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BerandaAMAAMA ID Crypto x Urban Racer

AMA ID Crypto x Urban Racer

We are pleased to announce our next AMA with Urban Racer on Wednesday Jan, 19th, 2022 at 4 PM UTC | 23:00 GMT+7

Speaker : Nick Nguyen – CMO of Urban Racer
Rewards: $100 BUSD

There is 3 session

  1. Project introduction
  2. Forward best question
  3. Free asking

Requirements Task:

Submit your best question in this tweet with Like, retweet and tag 3 friends

What is Urban Racer?

Urban Racer is a metaverse project reflecting an underground racing world, which is built on Solana blockchain. The game combines racing with battle royale to make an unique type of racing game. No rules, no limits, no finish lines, the most skilled racer is the last man standing and the true champion of this chaotic underground world.

Game teaser
Metaverse intro
In-Game video


🔷 Metaverse: Urban Racer immerses users in a wonderland of joy where they can be anyone from a fearless racer to a prosperous garage/racetrack owner or a top businessman with his own districts, which all can turn into real values in the real world
🔷 Free to play: Each player can receive a free NFT car (classic class) with full fuel at their first log in. They can participate in PvE, PvP modes to earn small rewards
🔷 Play to earn: Players can play different roles in Urban Racer to earn reward
🔷 5 Game modes: Training mode, PvE mode, PvP mode, Tournament mode, Betting mode
🔷 Diversified NFT assets: Car, Gear, District, Garage, Racetrack

👥 Team: Urban Racer is developed by the team with 10 years of experience in developing racing games. With a passion for racing, we want to bring a new racing experience to everyone on the Solana. Link

Urban Race’s beta testing version is planned to be released in February 2022.

More Info About Urban Racer

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