Speaker : Gregory Crous – CEO
Date : Tuesday Oct, 12th 2021



Hello gregcrous
Welcome to our community

Greg Crous:
Hello thank you for welcoming me to your community I am very happy to be here today to tell you a little more about H3RO3S.


Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business ?

Greg Crous:
Hi everyone
My name is Gregory Crous.
I am the CEO of H3RO3S AG.
I’m half Swiss half South African – my family is from all over the world we are part Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Scottish.
From an early age I was surrounded by people from different countries and cultures.

Therefore, I quickly understood how to feel at home wherever I am.

Having studied International Relations in university I was educated in the theory of concepts, and how the ideas of individuals affect our society today.
I am completely shocked as I didn’t understand how in the 21st century we still have people who don’t have food or water or a roof over their heads.

This is was we want to change.
We want to provide a platform that allows individuals to understand that they are the key to creating positive change around them –
By helping people become the best possible version of themselves with the talents they already have.

Our motto is help yourself by helping others.
We have a super diversified team who I have connected with throughout the years covering Ukraine, Italy, South Africa and India.

Can you explain what is H3ro3s and how long your project launch !? Please explain in simple sentences.

Greg Crous:
H3RO3S is the first real life play to earn.
We took a step back from gig economies like Fiverr, Uber, Airtasker, and Upwork.

What we do is harmoniously marry the meta verse with reality.
Similar to Pokémon Go.
This allows our users to play their character (HERO) in real life.
We provide a platform with 45 Talents and over 100 tasks.
With Fiverr users meet request job and after 3 days get the end result, pay money, and done.

We think that’s sad.
Especially with Covid people were stuck at home for over a year.
Socializing was done over zoom. And everyone was bored.
You could not meet new people or make new friends.
That’s what H3RO3S solves.

We connect people based on their mutual talents, hobbies and skills.
To complete tasks people do in their everyday life.
If you need to review and assignment before submitting to professor, Walk your dog Take someone as +1 to a party, Missing 2 people in football game.
H3RO3S does it all!

An entire experience that gamifies your daily life and allowing you to earn money for it
We will finalise IDO & IEO by next week.

Can you share with the community, what H3ro3s has been doing from the roadmap?

Greg Crous:
I wrote a 52 thousand word – 30 year business plan.
I’m not saying it will take 30 years to implement.
What I’m saying is that for the next 30 years we have all updates, functions, and innovations written down and planned to implement according to the demand of the market.
The end goal is to set an example.
We want to show how it’s possible to live fully environmentally sustainable whilst at the same time covering all basic human needs.
We are currently working on providing a function where creative individuals can monetise their art in form of NFTs.
Stay tuned.


You said that we can earn money by doing simple tasks, what kind of tasks are given? and are there any conditions?
From @patrersd

Greg Crous:
There is a variety of 45 talents and each have around 10 corresponding tasks.
We cover everything you can think of.
Every task that you do in your day to day life you are now able to earn money from.

I read that you have a GAL system, namely Good, Achieve, and Legacy. What is its function? Can you explain about this in more detail?
From @monkeydlf1

Greg Crous:
GAL is the H3RO3S equivalent of a CV.
Our profile function provides users with a personalised portfolio that shows how well individuals have completed the tasks which what rating and feedback.
This provides evidence how H3RO3S users are involved in their local community and therefore also shows potential employers how well they match the job the H3RO3S user has applied for.

Being a gaming platform what are the games are you currently supporting?What type of games are you planning to add in the future? How do you plan to expand to non-crypto users as there are n many gamers with zero blockchain knowledge?Also please explain marketing strategies.
From @JohnHick23

Greg Crous:
The basic game is that users create their profile based on their talent (if they know what it is) or based on the tasks the users are able to complete (helping users discover their talents). Users are able to also create their personal H3RO which becomes an NFT that they can stake and earn further rewards with. Once the game is complete in terms of unlocking all the talents and fully customising their H3RO. The users can choose to create a new H3RO therefore starting a new journey. We also have an NFT function allowing individuals to monetise their art if it is paintings, movies, music etc.
With the 30 year plan we are realising further games with our updates.

