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⏰ Thursday Oct, 28th 2021
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Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business ?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
I am Elan, I got started in crypto in 2017, buying bitcoin and ethereum… and then I fell down ‘the rabbit hole’. Now I am working for Levana.Finance, which is an exciting protocol that is about to be launched in the Terra ecosystem.

Levana is incubated by Delphi Labs, the top incubator in Terra, and we have many strong backers, including Do Kwon, the founder of Terra. Levana is a decentralized leverage platform , with many unique assets: LLI tokens (I will explain), evolutionary NFTs that give holders benefits, and eventually a perpetual swap platform.

Can you explain what is Levana and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Levana will launch in 1 or 2 weeks with our unique “NFT Meteor Shower”. This will enable the platform to create the 1st product, which is a “Levana Leveraged Index” token, or LLI. The 1st LLI will be Luna2X. This is an easy way for holders of this token to be exposed to 2 x the price of Luna.

Levana is a decentralized leverage platform. It will integrate with many other DeFi platforms in Terra, and eventually cross-chain to other ecosystems. It will allow users to leverage their assets, WHILE STILL being able to use their leveraged assets in other DeFi protocols.

After LLI tokens, Levana will launch a perpetual swap platform as well. All of this is strengthened with our unique ways of using evolutionary NFTs – NFTs that can change over time – the final form of the NFT is a unique dragon, that gives the holder, or ‘dragon rider’, many unique benefits

Can you share with the community, what Levana has been doing from the roadmap?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Sure. Levana is about to launch. Its a great time to become part of the community.

Stage 1 (all in 2021) is the NFT meteor drop, to build the Luna farms for Luna2X LLI. Next the DAO will be launched. Then Luna2X willl launch. This will all happen before end of year.

In Q1 2022, additional assets will become LLI tokens (leveraged tokens). Also crosschain support will begin, and then perpetual swaps. Still in Q1 ’22 we’ll unveil the tokenized perpetual swap platform. Then in Q3 will enable options trading.

The Levana roadmaps will capitalize on the most valuable opportunities in the crypto leverage space.



  1. Can you explain about Luna2x? what kind of system is Luna2X? will the value of our Luna assets be multiplied by 2? Please explain
    From @5dragin

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Levana’s first product is the Levana Leverage Index (LLI) token. The First LLI token is Luna2X. It will provide a 2x price exposure to LUNA.

This enables anyone to easily get a leverage position to Luna, and eventually, to get a leveraged exposure to any asset Levana offers, not just LUNA.

Leverage is one of the most important tools for market participants, as it allows them to have exposure to an asset without paying the full price. With leverage, a whole world of possibilities opens up, making the entire market more robust.

Here is an example based on $1M worth of LUNA: If the price of LUNA doubles from $10 to $20, a leveraged position can generate greater upside through extended exposure to LUNA.
If the price of LUNA doubles…

By leveraging 2x, the initial $1M UST purchase results in $3M UST instead of $2M UST.

This means holding LUNA would have resulted in a 100% profit, but holding the LUNA2x-LLI token would have resulted in a 200% profit. This will be as simple as swapping LUNA to a LUNA 2x-LLI token.

This is explained in our 1st Medium post: “Introducing Levana Protocol”.


  1. to get meteor dragon eggs, we have to contribute at least 1 UST and no maximum, how will the distribution be done? is it random? what happens to the UST contribution funds that don’t win?
    From @sangkakkekmerah

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Our Medium post “Levana Meteors – DeFi and NFT’s” has recently been updated. The minimum contribution is 8 UST.

For Levana to generate leverage, LUNA is needed. This process happens in two phases; NFT Meteor Showers (Phase 1) and Public Farming (Phase 2)

The first phase begins with a meteor shower of Levana Meteors. Levana Meteors are NFTs users can obtain by contributing UST. The UST will then be used by the protocol to buy LUNA for the LUNA2x Pool.

Levana Meteors come in four different categories: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary. The more you contribute, the higher chance you have of obtaining a higher category meteor. Every participant will receive a Levana Meteor with the potential of containing a dragon egg.

The minimum contribution for Levana Meteors is set at 8 UST. There is no maximum amount of UST a participant can choose to contribute, the higher the contribution, the more likely it is to receive a meteor with a dragon egg inside. Participants will need to be strategic during the drops as the amounts contributed by others will be relatively private.

The meteor shower will last for 44 hours, which means everyone will be able to participate. Every hour will be an individual drop of meteors that contain 202 dragon eggs. There are 8,888 Levana dragon eggs in total. This means a diligent participant (single wallet address) can accumulate up to 44 Levana Meteors, possibly holding up to 44 dragon eggs.

It is important to note that the chances of a Levana Meteor containing a dragon egg are subject to change, based on the number of participants in an individual drop.

After receiving Levana Meteors, they can be traded in any future Terra NFT marketplace, held for future meteor cracking, or cracked to potentially reveal a dragon egg.

