Speaker : Anna Jean (CEO Of Catge)
Date : Saturday, June 19th, 2021



hello Anna Jean welcome to IDCrypto Community, We are glad to be with you here.

Anna Jean:
So happy to be with you guys, Thanks for the invitation!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community?

Anna Jean:
My name is Anna Jean, I come from Chicago and I’m 31 years old. I went to college in the Bay Area and I have been in the Startup world for 8 years. I have been into cryptos since 2015.
I am one of those people who regretted selling their Bitcoin back in 2015 and not having started her own mining business in 2016. After weeks of intensive research, I literally was one click away lol.
in 2017 I fell in love with Ethereum and its ecosystem, especially the concept of smart contracts.
In 2020 I was an active crypto investor but, rather than trading, I tended to privilege fundamental analysis and real projects.

interesting story, you really know bitcoin since then.

Anna Jean:
I mean, I know Bitcoin since 2012, but it caught my attention in 2015.
my old computer probably has 0.5 bitcoin as a change lol But I lost all the keys. anyways, funny stories aside.

it’s very early, you are lucky to know bitcoin since 2012.

Anna Jean:
Although Uniswap was born in 2018, 2020 was the year when DeFi became a consolidated reality and caught my attention. I then started thinking about how it could really be a revolution for the entire finance.
Also in 2020 I followed closely the surge of Dogecoin, which gave me “mixed” feelings let’s say.

maybe you used to think it was only a few dollars, without realizing it is now very extraordinary.

Anna Jean:
so, still in late 2020, I drafted two projects, namely CATGE and STL (Startup Token Launchpad)
I do mistakes too, but I tend to learn and not do them twice lol.
Finally I’ll say about the two projects.

Very cool, thank you for introducing yourself.
I’m glad to hear your story, it’s interesting.
let’s talk about the introduction of Catge.

Anna Jean:
I launched CATGE first, and then, given its success, me and the cofounders decided to merge it with Startup Token Launchpad, now it’s a single project.

Sounds good.
2. Can you explain what is Catge and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Anna Jean:
We launched CATGE one month ago as a community token to rebel against Elon and the elites who were (and are) manipulating cryptos by exploiting their influence with twitter and other social networks.
We want to bring CATGE up to where Doge is with the help of our growing community.
We decided to launch CATGE with a revolutionary smart contract taking the pros of Safemoon-like tokens and eliminating the cons
in facts, tokens like Safemoon tend to have a good price stability for new-born tokens, thanks to their deflation and holder rewards.
When a token becomes big though, maybe you will want to pay with them at a restaurant, a bar a hotel etc. Safemoon has a 10% taxation: would you ever use it as a payment method over FIAT?
So CATGE has a deflation which fades away with time. Currently is 7%, it will fade down to zero in October.
When it fades down to zero, we will have had time to be a mature token and we will have Binance potential given our non-permanently deflationary protocol and, if we work well, our large adoption.

great, thanks for your answer with detailed explanation, I hope our community understand with your answer.
3. Can you share with the community, what Catge has been doing from the roadmap ?

Anna Jean:

  1. We launched and, within a couple weeks, we got listed on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap
  2. We just got listed on two popular Tier-2 exchanges at the same time (BKEX and Hotbit)
  3. We hires one of the best teams in the world to create a pokemon-style NFT and paper card game named CATGE vs DOGE. We will be getting the game rules next week.
  4. We reached 26k holders, almost 1000 new holders per day on average
  5. We opened a charity project and we are now looking for the right animal charity to partner with. You can check our white-paper for our charity system.
    Charity wallet address -> 0xCe5e7CB7c4E771b3A6c998a5d8B7A921890493b9
    Donation wallet (ERC) -> 0xA8B9C1908FDF5CBf894d51C7EC2ecc95fdb295cC
    Donation wallet (BSC) -> 0xDBc798CBa592840a0CC73137E6D82f1eb02f348F

Very cool, so much good progress on your project.. in just one month, some things have been achieved.

Anna Jean:
As soon as we find the right charity partner, we will announce it and you will be able to track the transactions and their impact through Bsc scan for the first and social networks for the second, one more thing.
We are hiring next week a law firm and a software company to provide the license and create for us the Startup Token Launchpad exchange, (the ETA should be a little more than a month).

Thanks you for answer, We are happy know about progres of Catge.

