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❤️Super excited to Have AMA with :
– Mr. Kyle Gibson ( Phoenix Dao Global  Communnication Director )
– Mr. Marco Paez ( Chief Executive Officer at Numio )
– Mr. Mark Anstead ( Director of BizDev Numio )
– Mr. Ryan Collins ( Marketing Team Lead )

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26 August
8.30 PM ( WIB )

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✨4 sessions for the AMA:
1) introduction Project 
2) Forward The best Question 
3) Free Asking
4) Quiz

Total prize 300$ In $PHNX

IDCRYPTO : Before we start the first session, we want to know the background of all of you each.

Can you tell us a little about your background, and how you can play an important role in Phoenix Dao?

Sure thanks @Guzfahlev

I’m the Communications Director at PhoenixDAO. My primary focus is ensuring that all outward messaging is on Brand and we’re representing ourselves well!

I’m also constantly looking for new and innovative ways to expand our teams. Obviously I also get stuck in to all the fun stuff like product strategy, exchange listings and all that jazz wherever I can too ?

Sure! I am one of the co-founders of Numio, and I lead the Business development and sales piece within our firm.

I help a bit with product management and strategy with the products as well.

Prior to what we were working on with Numio, I lead the bizdev and sales for CI Network, one of the largest crypto media networks on social media.

Our company, Numio, builds out the application layer in blockchain/crypto, and have implemented some cool utility for the PHNX token into our two products, Numio Pay & Numio Vault.

Im the Marketing Team Leader for PhoenixDAO. My main priority is to focus on community growth and engagements across our social platforms. A bit of my background, I have qualifications in Business and completing studies in Finance and Marketing. I have been involved in the crypto space for the last 3.5 years with having a large twitter following grown within those years.


IDCRYPTO : Q1. Could you Explain to Us, what is Phoenix Dao?

PhoenixDAO is a community centric, fully decentralised ecosystem, our offering lends itself to multiple verticals however, one we’re currently seeing a lot of traction in is DeFi.

What we offer is to enable individuals, SMEs and institutions alike the ability to save time, resource and money by leveraging the PHNX protocols giving our partners the ability to deliver solutions quickly-to-market across multiple verticals.

For the less techy of the audience we are also building a self-sustaining ecosystem which will ultimately be led by the community via a unique DAO platform.

IDCRYPTO : Q2. what is the name of the token that is owned by Phoenix Dao? how much supply is available? and where will the token be allocated?

Token name: PhoenixDAO
Ticker: $PHNX
Total Supply: 110,000,000
Token Distribution: 
PHNX was launched with an airdrop in partnership with Bittrex Global, we have token allocations for DAO participation, staking rewards, development and running costs. For full details please see the token distribution section in our White Paper. 

IDCRYPTO : Q3. What networks and ecosystems does Phoenix Dao use?

PhoenixDAO is a layer-2 ecosystem existing on top of Ethereum.

Their ecosystem is a whole suite of smart contracts for apps/dApps to be developed. This ecosystem is then brought together through a community driven DAO.

Some examples of solutions built using the Phoenix protocols are the Phoenix Staking dApp, Phoenix dApp Store, and Phoenix Events dApp. One of the companies building on top of PhoenixDAO and implementing some awesome utility into the token is Numio (the company I work for/helped to found), where you can see Numio Pay and Numio Vault. Other partners that have been announced by the PhoenixDAO team (so far) are Bartertrade, Ferrum Network, Xord, Crevatal, and Bittrex.

IDCRYPTO : Q4. What advantages does PHNX have over other tokens? What are the benefits of holding PHNX? is PHNX now available for trading?

We believe that one of the big advantages is the utility linked to PHNX. As mentioned previously, we’re building an ecosystem powered by PHNX and what this allows us to do is maximise the use cases for the PHNX token.

For example PHNX is used to fuel the protocols, give holders access to participate in the DAO and also PHNX can be used as a form of payment on dApps that we build and those built by third parties and also open up a number of DeFi options to holders.  

PHNX is currently available on the following exchanges;
– Bittrex Global
– CoinEx
– UniSwap
– Probit
– 1inch
– Stex
– TxBit

IDCRYPTO : Q5. For the PHNX roadmap, what have been the achievements that have been realized? Does PHNX have any plans in the near future? and what things will PHNX realize in the coming year?

Considering PhoenixDAO launched late May 2020 I truly believe the team have been astonishing looking at what we have accomplished. To name just a few key highlights thus far – Strategic partnership with Numio, Ferrum Network, BarterTrade, we are also in talks with a number of other projects so stay tuned.

In terms of our roadmap I believe we are already ahead of schedule, our aim has always been to have phase 1 of the DAO platform launched in 2020 and then also the PHNX Events market place dApp, actually where we are currently is that we’re on target to launch phase 1 of the DAO, we will be launching our staking dApp by the end of September (spot staking where we pay rewards up front). Our events marketplace dApp will be getting launched in the next month, we have started work on planning V.2 of our dApp store which again we are hopeful will be launched before the end of the year.