What do you consider to be the best features of “H3RO3SAG” ? Are there any features that “H3RO3SAG” has that we can’t get on any other platform? Where can we stay informed of all the news that “H3RO3SAG” has to offer us?
From @GiveawayKhusus1

Greg Crous:
The best feature H3RO3S provides is the overall experience. We are not just an app but provide a journey users can take part in and get rewarded for the tasks they request and complete. This supports their GAL I.e. their personal portfolio using the Profile function which supports the ability for users to get a job from potential employers using the job function.

Overall we are rewarding the idea of doing good, in a perfectly harmonised ecosystem making it fun and interactive for users to participate in.

Play2earn concept is currently a trend among blockchain-based game projects. could you please list some prominent features that make @H3RO3SCOIN ahead from other competitors? On the way of development, are there any challenge you overcame to achieve your ultimate goals?
From @Kangmuk5

Greg Crous:
We are the first ever real life play 2 earn.
So far are the games are based on the users having to commit their time on their computers or phones. With H3RO3S users play the game in the real world with their existing friends or their friends to be.

This has been an ongoing process. I was working on establishing H3RO3S over the past 3 years. I have dedicated by heart and soul to this project and truly believe we are able to make a positive impact on the world by all working together on a common goal. Imagine what we will be able to achieve a world where people see the good in each other being able to benefit on each other talents and being rewarded in the process.

I am soo excited to realise this dream of mine.


How to play this game? can we get the characters we play for free? Or can we get good characters by buying them like the mystery box system or gacha? @gregcrous

Greg Crous:
Great question.
There will be a subscription fee per week to use our services at the same time you are able to earn upwards of $20 per day.
Characters are based on the talents that you can choose to play with or with your profile pic. Its your choice.
At the same time you can also customize your own character which you will be able to customize in many different ways as you complete tasks.

Hữu Hĩu:
If a competitor emerges today offering the same services as H3RO3S, what will H3RO3S do to keep your project and stay relevant?

Greg Crous:
Thank you for your question
Firstly we are already trademarked
Secondly with our 30 year plan we will continuously release updates with features and games in order to have to make the competition chase after us or give up completely.

Temitope Awoyinka:
Is this project global and decentralized for the sake of non ENGLISH USERS, do you have local communities for them all over the world, Can anyone use your platform. ?

Greg Crous:
Thanks for your question..
Our strategy is quite simple we are planning to launch our services in the UK.
The reason is that it has the highest density of University campuses.
There is a total of 254 universities – that’s 4.5m students.
I was educated in QMUL which is a Russel Group University.
Each UK university has a sister school.
QMUL for example has a campus in America, Hong Kong and Malta.
This means we are able to go global within 1.5 years.

At the same time if there are bystanders observing how users are requesting 2 people to join them to play football and earning money for it.
We understand we will expand into the larger market of Young Professionals and even families.

Imagine being able to reward your kids with tokens for putting their dishes in the dishwasher.
Not only are we a game we also collaborate with universities and local businesses to attract users into their stores to see smell touch and hear all the shop has to offer.The coins that users generate can be used to redeem rewards.
The game works on a subscription model users can earn $20+ per day and have multiple ways to redeem the points.

Everyone benefits and no one loses.
That’s why our system is called the Why Not System.
H3RO3S will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
With further updates we will also include more languages.

Bow Rani:
How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Greg Crous:
Thank you for your question
This is another benefit of H3RO3S we are introducing crypto to everyday people.

Currently there are around 150m individuals involved with crypto.
Within 1.5 years our target is to cover 25,000 universities and a total of 600m students.
We are making crypto become part of everyday life accessible, flexible and beneficial to all.

With these efforts we are not only supporting our community but the overall movement of Crypto worldwide.
Security is the key priority and task of our R&D team.
Our approach includes a combination of Audits as well as finding any potential vulnerabilities.
We also plan to include community activity programmes such as bug bounty, to engage and relate to our users.

To you have your token listed on any exchange? where can users buy it?
Can you please share all the required links to avoid falling victims of SCAMS. ?

Greg Crous:
Thank you for your question..
Please check out our socials:
Announcement channel :
Twitter :

We will provide you with all the updates in our IDO & IEO proceedings.
In order to prevent scams it is very important that you only read credible information provided by our admins.
Looking forward to have you onboard

Thank you all for hosting H3RO3S.
I am very grateful for this opportunity and want to congratulate you for having such an amazing community.
Last thing I want to say is that I truly believe that every dream can become true.

It depends on how much work you devote to make it a reality.
If I can inspire just one person today – I am very happy.
I wish you guys all the best and again want to express my gratitude.

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