Anna Jean:
Thanks to you!


1. today we not just see the project from their development and how hyipe is it, but we always see what real usercase from it ? so how about CatGe Coin Off ? is there was some real usercase from it ?
from @becomeneq_hyipe

Anna Jean:
Tokens born for real-use case purposes have generally two goals:

1. eventually becoming an alternative to FIAT as exchange tokens
2. being useful in their own ecosystem (for those who have one).
For the first one, we have developed a revolutionary spart contract that helps price stability at the launche and promotes exchange later in time. (AKA, businesses will be able to accept CATGE).
by the way, a travel agency called Haka Travel is already accepting CATGE lol.
We are also going to partner with exchange banks who have VISA card services.
As for the second: we are creating our own ecosystem: Startup Token Launchpad. CATGE will be its utility token, just like BNB is for Binance.

thanks for answer.

Anna Jean:
Thanks to you.

2. Can you explain the advantages of Charge collaborating with Turkey artificial intelligence platform? Does it benefit the holder as well?
from @Yuupicandy1

Anna Jean:
We are planning an integration with Turkish universities such that CATGE can be used as an experimental token for artificial intelligence projects.
I think it’s quite beneficial for the holders to know that their token is also partnering with research, especially in such an impactful field as Artificial Intelligence. We funded research projects with more than $10k in total. Sometimes not even universities themselves give so much funding to researchers lol.
Especially in just one month.

it will make a lot of people reach, so it will attract them to become new holders, and I’m sure the price will go up significantly.

Anna Jean:
Hopefully so, We are trying to be impactful on our end.

okay next question.
3. A question about $CATGE token, adoption of token to the ecosystem is one of the good things to increase its usability and spend, so what role does $CATGE token play to the ecosystem?
from @DngGiaPhong2

Anna Jean:
Similarly to the first question, I would divide my answe in two parts.

The first one is actually the same as what I previously mention: we are planning to let CATGE become a real exchange token to be accepted by businesses around the world.
To do so, we are promoting stability first and exchange later, thanks to our smart contract.
we also have a “stealth” project that I cannot really explain much in details, but I can tell you that it’s about creating our own blockchain.

Oh so Catge will only be used outside the ecosystem.
And the developer only focuses on the community, is my statement correct??

Anna Jean:
and it is going to promote exchange in an easier way than FIAT itself, solving a lot of usability problems of any other crypto, as well as gas fees.
I hope I’ll be able to tell you more in a few months, but this is not the priority yet.

wow an unique name “stealth”.

Anna Jean:
As for the second part: with our Startup Token Launchpad project, we are going to break through the Venture Capital industry.
Lol, we don’t want others to copy our ideas if we are not able to create them in a short time.
back to this: we will break through the Venture Capital and Startup Funding industry by making Startup equity a liquid asset.

haha,,everything is fine, I just feel impressed by the name.

Anna Jean:
To make it simple: a Startup signs a preliminary agreement with us, where we acquire their equity subject to an ICO where we collect the money for their fundraising.
when an ICO is successful, we acquire their equity and the token launched is backed by the startup equity, I will now post a slide with the model.

yes please.

Anna Jean:
Lol, you were shocked by the slide or sth?

yeah that’s surprising.

Anna Jean:
I was joking ofc.

the slide seems more interesting.
okay thanks for your answer, next question.
4. as a project who focus on community, admin active is the mostly important. as investor if we see the project admin not so active it was so bad. so what your plan to keep the development move but on community was active too ?
from @savermoney100

Anna Jean:
We have more than 100 admins betweek all our worldwide communities who keep order in the chat, help people with any issue and eliminate spam. We also have SMM for Twitter, IG and Reddit and a designer.
I think they deserve a great shoutout, they believe in us as much as we do as devs and that’s priceless and flattering at the same time.
Also, we are a community token, that means that we accept volunteers for any role, just reach out to me, @clustermad or @JB0028
Furthermore, our community can testify that we are 100% open to listen to ideas from everyone, even members and holders who invested $50 and we really consider them.

very cool, you also have social media marketing (SMM)

Anna Jean:
and often implement them too, giangi camy shoutout to him.

good ma’am, it will make investors feel appreciated, thanks for sharing him contact.

