Speaker : Carlos Yanes (CTO Of art. army)
Date : Wednesday, April 28th, 2021


Welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

Hi everybody! I am Carlos, CTO of, as CTO I am in charge of the technical direction of the project and development. I am a firm believer that blockchain technology will improve our lives and with we want to contribute our grain of sand to this great development. is a project that unites digital art and blockchain technology, built around a community of artists and cultural creators, art experts and fans of new technologies and art. A marketplace open to everyone who wants to participate by buying or acquiring exclusive artworks in our marketplace

I want to explain a little, that we have 3 sessions for AMA, but it looks like you have finished for the introductory session

Can you share with the community what art. amry has been doing from the roadmap ?

Our tour has been short but intense. Our first stage is the creation of our ART token, the technical implementation of the project on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network, the technical and independent validation of all this hard work, and the creation of an incipient but enthusiastic community around the world. We have a small but experienced team that we expect to grow in the future. And always with the active participation of every artist, user and fan who wishes to join this Art and Technology adventure.

Alright, the first session is over. We will continue to the Second session.


Question 1

I see that there are artists to artists NFTs, the selected artist will be able to create NFTs, how do I become the chosen artists? and how do you choose the artists? is it random?
from @CengRindaman

The selection of artists will not be random @CengRindaman. In our team we will have curators and experts in digital art, who will select those works and artists that according to artistic criteria deserve to be part of the marketplace. And our own community will of course participate in this selection, through opinion channels, of course. We will be open to any type of cultural and artistic representation, without any distinction other than quality and emotion.

Question 2

the way to get free NFT is by holding 200 ART tokens, is there a certain time limit for holding tokens? And what other benefits will you get besides the free NFT?
From @Amarayata

There is no minimum or maximum amount of ART tokens to participate in our first staking game. You can participate with 20 tokens or 200, you are free to decide of course.
The more tokens you deposit in the game, and the longer they are deposited, the more points you will earn every second, until the two weeks of the game are over. You will be able to add and withdraw tokens whenever you want, since the tokens will always be yours, without spending any in the game, just deposit them.
That is the great advantage of the game, besides being able to win a unique and exclusive artwork, from the first collection of NFTs.

Question 3

What are the advantages of having your NTFs? and can these NTFs be traded like NFTs in general which can be sold on opensea?
From @Deufukas

The advantages of owning art NFTs will lie in their exclusivity, as they will be unique to the art-army marketplace. However, once acquired in our marketplace, they can be sold in marketplaces as long as they belong to the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network.

Question 4

Art. army works like an auction platform where users can take advantage performing auctions artistic items. how do you ensure that every event and transaction happen transparently, in a fair ecosystem? How do you protect the buyer and the owner?
From @Alicewonder1202
Good question @Alicewonder1202, congratulations. TRUST, security and transparency will be cornerstones of We will achieve all of them thanks to the technology on which our project is built, the Binance Smart Chain. We have recently audited our contracts with to ensure that all transactions are secure.

Last question

Tokens from all projects have main utility & practical goals! So can you tell us what the main role of Art Army is in your ecosystem? Explain the utility & use cases in the real world?
From @mcgiangtien

ART tokens fulfill 4 functions.

  1. ART tokens will serve as a way to participate in our staking games, to win free NFT artworks by depositing your ART tokens.
  2. Serve as a means of participation and co-governance in the decisions made by the project. Anyone holding ART tokens will be able to participate in key decision making through the democratic participation processes that will be implemented in the future.
  3. Each ART token holder will get a percentage of all token and artwork transactions made within our marketplace.
  4. They serve as investment value for users from all over the world who consider as a serious project to invest in.

Thanks for the answer, I hope our community will be interested in🥳

The second session is over, are you ready to go to the third session? @carlostzar

Awesome! Thank you very much to the entire Indonesian community that has been reading me, you are very great!
I hope to see you soon on the ARt Army telegram channel: https://t. me/artarmy17
Or visit our website: https:/ /art. army/

how to participate in staking? @carlostzar

To participate in the game that we launched this April 29, you only have to acquire Art tokens and deposit them in the stake when it is online. The tokens are available through our website and pancakeswap.

Femi Oyinloye:
Why is ArtArmy developed on the Binance Smart Chain network, is there any advantage this network have?

Binance Smart chain is a much more efficient network than currently ethereum, since transactions are much lower and more ecological, due to its way of working, under proof of stake
Temitope Awoyinka:
What benefits are there to enjoy for buying and holding your token. ?

Among many benefits: This is quite a significant one, holders will receive a percentage of each transaction that is made in the marketplace. In this way we decentralize the platform.

Era Rogahn:
Marketing is a significant factor for every project. What’s your plans for attracting users towards Art Army ecosystem? $ ART supports dex liquidity and transaction growth, so what strategies do you use to turn it into a stable token with a higher value than competitors?

We want to bring the world of traditional art closer to the NFTs, we have contact with artists from various international galleries who are interested in the project.

Every project’s coin/token have their main Utilities & real-life use! So, what the main role of your coin is in the ecosystem? Explain its Utilities and Real-Life use cases? Also Why should we invest in this coin/token for the long term?

We believe in NFTs as a new way to preserve value, something that has only been achieved with blockchain technology, we believe that investing in projects that go in this direction is a smart decision. And we also believe that Art ARmy has a series of differential factors, such as the magnitude of its artists and contacts that other projects do not have.

I think you’ve answered enough questions from members
before I close today’s AMA, do you want to share something with us and our members who are not here?

Simply, that has been impressive! I hope to see you soon as soldiers in, I would have liked to answer all the questions!

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