IDCRYPTO : Q1 from @Hamis831, How is the PHNX to prevent early investors from selling their token and What are incentives or benefit for holding PHNX TOKEN in long time for loyal investors?

There are certain token locks which are being built out as part of the DAO framework. Please see the whitepaper for more information: withpaper

By being a PHNX holder, it will give you the ability to participate in the future direction of PhoenixDAO ecosystem, you’ll have the ability to earn PHNX tokens, down the line earn other assets such as ETH or DAI by staking. Users who hold larger amounts of PHNX will also be able to submit proposals for the the PHNX community to vote upon such as exchange listings, team changes, developments and much more!

The ecosystem will become self-sustaining over time and completely community centric.

IDCRYPTO : Q2 from@kaibuioktav, Currently Ethereum Blockchain have many scalability issues, comparitively slow than other blockchain & an expensive gas!

Then, Why is PHNX Token issued on the Ethereum blockchain rather than any other Scalable Blockchain?

Ethereum is the most secure, and liquid blockchain in the world. It also has a great deal of liquidity, which allows for successful protocols built on top (see all of the largest DeFi ecosystems for trades, lending, and borrowing, or staking).

Layer-2 development on Ethereum for scalability has actually gone quite well. There are some incredibly powerful ways you can increase throughput even with data connected to the Ethereum mainchain, whether that’s zkrollups, zk-starks/snarks, plasma, or things like validium or state channels. Be on the lookout for this space here.

IDCRYPTO : Q3 from @Toha95175177, Investors is the KEY to the REVENUE that will power the platform’s future development and success. What is your BUSINESS MODEL that highly beneficial for your users  in able to generate Revenue and what are your strategies for PHNX token to be listed on many exchanges?

In terms of a successful platform and ecosystem, would likely come down to the participants with it, and whether they want to see the ecosystem flourish.

The PhoenixDAO community members are growing steadily, and are extremely excited to participate in what is being developed! There are various ways that the Foundation (initially) and then the DAO are able to generate revenue and become self-sustaining. But we see third parties who wish to build with us being the main source of income, we will be charging transaction fees when utilising the dApp store for instance.

With us being quite a large project I advise anyone who is interested to understand more about us to read our whitepaper

IDCRYPTO : Q4 from @kangbaso, How do you see the future of #PHNX, do uou feel it will continue to grow till it achieves its ultimate goals, or do you see probability of competitions over taken #PHNX due to current challenges that your facing.?

I’d say we’re still strategically growing at the moment.

There are few projects if any at all in the space that has the capacity to offer solutions that cover the main niches we target i.e Payment, security, identity and tokenization. We have a bright future ahead of us to innovate and serve as an enabler to aid the growth of our partners.

One key word for us and our partners is to make blockchain/crypto as simple as possible for everyone, we want everyone to be able to use it with zero friction only then will we see mass adoption.

Competition to us is a motivator and not a deterrent, it won’t stop us from taking a fair share of the market in the areas mentioned above. I can assure you that we are ahead of the game and are already positioning to be a leader in the space.

IDCRYPTO : Q5 from @isekaitomodachi, Will PHNX be listed on several other major exchanges later? and what strategies will you use to attract users and investors?

Regarding exchanges, it is common knowledge exchanges generally gravitate towards projects with a larger community base. We understand community growth is imperative and have outlined a few marketing initiatives to help us achieve this goal. Some of these initiatives include a DeFi campaign which you may have seen running on our socials (updates on whitepaper & website to come soon). Also, highlighting key global regions to expand our community reach. You will start to see some fresh new faces in the coming weeks in the form of ‘Regional Ambassadors’. We have started to get picked up by some large following influencers as well – WendyO for example.

IDCRYPTO : Q6 from @Jhonfrank22, Tell us what is numio pay and vault? And what layer does PHNX currently have ?

Numio Pay is a mobile app featuring identity management (KYC/AML), blockchain based 2FA, and digital payments both peer to peer as well as paying for items at merchant locations. Numio Vault is an advanced crypto storage solution featuring private keyless security and blockchain based 2FA not present in other decentralized solutions, which will be used by merchants to collect payments from customer’s Numio Pay apps at registers in unbanked markets.

Numio just released an awesome announcement last week about how they partnered with BTI, and how that relationships will bring their technology to some of the largest exchanges in the world. Be on the lookout at this progresses further. 

IDCRYPTO : Q7 from @kosakionoderaHD, I see that Phoenix Dao has several partners who join, can you explain to us from each of these partners what roles to help phnx development in the future?

When our marketing/sales team approach different potential partners within the crypto sphere we always do this from a product and protocol usage perspective, meaning as our partner list grows, we’ll see most of them either adopt the use of our products like the events dApp for selling tickets for their exclusive events or protocol integration. This definitely comes with a lot of advantages like they being able to do all these with almost no fee if done using PHNX, like the requirement to hold PHNX to be able to create events – what this means for the PhoenixDAO ecosystem is that we’ll see many people transacting in PHNX which will in turn help awareness and growth of the token. 

When building out solutions on our suite of protocols like what Numio is doing these solutions are built to easily be integrated easily which should help us see adoption into the wider space which will for sure directly affects the growth of the PhoenixDAO ecosystem.