Anna Jean:
yes but don’t steal him,lol.

hahaha sure, all good.
5. While reviewing your tokenomics , I noticed that there is no token/funds allocated to the Catge Coin team/Developer. In this case, what motivates your team to function efficiently? What do you intend to acheive with no funds dedicated to developer?
from @Greyhair_08

Anna Jean:
Actually there is, it’s the marketing wallet. We haven’t taken money for the dev team from there yet though, This is because our main financial motication is to make money from our two long-term business models: the card/NFT pokemon-style game and the Startup Token Launchpad exchange.
We startuppers are quite used to some bootstrap before our targeted revenue models become profitable. Also, the crypto world is even way faster than we were used to (and Startups tend to be very fast themselves).
CATGE is our traction proof behind our real projects, it’s not a cash cow for devs.

Great motivation, you really think long term.. it will produce more even if it goes little by little.

Anna Jean:
yeah, that’s the idea. The exchange is coming in a little more than one month anyways. It’s not a long time and the full card game should come around the same time. We already have distribution agreements by the way. you’ll find our cards all around the world in all the newspaper kiosks.
basically just where you would buy pokemon cards.

Good ma’am, really apreciate about that.


Anna Pacocha:
What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? Obviously the whole space will experience huge growth in the upcoming years, but what role would you like Your project play in this?

Anna Jean:
1. Becoming an exchange token that can really compete with FIAT currency (USD, EUR etc.). To do so the steps are the following.
– Becoming popular as a new-born crypto (current step)
– Having our deflation to fade to zero to be exchange-ready
– Having some early adoption with some businesses accepting CATGE
– Realizing our “stealth” project, a.k.a. creating our own blockchain where we fix all the residual problems for cryptocurrencies to not become exchange tokens.
We want to print crypto banknotes <- this is the main hint about our “stealth” project.

2. Breaking through illiquid assets market thanks to tokenization. So basically today only cryptos and public-listed stocks are liquid assets.
Tomorrow, thanks to our Startup Token Launchpad exchange, every asset will have a token backing it (houses, equity, patents etc).

As you said, CATGE has deflation which fades over time, if it is currently 7% then in october it will be zero, My question, will deflation go up again if it reaches zero?

Anna Jean:
No it won’t. Also, ownership is renounced, fading deflation is written in the contract and cannot ever be changed, both in terms of dates and being permanent

Michael :
There is fierce competition in the DeFi space. Obviously, you can find other projects that are similar to yours. What do you bring to the table that your competitors don’t? In other words, what is your Unique Selling Point?

Anna Jean:
I’ll be happy if you’ll be able to mention me a project that simultaneouly has planned to make:
1. An exchange based on tokenized assets and equity.
2. A pokemon-style card game based on its brand.
3. An own blockchain with the future possibility to print crypto banknotes.

Toslim Ahmed60:
Hello Sir, Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? Thank sir.

Anna Jean:
Ma’am, As devs we have:

1. No control over short-term price movements.
No interest to mention the opportunity to buy CATGE for short-term speculation.
What we can promise and 100% guarantee is the delivery of our roadmap goals, namely:

1. We got listed on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap
2. We just got listed on two popular Tier 2 exchanges at the same time (BKEX and Hotbit).
3. We hired one of the best teams in the world to create a pokemon-style NFT and paper card game called CATGE vs DOGE. They’ll be delivering the rules next week.
4. We reached 26k holders, almost 1000 new holders per day on average.
5. We opened a charity project and are looking for the right animal charity to partner with. You can check our white paper for our charity system, I’ll share the charity wallet address so you can track it. As soon as we find the right charity partner we will announce it.
6. We are just hiring next week a law firm and a software company to create for us the Startup Token Launchpad exchange. (ETA should be a little more than a month)
This is what we delivered in one month and:

1. An exchange based on tokenized assets and equity.
2. A pokemon-style card game based on its brand.
3. An own blockchain with the future possibility to print crypto banknotes.
A snippet of what we will deliver in the next few months.
If you believe this will generate a long-term price increase, you are welcome to invest.
If you want to speculate with the price over the span of 24-48 hours, Idk what to tell you lol. Do it or don’t do it at your own risk.
We are here to deliver goals first, and have them to cause a positive effect on the price second.

When will CATGE partner with an exchange bank that has a VISA card service??

Anna Jean:
We are signing the NDA and LOI next week. The partnership should be active late this summer. the company is a crypto exchange with bank license from Estonia by the way.


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