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Speaker : Mark Berisha (Founder of BUSTA) & Crusher (Senior team member of BUSTA)
Date : Thursday Oct, 14th 2021




Can you please introduce yourselves to the Idcrypto community? How did you get involved in the crypto? What are your roles in BUSTA?

Mark Berisha:
I am Mark Berisha, CEO of APEcoin, MFRM, and one of the founders of BUSTA. I got involved in crypto about 7 years ago as an investor, became a full time trader about three years ago, and then 14 months ago, me and a group of crypto enthusiasts launched the APECoin ecosystem, basically an incubator for crytpto projects which thus far has spawned mfrm.io and busta.gg

Hi everyone, I’m Crusher. Got into crypto in 2017 and instantly hooked! Learnt how to make great decisions and bad ones haha. Been employed fulltime for about 6x months as senior member of BUSTA

Next question
Please give the IDCrypto community a summary of how BUSTA started. What were the initial thoughts behind this project?

Mark Berisha:
BUST started as an idea from our APECoin incubator and was originally called GO APE!
Over time, we kept tweaking the idea until it became BustACrash then became the full fledged BUST ecosystem

First game is live and playable with BNB at crash.busta.gg
BustaDEX and farming live at dapp.busta.gg

We have a very aggressive development roadmap ahead, building on what Mark has said above

So if I wanted to know five key standout features of BUSTA, what would they be?

Sure we can break those down for everyone – borrowed some of this from our GitBook admittedly haha

Our ecosystem is designed so that each component benefits the others and as each increases in popularity and volume, the whole ecosystem and our community will reap the rewards in the form of constant buy and burn pressure on BUST and partner tokens, and an increased bankroll for higher winnings from the games – among other benefits

Here are five primary components of BUSTA:

  1. iGaming Platform – Beginning with our first game “BUSTA CRASH” and expanding with more games as we grow
  2. Trading and Staking Module – Our own custom built niche DEX & yield farm for trading / staking BUST and listing our partner tokens
  3. Affiliate Program – A three-pronged approach to growing our user base through referral links where both the referrer and referree can benefit from a constant stream of passive income
  4. Partnership Portal – Partners can list their tokens on our platform to enjoy constant burn pressure provided by our automated revenue collection and distribution flows
  5. Degenerator DAO – Our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) that will allow our community to control the majority of the ecosystem through governance and voting

And i’ll add a 6th one too! We have just launched our new digital comics division BUSTA COMICS – here is the Medium announcement outlining this

Here’s a whole heap of recent content
BUSTA COMICS / Fandom / In house designed NFT

First comic strips are under development now (they will of course be NFTs)

Tell us more about BUSTA CRASH and BUSTA DEX!

So BUSTA CRASH is the first game of many games which we will release. We borrowed the idea from the OG crash game bustabit.com . The aim of the game is to ride the banana rocket up and eject before the rocket explodes at a random multiplier. If you fail to exit the rocket before the rocket explodes, you lose your bet. If you exit the rocket before it explodes, you win the multiplier of your bet you exited at – simple!
As previously pointed out, you can play the game now here: crash.busta.gg

In addition to this we have developed an Affiliate Referral program for people wanting to build passive income promoting the game

Link to get started: dapp.busta.gg/referral
And here is a link to our GitBook giving an overview of how it works

Passive income through people trading & staking on our revolutionary BUSTA DEX too, In the short time the affiliate program has been active, some members have made over $500 USD in affiliate rewards.

Mark will go into a little bit about BUSTA DEX

Marrk Berisha:
For the BUSTA DEX we are the very first to integrate customizable transactions fees at the router level, unlike some projects that have tx fees built into the contract, we allow for more customization over the long term of the project and make it CEX friendly by not having fees built in

For example for ApeCoin and MFRM we have broken down the following fee structure for each token below:

2.5% total fee
0.1 to bust
0.4 to liq providers
0.5 treasury
1.5 permanent locked liquidity

4% fee
0.1 to bust
0.4 to liq providers
0.5 treasury
1.5 burn
1.5 permanent locked liquidity

If we decide to change these in the future, we can do so at anytime without having to bother going through a token swap

Btw – when you go to our busta.gg website, there is an area you can click on to see current scams copying our project – beware of scams!!!!

ill take a screenshot

We don’t keep up with all of them, but at the end of the day we try our best to protect everyone

What are your aims in next 2 years according to your roadmap? What if I ask what is the ultimate goal of BUSTA?

So many projects in the space come and go…
We wanted to show the world we are the real deal by building and deploying quality products with great utility – we like to refer to it as automated perpetual utility… For example, APEcoin has been in existence for over a year now and we have managed to build an NFT marketplace ( MFRM.io ) where you can mint an NFT which holds a bundle of tokens someone is looking to sell or auction (Token NFTs). BUSTA was formed and we built a fully operational crash game BUSTA CRASH (crash.busta.gg ) playable right now with BNB (soon to be playable with other BEP20 tokens). And we have deployed BUSTA DEX (dapp.busta.gg ) with 100% customizable transaction fees for partner tokens. Everything in the future will also be governed by the community vote with a DAO – and we just launched BUSTA COMICS a few weeks back!

Our future very much expands on partner BEP20 tokens listed on our DEX being able to play our games. We will of course be going multichain, most likely ETH & Poly first, then beyond

Multichain could be as early as Q4 2021, and we should have at least 3x games deployed in that time..
Not to mention partnership building in the ecosystem, many potential synergies and collaborations with other projects

We have only just started to understand the scale of GameFi – very exciting times we live in

Have BUSTA had everything audited? If so can you please share some more details?

Yea this is massively important – I mean if you don’t get your code audited you might as well be marketing yourself as a scam haha!

