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BerandaAMA RecapAMA RECAP ID Crypto X ArtSmiley

AMA RECAP ID Crypto X ArtSmiley

Speaker : Lurdh Allam (CEO & Co Founder)
Date : Monday June 28th, 2021


hello @LurdhArtSmiley
welcome to IDCRYPTO community, we are glad to be with you here.

Lurdh Allam:
Thank you ID Crypto team for this opportunity. It is really my pleasure to be here and i am looking forward for a great session.

Hello everyone, we come back for AMA ID Crypto with ArtSmiley
Today we have an honored guest Lurdh Allam @LurdhArtSmiley as CEO & Co Founder in ArtSmiley who will explain and answer your question guys.

Hello sir @LurdhArtSmiley
We have 3 sessions for the AMA.
The first session was introductory, second session forward question twitter and the third session was free question

Well if you feel ready, let’s start the first session .. Namely the introduction.

Lurdh Allam:
Sure noted, lets start the session.


  1. Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the idcrypto community !?

Lurdh Allam:
First let me introduce before telling the story of ArtSmiley.

About Me:

👉I am Lurdh Allam, CEO & Co-founder of ArtSmiley.
👉Passionate art enthusiast & collector
👉Education & experience: I have done my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in engineering with over 20+ years of experience working for various international companies in operations, strategy, and business management both in Europe & the Middle East.

How ArtSmiley started?

⚡️ArtSmiley was born with an inspiration from a real-life story of a friend and artist Santosh, who quit art as a profession like many as he is not able to make art as a viable career.

⚡️Last 4+ years we are into traditional art marketplace, leveraging this experience we are moving into NFTs, where I see a great potential to all our artists and mainly this can able to help large community of artists, buyers, collectors & investors as well.


  1. Can you explain what is ArtSmiley and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences

Lurdh Allam:
ArtSmiley is a multisided art marketplace, where we connect artists with potential buyers. ArtSmiley was established in 2017 and in operations since 2018 as Middle East’s leading art marketplace.

ArtSmiley offers the following services to its customers both online (B2C) and offline (B2B):

👉Original artworks/paintings
👉Limited edition art prints including photography prints
👉NFT Tokenization Engine
👉NFT marketplace
👉ArtYield earnings distribution to the NFT Holders
👉Commissioned paintings
👉Online and Offline Exhibitions


  1. Can you share with the community, what ArtSmiley has been doing from the roadmap ?

Lurdh Allam:
Road Map:

⭐️ArtSmiley has gained a lot of traction to date with over 1500+ artists from over 50 countries, 11k+ Subscribers, over 20k social medial followers, and important we have more than 100 clients and generating revenue.

⭐️We have ambitious plans for the next 5 quarters which include the development of MVP to launch full-fledged NFT marketplace complete with AI and AR/VR integrations.

🚀Q2 2021: Project Commencement
🚀Q3 2021: Smiley nft Platform Launch
🚀Q4 2021: DAO Governance
🚀Q1 2022: Growing Smiley Ecosystem
🚀Q2 2022: Smiley AR/VR Platform

Thank you for sharing, I will give time for the reading community first

Very happy to know your progress, I hope here can make more succesfull development in the future.


  1. for the art that is offered on your website, is it art from the artsmiley team themselves or art from users? If a user wants to advertise their art to your website, what are the requirements that must be met?
    From @Saiqung

Lurdh Allam:
🤩All the artworks showcased in our website are from different artists (users).

Our platform accepts both traditional artists and digital artists and offering nft based ownership to both these art forms using Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

If you’re a digital artist, you can use our platform to directly create your NFT and trade. For physical art, the process is as below:

👉If any artist or creator want to showcase their artworks, the process is very simple, he/she need to register into the website as an artist.

👉Once the registration approved, he/she can log in to their artist profile page to provide all necessary information and to upload artworks.

👉All uploaded artworks will be sent to curator for review and approval.

👉Once artworks approved, they will be matched with potential buyers.


  1. What makes you believe that artsmiley will have a cooperation with a big company name for NFT? I want to know too how to sell an nft in ur platform, and im curious what is the biggest challenge on Artsmiley?
    From @moralesvangabe

Lurdh Allam:
We are already an established marketplace, operating for more than 4 years with good amount of traction including a big community of artists, collectors (over 1500+ artists from 50 countries) and 20k+ social media followers, 11k+ subscribers to our platform, other than this we have more than 100 clients and B2B contracts etc.,

I believe in co-operation and collaboration to grow businesses, with our credibility and considering our future plans don’t see any issue of partnering with like minded companies whether they are big or small, important is we both need to be win/win situation.

Registration process into platform explained in earlier question, hope it is clear with you. As an entrepreneur, I always have challenges and love to be challenged. Our mission is to connect all artists around the world into our network, this mean some may be computer literate and some may not, so this is one of the challenges I am facing, but we found a solution to adopt community management system with the support of local community leaders, but this is yet to be implemented and executed.


  1. I see that your project is very focused on sales and the NFT market, what makes you sure to make a project that focuses on NFT?
    From @Jessy79978789

Lurdh Allam:
I am not sure, I understand your question right. In any case, right now our focus is on building a multi-chain decentralised NFT marketplace for unique phygital artwork and rare collectables with a goal to bring NFT’s to mainstream art aficionados.

