in the future

We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with Coinsloot is Done.

Thanks to @sofyapb and @luke_ozimski
who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about Coinsloot

Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.
the winners will be announced soon


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