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Speaker : Pasi Nieminen (Founder Of Cenfura)
Date : Tuesday, June 22th, 2021



hello Pasi Nieminen welcome to our community.

Pasi Nieminen:
Hello everyone, great to be here.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Pasi Nieminen:
I have been working on software since 1995, last many years in cyber security, blockchain and energy related. Got involved in blockchain sometime 2013 when lived in Beijing, when met BTC team there in legendary Garage Cafe, unfortunately did not buy any, but followed the stuff closely ever since.
I think many fintech ideas are about to come alive now, and way how we run business is about to change. I think Indonesia is one of potential major change catalysts.

Of course, now we have very clearly seen that change and progress are seen to be growing rapidly.
thanks for introduction, we are happy know you here.
2. Can you explain what is Cenfura and how long your project launch? Please explain in simple sentences.

Pasi Nieminen:
Cenfura and XCF project was already started over 3 years ago when we started to think how to tokenize real world energy assets, started to build team, started to build the platform, energy asset project pipeline, and finally went alive end of 2020.
Cenfura will build finances and operates renewable energy assets globally, all assets will use our XCF token, each asset will normally make contract for 10-20 years and will use tokens whole time.
Now, 3 years later, we have super experienced (and hungry) team on FinTech, Software + energy development. btw join our Indonesia community !

that’s very interesting, the company that stands first, and tokenizes on the blockchain, you really support this progress. guys this is a project that really has value, let’s join them.
3. Can you share with the community, what Cenfura has been doing from the roadmap?

Pasi Nieminen:
we have many things happening right now. We have soon press on major new energy assets and major news on token side. Keep following us. We will have new way to get people involved in DeFi apps etc, and create new incentives for energy producers to join our community.
This year is first year when we start building real local communities, Indonesia is among the first ones.
We will organize also f2f meetings, when this c19 thing is relaxing a bit. we really want to get people involved, green energy and token etc.

impressive, thank you for answering and explaining your progress, we are happy to know more about your project.


1. Cenfura plans to integrate third-party apps and devices. This is the basis of the Cenfura ecosystem. So,can you give us an advance idea what third-party apps you are going to integrate with? How does this apps will help Cenfura ecosystem to have a better services towards clients?
from @mylhe

Pasi Nieminen:
we will have number of DeFi apps that we anounce this year.
We are implmenting new things such as energy options and futures on DeFi apps, we also create completely new market and way to finance energy assets in small scale, to promote distributed energy prodcution. taking the energy where it is needed.

wah can’t wait for this update.

Pasi Nieminen:
btw, We are seeking people to help our community work in Id as well, if you are interested contact Jussi01

Nice, you are really serious about building a community for Indonesia.

Pasi Nieminen:
100%, I need excuse to come over, love the food!

Perfect, i hope it’s can growing fast.
2. I am interested to know the transaction capacity of CENFURA, how many transactions can be done in 1 second? In times of lag/congestion, how does CENFURA thrive?
from @ComboPlayer2

Pasi Nieminen:
XCF token is ERC20 token, so nothing different there. Energy things and some DeFi different.
Side chain for those, because current ETH cannot support the speed we need. all energy transactions in side chain, but public still.

3. Could you tell us at some point in time if Cenfura will combat and provide solutions to the massive energy consumption of BTC mining and environmental pollution or perhaps compliment it as a way to increase the profitability?
from @Greyhair_08

Pasi Nieminen:
this is best question ever.
we have been planning this long time. we have next month big announcement, we want people to create green energy for the tokens. not use the old dirty energy to mine them. we have soon new algorithm and process for this, available for eveyone.

yes even many people make excuses that they don’t like this technology because of the energy pollution it causes, I hope the plan that you will launch can bring a good solution to this problem.
4. with your microgrids system are you want to make smart city ? if yes can you explain what benefit we will get from it ? i mean from non crypto people and crypto side. Example like from this project more energy will save, from real use benefit will make XCF price up fastly.
from @hachiman_tenko

Pasi Nieminen:
Currently, most forms of payment are slow and prone to failure. Transaction settlement takes a long time and can be quite expensive. Once energy is produced by an asset on Cenfura’s platform, it’s efficiently routed to storage or end users and recorded as XCF for fast settlement and easy billing. The platform uses smart contracts and AI combined with local customisations to deliver a plug-and-play Fintech solution to any energy grid.
Cenfura then converts the billed amount to XCF tokens at the current rate. These tokens are deposited into the asset owner’s account seamlessly. The token recipient can then use the tokens for other internal services or take them to an exchange to redeem for local currency.
Account owners may hold the XCF tokens, they may sell them, they may export them to an address residing outside the private exchange, and/or they may trade them using an outside private exchange.
Each asset added into tokenisation will create additional demand for tokens, depending on contract for next 10-20 years, in average, See more.
we create ever increasing demand for XCF with assets that use it. it is physical energy asset driven.

Thanks for detailed explanation sir, it’s good.
Last question for this session.
5. Can you explain more about liquid cenfura campaign? I see you have event for trading , what we need for join event?
from @panggilakurin

Pasi Nieminen:
uuuups you just missed that one !
Our Trading Competition with Liquid ended in May, however, we do have another competition coming up soon! Join Our Cenfura-ID channel to be one of the first ones to find out when it’s announced!
will have more soon, join our channel. next, we run out of time.

ah.. we are late.


Truong Tran:
Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you….Is your project listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap or not???

Pasi Nieminen:
Our team has a wide spread of experience across the crypto, financial and renewable energy worlds, with veterans of Wall street joined by serial entrepreneurs like myself. You can examine our already running project at Malachite Mews to see we are doing things in a green and environmentally friendly way. You can have a look at the team here.

do you think Cenfura Security system is safe enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that values ​​the detection of individual system vulnerabilities?

Pasi Nieminen:
We have build all from security perspective. We have great background on security. But we keep it all very secret , so cannot answer.

-Among the milestones” you have planned for according, to your roadmap is the Listing top CEX can you tell, us about it?
-Is Binance at the top of this list?
-This would give a big boost to the project.

Pasi Nieminen:
we are planning major listings as we speak, we are going to be listed in key exchanges in top10.key thing to us.

What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

Pasi Nieminen:
simple, each energy project is basic business, then we have fintec and energy trading, We have partnerships with major EPC companies and fintec houses as well.

BHH Khan3455:
Hello Sir, As a new investor how can I buy the token? Is it already listed on any exchange (CEX & DEX)?

Pasi Nieminen:
right now we are only in liquid it is japanese exchange, working under Singapore finacial authority. Most regulated exchange in the world. We wanted to start there to make token buyers happy, to be secured.


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