We would like to bring NFT based ownership for both digital and physical arts using Binance Smart Chain to the largest multisided art marketplace in Gulf. As this will help bring traditional artists and new stream of buyers in to NFT. Ultimately once the NFT marketplace launched, the focus can be on marketing & sales.


  1. I see your roadmap q2 you will do mainnet, don’t you do a test net first before doing mainnet? And what network will you use? polkadot, solana, ethereum? or you will create your own network on mainnet?
    From @Dquewr

Lurdh Allam:
Sorry for the confusion, to clarify;

We will use Binance Smart Chain (BSC) test net and then once tested moves to BSC mainnet. We will use BSC as our network.


  1. Some NFTs are very rich in art value, however, how can you ensure that NFTs exhibited in your platform can reach the demand and “need” of customers? As such can you explain in details how can you evaluate NFTs and connect artist with customers?
    From @Aravind75154890

Lurdh Allam:
Art is eternal and its value emerges with time. We believe that NFT is not a trend but an essential means to empower the art community to unleash the full potential of digital and crypto

There is no magic wind to confirm, all the exhibited NFTs are 100% meet the customer demands however we always take feedback from the community of artists, art buyers, collectors and nft investors, which will help us to evaluate popular choices, trending concepts based on which we accommodate all the needs of customers. Also, we are bringing physical works into NFTs, this can also can give wide range of choices to customers as well.

Most of the current nft marketplaces are not showing curated content, where Artsmiley leverage its experience of curation from the current marketplace and bring into NFTs which can help evaluate the works and promote them to reach potential customers.

Thank you for all your answers, I hope the community understands with your answers

Lurdh Allam:
You are welcome. Hope they have an understanding about ArtSmiley, its new nft marketplace

Alright, the second session is over. We will continue to the third session.

In this third session, we will activate the chat feature again. The participants are allowed to give direct questions.

Jibrael Yutomo:
Nowadays, NFT is becoming more popular, many projects come out related to NFT. So how do you rate the potential that ArtSmiley NFT can bring? Do you have any plans to make NFT become a new market trend?

Lurdh Allam:
Hello Jibrael, Good Question.

We are bringing Phygital works (Physical & Digital in NFTs) this is something unique that no other NFT marketplace or project offering and we see this as a big breakthrough, which can elevate ArtSmileynft a potential player in the market.

Let me explain you a bit more detail, our platform accepts both traditional artists and digital artists and offering nft based ownership to both these art forms using Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you’re a digital artist, you can use our platform to directly create your NFT and trade. For physical art, the process is a bit different as we need to validate a few facts like authenticity, ownership, etc. All of these processes are designed to be fully automated and frictionless.

Atik Telitak:
Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold #ArtSmiley token in long term?

Lurdh Allam:
Atik, you are absolutely right, most of the investor have focused on token price and concentrated on short term goals, i don’t blame investors, as they have been showcased the projects this way. in this case ArtSmiley is different, as we providing an ecosystem that connects artists/creators, buyers, investors and provide them yields. Let me explain the benefits of holding $smilety tokens:

Smileys are used in every transaction and are necessary to buy NFTs available on the platform

👉As an ArtSmiley token holder, you will get a preferential price for all artwork (NFT or non-NFT) listed in the marketplace.
👉Being a smiley token holder, you will save up to 10% off on all ArtSmiley platforms and get a VIP access to online art exhibitions.
👉Smiley for Yields from the secondary marketplace
👉Art Rentals, Sales Rewards are distributed back to the NFT holders as Smiley Tokens
👉Any NFTs used for Ads & Exhibitions also paid through Smiley.

Sofiqul Vai:
The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every business in the world. Is your project affected by this? Is it in a better way or a bad way?

Lurdh Allam:
I agree with you Covid-19 impacted many industries, crypto market is not alone in this however as this also opened new world of great opportunities in art including a major shift on how art has been traded until now. Being an established business and operating in lean model, in the art space since more than 4 years with an existing customer base, revenue streams, our organisation and team are stable and looking forward to adding another revenue stream of NFTs, I see a great potential to grow in the market. The current IDO can help in shaping and accelerating the business in right direction.

Sundaravel R:
Many new users who do not understand how to operate your project, do you provide a website to provide tutorials for running your project?What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2021) & 2022?And beyond (long-term goals)?

Lurdh Allam:
You don’t need advanced knowledge to use our marketplace. We will ensure the platform is User-Friendly & Interoperable NFT Marketplace linked to the leading gallery and a large number of traditional and new-age buyers – making it a full ecosystem for everybody’s benefit! Also, there will be sufficient FAQs, Videos, and tutorials for the creators, buyers, enthusiasts to learn more about NFTs, the process of acquiring them, trading them etc.,

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Lurdh Allam:
Hi Vinferia, good question.

ArtSmiley is a community platform, our foundations are built with the vision to empower artists/creators, buyers, investors around the world. We are working towards connecting all art communities around the world by building leadership teams in the communities, who can support them to connect with ArtSmiley. The more discover and empower the communities, the better the results for ArtSmiley in growing them globally. Hope i managed to answer your question.

Looks like you’ve answered the 5 best questions from the community, may I end today’s AMA?

Lurdh Allam:
, if anyone want to know more details about ArtSmiley, you can join our TG group to clarify your doubts

Thank you and appreciated your time hope you have enjoyed learning about ArtSmiley.

We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with ArtSmiley is Done. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thanks for Lurdh Allam who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about ArtSmiley.
Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.
the winners will be announced soon🥳🥳🥳

More Info About ArtSmiley

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