The option to crack Levana Meteors will be made available right after the meteor showers. All Levana Meteors that don’t contain a dragon egg will instead receive Meteor Dust which can be used for future purposes.

Each dragon egg has a unique name, specific traits, and a story behind it. We will be releasing these features over time.

Dragon eggs and Meteors serve as a way for the Levana DAO members to identify core members of the Levana Community and enable better collaboration.

Using a dragon / egg / meteor in the Levana platform will enable special rights for their holders.

Steps to receive a Levana Meteor:
Sign up on , before the launch. You will get an email when the launch starts.

Once the meteor shower is live, go to and connect your Terra Station Wallet.

Select how much UST to contribute and confirm with your wallet. (min contribution: 8 UST).

Wait an hour for the next drop and repeat the process to get another Levana Meteor.

Once the meteor shower is finished (after 44 hours) you will be able to hold your Levana Meteor for future cracking, crack to potentially receive a dragon egg, or trade on a NFT marketplace.

Levana is parterning with other NFT creators and DeFi protocols in the Terra ecosystem. As a result of being incubated by Delphi Labs, Levana will be working with Mars and Astroport to find interesting ways our NFTs on all three platforms can interact.


  1. You said that you are going to make a New Trading Strategy, what kind of trading is that? what is the difference with existing trading such as spot, Dex swap, and others?
    From @patrersd

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Levana enables easy ways to trade with leverage using the LLI tokens. These will begin with 2X leverage. If the DAO votes on it, higher leverage tokens will become available.

The first DeFi primitive Levana offers are Levana Leveraged Index (LLI) tokens, and the second product Levana will offer are perpetual swaps.

Levana LLI tokens and NFT’s will be integrated with Mars protocol, Astroport, and eventually many of the DeFi platforms on Terra. It will also eventually be cross-chain.


  1. SECURITY is LEVANA security, and top Terra audit, How does this security Firm work,?How do you ensure black swan practices and events on LEVANA,?
    From @indahpratiwi492

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Our code is audited and our team is public. We are incubated by Delphi Labs, the top incubator in Terra.

Similar to other collateralized lending platforms, the process of borrowing UST from Mars will incur the risk of liquidation.

Levana will mitigate this risk by introducing an auto-rebalancing mechanism that will drastically reduce the risk of one happening.

Instead of users needing to manually manage their liquidation ratio, the system will offer public incentives for rebalancing.

Anyone can initiate a rebalancing to decrease the leverage and improve The Leverage Capsule’s health factor.

A high health factor means the capsule has a low risk of liquidation, a low health factor means the capsule has a high risk of liquidation.

In the event of black swan event, we have risk pools that will cover the liquidations as much as possible


  1. In Q1, 22, LEVANA will do additional Assets, ? What form are these assets in, are they new COINS, or other assets such as NFTs,?
    From @abdun_asiir

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Levana tokens are regular tradable tokens that provide access to leveraged assets. The community will vote on what kind of assets they want.

We have heard from the community they are interested in things like ETH and BTC and native Terra assets.


Could you please tell me the ultimate goal of Levana ? What are your plans to reach out a vast majority of users, both inside and outside the crypto space ? Are there any community events to attract more members and raise the project’s awareness ?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Ultimate goal of Levana is to offer everyone an easy way to use the most powerful trading strategies involving Leverage. Leverage trading is like riding a dragon. This is why our mascot is the dragon. It is incredibly powerful , but you must be smart, brave, and know when to jump off the dragon so you don’t get burned. We will have lots of community events, and our team is highly connected in the Terra ecosystem – we will integrate Levana assets into many many DeFi platforms

Binh Minh :
Most projects decide to operate exclusively on existing blockchains. So I find it interesting when you create Levana. Can you explain what are the supernatural features of this blockchain and why did you decide to create it?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Terra is one of the best ecosystems for crypto. It is our home- but eventually soon we will be cross-chain, to many ecosystems. Levana LLI tokens will be able to plug into many DeFi protocols, to allow their holders many ways to earn on their leveraged tokens.

Halim Kosasi:
As we know, partners are one of the key success for the suistanability of a project. Which partners that Levana already had ? Which new partners that will announced soon ? Can we get a little sneak peek information about this ?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
We have many partners and friends in Terra ecosystem and beyond. We are a flagship protocol of Delphi Lab incubators. We will be integrated to Mars protocol, Astroport, Terra NFT marketplaces, many many DeFi protocols already building ways to work with us.

I saw that there are 4 parts of Levana Lore, can you explain what is Levana Lore? and why did you split it into 4 parts?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Levana is built by nerds 🙂 We love fantasy, sci-fi, lore, etc. Levana Lore is the story of Levana – a really fun read. We split the lore to 4 parts. At the moment, 3/4 are available (in our Medium). There are lots of hints to future developments in the lore

Tiến Đạt:
How does Levana generate revenue in the long run? Who are some business developers and some commercial partners?

Elan – Levana Marketing:
Protocol fees will also go to LVNA token holders, assuming the DAO votes this way.

More Info About Levana

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