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Speaker : DCS Team
Date : Saturday 25th Sept, 2021


Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with DCS Cash.
Today we have an honored guest DCS Cash Team who will explain and answer your question guys

We have 2 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introductory and the second session was forward best questions from twitter


Q1. Hello, May, please briefly introduce yourself and DCS platform.

May – DCS Team:
Hi everyone, my name is May.

I think highly of blockchain technology’s future. After in-depth research on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, I found that the invisibility of many cryptocurrencies is only available on the Internet, and when it applys to real life, it is easy expose personal information.

However, after knowing the development direction of the DCS team, I joined them and became one of their global ambassadors.

DCS is the only anonymous privacy protection platform established based on BSC.

Its full name is Decentralized Data Crypto System. It pioneered the Mix-ZK protocol, which can guarantee user anonymity, message transmission privacy, and data structure privacy, and provide users with digital assets security and privacy solutions to create a new transaction model that is decentralized, concealed, secure, shared, and mutually beneficial.

DCS’s privacy encryption system can effectively protect the privacy of individuals, enterprises, institutions, etc. on the blockchain.

Q2. It sounds very good. I just heard you mentioned that the DCS platform pioneered the Mix-ZK protocol. What is the source of your creation?

May – DCS Team:
Blockchain has always been controversial in terms of privacy protection.

blockchain as a public ledger can be traced to the source. The link between the address and the owner’s identity information will be equivalent to showing everyone their own bills, consumption habits, wealth, sources of funds, etc., which make asset information security and personal safety a concern.

The purpose of the DCS platform is very simple. It is to solve this pain point and ensure the privacy and safety of users.

Mix-ZK technology was born in the process of our technical team’s continuous research and learning, fusing the principles of “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK)” to achieve our goal.



  1. Wow…I think that during the birth of the Mix-ZK protocol, you are both painful and happy. What is the current stage of DCS?
    From @qssmsihelha

May – DCS Team:
DCS started the internal test on August 12, and the platform token has been launched on DEX such as PancakeSwap simultaneously, and started mining for a 45-day test period, the amount of token production showed a linear growth.

Currently, DCS is about to complete linear growth, ending the internal test period, and will be officially launched on September 26.

During the internal testing period, we have achieved very good results.

The DCS mine produced a total of 1,710,450 coins through linear growth, and 55,103 pieces have been burned so far, and the entire network’s liquidity pledge amount has reached 3,248,100.

The amount of funds used to issue certificates by adopting the DCS system reached 1 billion US dollars.

The price of DCS is around 4.8U, with an increase of nearly 85% compared to the opening price.

Here, we really appreciate the support and trust of all DCS users.


  1. I heard that before the open source, all the DCS tokens unlocked by your team were burned. What is going on?
    From @AbT07o

May – DCS Team:
In the DCS token economic model, the tokens allocated to our team members are 100% locked, and the release method is based on the mining speed of the entire network of DCS platform users at 2.5:7.

From August 12th to August 22nd, our team members unlocked more than 43,025 DCS, but we hope to pay more attention to protecting the rights and interests of investors and platform users, so our team unanimously decided to burn all these tokens.
Therefore, this matter is actually not important, the future development of the DCS platform in the privacy track is what we strive and insist on.


  1. That sounds very reliable, which makes me very optimistic about you. After DCS is officially launched on September 26, what will change compared to the closed beta period?
    From @ErnestA63420320

May – DCS Team:
It will be officially launched on September 26 and start the first cycle of mining. 5,184,000 BSC blocks will be experienced, which will take approximately 180 days.

During the first cycle, each section of certificate mining will produce 6,300 DCS, and each section of liquidity pledge mining will produce 8,400 DCS. This will be the cycle with the highest mining production, after that the cycle will be halved. DCS users can get relatively high income in the first cycle.

We also welcome more partners to learn about DCS, use DCS and earn DCS income.
When you open your eyes to understand DCS, you will discover our uniqueness


  1. After the official launch, will DCS still carry out a series of update iterations?
    From @choloma70

May – DCS Team:
It has been continuously improved Since the internal test, and many problems have been solved, including improving the interface display and successively launching multiple languages.

DCS will be officially launched on September 26th, and we will fully upgrade the official website to provide users with a better experience.


  1. What plans does DCS have in the future?
    From @Bengal_777

May – DCS Team:
We are constantly exploring the application of DCS privacy protection technology in new areas.

In addition to the application of digital currency transactions, we will gradually explore applications in more areas, such as some institutions and business scenarios like corporate bidding, anonymous voting, charity, auctions, medical care, archive storage, etc.

DCS is a new breakthrough in the field of anonymous coins.
Our core technology Mix-ZK protocol can truly protect data privacy and security.

We firmly believe that with such powerful technology as the support, DCS will definitely become the leader in the field of privacy coins.

If you also want to join the privacy protection platform track, choose DCS Dencentralized Data Crypto System.

More info about DCS Cash

Oezank is a Crypto Influencer who has more than 2 years of experience observing Crypto projects and strongly believes in blockchain technology in Indonesia.


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