If you missed it, you can check the recent partnership between Numio and BTI that will involve using Numio’s 2FA/KYC solution. These solutions were built on PhoenixDAO protocols.


IDCRYPTO : Q1 from @Emidm37, There are different layers something that makes PhoenixDAO quite unique. Can you briefly explain what each of these layers consists of?

There are different layers and what makes PhoenixDAO quite unique is they used Ethereum at the layer 1 level to build into layers 2 & 3. Also they’re actually releasing products which still is quite a rare thing. 
Layer 3: APIs, Apps, & dApps (e.g. Numio Pay, Numio Vault, Events Marketplace, Cryptokitties, dApp Store, and basically any other product on Ethereum)
Layer 2: Smart contracts & protocols (e.g. PhoenixDAO, Uniswap, Link, MakerDAO, DAI) 
Layer 1: Blockchain Network (e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.)

IDCRYPTO : Q2 from @susut66 , What is the structure of the company, is it a decentralised, open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

It’s decentralized and open source. We are building a DAO where everyone can participate in project direction.

IDCRYPTO : Q3 from @regard94, How is Phoenix DAO attached to the booming DeFi scene? I noticed that you recently partnered with for example Ferrum Network who’re strongly within the DeFi space?
Can you please tell us something regarding some of your upcoming features and products involved in the Phoenix DAO?

Our protocols allow for anyone/project or organization to build DeFi products which is one way we play a role in the DeFi drive. 
Also we are building products ourselves that supports this. 
You can join our group to ask more about our spot staking dApp set to be released in September.

PhoenixDAO is a relatively new project of 3 months old and already we’ve established 3 powerful partnerships / relationships who all share a very similar focus to us. We’re also in discussions with other prospective partnerships, so keep an eye out. Providing we stick to our core fundamentals and values, this list will grow.

Current partnerships:
Ferrum Network

To find out more on what the relationships entail, you can check this link where you can also find all the big news

https://medium. com/phoenixdao

Is a BIG PROJECT you have a plan about Staking?

Yes. Check here for details

News phnx

IDCRYPTO : Q5 from @rezzabrian, I honestly think everyone just want to ride the rave of the moment DeFi, not ghat they truly have any value to add. How can we trust PhoenixDAO as regards this, that you’re truly adding value?

Our products.. the products from our partners will soon become part of your everyday life in planning events, selling tickets, making payments in real time. I think they’ll be enough reason to know we are out for business.

IDCRYPTO : Q6 from @yadav_199, Marketing is the leading factor that helps the project thrive. So what is your strategy to attract customers and developers to #PHNX     in the long term?

We’ll do our best to take the work out there using different means.  At the end we’re building a project that everyone is/will be a key player. 
You can call it an ownerless platform. And everyone will be the marketer/promoter.

IDCRYPTO : Q7 from @awesomedivya, Most of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project.
Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to long term?

As the DAO is built, fundamentally the community will be able to shape the project via voting!

IDCRYPTO : Q8 from @Emidm37 ;What are some of the products you are currently working on and plan to launch soon?

Events dApp- this is like the Blockchain version of coinmarketcal.

Staking dApp- you stake and get reward instantly.

DAO- for governance and determining project direction.

Dapp store-; see this as the decentralized version of Google play store. Developers will have better control of their dapps and monetization.
Our partner Numio also building, 
Cool products on our suite of protocols which will directly affect adoption of PHNX.

IDCRYPTO : Q9 from @Peteronlin, As one of your long-term strategies, you have set out to continually grow the community. What strategies do you have planned to further increase the community and expand PhoenixDAO throughout the world?

We always tell ourselves. Build cool products that will be used by the common man without knowing they are using Blockchain product. This way adoption is faster . So that’s a strategy we are always conscious of.


Quize 1: When are we due to release our spot staking dApp?
Answered by @Nickkiii ; September, 21

Quize 2: What is the name of our first partner? And mention one thing you can identify them with?
Answered by @warny ; We are pleased to announce that PhoenixDAO has now entered into a professional agreement with Numio.
The agreement covers three main aspects.
First it will see Numio adding the PHNX token to their apps, not just as a payment option but to add utility to the PHNX token. These are:
-Fee reductions on Pay when using PHNX for both Point Of Sale (PoS) transactions and Peer to Peer (P2P) payments
-Trading fee reductions on Vault when using PHNX
-VaultPRO subscription discounts for paying in PHNX
PHNX staking

Quize 3 : What’s the name of the last exchange we got listed on ?
Answered by @RRRCrypto ; STEX EXCHANGE

Quize 4 : Which of our partners will be listing $PHNX when they launch their exchange?
Answered by @drzy16 ; Barter Trade

Quize 5 : Which influencer today on twitter (that was also mentioned in the AMA earlier) charted $PHNX and has also recently mentioned us on their YouTube show.??
Answered by @Nickkiii ; Wendy0



Today’s AMA is declared complete. thanks to all the Phoenix DAO and Numio teams for giving us the knowledge.

thank you for your time and participation.

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