AMA ID Crypto X Lattice Exchange

We are pleased to announce our next AMA on Nov, 2nd 2020 at 22:00 PM GMT+7 AMA ID Crypto x

Speaker :

  1. Ben Jorgensen (CEO & CO-Founder)
  2. Mathius Goldman (COO & CO-Founder)

Total Reward pool:  $50

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• Join Telegram group & channel

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We will have the following structure:

Part 1: 25$/ 5 users – We’ll select 5 questions from the community. Any user can post maximum 2 questions. Question will be selected from this tweet

Part 2: 25$/ 5 users – Open chat for 90 seconds. You can post Max 2 questions. Lattice team will select 5 questions and answer them.

Research the project and prepare good questions!
Website :

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