As our ecosystem is extremely vast we wanted to use reputable auditors which could both not only audit our complex code, but conduct penetration tests for platforms such as BUSTA CRASH and BUSTA DEX. We use RD Auditors as they are great professional outfit to work with – here is a link to their website

And here is a link to our audit documents via the BUSTA GitBook

What does BUSTA have coming up in the next few weeks?

We have a huge October unfolding..
There will be a big Medium article being published tomorrow,,
I don’t want to give everything away haha, but lets just say the internal alpha of BUSTA DICE will launch next week,,
And we will also have additional functionality for the DEX going live at the end of the month.

There will be a massive multiweek competition going live inside this month across the whole ecosystem.

But honestly, the best thing to do is join our Telegram, Discord, follow Twitter and Medium,,
We keep our community updated very regularly,,
And pride ourselves on doing that,,
BEP20 partner token support for playing our games is set to go live at the end of the month,,

Starting with our own BUST token
That’s right, play BUSTA CRASH with BUST

This is the correct BUST token guys
And you can buy / stake at dapp.busta.gg
Our APR also includes BNB rewards, even with single stake!!

current snapshot

as you can see BUSTA DEX has over $1.3M in TVL


Qyestion 1
Staking program is very important thing for any project, so Can I stake your token,? And Do you have any plans to start a staking program?
From @amangagus4945

Haha, well we just covered that!

Question 2
Current trending topic is Binance smart Chain blockchain which Has high transaction speed and low gas fees, Are you planning to Move to another blockchain or launch your MAINET in the future,?
From @duta_ahik_ahik

Covered that one too haha! Yes we will be going multichain for sure

Targeting inside Q4 – we have to ensure partner tokens can be played with our games from other chains too, so bit of building to do there

Question 3
How does BUSTA_GameFi deal with other DEXs that are currently bottlenecks to access DEFI services, fragmented liquidity across different protocols and services, and lack of efficient market-building mechanisms,?
From @abdun_asiir

That’s why we built our own,,
We wanted our ecosystem to have unlocked freedom for innovation – we also wanted to offer this to partners with customizable txn fees etc

Question 4
The utility of the token is one of the factors that evaluates the credibility and potential of the project. So what is the use and role of the $BUST token in the ecosystem? How can users earn more $BUST through the incentive program?
From @Tikaalol

Yeah so the Affiliate Rewards program we eluded to in the first section of questions is a really awesome way to build a passive income network… for ever! Big news dropping in the Medium for this tomorrow….

Also, with BEP20 support, you will soon be able to play our games with the native BUST token. It will of course be used as a governance token later on down the track for DAO governance voting etc etc

Question 5
Have you finished your development in the BUSTA DICE game, if so, What are the different special features of the BUSTA CRASH game??
From @abdun_asiir

BUSTA DICE is a pretty popular game in crypto circles,,
The key things which will differentiate our version to others;
Play with multiple types of tokens in a decentralized manner
The game will be “Balanienafied” with our own style, design, lore & cannon


Tiara Siska Nabila:
When will AFFILIATE payments come to the #Busta ecosystem,? And what do I get if I manage to bring friends to the #Busta ecosystem,??
@CrusherApe @Visionary227

Great question!! There will be big news included in the BUSTA Medium we will publish tomorrow in the meantime….

Our affiliate program is designed so that anyone providing an affiliate link for new BUSTA players, traders and stakers, will automatically receive commission rewards every time someone who joined via their link does any of the following:

Loses a game round to the house makes a trade on our DEX Claims any staking rewards,,

This is great for casual users to get a little commission here and there from inviting friends, but affiliates with large social followings are easily able to create lucrative passive income streams that will last indefinitely so long as the game has players and the token is traded and staked.

Check it out here

Does your Project have a marketing strategy to expand on social networks to reach more Investors and your Project community? And how will you handle it? How important is community support for the $your Project project?

Mark Berisha:
We have a dedicated marketing department that is focused currently on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok and many more social platforms. As our assortment of games expands, we will continue to grow our social media presence.

Hữu Hĩu:
Does Busta focus on building or growing and attracting customers and users or partnerships?

Mark Berisha:
We are focused currently on building our userbase for our games as well as partnerships with other projects on BSC as well as other chains. We will soon allow partner tokens to be utilized in the game play on BSC and expect to have Eth and Polygon tokens playable toward the end of the 4th quarter.

Bảo và Hoàng :
What is the biggest hurdle for Busta in real world deployment, and what plans do Busta have to overcome these challenges?

Building things which have never been built before, is actually extremely difficult.

We know this very well now as we have built a feature rich crash game underpinned by the blockchain on BSC, as well built a fully functional DEX with customizable transaction fees. Both of these of course have funds flowing between them. Although there have been tireless hours and resources poured into our development so far, we have learnt soooooo much from the things we have done both right and wrong!

This of course gives us both the confidence & expertise to build more aggressively from here

Minh Quang:
To run a project smoothly, Funding is very important, Where does Busta’s Capital / revenue come from?

Mark Berisha:
We are very well funded, we built our first game with our own funds and recently had an IDO to help fund the bankroll for our current games as well as funds to keep the project running, beyond that our revenue comes from both fees from the DEX and primarily from BUSTA CRASH and future games. The fees from the game and DEX are distributed to stakeholders via the farming platform as well as through buybacks and burns.

Really awesome questions from everyone – thanks guys!

Mark Berisha:
Thank you everyone and have a great night!

Unfortunately we can only pick 5

That’s okay, Thank you for taking the time for the AMA in our community

Thanks very much for having us!
Really enjoyed this one

More Info About BUSTA

Oezank is a Crypto Influencer who has more than 2 years of experience observing Crypto projects and strongly believes in blockchain technology in Indonesia.


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